tagNovels and NovellasThe Hogarth Club Ch. 07

The Hogarth Club Ch. 07


Roger was getting nowhere, he had planned a mornings work to set up his brothel but was frustrated at every turn. After wasting all the morning he decided he should walk the streets looking for another recruit. He thought about Reggie, what a shame she would have been a real draw card. Roger imagined using her himself, his day dreams ran rampant until an image of Georgina's smiling face extinguished all of his erotic thoughts. Strangely he was not disappointed, he needed to deal with Georgina, he had lied last night, losing her was NOT a price he was prepared to pay.

He rang her.

"Hello Georgina's phone, who is calling, please?"

"Reggie, this is Roger. Can I speak to Georgina, please?"

"She won't come to the phone."

"Please Reggie, can you persuade her?"

"No Roger she is very distant this morning."

"Reggie, I'm sorry I know I've hurt her. Please I need to speak to her."

The line was silent.

"Reggie, please!"

Then he heard Reggie sigh.


"OK, she's at work. Don't fuck it up again!"

The phone was slammed down, it echoed in Roger's ear all the way to Grierly's office. There was little doubt whose side Reggie was on, he mumbled to himself, "... and I saved her life too, how ungrateful."

He looked up just in time to avoid walking into Georgina.

"How prophetic, you don't have to consider an opposing view when you talk to yourself," she said.

Georgina looked beautiful, her eyes were red. Everyone thought she was grieving her fly-boy but Roger knew the truth. The corridor was busy so he couldn't do what he wanted.

"Georgina, I have some information which might help dispel some of your grief. I wonder if I could explain over lunch?"

"Some things are immutable and need commitment not lip service. Will your information about my loss still be helpful?"

"I believe so."

He mouthed 'please.'

"I'm just taking lunch now. Where did you plan, nothing cheap I hope."

"The most I'm allowed to spend on a non ration meal is five shillings, or we could do British Restaurants."

"I'll give the Community Feeding Center a miss. Five bob will do. Shall we have wine or will it be ruined by bad news?"

NO one else listening would realize that Roger was getting cut to shreds. Georgina was a capable enemy. He escorted her out of the back door of the building. In the quiet of the alley outside he stopped.

"You'd better do your worst, I know I deserve it."

Based on her coded comments in the building he expected to be mauled and he was. His brain was well behind his body which was responding fully to her kiss and her warmth which permeating their coats and soaked into his core. His brain caught up about the time she broke the kiss.

"Georgina, I thought you were mad at me?"

"I am, can't you tell?"

He shook his head, "If that was mad, I can't wait for loving."

She grabbed his hand, "Come on, I'm hungry I never learned how to eat and cry."

They walked out to the street, Roger hailed a cab.

"Mayfair, the Dorchester please."

The cabby responded with a smile and headed down Buckingham Gate to Constitution Hill. Roger found so much of interest in Georgina's eyes that he missed Piccadilly entirely and was surprised when the cab slowed and he found himself in Park Lane.

"Here we are Sir,"

The cabby actually got out of the cab to open the door for Georgina, her smile of appreciation was an ample reward but it didn't stop Roger from tipping generously. They walked into the Dorchester.

"Lord Alveston, are you dining with us today?" he bowed to Georgina, "Madam," he said in greeting.

"Wicklow, good afternoon to you too. Yes if we could, I'm sorry I didn't make a reservation."

"Let me see what I can do, Sir"

Wicklow hurried off. Georgina looked at the queue waiting for a place.

"We can go somewhere else," Georgina whispered.

Before Roger could reply, Wicklow returned.

"His Grace, your brother, is dining with us Sir. He would be pleased to share his table. Would that be suitable Sir?"

Roger frowned he didn't want to share Georgina with anyone particularly his brother. He was about to agree with Georgina's suggestion when he felt someone squeeze his hand.

"Yes, thank you for your ingenuity Wicklow. That will be acceptable."

They followed the Maitre D' to a quiet alcove. Roger was very aware that Georgina had not relinquished his hand.

"Almondbury," Roger said as he approached his brother's table.

"So formal Rags," he then ignored his brother. "Georgie, what a surprise," he kissed the back of her hand. He waved Wicklow away and seated Georgina himself.

"Don't waft like a lovelorn butterfly brother, you can handle your own chair. It's nice to see you Rags, have you made any progress?"

"Christ, Eight let's order some food first."

Georgina looked at Duke of Almondsbury, then at his completed entree and grinned.

"Sharp as a tack, Georgie, it's Eight" He spelled it.

"Pater thought the eighth Duke of Almondsbury should be named Octavian. Unlike Rags my initials make me sound too grand."

Georgina raised an eyebrow.

"Eight is Octavian Percival Ulysses Stetson-Hoyden. I'm not sure that Opus is too grand I think it matches his pomposity perfectly."

"Surely not jealous brother. Dear Georgie, what have you done to him?"

"Nothing Your Grace, much like yourself I try to treat him as if he is actually human."

"Well said, my dear. Do you think you can keep this one?" Eight said.

Roger stood and walked to the men's room.

"He is smitten Georgie, you have broken my heart. Do you do that to everyone?"

"Excuse me Your Grace but you are full of shit."

Roger heard his brother's laughter across the restaurant, he fought a wave of jealousy. When he returned the places were set for lunch. As was the frown on his face. Eight looked up and laughed.

Roger growled at his brother.

"Georgina is not for your dalliances, she is made of sterner stuff. You are sadly destined to add another inbred boring over-important lady to your bed, where pedigree is more important than grace. While I have the opportunity to bring charm and intelligence to the family line."

"I will throw my hat wherever I want. She would be unable to resist my charms"

"Only if you want to risk another beating. She is mine."

"Are you good enough with half a leg?"

"To beat your pompous arse for the favor of a lady... absolutely."

Georgina interrupted the brotherly duel.

"The chattel you are discussing is sitting here. You two can pretend to be men by playing your childish games, but when your spat is decided, I will choose either or NEITHER of you."

She stared at Roger as she delivered the last part of her sentence. Roger swallowed hard, he realized that even with the kiss and lunch, nothing was settled between them.

Octavian smiled, he had been baiting his brother.

"Oh sibling dear you are safe, but don't mess it up, baby brother. Those tears have not been for the recently departed. She's certainly better than your last cock sucking money hungry slut."


Eight knew he should stop but brother baiting was the most enjoyable thing he'd do today.

"She was glass to everyone but you, you were the last one to see through her."

Roger stood, his fists were clenched and his face was red. Eight decided he should back up. It he got Roger angry he would destroy the Dorchester to seek his revenge.

Georgina sensing the direction of the wind said, "Oh, Your Grace I am sorry when I said you were full of shit, I should have said you are BOTH overflowing in excrement."

Roger deflated and joined the laughter. He realized he was being baited even though his brother's jibes were true. Still Eight had ruled himself out as a rival, it was enough to allow Roger to enjoy a pleasant lunch.

"Now, tell me the story," Eight said.

Eight was the sponsor of Roger's approach to expose the spy network who were leaking Britain's shipping movements, so Roger brought him up to date on his progress or lack of it."

"Let Georgie manage it."

Roger was horrified. His face betrayed his feelings. Eight was about to continue but Georgina touched his hand to stop him. They both watched Roger.

He was working through the issues. He didn't want Georgina touched by the depravity of the endeavor but he realized she had sanctioned his direct carnal involvement, she couldn't be more involved. They had feelings for each other and yet she had allowed him to fornicate freely. She either cared not at all or too much. He realized what a gift she had given him, had he been any sort of gentleman he would have refused it. Even though she knew he had fucked Lola all evening, she was here with him. These thoughts flicked across his face, his fellow diners understood much of what he was feeling.

"Do you want to?" he asked, Georgina.

"Octavian assigned me to look after you, I can't do that from Scotland Yard, especially if you plan to get yourself dishonorably discharged. Plus you seem to be running around in circles. Yes, I'll run the House with the Red Door, while you go and seduce your ladies... you seem good at that."

"Touche, brother dear," Eight said, laughing.

Georgina had said that she wanted to care for him, that his endeavor was important and deserved her support, why then did he feel he had been cut to shreds, again. He took his frustration out on his brother.

"Are you still here, do something useful and pay the bill on your way out."

Octavian was barely able to stand because of his laughter, every eye in the restaurant was drawn to his antics.

"Oh Rags, she will be the making of you," he said.

Then he walked away shaking his head and pulling out his wallet.

Alone, Roger stared at Georgina, who held his gaze. His recent thoughts were flying around his head and had to be expressed, but Georgina got in first.

"Roger, I am sorry about last night. Just do your job and ignore my petty jealousies... "

Roger's face dropped, he looked like he'd seen a ghost. Georgina stopped talking she was concerned for him.

"Fucking hell Georgina how can you maintain feelings for me. You take all the stress and I do what I like, that's not a relationship."

She let his swearing go.

"You could fuck me and make it a full relationship."

Georgina had expected push back but not this. Roger cried, tears flowed down his cheeks, as unconstrained as he was unconcerned.

"I'll tell you a story," he said huskily.


"Helen, what are you doing here?"

"You are going to the aircraft factory for a week I thought I'd come and show you how much I'll miss you."

She threw herself at Roger, he caught her with practiced skill. He felt her lips, they were urgent, wanton. He reacted to their message.

"Oh Roger, I do that to you?"

Her hand dropped to his groin, she caressed the hardness she found there.

"Helen, you are making this very difficult."

"Please indulge me Roger."

She slipped the buttons on his fly and pulled it out.

"Roger, will you put this inside me?"

"Helen, we have discussed this. Your virginity is a gift for your wedding night. I will not take it before then."

She let him go, he thought his refusal had offended her, yet again. But her hands flew to her blouse and fixing him with a carnal gaze she undid the buttons. She was wearing no under garments. Her hands repossessed his knob.

"You can play with something too," she said.

She had beautiful breasts, despite their size there were only a little saggy. He would need two hands or more to capture one, so he used two hands and his mouth. Their play had gone this far before, so she handled him with some authority, she managed to be just titillating enough, she always knew when to stop and deny him an orgasm.

Their petting continued for some time, she felt his frustration rise timing her next move to perfection, she took his hand off her breast and thrust it between her legs. She had worn absolutely no under garments. She held his hand firmly and guided it to her. She was warm and so very moist. She tried to insert his finger but he resisted.

"No, Helen, NO!"

He was not going to rob her of her flower with ANY object. He could sense her frustration but she segued well.

"Then kiss me like you mean it," she said, her tongue searching his mouth as if something needed to be found.

She left his hand where she had placed it, he seemed unable to move it, her heat seemed to infuse his soul. She broke the kiss and her mouth found his cock, she swirled her tongue over the head.

"Will you do that to me too?"

He was having trouble fighting off Helen's lubricious desires, he wondered if an orgasmic Helen would be better or worse.

"If you make me come, I think it will ease the pressure," she said, sensing his thoughts.

Roger was far from a virgin, there had been easy familiarity at university. Only liberated women sought formal education and their liberation went further than study.

"OK," he said and found her warmth with his tongue.

He was used to building tension but as soon as he licked her clit Helen just fucked him. She pulled his head into her as she undulated, thrusting her erect clitoris at his tongue which he just held still so she could work herself against it. She was fucking him like a harlot blind to everything but her own pleasure. He found her selfish abandon quite arousing and was looking forward to her promised reciprocation.

Her movements which had been metronomic, faltered and became erratic as a clue to the coming orgasm it was unnecessary the whole building could hear her screaming. She rode him through the heights of her passion and continued to rub herself on his tongue until she had milked the last ounce of pleasure. She slipped off his tongue and pulled him up for a kiss, she licked her juices off him with unrestrained joy. Her hand fell back to his cock which was hard enough to explode.

"Lie back and I will deal with this."

She pushed him down and used her thumb to titillate his sensitive head. He opened his eyes to see her positioning herself over his rod. He pushed her off.

"Fuck Helen, NO!"

She buttoned her blouse and stood with great dignity. Pointed at his erection.

"Well look after that yourself, you arse!"


Roger returned from his reminiscence. Georgina touched his hand to encourage him to continue and thank him for his frank delivery.

"I flew the prototype back to the airfield, had a quick toilet break loaded the crew and took off again. We were to shadow a real raid over Holland."

"Is this the flight that took your leg?"

He nodded, "It went wrong almost immediately, nothing was working on the Radio operators panel. Then a fuel leak and an electrical fault blew a hole in the side of the plane, the radio operator was blown into the North Sea with the rest of the debris. This was a prototype, so the radio operator wasn't co-pilot, the co-pilot who was in the right seat lost his arm. I managed to lock the controls and was able to apply a tourniquet. With no radio, we were out of contact so I decided to abort. I turned around and headed for home. Amazingly even with all the damage the plane was flying quite nicely. Then an engine dropped out, it wouldn't re-start. We were flying high, with the remaining engine I thought I could coast back to England."

Georgina leaned across the table and kissed him, he was white and shaking. He smiled at her warmly and gained sufficient control to continue.

"Barney, he was an Aussie, knew he wasn't going to make it, he was drifting in and out of consciousness and the tourniquet was only impeding his blood loss not stopping it. I fucked your girlfriend," he said.

I was shocked, "My fiancee, you mean."

"Yeah, the Shelia with the big tits and veracious hunger, God she was sweet... I'm sorry Rags she came on to me and NO ain't in my vocabulary when a Sheila wants servicing. I would have told you even it wasn't a deathbed confession."

"I was livid, not with Barney but Helen. Well to cut a long story short. I did get the plane back to England, I could have just ditched it but it was a prototype so I tried to get it back to an airfield. I did but I'd run out of fuel so my landing looked more like a gymnastics display. They cut me out of the plane, my foot is probably still in it."

" ...and Helen?"

Roger fell back into his reverie and just replayed the conversation.


"Roger, you are alive."

"Yes, Helen but I lost your lover."

"Oh Roger, I want you so much. I am no longer a virgin, we can fuck now."

She stood and locked the door, she pulled her skirt up to her thighs, her thatch was moist.

"Lie back Darling, I'll take care of you."

"Why is it so important Helen?"

"I want to love you fully,"

She pulled back the sheet and stood open mouthed as she started at the place where my leg should have been.

Her expression was dark, shock, anger, disappointment.

"You bastard," she pointed at her minge, "I haven't been a virgin for ages, it was all an act, a honey trap Darling. I wanted to marry an Earl and his money. Now you are fucked."

"Barney said you were fucked too, he said he's rooted sheep who were better."


Roger was still, as he centered his consciousness back to the table and Georgina.

"She had no need to trap me but I couldn't marry her. Continuing the family name is essential but not with someone else's seed in her. A family heir must be from the family line."

"Have you seen her since?"

"No, she killed herself. She went to the top of the building and kept walking. Barney said she was the best fuck ever, I didn't mean to hurt her and make her do that, but she'd hurt me. It was the final straw. I just wanted to reciprocate."

"You have no guilt to carry, Roger. Her aims were frustrated, that was down to her."

"Georgina, I'm sorry. Will you stay a virgin for me, I know it's selfish but I am afraid thing will change between us. I don't want us to feel obligated to each other because I have taken something that wasn't mine."

Georgina thought there was a complicated chain of logic here which almost made sense.

"You want to relate to an individual not a sex partner?"

"No Georgina, I don't understand why you are so important to me but you are. I am doing NOTHING to threaten us being together."

She gripped his hand.

"I never thought I would find a woman who I could feel strongly about enough to want to protect. I was a Lothario because I just wanted to demean femininity the carnal pleasure was incidental."

She gripped his hand harder.

"Creating a partnership between two strong individuals is hard enough but sex, ownership, jealousy, performance issue make it more complicated and more likely to fail."

Still, the logic was tenuous but it was important to him and more importantly so was she.

"I feel the same. I appreciate your total frankness without it I would be confused."

"You are anyway, aren't you, you sweet thing?"

"I am but why don't we work it out as we go?"

"Georgina, I do need to be sexually involved with others, but I promise you I will never do it for my own pleasure... No, that's not right-"

She interrupted, "You will only be a strategic fucker."

They kissed an accommodation had been reached.

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