tagNovels and NovellasThe Hogarth Club Ch. 23

The Hogarth Club Ch. 23


Brielle and Georgina were the interview committee. There was a string of girls referred by Knuckles. The Hogarth Club was close to being fully staffed and even the Land Army was doing well, the opportunity was all that was missing for many of the girls.

Both Georgina and Brielle had superb flat reading skills, it seemed no lie passed unnoticed. Most of them were innocuous until they came to Claire Corbett.

"So Knuckles wants a spy in our club?" Brielle said.

Claire smiled, "He said you were good and that I would be unable to fool you. He wants a go between. He figured if I looked like a spy I could move without suspicion and keep the lines of communication open."

"It's a good idea," Georgina said, "but why wouldn't we choose a pseudo spy. Someone who we could trust to keep our secrets?"

There was a knock before Ashley interrupted with morning tea, she almost dropped the tray.

"What the fuck are you doing here Claire? Is everything OK with Knuckles?"

"Yeah, he wants me off the street. More to the point, what are you doing here?"

"These girls pulled me off the cruciform. Fucking Harold sold me to settle his debt, so now I'm Head Chef of the Hogarth Club."

"It was you on the cruciform, I'm sorry Sis I would have come in and killed that bastard Jock if I'd known."

Ashley and Claire met in a hug that looked more like a collision. Ashley was the first to wake up.

"I'm sorry Georgina, Brielle, this is my sister Claire."

Brielle was quick, she looked at Claire and said, "So we trust your sister, why should we trust you?"

"Because I am in your debt, you got rid of that walking shit pile Jock fucking Mosley and saved me cutting his balls off."

"Why?" Georgina asked.

Claire looked at her sister, "Joanie, my daughter is eleven he said she's old enough to be sold, he said she'd be worth ten of me. My mum did it to me, he wasn't going to get my daughter and live."

Ashley pulled her sister back into a hug, "If you'd told me I would have held them while you sliced."

The girls let the sisters commune.

"And you?" Brielle said to Ashley.

"Mum sent me away to relatives in the south. Jock almost killed her for it but she was earning good money for him so she lived.

"Do you want to sit in Ashley?" Georgina asked.

"Yes please."

She turned to her sister, "Is that OK with you Claire?"

Claire just kissed her hands, it was all the affirmation Ashley needed she went to the sideboard for another cup then sat at the table and poured the tea.

After they had sipped their teas Georgina said, "Just tell us the story Claire."

Claire looked at the girls then at her sister, who nodded.

"I was sold at the age of eleven to men with weird tastes and deep pockets. Jock used girls whose tits had just started. He said that was the financial sweet spot. Though he's taken girls as young as nine in payment of debts."

Brielle was angry, "So he runs a pedophile ring, has Knuckles taken that over too?"

"No that's why Cee wants me out of the way. Jock just supplied some shadowy bloke."

"So Joanie is Cyril's daughter too?" Georgina said.

"How the fuck did you know that? And don't call him Cyril, he'll kill you."

Brielle laughed her anger temporarily forgotten, Georgina added scintillating intelligence to her flat reading skills.

"Georgina knows everything," she said.

"OK," Georgina said, "you can join us, you can share with Ashley, we can get four beds in that room."

Claire's mouth flopped open.

"How did you know?" she said.

Georgina laughed, "I know that if Cyril is putting Joanie and his mother in our hands, this shadowy bloke must be scary. We will have a conversation when you've settled in."

Brielle's smile was fully back, pleased that eliminating pedophile scum was now on the agenda.

It was early afternoon when Roger crashed into the kitchen disturbing their tea.

"Georgina my uncle wants to meet you before our party tonight."

He looked at Reggie, "I've booked rooms at the Dorchester. You three can have the room with the big bed."

He ignored their raised eyebrows.

"Can you bring Georgina's clothes. We have to go?"

He stood and pulled Georgina to her feet.

"Why is your uncle so important?" Georgina asked.

"He is the trustee for my estate it doesn't vest until I'm thirty two."

Georgina could see that it was important.

"You'll have to wait, I need to organize party wear for tonight and I can't go dressed like this."

The girls all rose and left with Georgina. Well this will be an hour Roger thought.

Within twenty minutes they were all back, Roger's mouth flopped open.

"You look stunning," he said. "I'll get my gun, I'll need it to keep the wolves at bay."

Georgina kissed him.

"I copied it from a magazine. Anne Rutherford was wearing it," she said.

"It's parchment beige wool jersey sports frock." Reggie pointed to the hem, "Look it's cut on a bias."

Lola added, "See, the blouse has shoulder and cuff gathers and I love the soft neckline."

"No I didn't mean the clothing, I meant Georgina. Ann Rutherford couldn't make those clothes look like that."

He was smothered in kisses, at last he had said something right. It was time for him to escape before he messed it up.

He found his uncle in Octavian's alcove.

"Uncle Ralph, this is Georgina. Georgina Uncle Ralph."

They shook hands.

"You must be commended Dear, you have turned this wastrel into a man. Until you, he has never displayed any taste in women. Octavian speaks so highly of you, I believe he fancies you himself. I can see why you have won my nephews' hearts."

"Thank you Lord Hardcastle," Georgina said demurely.

Wicklow arrived and took orders. Sugar was so heavily rationed Georgina ordered an afternoon tea, with the finger sandwiches replaced by additional sweets.

"I say Old Girl, you'll end up looking like a turnip," said Ralph jovially.

"With rationing Lord Hardcastle I'll be lucky to end up looking like a carrot."

They consumed their repast before getting down to business. Ralph, who was not only related but the family solicitor, went to great lengths to outline the terms and limitations of Roger's legacy. Should Roger die before the vesting date Georgina would not be in the line of inheritance.

"I'm sorry Old Girl but you'll have to keep him alive, or have his babies. The money would flow to offspring irrespective."

Georgina, who didn't give a jot about Roger's money, suddenly teared up at the mention of babies. Babies she couldn't deliver.

It hit her like a brick, she had deceived Roger. He had said his family line was important when he had told her about Helen, his previous fiancee. She couldn't do that to him anymore. When she thought about living without Roger she broke down. She flew from the table to the Powder Room.

Roger threw his uncle a caustic look before he set off after Georgina. He crashed into the women's domain. She was distraught her whole body displayed her distress. She was curled in a chair in a foetal position, her shoulders were shaking to match her crying.

Roger pulled her from the chair into his arms.

"Georgina, nothing is important in comparison to you."

She looked at him with such longing, Roger's heart melted. Her face was red and blotched tears were running down well established tracks and dripping off her chin onto her gathered soft neckline.

"Roger, you need to know that-"

He interrupted her, "I need to know nothing, you are all I need to know. I know I love you, I know I will sacrifice anything for you and I know you'll be my wife."


"No buts Georgina. Your concern, whatever it is, has no ability to affects us."

Georgina kissed him, she could feel his resolve through his lips. She decided she would be selfish and enjoy as much of Roger as she could. She'd tell him before they were wed. She pulled a notebook from her bag.

"You said we had a room, can I have the key?"

"Of course," Roger pulled the key from his pocket it was the honeymoon suite, he pulled out the key to the girls room. He wanted the true purpose of the evening to remain a secret for as long as possible.

"What am I to do with this?" he asked, waiving her notebook.

"Read the front page."

When Roger had settled Georgina he returned to his uncle.

"She OK, Lad?"

Roger nodded.

"Maybe she's after your money Lad, I've never seen such a reaction-"

Roger interrupted rudely, "Sometimes Uncle you are an ass," he waved her book about, "This is an outline of her estate. She's worth about fifty million."

"Pounds?" His uncle said incredulously.

"Yes pounds."

Ralph waved Wicklow over and ordered two double scotches.

"It must be old money, Roger. Is she titled?"

"Back to her Grandfathers but she is wealthy by her own endeavors too."

The whiskey arrived in time.

"Beautiful and wealthy, what have you been doing right, Lad?"

"Uncle, nothing. You know what's happening tonight, I want to wed her before something goes wrong because for sure, I don't deserve her."

"Love makes strange companions Lad. Change your thinking, do what you need to do to be worthy of her."

The old man patted the back of his favorite nephew's hand.

Roger crept into the room, the curtains were drawn. They were heavy blackout curtains so the room was midnight dark. He heard a sniffle, he located Georgina by her crying.

"Move over," her said, "you need comforting."

He planned to kiss her lips but got her cheek instead it was salty.

"Georgina, don't waste your moisture, we have a room for the night. We might need it."

Georgina realized she was being silly. She had resolved to walk the path which led to the destruction of her happiness when she proved to be unworthy of marriage. The least she could do is enjoy the travel, otherwise she should step into the brambles of disappointment now.

"NO clothes allowed in this bed," she said.

There was much rustling and snapping of elastic then Roger's warm body joined hers.

"Expecting me?" Roger said. She was naked too.

"No, I wasted too much moisture on my clothes, they are drying."

Roger lay on his back and pulled her to his side. She draped her arm and leg over his body and snuggled her head under his chin. Roger knew there was only one way he could feel more connected. As if she had perceived his thought.

"Roger, will you fuck me please?"

"Surely you mean, make love?" Roger said with mock censure.

"No, you make love to me with your eyes. I want to be fucked."

If not for his plan for this evening he thought he might have weakened and conceded.

"Georgina, I can hold you?"

"No, I want an incredible feeling of connectedness with your cock deep inside me."

He recognized his words and resolved to think before he spoke in future.

"We can do anal, if you'd like to?" he said.

"No Roger, you're not comfortable with it. Plus we have no lube."

"I promised to use my finger but I do have a slightly larger appendage which is often as stiff. At least when I'm around you."

Georgina cried, it was not the response he had expected at all.

"Fuck Georgina, what have I done wrong now?"

She shook her head.

"Are you happy or sad?"

"I don't know."

Roger rolled her over onto her back and kissed her. Warm and comforting led inevitably to hot and passionate.

"Can you come and stay hard?" Georgina asked when they eventually broke the kiss.

"With you, definitely."

She whispered in his ear. He was glad she couldn't see his face, he would have been unable to hide his negative reaction. But when he thought about it he became throbbingly hard. Fuck it, he thought, why not.

"Come on Roger!"

Georgina was on all fours on the bed with her arse high in the air. He sampled her arousal she was moist to dripping. He burnished her valley with her nectar, up and down grazing her clit and her entrance.

"Roger!" she said, menacingly.

"Patience, sweet thing. We don't want to do this like a bull at a gate."

"That sounds exactly the way we DO want to do it!"

He slathered her juices along her other valley. He was amazed how wet she was.

She turned around, "Roger we don't have to do this, it's fine by me just to be cuddled... Ohh!"

Roger threw away the rest of his reticence and pushed his finger up her arse, she pushed him out.

"Sorry Roger, try again."

He had been well schooled by Brielle during his birthday session. Holes should not share juices he had been instructed so he spat on his finger and slid it in to the second knuckle. The knuckle held his finger in, when Georgina's sphincter involuntarily tried to reject an object that had no right to be there. Fortunately he had just enough moisture to work it in and out, as he could not return to Georgina's well.

Georgina reached between her legs and grabbed his cock, he gasped in surprise.

"Come on Roger we need your juice," the double entendre was intended.

Georgina's arse had relaxed but Roger's cock hadn't, Georgina was working it like an expert. She wiped her hand over her cunt and basted his cock. Her hand slid, satin smooth up and down his full length her thumb wiped his foreskin on the down-stroke. She had perfected the technique he had taught her on their first night of virginal sex. Roger pushed into her hand the feelings she was managing to elicit almost cost him his concentration.

He spat on her arse again and managed to work a second finger in before his balls churned. He repossessed his prick, Georgina's sigh of disappointment accelerated the inevitable. He squirted before he managed to get it up her arse, he came massively. There was spunk everywhere but he'd got most of it within her. He had a moment's fear.

"I've come everywhere, you wont catch will you?"

Georgina said with confidence, "No, one virgin birth is enough for this world. Stop talking!"

Roger smiled, she must be the most experienced, most wanton virgin in the world. She had whispered the mechanics of this mating which had so shocked him but now poised on her surrogate hole, he reveled in her sexuality, and she was his, what a gift.

"If I was to ever write a book about you, I'd call it the wanton virgin," he said,

She flipped to her back and smiling, arranged some pillows under her arse, while he collected some of his spilled seed and anointed the rampant head of his dick.

"Enjoy your incredible feeling of connectedness with my cock deep inside you," he said.

He found her hole, it really needed more work but he had provided so much lubrication that he was able to push in.

"Ohh... Oh!" Georgina said.

She tensed which stymied his cock's desire to push right in. Her legs were high and wide, she placed them over his shoulders. With the help of the pillows this created the perfect angle for Roger. He slid in her up to his balls.

Georgina was quiet.

"Are you OK," he said, "we can stop."

"No, sorry Roger, it feels so strange. Get your rocks off and you can eat me if I don't come."

He looked hard into her face there was no subterfuge so he accepted her invitation.

Roger pumped into her, "Oh, I like that," he said.

Georgina was playing with her muscles to accentuate his stimulation. She could almost push him out with her muscles alone and he drove back in until his balls slapped on her cheeks.

Roger had hoped to kiss her but her legs around his shoulders made that contact difficult but his hands were drawn to Georgina's breasts. He cupped and teased them while he rode her. A small smile appeared at the edges of her mouth when he started twisting her turgid nipples.

Unbelievably Georgina did a stomach crunch and kissed him. She was right this was just fucking her eyes made love to him and her lips communicated her passion. She flopped back to the bed and moved her feet from around his ears and placed them on his shoulders this allowed her to push back and release according to her preferences. She preferred it faster.

Roger matched her new speed with his hands, her nipples were hard and her areola puckered. He found he could increase that secret smile that played with her lips by twisting her nipples. She groaned whenever he did, so he tuned her nips like radio dials. They would need to be kissed better soon.

The combination of the increased speed, her muscles, feet and her glorious tits made Roger came again, twice within minutes. He smiled realizing that all control disappeared around Georgina.

He was noisy as he ground the last of his pleasure from her arse. He pulled out with a sigh and rolled Georgina on top of him, he pulled her close and savaged her with kisses.

"Did you feel connect?" he said.

Georgina cried. Roger knew something was wrong, since she'd visited Oxford, a once strong woman was reduced to an emotional wreck. He kissed her attempting to communicate his passion and love through his lips.

"It wasn't as good as I'd hoped but I have nothing to compare it with. From the amount of noise you made, you liked it therefore so did I," she said.

Georgina had enjoyed the experience vicariously, Roger's pleasure turned her on. She was crying again because she realized that she would never experience love making with him. She wanted to feel him where her body rejoiced in the contact not rejected it. Telling him about her infertility was on the tip of her tongue but she had decided her path.

"Can I eat you now, or kiss your nipples better?"

Roger had decided to ignore her tears.

"No, can you just hold me please. I want to feel loved, I want to feel your love. I want to feel enough love to last me for a lifetime."

He kissed her salty cheeks, and held her tight.

He whispered, "Why are you crying."

She kissed him back with the thirst of the parched.

"Because you are everything I want in a man, everything I could hope for in a lover and more than I deserve as a woman. Yet I fear loosing you."

He rocked her to sleep feeling jealous that those words were hers, he wished he had thought of them first.

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