tagLoving WivesThe Hotel Meeting: The Elevator

The Hotel Meeting: The Elevator


The man we planned to meet comes to the downtown Toronto hotel where we are staying on our vacation. We go to the bar on the first night of our stay. When we get to the lobby, you and I split up, and enter the bar separately, so that no one knows we're together. You are dressed in a short black leather skirt, a white silk blouse, stiletto heeled pumps, thigh high black stockings, white silk panties and matching demi-cup bra. You are also wearing a red leather jacket. This item of clothing is the agreed upon sign for our as yet anonymous partner to recognize you. Since we have arranged this meeting through the Internet, we know each other only by description. If everything goes well, it will be a night of fantasy fulfillment for the three of us.

I'm in a dark business suit, as is the man we are here to meet. He is drinking a scotch at the bar when you arrive, and he raises his glass to you as he recognizes the red jacket. You sit next to him and introduce yourself as Lexus. The gentleman introduces himself as Constantine. He is older, probably in his late forties, or maybe early fifties. Distinguished, tall and well-built, he has thick dark hair tinged with gray. He is well groomed and well manicured, clearly a man of some significant position in a local corporation. He has an English Canadian accent.

I take a seat in a booth behind you to get situated to watch your show. The two of you get to know each other. He buys you a drink, then later, another. As you talk, you each become closer and more familiar. You touch his arm as you laugh at one of his jokes. He reaches up to gently brush your long blonde hair away from your eyes. You reward one of his compliments with a kiss on the cheek. You both continue to flirt and talk for a half an hour, maybe more.

Finally, he becomes a bit bolder. He rests his hand on your knee, caressing you with his fingers as you talk. He leans forward to whisper something to you, and tenderly kisses your ear, nibbles your earlobe, and lets his lips trail down your neck to your shoulder. His hand inches up your leg to the lacey top of your stockings, and you thrill to the touch of his gentle fingers on your bare flesh. But for now, the two of you go no further.

After a few minutes more of whispered flirting, he stands up, and helps you to your feet, and helps you put your jacket on. He hands you his room key, and you both walk to the elevator lobby together. I trail behind far enough to stay discreet, but I make sure I get on the same elevator as both of you. We are crowded in the elevator along with six Japanese businessmen.

You and Constantine are at the back of the elevator. I am at the front. The men between us are talking enthusiastically in Japanese, and they are almost obscuring my covert view of you, in the reflection of the mirrored elevator doors, but I can still make out what is going on. Of course, so can they. As we ascend the many floors to your paramour's top-floor room, he becomes far bolder with this beautiful blonde woman he just met.

First he kisses your neck, then he works his way up to your luscious red lips. As you embrace in a passionate kiss, his hands run down your back to your firm, round behind, and he presses your hand against him so that you can feel the hardness in his pants. The men have noticed, and stop talking loudly now, trying to discreetly see the action for themselves. He slides one hand up your side, under your blouse, and gives your breast a gentle squeeze while pinching your nipple through the lace of the bra. You moan softly. I am fully erect at this point, as, I am sure, are many of our elevator companions.

One by one, each gets off the elevator before our floor, all except for one. Of course, they take their time getting out, and have to spend time talking to their remaining colleagues, all the while holding the elevator door open and getting a better look at your continuing amorous embrace. The two of you—meanwhile—are acting as though you are alone, and taking full exhibitionistic advantage of the much delayed elevator ride to our floor.

As the first man gets off the elevator, Constantine is still fondling your breasts with one hand, and the two of you are kissing passionately. As the second man steps out, he is again kissing your neck, and now he is unbuttoning your white silk blouse. His other hand is under your skirt, fondling your panty-covered ass.

By the time the third man bids his associates goodbye, our new friend has your blouse fully unbuttoned, and you have shrugged off your jacket onto the elevator floor. He is kissing your breasts above the fabric of the demi-cup bra.

As the fourth man exits the elevator, you have reached down to fondle Constantine through the fabric of his finely tailored suit pants. It is apparent to you that he is wearing boxers, since his hard cock and heavy balls are relatively unconstrained beneath the silk slacks. He is again kissing and nibbling your ear, and has slipped his hands into the waistband of your panties from the back, and is passionately kneading your round ass cheeks. The man in the doorways delays and delays, unwilling to walk away from the erotic performance.

He and his remaining friends have dropped the pretense of last minute conversations, and are now openly staring at the two of you. Every time the elevator door begins to close, the fourth man blocks it open again. Still feigning obliviousness to their attentions, you decide to turn up the heat even more, deftly unzipping your paramour's slacks and slipping one delicate hand inside to get a better handle on the growing situation. Finally the elevator itself intervenes in the fourth man's protracted departure, and buzzes in warning as he tries to block the doors open again. He finally, reluctantly removes himself from their path, they close, and the elevator begins to move again.

By the time the elevator has ascended to the fifth man's floor, Constantine has again worked his lips down your neck to your breasts. But this time he refuses to stop at the bra, and reaches up to free one firm breast from its confines. He cups it in one hand, the other still down the back of your panties, and holds the erect nipple up to his mouth, first licking it gently, then firmly sucking it. You can no longer reach his open fly with him bent down in front of you, and it is just as well, since his oral attentions have weakened your knees and you need both hands to brace yourself to stop from swooning. The two remaining Japanese businessmen are no longer content to watch the show in the mirrored elevator doors, and have turned to face you. They both have their hands plunged into their pants pockets and are fondling themselves in appreciation of your performance. When the door opens for the fifth man, he slowly backs into the doorway, vigorously working his hand in his pocket. As he steps fully out of the doorway into the hallway, and the doors begin to close, he succumbs to the intensity of the vision, and trembles in quiet orgasm.

The sixth man, freed from the constraints of associates' presence, unzips his own pants and frees his throbbing dick from its confines as soon as the elevator doors are firmly shut behind him. Constantine has in the meanwhile unhooked the front clasp of your bra, setting free your firm breasts in the cool elevator air. He pinches your nipples with one hand while he traces his way down your belly with his tongue. His other hand is busy sliding your panties down your stocking clad legs, until they lie in a small silk heap around your ankles. You step out of them, and he places them in his shirt pocket as he kneels before you. Looking up into your eyes he moves one hand down from your breasts to lift the front of your skirt, and the other smoothly caresses your leg from ankle to inner thigh. He looks down longingly at your beautiful blonde haired pussy. You gasp in anticipation as he leans forward, hoping to feel his tongue touch your wetness. Instead your feel him blowing his hot breath over you as he slips in one finger, then another, into your tight opening.

Your Japanese voyeur is vigorously pumping his uncircumcised penis as he watches. The door opens for his floor, and closes again behind him as he stands transfixed at the sight of Constantine slowly fucking you with three of his long nimble fingers. We are nearing our floor, and you drop the pretense of ignoring our fellow passenger, and turn your head to watch him masturbate. He looks up at you lustily, and you respond by reaching out and firmly grasping the head of his cock in your free hand. This sends our voyeuristic friend over the edge, and as the doors open on our floor, he ejaculates hot cum into your palm. I hold the door open for us, as Constantine stands up, picking up your jacket. Our Japanese friend has produced a handkerchief and uses it to wipe his cum off your hand. As you and Constantine step off the elevator, he bows repeatedly, quickly kisses the back of you hand, and mutters his thanks. It is a comical sight, as his penis is now flaccid and hanging out the fly of his expensive Italian suit.

I again trail behind as though I don't know you. You get to the door of Constantine's room and you fumble with the electronic key card in the lock. I stand in front of our room, two doors down across the hall, and pretend to be looking for my room key, so that no one who might walk by would be suspicious as I stand in the hall and watch the two of you, though now the hall is empty except for us.

As you try to unlock the door, your new lover stands close behind you, pressing his hips against your rear, his chest against your back, his lips to your graceful neck, and he gently cups your breasts in his hands. He's not making the task of opening the door any easier. As you finally get the lock to work and begin to turn the handle, he reaches down and slowly unzips the back of your skirt. It drops to your knees, then to the floor. If anyone were to come into the hall now, they'd have quite a sight, but it's still only the three of us.

As you start to push the door open, he reaches up to the collar of your unbuttoned shirt, and pulls it and your bra down off your back. This of course requires that you let go of the door, and it closes again, locking shut, as you stand naked in the hall except for your stockings and heels. You drop the key card trying to reopen the door, and he lowers himself to his knees behind you to pick it up. He pauses to place a few passionate kisses on your firm cheeks, followed by a quick nibble. You squeak as he nips your beautiful tush. With one hand he puts the key card back in the lock, and with the other he holds you firmly as his tongue traces down from the small of your back and between your cheeks. You fumble again with the doorknob as he presses his tongue into you from behind. You are holding the door partly open, leaning against it while he teases you, when the door of the room next to you opens abruptly and a young couple steps out, in the middle of animated conversation. They both stop in stunned silence when they see the two of you, a beautiful tall blonde, nearly naked, with a fully dressed man avidly tonguing her ass. It takes a moment for either of you to notice them. When you do, your face, then your whole body is engulfed in a bright red blush. You push the door open again, and stumble into the room, pulling your intimate companion behind you on his knees, as he gathers your discarded clothing. You disappear into the room out of my view.

I pause, and smile sheepishly at the couple. They giggle and grin at me, then hurry down the hall to the elevators. I feign going into my room, then, when they are gone, I turn back and go to Constantine's room, where you have purposely left the door ajar. As I push it open I see that you are lying on your back on the bed, dressed now only in your stockings. Your shoes, jacket, bra, skirt, panties and blouse form a trail from the door to the bed. He is on his knees between your legs, and you are pressing his head into your pussy with both hands. His pants and boxers are down around his knees, and you are caressing his throbbing cock between your delicate, stocking covered toes. I enter the room...and the begin the night of fantasy fulfillment for the three of us.

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