tagGroup SexThe Hunger Ch. 08

The Hunger Ch. 08


Please read chapters 1-7 before beginning this chapter. While this chapter can be read as a stand alone story it is entirely dependent on the events of the earlier chapters. A writer thrives on your feedback. Please take a moment to vote and leave a comment if you feel so inclined. I hope you enjoy my scribbling.


Sharon met me at the door and I was soon wrapped in her arms and her lips sought mine in a very enthusiastic kiss. It was the greeting I had hoped for. Jim joined us in the living room and his welcoming hug and kiss were no less enthusiastic. After the preliminaries were concluded, Sharon sent Jim to fetch my bags from the car. She asked me if I was ready for a drink and after the long drive that sounded like a great idea. She suggested I "get comfortable" while she got me a glass of wine. It was if she had read my mind. I did feel a bit out of place in my street clothes while Jim and Sharon were nude, and besides, as I have mentioned before, I had grown to appreciate the freedom of the nudist lifestyle. It was something I had embraced completely as part of my new lifestyle. I may not be able to enjoy the total freedom in my little apartment as compared to what Sharon and Jim did at the camp, but I had grown to be more comfortable in my skin. Sharon said that I was what nudists called a "House Nudist," at least when I was at home.

I passed Jim as he carried my bags to what I had come to think of as "my" room, their guest room, even though I had spent very little time there during the previous weekend. He mentioned that Sharon had dinner almost ready and that he was going to go soak in their hot tub for a while and asked me to join him. I told him that Sharon had a glass of wine poured for me and that I would go check in with her first. When I entered the kitchen I found my glass waiting for me and Sharon busy in the kitchen. I asked her if I could help and said that she had everything under control and she suggested I join Jim.

I said that I thought I would. I found Jim already immersed in the tub on the back deck and I quickly joined him. The water was soothing after being cramped in the car. We soaked quietly for a few minutes as I unwound and let the day's stress seep from my pores. I did have some business I wanted to discuss with Jim though.

When he asked me how my week had gone, I told him about the offered transfer and promotion at work. He was genuinely thrilled for me and offered his congratulations.

"There is one aspect of this that I would like your advice on," I said.

"Ohhh, what's that?" he asked.

I went on to explain my housing situation and the opportunity to relocate that the new job allowed. "Do you think I might be able to find someplace to live here?" I asked. "I don't need much; maybe even just a trailer if that's all that is available. Do you know of any of the members that might have something to rent, or perhaps the camp itself?"

"Hhhhmmm, I have an idea for something that might work for you that may be available. Let me do some checking and I'll let you know later. Would that be OK?" he replied.

"Sure, there is no huge rush. I haven't even officially accepted the new job and I'm sure I won't need to move for a couple of weeks. I have an open ended lease on my apartment, so I just need to give them 30 days notice," I said. "I'm at the point where I'm just starting to consider my options. I wouldn't even need to live inside the camp itself. I could always just find something nearby so that I could visit."

"If I can line up what I am thinking about, I think it will be perfect for you," he said.

"I guess I also need to talk to someone about getting approved for a membership to the camp as well. Do you think you could put a good word in with the management for me?" I said, smiling my sexiest smile at him.

"I think I could do that, I have a little influence with the owners here," he replied, returning my smile in that charming way that was so characteristic of Jim.

We then got into some idle chat about the other things that were going on. He was pretty well informed about everything, via Sharon, of what was going on in my life, at least in broad terms. The wine and the water were really relaxing me and I had always found Jim to be easy to talk to. I didn't quite share the intimacy with him that I did with Sharon, but it was pretty close.

When the conversation moved on to Heather, it was clear that Jim was intrigued. I think he was just a bit amazed at how easily I had come to terms with my bisexuality. I just wish I shared his confidence. Sure, there was desire there, but I still felt a bit awkward around other women. Jim told me that if things worked out, that I should feel free to invite her to visit the camp, and that he and Sharon would like to meet her. I bet they would! As much as I cared for Jim, he was after all very male, and quite the horn dog. Like I had room to talk, right? He went on to say that he could arrange for one of the rental cabins if we wanted some privacy for a "lovers getaway." I admit I had had some fantasies about sharing Heather with Jim and Sharon, but at the same time I didn't know whether that was something she might be into to. I didn't even know if she was really interested in me, although the more I thought about it, the more I was convinced that she was. The signs were all there, but I hadn't really developed a good sense of how much a woman was interested in me at that point in my sexual career. So, I told Jim that I would just have to wait and see and that I had a lot of water to cross before I would know whether his proposal was even a possibility.

About that time, Sharon called us to dinner. Jim and I dried each other off and we joined Sharon in the dining room. She had laid out a wonderful dinner and I realized I was very hungry. The take out salad I had had for lunch had not stayed with me. We had an enjoyable dinner and shared some great table banter as we ate. I felt more comfortable with them then I did with friends that I had known for years. They are just so open; it would be hard not to feel comfortable with them. Of course our sexual intimacy allowed for a certain level of openness that allowed me the freedom to share things with them about other facets of my life that I could not share with "straight" friends.

During dinner Jim told Sharon that I had some good news and he prompted me to tell Sharon about the promotion. She was as happy for me as Jim had been. Jim had then gone on to explain my housing quandary to Sharon and I thought I saw them share a look afterwards that said "we'll talk later." There was something going on there but at the time I didn't have a clue as to what it might be.

After dinner, the three of us all pitched in to clean up the mess. We worked efficiently and in a few minutes had the dishwasher loaded and the kitchen cleaned up. We all agreed to another communal soak in the tub to allow our dinner to digest. Sharon grabbed a bottle of wine and asked me to get our glasses. We retreated to the deck and were soon soaking once again. I was sandwiched between Sharon and Jim and I recall thinking how happy I was when I was with them. The good company, full belly, wine, conversation, and warmth seemed to make the daily pressures and issues of my life dissolve in the warm, swirling water. It was the ultimate therapy and just what I needed.

I felt Sharon's lips deliver a quick peck to my cheek. It was an affectionate kiss, not really sexual, but it ignited the fires within me. I returned the gesture and before I knew it, Sharon and I were making out hotly. Her lips danced across my shoulders, lips, eyelids, neck and ears. I loved it. Her hand found my breasts and she cupped and caressed them as we continued to kiss. Her tongue invaded my mouth and my smoldering fire turned into an inferno. During a quick break in the action I saw Jim sitting back, a broad smile on his face, content to watch his wife making out with me as he sipped his wine.

After several minutes of this, Sharon announced that she was starting to prune up and asked if I was ready to retire to the bedroom. I was pretty sure she did not have sleep in mind, at least not immediately. I quickly agreed. I think my needs were as obvious as hers.

We were soon out of the tub and after a communal 3-way drying session, we were on our way back to their bedroom and the comfort of their bed. All of my dreams and fantasies of the past week came to the surface and I was more then ready for whatever was to come. Even after the drying effects of the water in the hot tub I felt the wet sensation of my moist pussy as we walked. My pussy was needy and felt swollen and my hard nipples pointed the way.

When we got to the bedroom, with Jim trailing behind Sharon and me, I took the lead and laid her across the bed. I lay on top of her and our mouths were soon joined once again in a passionate kiss. My thigh slipped between her legs and the moisture I felt accumulate there told me that I was not the only one that was turned on. My breasts pressed into her softer, more generous mounds as our kisses became more and more heated. I could feel her pussy grinding into my thigh.

As much as I was enjoying the kisses and body contact, I wanted more. In addition to my own hunger, I felt a need to please her and to show my appreciation for her friendship and support. Maybe more then anything, I felt an overriding need to express my desire for her as a lover.

I slid down her body and began to kiss, lick, and suck her breasts. I alternated between them but ignored her nipples, at least for a while. My efforts were rewarded by a soft moan from Sharon. I sort of lost myself in her breasts for a while. When I moved to her nipples, her soft moans turned in more expressive groans of desire. I licked and sucked her nipples and I enjoyed the feeling of their hardness against my lips and tongue. From the sounds that she was making, she did too.

When my mouth slid down to her navel to delve into its depths, she scooted across the bed so that her head was hanging over the side. As I looked up towards her face, I saw her beckon Jim over to join us. He had been sitting in a chair, patiently watching, and stroking his semi-hard cock.

As I moved downwards once again, I saw Sharon reach out and pull Jim towards her. I watched, enthralled, as she took his cock in her mouth. Her abilities in pleasing a man with her mouth had always left me a bit envious and this time was no different. I made a silent note to myself to get her to devote some time to giving me some private tutelage on her techniques.

My eyes were drawn to her face as I softly kissed around her pussy and thighs, teasing her before diving in for the main entrée. She had her hands on Jim's thighs, drawing him deeper into her mouth, using her mouth to fuck his cock. I watched, mesmerized, while I began to suckle on her plump labia. She moaned around his cock which was now buried deep in her throat. "How could she do that?" I asked myself. "Practice, practice, practice," I answered myself.

While teasing Sharon, I was also teasing myself. I felt a strong urge to dive into the chasm of her pussy, to bury my tongue in her tunnel, and burrow into her center. The juices that I was sucking from her nether lips forced me to seek out their source. I finally gave in to that urge and I soon had my tongue deep in her cunt, like a salmon instinctively swimming up stream to its birthplace. She groaned even louder as I did so and she had to release Jim's cock from the warm embrace of her mouth for a moment. Her hips began to hump against my face, encouraging me to dive deeper. I happily obliged and my face was soon buried as deep between her legs as I could manage. This was a happy place for me, I realized. A place I would seek out time and time again.

"Jim, go to Kim, she needs you now. Fuck her real good," Sharon said.

"My pleasure," he replied. I heard them talking, although muted by the presence of Sharon's thighs against my ears. My pussy was in fact needy, but at the same time I was totally lost in the act of eating Sharon. Their words were heard, but their meaning did not register with my conscious brain.

Jim moved around the bed, behind me and when he took my hips in his hands I rose up obediently on my knees to give him better access. No preliminaries were needed, I was wet and my hungry pussy was ready for his cock. It had been ready for days. Sharon took my head between her hands and gently encouraged me to move to her clit.

"Lick it," she succinctly instructed.

I started off just licking around her clit, moving closer and closer to its exposed head peeking out from under its hood. As I was doing this, I felt the broad head of Jim's cock sliding between my labia, bumping my own hard clit, gathering moisture for his imminent plunge into my pussy. Lubrication was not going to be a problem. I was dripping. Just as I took Sharon's nub between my lips to suckle, Jim slowly plunged into my depths. My resulting groan vibrated around Sharon's clit and her cry joined my own in a harmony of pleasure. I couldn't help but temporarily stop my efforts towards pleasing Sharon as my body absorbed the sensation of Jim's hefty cock spreading and stretching me. I always had loved the feeling of a lover's cock first filling me and Jim's girth certainly fulfilled everything I wanted, and more. There was a small bit of pain as he stretched my tightness, but it was not entirely unpleasant and I relished the sensation of being filled.

I opened my eyes and they met Sharon's. She smiled at me and we shared an unspoken understanding. It was if she was sharing my sensations through my eyes. We were linked in an almost psychic way. I felt a certain closeness with her in that moment that was certainly unparalleled. She was giving me her husband to enjoy and at the same time sharing him with me through the act of fucking. It was almost like he was fucking her while I served as the link between them. In those brief seconds I think I came to understand Sharon in a new way.

Our carnal needs quickly rose to the surface once again and Sharon encouraged me to attend to them. My mouth went back to work on her clit when Jim was fully buried deep in me. I realized that he was waiting for a sign from me that I was comfortable before proceeding and I began to rock my hips back and forth, reassuring him of my readiness. Jim responded like the talented, experienced lover that he is and began to slowly slide his cock in and out of my clasping vagina. His slow shallow strokes slowly built in depth and speed as I grew accustomed to his cock filling me. He left me wanting more. His movements were just one small step behind my own desires. I began to set the tempo with the movements of my hips, driving myself back onto his cock, and he reacted wonderfully. His actions were like that of an experienced jockey, riding me to the finish line.

I could feel the increased tension in Sharon's body and knew that she was getting close. The timber and volume of her moans and groans were an obvious indication. In addition, I could feel the growing tension in her body and she was thrusting her hips upwards. Her clit retreated back into its hood and I responded my sucking and licking it harder. She seemed to particularly like it when I nibbled on her. Her cries reached a crescendo and her thighs clamped around my head as she reached her peak. I moved my mouth to the opening of her pussy and struggled to drink the gush of juices that flowed from her. I savored the taste of my lover as she expended herself upon my tongue and lips. I had to push her knees apart to get a quick gasp of air before I re-attached myself to her pussy. My tongue darted frantically as I sought out the last available drop of her juices and her trembling thighs locked themselves around my ears.

Sharon's orgasm seemed to only further encourage Jim and he was now pounding into my pussy. I happily absorbed his thrusts, pushing back into them and feeling his hips slapping against my ass. His thrusting cock produced a sloshing sound as it charged into my now very wet pussy. I concentrated on gripping him with my PC muscles, pleased with the progress my kegel exercises had produced. His groans told me that he was more then pleased with my "vaginal fitness" as well.

My head was pillowed against the softness of Sharon's thigh. Having pleased her, I was able to fully concentrate on Jim's, and my own, carnal desires. I felt her slip out from under me and I was left crouching there, my ass held high and my arms crossed in front of me on the bed. I fell into a sort of floating, nirvana like trance in which all I could concentrate on was the sensations surrounding me: the taste of Sharon on my lips and tongue, the sound of Jim's cock pumping in and out of me accompanied by his hips meeting my ass, the smell of my own aroused pussy, his loose balls slapping against my clit, and above all, the feeling of his cocking invading the depths of my pussy.

I heard someone talking and realized it was me. I was being unusually vocal as I encouraged Jim. "Yesss… fuck me… ahhh gawd yes… sooo good… sooo fuckin good… harder, deeper."

I was on the edge of orgasm but somehow managed to stay right on the edge, enjoying its embrace and almost unwilling to give it up. Sharon had decided to resolve that issue as I felt her hand slide under my pelvis. Apparently she had grabbed a small vibrating bullet that she quickly placed against my clit. A few seconds of the sensation of the vibrations of the bullet were all it took to give me the necessary shove and I exploded.

Ahhhhh FUCKKKKK! Cummmming…" I exclaimed loudly.

My pussy clamped down hard on Jim's cock as tremors shook my body and I felt his thrusts change to what I had come to recognize as those indicating his own release.

"Yes, fill me… Cum in me… Give it to me," I moaned.

As my pussy rhythmically pulsed around his cock I could feel his discharge as his warm jets of sperm filled me. It was a feeling I was rapidly learning to love. The bestial, reptilian part of my brain needed the feel of his seed flooding my pussy. His characteristic, almost feral, and very masculine, groans and grunts of orgasm filled the room and mixed with my own softer mewling moans as I started to fall into a post-orgasm languor. Perhaps at another time his orgasm may have pushed me to another orgasm, but the explosive nature of my first drained what energy I had and made a second orgasm impossible.

My hips collapsed down to the bed and Jim went with me and draped his body against my own and I enjoyed the feeling of him against my back. His warmth, weight and intrinsic maleness were reassuring as I floated in the clouds of the orgasm induced sensations. My body was still trembling as the sensations ricocheted through it.

I guess I sort of dozed off for a moment under the warm blanket of Jim's body. I was roused when I felt him move off of me. His limp cock slid out of me with an audible "squish" and I could feel our combined juices begin to flow out of my uncorked pussy. Sharon's softer hands rolled me over and, as had become our custom, her mouth and tongue began to "clean me."

I languished in the feeling of her tongue and lips on my still sensitive pussy. The stretched feeling that Jim's cock had evoked lingered. I concentrated on how I felt and decided I really enjoyed this "freshly fucked" feeling. It was good, but not quite as good, as the hot sex and intense orgasm I had just enjoyed. It was just all part of the total experience of sex. I resolved to enjoy this feeling on a more regular basis in the future. This was something I needed, and the hunger in me would never be satisfied if it was just something I experienced occasionally.

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