tagBDSMThe Hunt

The Hunt


The mansion's security was on high alert but Sasha moved by the mercenaries as if she were a phantom.

The jungle princess reached the front door and attacked the two guards. Unprepared they easily succumbed. Applying her herbal toxin they would be paralyzed for several hours.

"Meditate on your sins, " she hissed.

Entering the parlor, she saw Franco; the head of the Frisco syndicate.


"Jungle Bitch! Now you die! He pulled out a knife.

Sahsa was glad, "Now she could kill him and the authorities would not even have to investigate.

Despite his wickedness, Frisco was no coward and was a skilled fighter. The two adversaries thrust and parried for some time.

"Is that the best you can do bully?" She taunted.

As she expected, his machismo overruled his brain lost his focus and extended too far. Her return thrust took him in the throat.

"You.." As he hit the ground.

"Justice for your many crimes."

"Thank you," said a female voice.

A beautiful blond woman entered the room. Frisco's latest mistress no doubt.

"For what."

" For giving me his empire, " she replied.

Sasha laughed, 'You harlot, you will be going to jail."

"Call me Donna, " or as she flicked a control and a net came down over the Jungle Girl. "Or Mistress", as she placed a cloth over her foe's face.


Sasha work up her arms extended over a wooden bar.

"Well the famous Jungle girl", Donna sneered. "How long I have wanted to meet you."

"You Bitch, let me go!

"Oh no my prisoner. You have cost the organization a lot of money. You will have to pay us back."

"Us? You are just a whore!"

Donna laughed and slapped her hard, "Naïve primitive. In the modern world, woman are empowered. We don't have to wear silly costumes. I was in charge of marketing." But as she picked up a whip, "I started by training girls in our brothels."

"So you plan to make me a sex slave."

"Eventually, but a prize like you gives me an opportunity. Some of our rich clients will want you for their very own.. And I want to be entertained."


"A hunt! Her eyes glistened. 'You have the advantage of your skills and knowing the terrain. Of course your pursuers will be armed."

"I will kill them."

"That the risk they will have to accept." Donna stood behind her, "Now I am going to indulge myself.', as she began whipping. "How dare you interfere in the business of your betters.."

"Drugs, prostitution poaching, The raven haired beauty responded.

"Infuriated, Donna stuffed a ball gag in her mouth. "Enough talk." She moved to the front and worked on Sasha's breast and pussy.

The warrior was marked all over and sweating, but still defiant.

Donna smiled to herself, and put the whip down. She caressed her prisoner's face tenderly. "You know I am attracted to beautiful women. In a way it's a shame that I have to sell you."

Sasha was confused,. She had been with man , but her own terms.

Donna looked at her, "Let me introduce you to new pleasures."

She picked up a device with a round flat head and pressed it against Sasha's body.

Sasha was again surprised, it was pleasurable.

"You need to be school in the sexual arts, "The mistress told her as she played it on her pussy.

Despite herself, Sasha was getting aroused. She hated this woman who was controlling her body; but she wanted more.

"Oh yes, 'Donna taunted. "I am going to break you."

Sasha was groaning in ecstasy this was so enjoyable she felt her body getting warm. Then it abruptly stopped. She wanted more.

Donna saw it, "Do you want more slave?"

Sahsa refused to yield.

"Good, a defiant woman makes the best slave. After she's broken." Donna picked up the whip.

Sasha was able to take a lot of pain, but now she screamed her sensitivity to touch has been heighten.

"What happened to your defiance, "the criminal mocked.

Sasha's eyes glared with hatred.

"More pleasure?" Her tormenter asked. She turned the vibrator on high.

Sasha body withered in ecstasy before passing out.


Sasha woke, her arms extended to the ceiling.

"Enjoy your nap" Donna had changed and was wearing what look like a male's sexual organ.

"Prepare to get fucked," as she grabbed Sasha's legs.

The jungle maiden shuddered as her body was penetrated. But part of her was craving this.

"Yes you are a sex slut aren't you.? The villainess crowed.

Sasha hated herself but she was enjoying this stimulation. "Ah!

"Say you are jungle slut."

"I am a jungle slut.!"

Donna laughed evilly and took off the strap on, forced it in Sahsa's mouth. "Enjoy your pussy juices." She put on a larger strap on and spread her prisoners' ass

"Round 2."

Sahsa sighed in anticipation and dread.

To be continued...

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