tagNonHumanThe Lake Monster Ch. 08

The Lake Monster Ch. 08


(Author's note: Thanks for all the comments everyone, I love reading them and hearing your thoughts about the story, I have attempted to added a bit more per chapter as many people have so politely requested, enjoy :))


Elena moved her chair close to the mermaid, putting her hand on the mermaid's knee and rubbing it firmly but gently. The mermaid pursed her lips and moved away, still focused on the game.

"Easy..." Nikki said tentatively, recognizing that the mermaid didn't seem very interested in Elena. Then Nikki had an idea.

"Maybe...if she saw us having fun together, she'll want to be a part of it." Nikki suggested.

"Ah, that's a good idea." Elena said, walking over to Nikki and straddling her legs. With a giggle, Nikki parted her lips to allow Elena's tongue entrance as they kissed. She let Elena take control, kissing her with enthusiasm.

Elena's lips had always felt so good, and Elena was a very good kisser, she felt herself fall into a familiar and well-liked rhythm as they made out with each other. She couldn't help but let out a moan when Elena's fingers found her nipple and pinched it, tingles of pleasure vibrated from her breast and caused her clit to pulse eagerly.

"Meep?" Her eyes were closed as Elena ran her warm tongue up her neck, her hands massaging her breasts. She smiled when she heard the mermaid respond. She opened her eyes to peek at the mermaid, who looked distressed. The Ipad was immediately forgotten on the chair as the mermaid walked over, a small whining sounding emitting from her throat as she tried to block Elena by placing her body between them. This was exactly what Nikki had wanted.

"It's ok, baby." She said, running her hands down the mermaid's breasts down to her well defined abs, taking one of the mermaid's nipples between her teeth and tugging on it gently. She heard a wet smacking noise behind the mermaid and guessed that Elena was kissing the mermaid's back, trailing kisses from shoulder to shoulder. The mermaid let out a moan, sounding pleasantly surprised. She kissed Nikki back eagerly, her hands exploring Nikki's clothed body.

She seemed ok with Elena touching her now, Elena had cupped the mermaids boobs from behind and were fondling them, rolling the stiff peaks between her thumb and index fingers. She saw the first glimpse of the midnight blue tip of the mermaid's cock emerging from her prepuce and she reached out, rubbing the top of it gently with her palm, her hand sliding over the well-lubricated member. Soon the mermaid's entire length was out, hot and slick in her hands.

"Let's go to the tent." She told Elena, feeling her legs growing numb from the chair. "Alright." Elena said, getting off Nikki and putting both her hands on the mermaid's shoulders, urging her to move. "Come on." The mermaid let out a lust filled groan, reluctantly moving away from Nikki ministrations. Nikki took the mermaid by the hand, leading them both to the tent.

She settled down on the fluffy sleeping bags, and the other two quickly joined her. The mermaid was temporarily distracted by the soft blue material, she took it between her hands and squeezed it, letting out a little squeak. "Feels good, doesn't it?" She said as she coaxed the mermaid into a reclining position.

The mermaid's cock was rock hard now, completely erect and pointing almost directly up at the roof of the tent. She started to move to be between the mermaid's legs but Elena stopped her. "Wait, let me."

Fine, Nikki moved behind the mermaid so that the mermaid rested between her legs. She kissed the mermaid's neck, reaching in front to run one hand up and down the mermaid's slippery shaft, giving extra attention to the soft, velvet tip. The mermaid let out a groan and arched her back, thrusting into Nikki's hand with wanton abandon. Nikki reluctantly moved her hand away when Elena got on her hands and knees, taking the mermaid's cock into her mouth.

Amarisa would've never expected this, when she had caught the salmon for the two humans she thought that it would put her in the colourful haired woman's good graces, enough so that she could continue to see the brunette more.

Never would she have guessed that the taller woman would want her too. Now she was resting between the brunette's legs, what did the other woman call her? Nikki? While the other, Leena? No, Elena, yes that was her name, had her cock in her mouth, sucking on it like it was the best thing she had ever tasted. She moaned, feeling hot tongue on the very tip of her, Elena's head bobbing up and down her shaft.

Nikki was kissing her neck, running her hands up and down her front, teasing her aroused nipples and massaging her stomach muscles. Oh god it felt so good to have two mouths on her at the same time, both pleasing her. Nikki was causing jolts of pleasure from her neck area to her stiff cock where she was being serviced by Elena, and the sensations surged back and forth from these two areas, doubling the feeling. She saw through nearly closed eyes that Elena couldn't take all of her cock into her mouth, and felt a surge of pride for her large member.

Nikki probably saw this and moved her hands down to Amarisa's cock, stroking the base of her cock while Elena continued to suck her. Elena was talented at this, she seemed to know exactly where Amarisa's sensitive spots were and exploited them mercilessly, alternating between the rough, bumpy top of her tongue with the smooth bottom side. When Elena teased the tip of her tongue into the hole at the tip of her penis, Amarisa gasped at the new stimulation, she felt warmth shoot through her cock, felt herself pulse and throb, bringing herself closer and closer. She could feel herself peaking already, and she closed her eyes as she orgasmed, explosively cumming into Elena's mouth.

Nikki watched gleefully when Elena's eyes widen in shock as she took in the mermaid's large load. The erotic sight made Nikki a little jealous; she licked her lips enviously as Elena drained her lover, her throat working as she swallowed every drop eagerly. Nikki wanted the mermaid's cock in her mouth, the taste her salty essence. Elena looked over and grinned, pulling Nikki over to kiss her. She could still taste the mermaid on Elena's lips, and she kissed her back ardently. Elena's hands pressed against her clit and she moaned, rubbing herself against Elena's fingers. She closed her eyes, enjoying the euphoric sensations.

She frowned when they stopped, confused. The mermaid was kissing Elena's neck from behind and she was enjoying it immensely, her hand was on the mermaid's, guiding her down to her wet snatch. Nikki was impressed to see that the mermaid was rock hard again. The mermaid guided Elena ontop her back, placing kisses down Elena's navel. Elena arched her back eagerly.

The mermaid seemed very interested in Elena, she seemed to be marvelling at the size of Elena's breasts, which were about a cup size large than Nikki's. The mermaid rolled Elena's nipples between her fingers, taking one in her mouth and grazng it lightly with her teeth. "Oh fuck, it feels so good." Elena said, whining as she tried to press herself against the mermaid's cock but was denied when the mermaid moved away. Inquiring green eyes meet Nikki's, the mermaid tilted her head and emitted a short whine. It took a second for Nikki to realize that the mermaid was asking for permission. "Go for it." She said with a nod, sitting back to watch them, her hand drifting between her legs so she could pleasure herself.

Amarisa squeezed Elena's breasts in her hands, they were as soft as flower petals, and she took a few minutes to play with them. She held Elena's breasts in her hands, rubbing the soft, dark brown nipples. She cupped them, enjoying their weight in her hand, feeling her cock twitch in response to Elena's moans of pleasure. But did Nikki want her to be with her friend? She looked over at Nikki, uncertain. At Nikki's positive response she grinned, pressing her cock against Elena's inner lips, covering her tip with Elena's wetness. She teased Elena mischievously, amused by the way Elena whined and pressed against her, so aroused and ready for her.

A short giggle from Nikki's direction made her smile. She looked over to see her little brunette's legs spread wide to expose her glistening pussy. Her sneaky little vixen already had two fingers deep inside herself, and she was stroking her engorged clit with her thumb. A low rumble of pleasure came from deep within her chest, the sight was very sexy. With her large cock she would fuck both of these women, Elena first and as for her mate, over and over again until they were both satisfied. She decided this before positioning herself infront of Elena's entrance and pushing her way inside.

"Oof, she's big." Elena groaned, looking ecstatic. Nikki watched her mermaid fuck her best friend, confident that she was the only person that had ever witnessed this sort of event. She rolled her clit between her fingers with one hand, the other hand thrusting into her own warm center. Elena's breasts bounced up and down as she was fucked vigorously, she was making it very clear that she was enjoying the mermaid's cock immensely as she moaned and squeezed her own breasts, eyes shut tightly. The moans and the wet sex sounds of the mermaid's cock sliding in and out of Elena's moist pussy were so very arousing.

Nikki watched her mermaid fuck Elena, her strong arms squeezing Elena's firm legs, her muscular ass tense as she pushed herself in and out, her own breasts bouncing up and down. She was so painfully beautiful. The mermaid was fucking Elena roughly, usually when she was fucking Nikki like that it was hard to keep her eyes open, the sensations were so intense. But this time, being the observer Nikki could take in everything about the moment, the two locked together in a carnal embrace, Elena's eyes shut from the assault on her senses, the mermaid's rigid abdominals that looked cut out of stone, and of course, the look on her face, full of unrestrained pleasure and joy. Mmm it was almost as good as fucking her. Her eyes instinctively traveled down to the mermaid's legs, she was buried deep inside Elena and thrusting. Nikki felt an intense spike of need and gasped. She curled her fingers inside herself, her arousal so high she needed to come so desperately. Ok, no it wasn't.

Amarisa buried her cock deep into Elena's pussy, enjoying the way Elena's inner muscles clenched her cock, the way her breasts bounced in time to her thrusts. They were so luscious and round she leaned forward to suck the round things, and she felt Elena's hands in her hair, gripping her as she writhed in ecstasy. It excited her, knowing that Nikki was watching her every move. She pinned Elena's wrists to the ground, grinning at the moan of complaint from Elena, who was too weak with lust to struggle too much. She turned to watch Nikki finger herself, she had moved on to three fingers now and were now quickly pumping them in and out of herself, spreading her own juices all over her small pussy.

As she watched Nikki pleasure herself, Amariasa felt herself nearing the precipice again, though hazy vision she watched as Nikki walked over to sit behind her. She turned to kiss her lover but was denied, Nikki turned her head back towards Elena's sprawled out form.

" I want to watch you fuck her, I want you to come inside her." She had no idea what the words meant, but she was pretty sure what Nikki wanted. Nikki was grinding her pelvis against her ass, her hands coming around to the front to rub the sensitive front part of her hips before traveling downwards to the join of her legs, her smooth hands encircling the base of her cock, guiding her back into Elena's cunt.

She couldn't stand both the hot tightness of Elena's pussy and Nikki masturbating her at the same time and she came, her orgasm cresting and cresting again until she lost count. She finally pulled out of Elena and Nikki was laying hot wet kisses the back of her neck and ears and stroking her at the same time, milking her cock so that she shot streams of pearl colored liquid all over Elena's stomach. Finally she finished, exhausted but happier than she had ever been in her life. She lay down on the sleeping bags and perhaps not to be outdone by Elena, Nikki took her member into her mouth and cleaned every inch of her cock with her skilful tongue until Amarisa's whole body tingled with joy.

Nikki wiped her mouth, happy with both her own orgasm and the show she had just watched. The mermaid was somnolent now, she could barely keep her eyes open but still she tried to get up, to touch Nikki. She kissed the hand that touched her face, pushing the mermaid back into a lying position. She knew her lover would want to return the favour, but they could do that later.

"Rest." She said, curling up against the mermaid and resting her head on her chest, listening to the reassuring thump thump of the mermaid's heartbeat and breathing in her unique musk. The mermaid's hands through her hair quickly lulled her into a deep sleep.

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