tagBDSMThe Long Weekend Ch. 05

The Long Weekend Ch. 05


Part V: Sunday Evening

Kayla took very little time to remind me that she was indeed my Mistress and knew all the right buttons to push. She licked around the head of my cock, making me moan even louder, then began to bob with what little motion she had, up and down the shaft. On every downstroke, she buried her nose in my smooth, shaven crotch. On every upstroke, she's spend a bit of time licking my frenulum, driving me wild. I could feel the precum traveling up my shaft, trickling out of my dick and onto her tongue. Before long, I was edging.

Of course, Ms. Kayla knew all the signs, so she'd back off, swallow down the precum I'd given her, let me rest...then start all over again. Licking the head, deep throating me, teasing that special spot until I was on edge again. All the while, the vibrating butt plug right up against my prostate wasn't helping matters either. Kayla had amazing control. How the two vibes in her wasn't causing her to orgasm over and over I don't know.

I have no idea how long we were left there. I lost count of how many times I reached the edge of orgasm, only to be cruelly denied. At a certain point, all I know is the rest periods weren't allowing my edge to bleed away and I was just constantly riding it, Ms. Kayla expertly keeping me there and keeping my jizz in my balls.

Over my moaning and the buzz of the vibrators, I heard Ms. Erica's heels clicking on the hardwood as she returned, then the clink of two things being put on the floor behind me. She finally appeared, walking around me. "Oh, it does look like my two sluts have been enjoying themselves!" She reached in between us and as she tightened the nipple clamps on me, asked "Has Kayla been teasing you, David?" I nodded as I let out a little scream at the increased pain in my nipples. "Well, I think you've had enough and I did promise the two of you some food."

For the first time, I think I noticed night had fallen outside, Ms. Erica began undoing the bondage, first releasing Kayla. A long stream of spit mixed, no doubt, with copious amount of precum extended from tip of my cock to her lips, and she sucked it in with a slight smile up at me, as if to say, "See? I'm still your owner and I can still tease you." After getting all the implements off her, and removing the vibes, Ms. Erica returned to me. She reached up and caressed both clamps, "Oh, this is going to hurt," and pulled them off. I screamed as the blood rushed back into my tormented nipples. As I stood there, breathing hard, she removed the cuffs, bondage mittens and spreader bar.

"Well, I did promise you food", she said as she turned me around. There on the floor were two dog bowls, filled with some kind of ground meat...and with a dollop of thin, white cream covering the top. "I had one of my subs over yesterday before your party and got six ruined loads out of him. I thought that would be a wonderful way to spice up your dinner. Eat up, slaves!"

We both got down on our hands and knees and crawled over to the dishes. I watched as Kayla hesitated a minute, made a face, then began eating slowly. I put my face into the bowl. It tasted like hamburger, very bland, although the cum on top did add a certain bitter and salty tang to it.

As we ate, Ms. Erica went back to her toy cabinet, and returned with a pair of riding crops. Since we were on the floor, faces down and asses up, she decided to have a bit of fun. She'd crop our asses, admonishing Kayla to eat faster, or me to slow down, to really savor the jizz her other slave had so graciously provided us. She'd also play with the vibrating butt plug still in my ass, increasing or decreasing the speed as she saw fit. As we were nearing the end, she turned it all the way up and began cropping us in earnest. "Lick those bowls clean!" she demanded as she laughed.

When we were both done, we sat up, kneeling, back on our calves and heels. I looked expectantly at Ms. Erica, but Kayla just gazed at her with anger in her eyes. She crouched down, grabbed Kayla by the chin, "I always liked it when you were a bit defiant, Kay. It's always so much more delicious when I finally break you."

"Give it your best shot, bitch." Kayla answered back.

"Oh, I always do. And you always break." She got up from her crouch, and began walking, "Crawl along over here, my sluts." We followed across the room to the medical exam table. "Get up there, whore," she said to Kayla, "Time for you to cum,"

In no time at all, she was secured to the table. Her wrists and arms secured to the sides, straps across her chest above and below her breasts and over her waist. Her legs were spread wide and secured to the stirrups at her thighs, just below her knees and at her ankles. Ms. Erica pointed at a spot on the floor in between Kayla's outstretched legs, just in front of her pink, swollen and glistening pussy. "Kneel."

She went back to the where we had been earlier and retrieved the bullet vibe and butt plug. Then she went to one of the cabinets and came back with a Magic Wand vibrator.

As Ms. Erica began inserting the bullet vibe and butt plug back inside Kayla, she said, "You've done a good job so far, not orgasming, but that ends here and now. David is going to use his wonderful, magical mouth, your pussy and ass are going to be vibed, and I'm going to rub you clit raw with this vibrator. We're going to keep going until you give me what I want, bitch! You know what that is...but we're just going to leave it as a surprise for you, subbie." With that, she put her hand behind my head and pushed it forward until I was up against that sweet, delicious pussy I love.

I went right to work, licking and sucking on the folds of her labia. She let out a sigh I knew all too well. I heard the vibrators starting up, a low thrumming. Then, the wand was switched on low and I felt it brush my hair as it descended to Kayla's clit. She let out a long, low moan.

"Oh, that feels good, doesn't it?" Ms. Erica cooed, "You know how badly you want this. You're a cum slut, an orgasm fiend. I don't understand why you won't just take the pleasure."

"Fuck you!" Kayla spat. "I won't cum for you. Not this time," she panted.

"Oh, yes you will. I know it, and you know it. Just give in and we can be done."

"No," Kayla whined, "I won't."

"We'll see, my pretty slut."

Except for the whines, the panting and the gasping, it was quiet for a while. I switched my attention from her pussy lips to licking up and down her cleft. My go to move has always been licking up and over a woman's clit, but that was denied to me due to the wand. I decided after a bit, to lick lower, tickling her asshole, then sliding up over her pussy. I was hoping my ministrations would hasten her orgasm and we could end this.

I was having mixed emotions at this point. I knew from first meeting her that my Mistress was a switch, but over the last few months of being her sub, I'd rarely seen her submit to anyone. I knew that, like Gail and I, she sucked Master John's cock, cleaned him up afterwards and did other submissive things, but most of that took place out of my sight. Apart from Friday night when he'd taken her ass, her submissive acts just seemed like regular sex. I knew a lot of women -- even men -- who just enjoyed giving blowjobs and eating cum and cleaning up afterwards. This was different. While being bratty and defiant, Kayla certainly wasn't in control here. She was being dominated.

This particular play, she seemed to be enjoying however. She was getting wetter and wetter, and it wasn't just from my saliva. Juices were flowing out of her, and I sucked up every last drop. The vibrators were turning up every few minutes, and they were having an effect. I felt Ms. Erica manipulating things above me and snuck a peak to see that she had secured the wand with the strap holding Kayla's left thigh, the bulb of it directly on her clit. "Don't either of you go anywhere," Ms. Erica said, just before she flipped the wand to high.

"Ohhhhh, Gooooddddddd," Kayla wailed as she bucked a bit in her bondage.

"David, keep pleasuring her cunt, but get your ass in the air," I did as instructed, and bucked forward, my tongue driving deeper into her pussy as a cane slammed into my backside. I let out a muffled "Owwww!"

"This is taking way too long, Kayla, so here's the deal. Every 10 seconds, David's going to get this rattan cane across his ass until you finally give me an orgasm. I don't care if his backside ends up a bloody mess. It's all up to you, "and she punctuated it with another swipe.

I lost count after the twentieth cane strike. My ass was burning and on fire, as Ms. Erica just laid into me. I'd count the ten seconds down in my head, trying to prepare myself, but the onslaught wasn't ending.

I was crying out with each strike now. Through her haze of pleasure, in between moans and squeals, Kayla was moaning out, "No....no....no..."

Finally, just when I thought I wouldn't be able to sit down for a month, those no's, changed. She wasn't begging for Ms. Erica to stop, she was desperately trying to hold off her orgasm. "No....no...not going to cum...please...no...can't, "then, a low, long keening wail, "Oh Fuck! I'm cumming!" She bucked and writhed in the chair, as I licked her faster from ass to pussy, drawing out the massive orgasm she was having.

"Yes! Cum for me whore! Cum for your Mistress Erica!"

As Kayla began to come down from her orgasmic high, Ms. Erica pulled me away, "Lay down on your back David. Hands under your ass." She kneeled down astride my chest, her ass in my face, facing my hard, dripping cock, placing all the remote controls beside her. "That was a nice orgasm, and it's great that we finally broke through that wall. But you still haven't given me what I want, Kayla." She reached down and began stroking my dick. "Remember that freshman we seduced. How we never let him actually have a full orgasm? Just ruined his orgasms for the whole year? You know, I hear he still can't have a real orgasm," she laughed. "So, I'm going to ruin David. And I'm going to keep ruining him until...you...give...me...what...I...want."

I was so aroused, so horny that the first ruined orgasm happened within 20 strokes. I could feel the pressure building in my balls, that feeling of being right at the point of no return...then Ms. Erica let go. As the cum dribbled out of my cock, Kayla screamed out another orgasm.

Ms. Erica was as good as her word. She began stroking all over again, At the same time, she leaned back, and planted her ass right over my face. "Go ahead, slut, tongue my asshole," she ordered, "I know that magical mouth doesn't just work on pussy and cock." My prick responded to her touch, and it was in short order when I felt the edge returning. Her expertise was exquisite. A few more strokes, and she let go. I tried to hold it back, but it was no use, and with a frustrated moan, I felt the spunk again dribbling out of my dick.

"That's two," Ms. Erica announced, and as she did, Kayla screamed out, "No! Shit! I'm cumming again!"

"You still haven't given me what I want, cunt," Ms. Erica sing-songed, as she went back to stroking my rigid pole. "Oh, God, his mouth is amazing. He's hitting just the right spots in my ass." Another twenty or thirty strokes, and I was giving that frustrated moan and my seed seeped out...and Kayla came again.

Was she getting off on my torment? Or, once she'd finally succumbed to that first orgasm, was she just unable to stop the pleasures assaulting her body? My thought were completely cut off, as Ms. Erica started stroking again, then re-adjusted herself so her pussy was over my mouth and nose, "Enough of my ass. The two of you aren't going to be cumming while I'm not." That was enough to send Kayla off on yet another orgasm.

Master John and Ms. Kayla had played ruined orgasm games with me before, but never more than three in one session. Ms. Erica had no intention of stopping, and as I licked and sucked on her pussy and clit, she began stroking my cock and massaging my balls. I lasted longer this time, and I guess she was getting impatient with my progress, because she reached down and ramped up the vibrations in my ass. I whined, "No..." then felt my dick swelling and her hand move off, while she pushed her pussy harder on my face. As my cock twitched and the spooge leaked out, she ground down, "Yes...yes...that's it...tongue that clit....oh, yeah, cumming!" And, of course, Kayla joined the two of us in orgasm.

Ms. Erica's recovery from her orgasm gave me some respite, as she didn't immediately go back to trying to coax the fifth ruined orgasm out of me. Kayla however, was getting no rest. She was alternating between moaning and babbling, "No...no...please...make it stop...too sensitive....can't cum....Fuck! Again!" She had another before Ms. Erica began lazily licking my cock from base to tip, then stroking again.

The fifth ruined orgasm was absolutely maddening. I'd get close to the edge, then it would just subside, over and over again. I didn't think she'd be able to get another one out of me, and Ms. Erica just kept increasing the vibration in my ass, assuming that the prostate stimulation would help things along. My balls were aching -- not quite like blue balls, but pretty similar. Finally, I felt the familiar pressure and Ms. Erica laughed and let go. "Are we draining those balls, slut? Quite a lot less cum this time. I think, if Kayla doesn't give me what I want soon, I might just completely empty your balls."

She must have been right, because it took even longer to get the sixth ruined orgasm, and this time, as I dripped out, the ache in my balls was even more acute. At least there was lots of lube from all the cum that had dribbled down my cock. Ms. Erica would have certainly rubbed my dick raw by this point. It was driving me insane. Having that wonderful feeling of an impending orgasm, then no stimulation to actually finish it off was crazy. Kayla was reduced to moaning incoherently now, twisting and writhing in her bonds. Just what was it Ms. Erica wanted?

After the seventh ruined orgasm, my pleas of "No...no more, please...no more...I can't..." were joined by Kayla's. I had completely lost count of how many times orgasm had wracked her restrained, tormented body.

Ms. Erica slid off me, and kneeled at my side, "It ends when Kayla gives me what I want, slave."

She was stroking my cock and kneading my balls for the next ruined orgasm when she heard a strangled moan from Kayla. She looked up, stopping her actions, and giving me a view past her. Kayla had gone rigid in her restraints, and then she screamed "Oh my god! I'm going to cum for you Mistress!" And with that, a fountain erupted from her pussy, arcing in the air and landing on me, covering me in squirt, as Kayla collapsed and began twitching.

"Yes! Good girl." Ms. Erica said and immediately got up and went to her, "Quick! Help me with her!" I sat there dumbfounded, open mouthed. In all the time I had known her, Kayla had never squirted. And she had erupted even more powerfully than Gail ever had. "I said get up here, David! I'll need your help!"

Ms. Erica was already at Kayla's side, had shut off the wand, pulled out the vibrators and was undoing straps as I moved to the other side of the exam table. "Quick," she said to me, "Get the other straps." As we took off the straps, Kayla was still twitching, her eyes closed, panting, and Ms. Erica was rubbing her cheek, arms and legs, "You were a very good girl, Kayla. Everything is good, you're fine and you're safe. Just relax. Breathe. Erica and David are going to take care of you."

It was quite a change. This woman, who had spent the entire day tormenting the two of us, was now nurturing and caring, keeping contact with her submissive, speaking softly and soothingly to her.

Ms. Erica looked over at me, "You were a very good slave, too, and now, you're back to being Kayla's submissive. Once we get her out of all these straps, can you pick her up and carry her?"

"Yes, Ms. Erica."

"Okay. Kayla, David's going to take care of you. It's time to rest, time to recover. I love you, baby. You're such a good girl."

As I lifted Kayla up, she settled against me. The twitching had stopped, but she was deep in subspace, eyes closed. She may have been unconscious. I remembered how, after the first time at the cabin, she'd fallen asleep after some play, but this was different. Then, she'd just been tired. This was something entirely different.

"Is she going to be okay?" I asked

Ms. Erica looked at me and smiled, "She'll be fine. It's always very intense when she and I play, and she holds off those orgasms just to build the sexual tension. But when it comes out? Wow, huh?" I just nodded, "We're going to take her to the guest bedroom, David. You two are spending the night. You need to cuddle her, hug her, just stay in contact with her. She's down deep and she needs to find her way back."

"Shouldn't we just let her recover and head home?" I asked.

Ms. Erica smiled at me, "You don't even know what time it is, do you? It's after midnight. The two of you have been here and I've been playing with you for over 10 hours. No, you're staying the night."

As we started down the hall and slowly up the stairs to the second floor, Ms. Erica opened up a bit, "I think she's so defiant and bratty because when I first started topping her, I kept her denied for long periods of time. Once, I had her tease and edge herself every day for a month before I finally let her cum. I think now, holding off with me is a badge of honor for her. That and the fact that she's coming into her own as a Domme, and it's getting harder and harder for her to submit."

She led me down the hall and into the guest bedroom. "I hadn't even asked. Do you need to clean up? You're kind of covered in...stuff," she giggled, "I'll stay with her. Bathroom is that door over there."

I took the opportunity to slip into the bathroom. Ms. Erica shouted from the bedroom, "Oh, you can take that butt plug out, you slut," she giggled again. "There's a bucket next to the tub filled with disinfectant. Just drop it in there."

When I returned, Kayla was in the bed, under the blankets, Ms. Erica was kneeling at the side, one arm across her chest, the other casually rubbing her cheek. I slipped into the bed, and spooned up next to her, while Kayla rolled to her side, facing away from me and moved back, letting out a contented sigh, snuggling into me.

"I'm sure you have a lot more questions, but you're both exhausted. I'll explain the why's and wherefores of today in the morning." Ms. Erica said as she moved to the door, Before turning out the light and closing the door, she left me with one last, cryptic comment.

"Things may get a bit weird in the morning when she wakes up. Just remember, she is Ms. Kayla now. Whatever happened tonight, whatever you and she experienced, she's your Mistress again. Do whatever she tells you. No matter what it is."

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