tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Lust Boat Ch. 07

The Lust Boat Ch. 07


So far, Lacey still had not discovered the identity of the masked woman she had called "mistress" in a shameful moment of weakness. Who had ordered her kidnapped? What kind of woman planned to systematically violate and break down another? Even now, several days later, Lacey shivered to recall the woman's matter-of-fact statement that she planned to keep Lacey captive to use her body whenever she pleased. Was she a crazy fan, a random stalker, a coworker? How could Lacey be a "slave" to a woman whose name she didn't even know? *I'm a person, not a-- a convenience, damn it!* Lacey thought.

The dark-haired woman had seemed familiar. However, Lacey had been in too much distress—and, were she honest, too turned on—to try to figure out who the woman was. It was hard to correlate mannerisms to her mental rolodex when she was coming her brains out.

Lacey had been worrying away at the problem for several days now. In a way, it was a good distraction from the fact that she had not been allowed to come since the morning after the encounter with her mistress. Her groin felt unpleasantly heavy. Before all this had happened to her, she could not have imagined how intense the need to come could be. She'd made a career of denying her sexual impulses, jerking off as needed to relieve the pressure. But it seemed the ability to insert enormous items into her orifices wasn't the only change the constant assaults had wrought in her body. She was distractingly, frustratingly horny.

When Eleanor announced that Lacey's mistress had again sent for her, Lacey didn't know whether she was more scared or relieved. Eleanor instructed Lacey to take off the robe that was the only item of clothing she had been allowed to keep.

With her characteristic cool manner, the older woman tied a blindfold over Lacey's eyes and fastened her hands together in front of her. She towed the blindfolded girl naked through the ship's corridors. Lacey was definitely scared now, feeling utterly vulnerable. Several times, they passed other people in the corridors. Two of them commented on her appearance, and one of them goosed her as she passed. Eleanor ignored her squeak at this sudden incursion by an unseen assailant.

Lacey stumbled slightly on the raised threshold as Eleanor pulled her into a room.

"I've brought your toy, ma'am."

"Thank you, Eleanor," answered the alto voice Lacey now heard in her dreams. "I'd like you to set her up for me over on the far wall."

Eleanor again tugged Lacey by the wrist restraints to pull her across the room. Lacey was afraid there might be furniture or other obstacles, but, if there were, Eleanor guided her well enough around them. Eleanor dropped Lacey's wrists abruptly, and Lacey stopped, too unsure of her surroundings to attempt to run. Eleanor turned Lacey firmly until her back and shoulders pressed up against the wall. It was cool and slick, a painted metal bulkhead.

"Attach that spreader to my slut's ankles," the woman instructed.

Eleanor buckled cuffs around Lacey's ankles and attached an inflexible bar between them. It wasn't very long, but it forced Lacey's legs apart far enough that she couldn't close her thighs to protect her crotch. She teetered slightly, and Eleanor shoved her back into the wall.

"Leave her wrists together, but fasten them up over her head," the instructions continued.

Lacey found her hands pulled up tautly and hooked to something above her. Now she was stretched out helplessly, blind, her legs spread. Her arms weren't uncomfortably stretched, but she couldn't get slack to bend them unless she rose up on the balls of her feet.

Lacey could hear footsteps approaching. Someone stroked her cheek. "Mine," the woman breathed. Lacey turned her head away, squeezing her eyes shut beneath the blindfold.

"Do you need any more assistance?" Eleanor asked.

"No, I think I'd prefer to do everything else myself. The personal touch. Just check the AV equipment before you go."

The door closed behind Eleanor, leaving Lacey alone for the first time with her new owner.

"Alone at last," the woman said. "You'll have to get used to spending a lot of time alone with me. It's so much more intimate this way, don't you think? Just you, me, and the cameras?"

"Who are you?" Lacey demanded. The elusive familiarity of this woman was maddening.

The woman laughed. "I thought you might have figured it out by now. But I guess it's true what they say: actors aren't chosen for their brains."

Without warning, she pulled off Lacey's blindfold. Lacey flinched and blinked in the bright light. Her watering eyes took a while to focus on the dark-haired woman in front of her. "Angie!"

She felt like she'd been kicked in the stomach. As her manager, Angie was the only one who knew about the supposed part she'd gotten, the only one who knew that Lacey had been told to report for filming on boat. All this time, she'd been hoping that Angie, too, had been tricked, and that she'd get suspicious and report Lacey missing. Now it seemed her new manager wanted to own her, not rescue her.

"That's *Mistress* Angie to you, slave." Angie pinched Lacey's nipple hard, increasing the pressure steadily.


"Ow, Mistress?" Angie prompted, clamping down even harder.

"Ok, ok! Mistress Angie," Lacey said.

Immediately, Angie let up on Lacey's bruised nipple, massaging it gently to ease the pain. "You see, good behavior is rewarded."

"You can't really be serious about keeping me as a slave," Lacey said. She didn't like the pleading note in her own voice.

"I guess you'll have to decide whether you think I'm serious for yourself. But it will save your sweet little body a lot of punishment if you behave as if I am." Angie didn't sound like the prospect of punishing Lacey bothered her.

Angie turned casually away, opening a tool box off to the side. Lacey noticed for the first time that the wall opposite was entirely mirrored. She could see herself splayed against the wall, which featured many hooks, cranks, chains, and fastening points. Her breasts were pulled high and perky by the position of her arms. The nipple Angie had squeezed was deep red.

While Lacey had been distracted in horrified contemplation of her own reflection, Angie had found the items she wanted. She bent down in front of her captive and attached a dildo to a fitting on the wall between Lacey's calves. When the dildo had been securely attached, it protruded from the wall like a coat hook. Angie made sure to coat it with lube before she stood up again.

Lacey's eyes were wide with trepidation. "What are you going to do...mistress?"

"I'm going to play with you, fucktoy. Obviously. I don't know what you're worried about; as I recall, you very much enjoyed me playing with you last time. Repeatedly."

Lacey blushed. She hadn't wanted to come, had tried not to, but she'd been at Angie's mercy. It was true, she'd orgasmed over and over. *But I didn't enjoy it...no matter how good it felt,* she thought weakly.

Angie turned a crank on the wall next to Lacey. The dildo began to rise on a track. Lacey could see its slow progress in the mirror as it approached her crotch. She jumped a little when the head of the dildo brushed her buttocks.

Angie stopped cranking and reached between Lacey's legs to caress her asshole. The spreader bar rattled as Lacey instinctively tried to bring her thighs together and deny Angie access. Angie just shook her head reproachfully, not even deigning to comment on this futile attempt at disobedience. She circled and palpated Lacey's anus with her fingertips, slick with lube. Lacey's breath caught as a finger slipped inside. Angie twisted her finger slowly in the tight opening, feeling the muscles soften despite Lacey's attempts at resistance. She pulled out and carefully positioned the head of the dildo against Lacey's anus.

When Angie began cranking the dildo up again, Lacey whimpered. The thick, slippery head forced its way past the ring of muscle, followed by the shaft as the dildo penetrated up into her rectum. The pleasure that accompanied it was as unwelcome as the fake cock's intrusion into her body. Lacey almost wished that it would hurt; that would be less disturbing. But the cries that she was swallowing were not ones of pain.

The dildo continued up into her ass until she was hoisted slightly up off her heels. She was pinned to the wall like a butterfly in a collector's box. Angie stepped back to survey the results. "Lovely." She reached out to roll and tug at one of Lacey's hardened nipples. Lacey's clit twitched at each tug.

"Why?" Lacey asked, voice breaking. "Why are you doing this to me? This is rape."

Angie didn't stop playing with Lacey's nipple. She smiled. "Yes, it is. I suppose there are two reasons I decided to make you my sex slave. The most important, of course, is that I want to. I enjoy making you please me, and now you have to do whatever I want, whenever I want. That slutty body of yours is very sexy, and I enjoy your reactions."

She let go of Lacey's nipple and turned back to the tool box. "The second reason you make a good choice as a sex slave is that you like it. You try to pretend you don't, but the truth is that the more I humiliate and violate you, the hotter you get."

"No," Lacey said hoarsely. "That's—That can't be true. I hate what you've done to me. I don't want any of it." She eyed the vibrating egg Angie now held with apprehension.

"Hmm. Tell you what," Angie said, weighing the insertable vibe in her hand. "I was going to shove this up your snatch. But I won't if you aren't enjoying this. There's an easy way to find out." Her fingers slipped through Lacey's pussy. They came out, as both women had known they would, glistening with Lacey's copious secretions.

Angie held this incontrovertible evidence up in front of Lacey's face. Lacey dropped her eyes in shame. "Clean my fingers," Angie ordered. Lacey obediently opened her mouth and sucked her juices off Angie's fingers.

"Look at you," Angie said, thrusting her fingers suggestively in and out of Lacey's mouth. "You're a natural slut. I've got you hung up like a slab of meat, and it makes you wet. You deserve everything I've done to you and more."

She pulled her fingers out with an audible "pop," then pressed the egg vibrator into Lacey's cunt. "I know your cunt's all sloppy and wet, but you'll be sorry if you drop that."

Lacey tightened her muscles to hold the vibe in, causing it to slide deeper inside. She couldn't help moaning when Angie turned it on.

"I'm not going to touch you again until you ask me to," Angie said. "That's what you wanted, right?"

Lacey couldn't answer. The combination of the vibrations deep inside her cunt and the thick cock in her ass was debilitating. Her head fell back on her neck. As her knees weakened, her arms and the dildo in her ass took more of her weight.

Her clit felt swollen and heavy. She craved release, and there was no hiding it. Hanging there, helpless to relieve the pressure in her clit, she saw that Angie had donned an impressive strap-on. The fake cock sprang up eagerly from Angie's groin, brushing her smooth stomach.

Lacey squeezed rhythmically on the smooth vibe inside her. If she could trigger her own climax, she wouldn't need to ask Angie to touch her. The egg-shaped vibe slid up and down inside her as she clenched around it, separated from the fullness in her rectum only by a thin wall of swollen flesh. Several minutes of this left her panting and dripping with sweat, but still frustrated.

Angie stood with crossed arms and an amused expression. "You look like a hooked fish thrashing on a line. Maybe we should post that video clip on the site as a free teaser; a lot more people will watch it that way, and it should bring in more subscribers."

Lacey tried to ignore her, but she couldn't ignore her growing need to come. *If she touches me, maybe I can come quickly and get it over with.* Juices coated her inner thighs.

Her willpower broke. "Damn you! Touch me and let me come."

Angie didn't even uncross her arms. "Now, now. That's not a properly framed request, slave."

Lacey swallowed hard. "Please touch me, mistress, so I can come."

Angie was stroking the strap-on like a cock. "That's a little better. But if I decide to touch you, I'm going to fuck that tight cunt of yours with this big cock, and I'm not going to stop until I'm done. I don't care if you come or not. Tell me that's what you want."

Lacey felt a spurt of wetness from her traitorous cunt, which liked the idea of that strap-on deep inside. She had to clamp down quickly to prevent the vibrator from sliding out of her onto the floor. "Please, mistress, I want you to put that big cock in my cunt and fuck me."

"Until?" Angie prompted.

"Until you're done using me."

Lacey's cunt felt bereft when Angie pulled the vibrator out by its string. Angie soon replaced it, though, thrusting savagely up into the slick orifice with the strap-on. She was wet and open, and the cock slid in easily despite its size. Lacey gave an involuntary shriek of delight as Angie's hips slammed into hers.

The dildo in her ass made the channel of her cunt even tighter around the strap-on, and she felt impossibly full. So full that there was no room for anything else inside her, no room even for her self.

The force of the thrust lifted Lacey slightly. As the thick strap-on withdrew, Lacey fell back down all the way on the dildo in her ass. Then Angie stabbed up into her cunt again. Lacey was fully impaled alternately on the two fake cocks.

She could feel them slipping past each other, separated only by the walls of her orifices. The fat head of the dildo in her cunt slid along the shaft in her rectum, squeezing the flesh in between. Angie was using her like a possession, a mere thing. Lacey felt like a thing, too, a body that wailed and shuddered and lubricated in unthinking pleasure while her conscious mind was unable to impose her will to stop it.

Each thrust of Angie's hips drove hard against Lacey's clit, which was swollen so full it felt like it might burst like a ripening tomato. Lacey mewled when Angie twisted her nipple again; the sensations from her lower body were so overwhelming, she was surprised to find more pleasure could still be wrung from her.

After only a few thrusts, Lacey suffered a massive orgasm. She screamed as the spasms jerked her limbs against her bonds and clamped her internal muscles around the invading cocks in wave after wave of blinding pleasure.

Angie gave a satisfied grunt, but did not otherwise acknowledge her slave's climax. She continued to fuck Lacey vigorously. Lacey felt her own arousal growing again almost as soon as the orgasm passed. The cock in her cunt and the one in her ass combined to make her feel that Angie could touch every part of her, inside and out. There was nowhere to hide.

Lacey knew she should have been appalled at this violation, but all she could think about was how *good* it felt. Maybe Angie was right about her; maybe she was a dirty slut who deserved to be raped. If Angie kept her as a slave, she would take Lacey like this whenever she felt like it. To her shame, Lacey came again just thinking about it.

Angie's breathing was ragged now, and her muscles stood out tensely. She thrust slow and deep into Lacey's cunt, deliberately claiming her. Lacey knew she would be sore in a couple of hours, but, even after two orgasms, her cunt and ass were quivering with pleasure under the assault.

Angie slipped her fingers in under the strap-on harness to stroke her own clit. Lacey could tell Angie was close to coming, and she hoped she might be able to eke out another orgasm of her own. Her clit was swelling again.

But then Angie's breath whooshed out as her climax hit. "Mine," she growled as her twitching hips drove the strap-on repeatedly into Lacey's cunt. "Mine." She ground herself unmercifully into Lacey's tenderized crotch until her release was finished, then withdrew.

Lacey hung on the wall, wet to her knees with her own cooling juices. The dildo hooked in her ass dug in deep as she slumped. Pressure beat with her pulse in her clit. She sobbed a little in frustration when she realized Angie wasn't going to let her come again.

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