tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Lust Boat Ch. 11

The Lust Boat Ch. 11


Ch.11. Mistress decides whether to take her toy home yet. Lacey is spanked for defiance.

The next evening, Angie sent for her slave after dinner. She was in the lounge with Debbie. Angie ordered Lacey to strip. She then had the naked slave serve drinks and kneel beside her. "I've been thinking," Angie said. "Originally, I was going to take this slave home for my own use as soon as she was trained. But you say the videos of her training have been very popular."

Debbie shrugged. "The camera loves her. I can see why she was an actor. Even when she cries, she doesn't get all blotchy and snotty."

"Outfitting a slave wing for my house hasn't been cheap," Angie said. "I find I keep wanting to add new toys or security measures."

"There's always one more thing, isn't there?"

Angie nodded. "That's why I'm considering keeping her here for a while, to earn some more money. She could earn more as a porn star than she ever could in real movies."

Lacey had heard enough. She was enraged that they were discussing what to do with her as if she were an object, as if she weren't right there in the room. And she especially resented the implication that she wasn't talented enough to be successful acting in real films!

"You sick bitch!" Lacey burst out. "Let me go! You can't do this to me!"

Angie and Debbie turned surprised faces towards her. Angie's lips twisted in a cruel smile. Over Angie's shoulder, Lacey could see Debbie shake her head just a little, as if amazed at such foolish insolence.

"Oh, little plaything, you should have learned by now not to talk back. I can and will do anything I want with you." Angie stood, and Lacey shrank back a little, still angry, but wary.

Faster than Lacey could dodge, Angie lunged forward and pushed her up against the bulkhead. The air was stolen from her lungs as her back hit the wall. While she was still breathless, Angie seized her throat in one hand. The web of Angie's hand pressed hard on Lacey's windpipe, threatening to cut off her breath completely at the slightest whim. "You're mine, slave."

Lacey froze, unable even to plead. Angie's eyes, dark and angry, pinned Lacey against the wall. For a tense thirty seconds, Lacey wondered if Angie had decided to kill her. Then the tension flowed out of Angie's shoulders. The pressure on Lacey's throat eased. She tried not to gasp for air too obviously.

"You're lucky I like to play with you, slut. If I break my toy, I can't play with it anymore, can I? Of course, that doesn't mean you can't be punished." Angie shifted her hand from Lacey's throat to clench in the hair behind her head. Tears prickled at Lacey's eyes.

Pulling Lacey by her hair, Angie forced her back over to the sofa. Debbie moved to a chair to make room. Angie sat down on the sofa and pulled the naked slave across her lap, face-down. The leather of Angie's pants was almost as warm as flesh against Lacey's unprotected body, except at the pinpoints of cold where the rivets were.

"Could you turn the room's cameras on?" Angie asked Debbie. "No sense in wasting an opportunity to make money off the slut."

Debbie nodded, flipping switches and adjusting the lighting at a console near the door.

Lacey was draped uncomfortably across her mistress's lap. Her ass was in the air, and Angie's hand on the back of her neck pressed her face down into the cushions. Her skin tingled in fear and anticipation as she wondered what punishment she would be forced to endure. Dread kept her obediently still.

She flinched, surprised at a light touch on the back of her thigh. Angie traced her fingers lightly over the backs of Lacey's thighs and buttocks. Smack! Lacey yelped as Angie spanked her, hard.

"Oh, never been spanked?" Angie's voice was amused. "You're such a disobedient slut I'm surprised no-one has tried it before now."

The smack had hurt more than Lacey would have expected, and she could feel the spot where she'd been hit prickling with swelling.

"That fair skin of hers is nicely reactive, isn't it?" Debbie observed. "I can see almost a perfect handprint."

"Yes," Angie said, outlining the redness gently with a fingertip. Smack! She placed a second blow right next to the first. Lacey yelped again.

"Would you like a gag?" Debbie offered.

"No, I like to hear the slut squeal," Angie said.

Lacey resolved not to cry out. She could exert that much control, at least. Angie's hand stroked her thighs, and Lacey had trouble hiding the fact that it felt good. The absence of that pleasurable stroking was the only warning she got of the next blow. Lacey swallowed the squeak of pain. Her butt was burning now.

Angie continued at a desultory pace for a while, alternating caresses with savage smacks at irregular intervals. The uncertainty of never knowing when to anticipate the pain clawed at Lacey's nerves. Soon, Angie had reddened her entire bottom. New swats fell on areas already stinging from earlier ones.

Staying silent became a major challenge as Angie picked up the pace of the spanking. Lacey's fingers dug into the couch. Eventually, her moans and cries overcame her determination. Lacey was ashamed, but she was far more humiliated by the fact that she could feel her pussy swelling and drooling. *No! I will not be turned on at being beaten like a disobedient child.*

But her body had its own ideas about that. Somehow, her legs had parted, and she was barely restraining her hips from grinding down into her tormentor's lap. She was writhing and moaning with each blow now, and not from the pain.

"She's getting off on this," Debbie said.

Angie dipped her fingers down into Lacey's wetness. "She certainly is. What a perverted little slut." She smacked Lacey on the tender flesh of her inner thigh, and the slave bucked on her lap. "Lie still, fucktoy." She hit the other thigh. Lacey jerked.

Angie sighed. "I'll just have to hold you still, then." Scooping up some of Lacey's juices, she spread them in the slave's asscrack. Then she sank her thumb into Lacey's well-conditioned anus.

Lacey whimpered slightly, but she knew that even the slightest struggle could turn the pleasurable pressure in her ass to agony. Angie removed the hand that had been pinning the back of Lacey's neck and brought it down hard on Lacey's sensitized butt. Lacey lay perfectly still, though her ass clamped involuntarily around Angie's thick thumb when the blow landed.

Angie whacked her again in the same spot, producing fiery pain. Lacey didn't move. "Good, you may finally be learning," Angie said. She twisted her thumb in Lacey's ass until she could sink two fingers from the same hand into Lacey's sopping cunt. Lacey moaned loudly, resisting the urge to push her hips back against the intruding fingers.

With a steady inevitability, Angie squeezed the flesh separating Lacey's holes between her thumb and fingers. Of all the indignities Lacey had suffered since being kidnapped, this grip on her very center made her feel the most like a possession. Horribly, it also made her flood Angie's hand with her arousal.

Angie spanked Lacey thoroughly while she held her toy helpless in her hand. Each smack caused Lacey to tighten on the hand inside her, but she was unable to move enough even to rub her clit on Angie's thigh.

When Angie's hand began to feel tender, she finally stopped spanking Lacey. Lacey's face was shining with tears. She was babbling a constant stream of soft pleas-- to stop the spanking, to let her come.

"Whose ass is this?" Angie wiggled her thumb minutely.

"Yours, mistress," Lacey said, only slightly muffled by the cushion.

"So I will spank it whenever I want. And whose cunt is this?" A tiny twitch of the fingers in Lacey's cunt caused her breath to catch.

"Yours, mistress."

"So you'll only come when it pleases me." Angie withdrew her hand from Lacey's holes. She shoved Lacey off her lap, onto the floor.

Debbie laughed at the high, frustrated sound Lacey made. "I do see why you're eager to take her home and have her all to yourself, but I have to say that it'd be a shame to deprive all our viewers of her."

Lacey sat up, trying to collect herself, while Angie and Debbie resumed their earlier discussion. The skin of her buttocks radiated pain at every movement, but that was insignificant compared to the ache in her clit.

"How much of a cut will you offer me on the streaming video?" Angie asked. Kicking off her shoe, she ran her bare foot idly up and down Lacey's inner thigh.

"You understand we have overhead, and this is our distribution network?" Debbie temporized.

"Of course. But, as you say, it would be a shame to deprive the viewers of such a lovely fucktoy." Angie continued to caress Lacey's thighs with her foot, without even looking at her

Lacey moaned. She was past caring about anything but her need to come. She scooted closer to Angie on the floor.

"Eight percent," Debbie said.

"Come on, I was making more than that as her agent. Now I own her. Fifteen." Angie nudged Lacey's slippery pussy with the top of her foot.

"But this will be a percentage of a larger whole," Debbie said. Neither she nor Angie looked directly at Lacey, but Lacey knew they were watching as she rocked against Angie's foot.

"Fifteen for livestreaming and twelve for recorded streams and DVDs," Angie said.

Lacey was hardly listening now. She had risen to her knees, chasing Angie's indifferent foot with her hungry crotch.


Angie moved her foot towards the desperate slave, and Lacey found herself rubbing her sex up and down against Angie's leather-clad lower leg. She was shaking with need.

Angie seemed to notice her slave's actions for the first time. "Look at you, shamelessly humping my leg like a dog. Of course I can't let you go if this is how you behave."

Lacey flushed, but couldn't stop her hips from moving. The leather was slick against her swollen tissues. She was so close...

"Besides, imagine what your life would be like if I let you go after everyone has seen the video of this. You're nothing but a fucktoy now. You're mine forever." She leaned forward and lifted Lacey's face to meet her gaze. "Say it."

"I-I am your fucktoy forever, mistress," Lacey said. It was surprisingly easy to say, now that she had utterly abased herself in every other way.

"That's right." Angie pushed Lacey back, off her leg.

Lacey, sure she was once again to be denied her release, whimpered in despair. But Angie pressed the ball of her foot against Lacey's pussy. Lacey pressed back eagerly. Her clit slipped between two toes, and she fucked it in and out of that crevice like it was a tiny cock.

Angie pulled back and stuffed her big toe inside Lacey's cunt. Her other toes mashed against Lacey's clit again and again as she raped the slave with her foot. Lacey's orgasm built and crashed over her in an unstoppable wave. Her cunt clenched on Angie's toe, and she continued to thrust herself against Angie's foot until the last spasm of pleasure left her.

Lacey collapsed back onto the floor, satiated and appalled. Angie nudged her cheek with her foot. "Clean it off, slut." Obediently, her slave opened her mouth to suck the juices off her mistress's toes.

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