tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Maid Of Dishonor

The Maid Of Dishonor


This is an actual story that did infect happen. It happened about 2 years ago when my wife went out of town for a convention. I had been in contact with our maid of honor knowing my wife was going to be gone. She and I decided to go out on the town. I told her I wanted her to wear her shortest skirt and a thong. It had been an on going joke between her and I.

Well as you could guess I was extremely excited for when my wife left. I got all dolled up and met her in the bar we decided to met at. It was near my house, because if we got drunk it would be a short drive home. Emmy is not a perfect 10 by any means but a definite 8.5. She is about 5' 2" and 118 with a B Cup. She has longer brown hair just about to her butt. When I saw her that night I knew I was going to have her. She was wearing a skirt that you could see the bottom of her ass, as she loved to see me get in trouble with my wife.

We started to drink and I thought if I could get her to keep up with me I would definitely score. As we were sitting there I notice she decided not to wear a bra under her shirt as it was extremely hot out. I made a comment on how much easier it is going to be to see her tits now that she wasn't wearing a bra. All she said "well we will have to see about that now wont we?" I just smiled to myself knowing she was going to be mine. We got up and danced and found ourselves grinding on the dance floor. She ended up turning around and bent over and acted like I was taking her from behind. It was great, here I am in the middle of the dance floor with a raging hard-on grinding it into my wife's best friends pussy. I then looked down to see her skirt riding up to the point I could see the g-string from her panties. Her skirt was riding up that high. I couldn't control myself I blew my load. Thank god I wore underwear that night. We got done dancing and decided to leave. I obviously made a pit stop in the mens room to remove my underwear.

When we got back to my place even I was drunk. I knew she loved to suck cock when she was drunk so I thought now was my chance. She could barely walk into the house so there was no way she was going to remember anything if it was going to happen. I gave her a pair of my oversized shorts to wear and a tee shirt so we didn't stink like smoke anymore. She just dropped here skirt and whipped off her top in front of me. I said "see I told you I was going to see your tits." She just smiled and got dressed. I asked her if she wanted a back rub. She said no because she ends up fucking the guy when she is drunk. She said she was going to go to bed so I showed her to the spare room. She locked the door and got undressed. I was bummed out, so I got ready for bed and jumped in bed. About 5 min later she came out of the bedroom to use the bathroom, she was naked and didn't think I would be awake to see her. She went back into her room and relocked the door but didn't shut it all the way.

About ten min later was when I was ready to get laid. I figured to give her that much time to let her pass out. I was correct with my assumption, dead to the world. I slid into the bed next to her and she didn't move. She was under the sheet on the bed and I could tell see was still naked. I put my hand on her belly and went slow. She never even moved, I slowly moved up to her tits and cupped them. I played with them for what seemed like hours in reality a few min. I decided it was my best chance to get some tonight. I moved my hand down and found her pussy was shaved like she always teased me. I had to move her leg so I could start to play with her pussy. I was a little surprised to find it already wet. I wondered if it was her grinding on my cock while dancing. I started out with 1 finger then added a second. I decided to pull off my shorts and really go for it now. I was rock hard and I got up on my knees as I fingered her pussy. I didn't know what to do next. She moaned and ended up leaving her mouth open about an inch. I climbed up to her face and set my cock on her bottom lip. She didn't move at first, she moaned again while I still was fingering her. That's all it took , when she moaned she ended up rolling her head towards me and my cock slipped into her mouth. It almost became natural for her to start sucking my cock. It was more you would suck on a lolli-pop feeling then head. I started fucking her mouth because that is the first place I wanted to cum. I seemed like only 30 seconds after I blew my second load of the night. I ended up cuming in her mouth and she swallowed it to my amazement.

I decided at that point is when I was going to go for the gold. I slid down and started at her bald pussy. Stuck my tongue out and touched her clit. It looked huge, but I was still kind of drunk. I started eating her out like it was my last meal as I was doing that I wanted to see if I could get a finger in her ass. I licked my finger as she rocked her hips from me eating her out I put my finger on her little rose bud. It only took about 2 seconds and I had I finger in her ass up to my second knuckle. By this time I decided to get one of my wife's toys and try to get a DP from this experience. I got the medium sized toy from our hiding spot. I got back to eating her out and put a little pressure on her ass to see if it would slip in. it did not go. I decided to try 2 fingers in her ass first and pop they went in. When they went inside she called out her boyfriends name "Jeff stop that." I got scared but she stopped moving, so I continued on. I wanted this bald pussy wrapped around my cock now. I got up and put the head of my cock at the entrance to her pussy. It did not take to much pressure to get it to slid in. I decided now that I have what I want I didn't care if she woke up. I started laying into her like I hadn't been laid in a year. Then it happened she woke up and saw me fucking her. I stopped to see what she was going to do. All she did was say "Your wife is going to kill us." at this point I decided to finish up and call it a night. We fell asleep in each others arms.

I woke up to the felling of my dick getting sucked. It dawned on my that it was Emmy. As I opened my eyes she did the unthinkable, that's right, she slid her finger into my ass. I didn't know what to do she said it was pay back. I couldn't believe this here I am laying in my spare bed room, getting my cock sucked, and there was a finger up my ass and I liked it. She said "FUCK ME" that's all I needed to hear. I got up and bent her over the bed and took her from behind. I looked down and was watching my cock slide into her pussy when it hit me. I pulled it out and put it back in a few times acting like I had bad aim. About the fifth time I hit the grand Slam, I buried into her ass. She just froze, so I didn't move she called me an asshole which I deserved. She slowly started pulling it out then shocked the hell out of me by pushing my cock back in. I ended up fucking her like that for a few minutes then blew my load again. I got up and jumped into my bed and slept the rest of the night off. We both woke up about the same time in the morning, I didn't know what to say. She said if I pulled shit like that again she was going to fuck me in the ass. I laughed and told her to bring it on cause that means I get to fuck her again. But that is another story.

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