tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Man on the Balcony

The Man on the Balcony


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This is a story that contains scenes involving group sex, a cheating wife, and anal sex. If this content is objectionable to you, please find a story more to your liking.


Gary was seated, staring at his wife's ass a few feet away. He marveled at her long legs and shapely butt, mostly exposed in her tight bikini bottom. She was bent over, rummaging through the folded pool towels to find her favorite, soft, oversized one.

"You know what's truly surprising about you, Danielle? The fact that ever since we moved in, you have developed a love of nude sunbathing...a love you never had until just recently."

Gary had the couple's 5,000 square-foot home built on a cul-de-sac in a new, custom-home development on the west coast. They had been in their new home for about a month and his wife, Danielle, had been making excellent use of their patio and pool area during the day to tan and lay-out naked in the very private back yard.

Two years ago, Danielle's father had left her a very comfortable inheritance when he passed away unexpectedly that allowed her to retire at thirty-eight. With her inheritance and Gary's income, they had no problem building their dream home in the upscale development. The house was perfect in every way except that the pool area where Danielle sunbathed was in plain view of the neighbor's balcony.

Gary smiled at his wife's ass that she wiggled directly in front of him. She chirped slightly as she found her favorite towel and rose to stand.

"I'm too shy to be a real nudist, but I love being a domestic nudist, walking around the house naked feels so liberating! I also love the way the air and sun feel on my naked body." Danielle was smiling as she was preparing to lay out.

Gary shook his head smiling. "You're something else, Danny."

Danielle draped the folded towel over her arm and gathered her lotions. Gary watched as her pendulous, perfectly curved breasts dangled and swayed to and fro as she prepared to walk out to the back.

Gary and Danielle had met at a coffee shop fifteen years ago last fall. Gary was a regular customer working on his MBA coursework on a Saturday morning and Danielle was across the shop from him working on her laptop. She noticed that he resembled Christian Bale, tall, lean, and handsome. Gary used a laser pointer to get her attention on that day and the two hit it off from the first "hello."

"Did you notice the for-sale sign is gone from next door?" Gary asked.

"No, I didn't. Do you know anything about the new neighbors?" Danielle moved closer to her husband to hear all he had to say about it.

"I do; a little bit anyway. The realtor is the same guy that we met at the open house a while back. Tall, older man with a moustache, smelled like he had just drank a pint of whisky, remember? Anyway, he said the new neighbor is blind and that he has a sister that checks in on him during the week."

"Oh, wow. Well, that's better than having a big, loud family with kids." Danielle preferred the idea of having a quiet, older blind man living next door.

She continued, "I guess he can get around pretty good?"

"I don't know. He said something about using a wheel chair, or a cane, but he's not that old. I think he's in his fifties."

"Oh. Okay. I guess I'll have to be quiet when I'm outside then."

Danielle laid out by the pool for a couple of hours each day, mostly donning exactly nothing, completely nude. Part of that time was in the sun, the other part of the time she lay under the umbrella in her favorite chair, reading or listening to music.

Danielle kissed her husband good bye as he left for his business trip to England, then went out to the pool area. It was only nine o'clock, but she wanted to lay out naked as soon as possible. She looked up at the balcony that was the only part of the yard that wasn't completely private. She didn't look forward to having any neighbors occupy the new house but took some consolation that a blind man was moving in. 'A partially handicapped blind man wouldn't even use the second-floor balcony,' she thought. 'And if he does, he won't see what I'm doing anyway.'

She watched her reflection in the window from the patio as she removed her clothes and set them on the patio furniture. Her long brown hair and long, lithe, tanned body showed no signs of her forty years. At five feet nine inches, Danielle was all leg. No fat, or cellulite, no scars, and almost no wrinkles. The only thing that was not perfect was the out-of-proportion size of her breasts.

Staring at her reflection, Danielle cupped her large breasts. She lifted them in her palms. She regarded her silver-dollar-sized areolas, topped by her thick, stiffening nipples. They weren't a bad thing; actually, they were an amazing set of tits, but they looked out of place on a woman of her dimensions. She squished them together, then let go. They bounced and hung high on her chest, perky, in defiance of their size and her age.

She viewed her 36DD breasts mostly as annoying things she had to accommodate. They were always getting in the way and drawing unwanted attention, especially at the beach. Danielle found them impossible to hide, especially on her thinner frame. The attention they garnered had been hard for her to tolerate, especially in her adolescence. In that way, she had become annoyed by them, being shy and demure by nature.

In contrast, at home, she felt free and at ease. She loved roaming the house naked, laying in the sun naked, and spending her days naked, at least as much as possible. It made her whole body feel amazing, and in the privacy of her home, she felt much less self-conscious about her oversized bust.

Danielle was appreciating the coolness that lingered even in the morning sun as she noticed an orange and white blur through the slats in her wooden fence. The movement was from the driveway next door. She sauntered over to the slatted gate, lowering her sunglasses and peering over the top. It was a moving van.

Two brusque men popped out of the cab and immediately began unloading the packed van.

Danielle sighed and padded back to the lawn chair where she retrieved her tiny bikini. She frowned, noticing that she had selected this bathing suit almost as a formality, knowing she'd be removing it in the back yard anyway. Danielle stepped into, then pulled up the bottoms. As she was stretching her top over her breasts and fastening it, she was clearly frustrated. Her nudist routine was seriously altered. She found that she did not like having to sunbathe in a bathing suit, so she spent most of the time that day reading in the shade of her redwood arbor, mostly to avoid tan lines.

Thankfully, the movers were done by nightfall. By sundown, Danielle had moved inside. From her place in her dining room, she saw a middle-aged woman wave good-bye to the men and then disappeared inside. Danielle didn't want to introduce herself while Gary was out of town; she didn't like anyone to know when he wasn't around.

The next morning, as Danielle was having her coffee and yogurt, naked on the patio, she heard a voice in the front of the house. She went to the dining room window again and peeked out the blinds to see the same woman backing out the driveway and heading down the road.

Danielle went back outside and continued drinking her coffee, then put on her ear bud headphones and lay out on her regular lounge chair on the stone pad next to the pool.

Her backyard was a real retreat; covered, stone patio area near the house, a black-bottom pool, that had a water fall near the deep end with lush plants growing around the stone fountain. It was perfect and very private, except for that damned balcony. Unfortunately, the home builder who built their neighbor's house included a balcony that overlooked Danielle's entire backyard. Although it was facing the neighbor's backyard, one only had to look to the left to see whatever was going on in Danielle's patio and pool area.

As Danielle was laying on her lounge, nude, rubbing suntan lotion onto her legs, she noticed movement from the balcony. She grabbed the pool towel that was folded to her side and quickly covered up. It was a skinny, balding man wearing a large pair of darkened sunglasses with salt-and-pepper colored hair and a cane. He dragged a chair out and eased himself down on it.

'That must be the blind man, our new neighbor. He has a cane, just like Gary said.' Danielle put herself at ease. Having a blind man on the balcony was the next best thing to having no one on the balcony. She casually discarded the towel covering and continued to spread the SPF 30 over her long, toned legs.

She looked up at the blind man. He was sitting, angled slightly away from her, but his head was turned partially toward her. He seemed to be looking at a spot between his backyard and hers, but she couldn't quite tell since he was wearing sunglasses. She had seen these types of oversized, dark glasses on people with impaired vision before and it gave her some comfort that she was indeed safe to be naked in his presence.

Danielle felt so safe that she went on spreading the lotion, finishing her legs and moving on to her stomach. Once she had covered that area, she grabbed the bottle and aimed it at her chest. She always used extra lotion to coat her breasts, as the skin was smoother and she wanted to ensure it stayed that way. With a firm squeeze, she spread an abundance of the thick, pale lotion across her neck, chest, and her full, bare breasts.

She set the bottle down and began rubbing the lotion over her supple, curvy mountains. As usual, her nipples stiffened in response as she worked the slippery lotion into her skin. This always turned her on a bit.

But today, there was an extra level of excitement. Danielle finished applying the sunscreen and settled in, laying down fully nude only about thirty feet from a complete stranger. She closed her eyes, but felt an uneasy electricity tingle her skin and grow in intensity as it ran through her whole body.

At that moment, it felt like pulses of electricity were rushing through her, beginning and ending in her crotch. She realized when she finished applying the sunscreen that she was truly naked and there was a man in plain sight who could see every inch of her nakedness. Were he not blind, she would have never dreamed of doing anything like this.

She blinked her eyes open beneath her sunglasses and considered her naked body. Her feet were pointed directly at the man's balcony. She began having strange thoughts:

'If he could see, I wonder if he would be close enough to see my trimmed pussy...' This thought brought with it a strong urge to touch herself. Her pussy throbbed in response, but she resisted touching it.

'If he could see, I bet he could see my hard nipples..." And before she could stop herself, her hands were on her huge, soft breasts, cupping them, then squeezing them roughly, lifting them from the sides and scooping them together.

'He could watch my every move from that position,' she thought.

She looked up at the invalid man who was still just sitting there, staring at what seemed to be a point about twenty feet to her left. She could feel her pussy tingling and becoming wet, begging for attention. She became wrapped up in the reality of being naked in front of someone, while fantasizing that this blind man could see. She couldn't help but squirm in her chair, growing hornier and hornier, thinking about the taboo of this stranger seeing every intimate inch of her.

In those moments, whether she realized it or not, she crossed over from a nudist to an exhibitionist. The feelings she had at being completely exposed to a stranger were new and exciting to her.

Danielle turned her focus to the music playing through her earphones and laid out for about twenty minutes, then, removed her headphones and went for a swim. The man was still sitting in his chair.

She glided through the cool water, feeling refreshed, 'It must be awful to be blind like that,' she thought. Feeling much better and in more control now, she dried herself and went inside to have lunch.

The next morning, Danielle woke and had her coffee on the patio as she did every day. After her coffee, she walked around the backyard, watering the plants and pulling a weed here and there, nothing that could actually be called work. Then she went inside, and walked through the house, picking up and straightening. With only she and Gary living in their spacious home, it rarely needed picking up. She mostly walked around, enjoying the liberating feeling of wearing nothing. It just felt good to be naked.

Normally, being without clothes gave her a relaxed, free feeling, but ever since yesterday in front of the blind man, it had turned sexual for her. She found herself becoming immediately aroused while naked. This was unusual because Danielle didn't necessarily equate her "domestic nudism" with sex. She would have sex with her husband in bed, being naked around the house was more of a luxury, not foreplay or a prelude to anything sexual; that was now changing.

At ten o'clock, she returned to the patio with her towel, sunscreen, music, and a bottle of water. She looked up to the balcony and saw that the man was not out. She was faced with the strange thought that part of her wanted him to be out on his balcony again.

She laid down and began the ritual of applying sunscreen to her naked body. She worked her way up her legs to her stomach, then her breasts. As she was covering her left breast with sunscreen, she felt as though someone was watching her. With her breast in her hand smoothing the lotion into the underside, she looked up and saw him. The blind neighbor. Today he was in a bathrobe, but other than this, he looked the same as he did yesterday.

Danielle had no intention of saying hello to him. She did not want any communication while she was in her backyard, this was her private space, and she didn't like the fact that the balcony was there. She would introduce herself at some other point, perhaps when Gary returned from England.

As she finished applying lotion to her breasts, she sprayed sunscreen on her back, then reclined a little and enjoyed the feeling of the warm air and sun on her naked body. She could see the blind man looking in the same direction as he had been yesterday. She felt her skin tighten in response to her being so vulnerable in front of the stranger; she was becoming aroused again. Her body became restless and she could feel her pussy getting wet. She had discovered that she loved being naked in front of him.

Danielle became uncomfortably wet in a matter of just a few minutes. She was looking right at him as he sat in his robe on the concrete balcony. Feeling naughty, she spread her legs several inches, then reminding herself that he was blind, spread her legs a few more. If he could see, he would have easily seen the pink folds of her labia as she spread her legs open. She let her knees fall off to each side, spreading wider. She had never spread her legs like this for any man.

As she lay naked under the sun, she began to feel that familiar electrical feeling. A warm breeze picked up, blowing across her skin. As the breeze passed between her legs and caressed her sopping pussy, the warm air somehow felt cool. Her skin became sensitive, and her nipples hardened into points. Her hand inched its way down from her soft, smooth tummy, finding the top of her trimmed mound.

Danielle squirmed slightly and brought her fingers between her tan thighs. She gasped softly and her skin erupted in goosebumps as she touched her wet folds. She used two fingers to further separate her already spread lips, posing lewdly for the blind man.

She felt wetness trail down her thigh, near her ass. She was leaking. Her middle finger extended and rubbed her clit around a few times. She could sense that an orgasm would only take a few more rubs so she quickly removed her hands, thinking it best to calm herself down and focus on listening to music.

But she had trouble concentrating on the music. It just wasn't distracting her as it had yesterday. 'Oh my God. Why am I so horny? When was my last orgasm?' she wondered. 'If that man weren't blind, could he see how wet I am from that far away?'

And with that thought, she had her hand between her legs again, unable to resist such strong and unfamiliar impulses. Her eyes had been closed, yet she still felt his presence above. She rubbed and pressed her pussy, dragging her wetness up to her clit for lubrication. Danielle usually needed two hands to have an orgasm, so she brought her left hand down and pulled her outer labia up making it tight. This had the effect of pushing her clit out and causing it to become more sensitive. She spread her legs wider and began rubbing more urgently.

With her eyes closed, she saw flashes of her writhing body and the man's calm face, looking on. Her mind lingered on the image: the beautiful, brown-haired, buxom housewife spreading her legs wide for the blind man while staring up at him as he sat on the balcony.

Danielle opened her eyes as her climax peaked. She couldn't help herself and completed her fantasy by looking up at the motionless man sitting in his chair. Her mouth fell open in silent pleasure and her body quietly shook and shivered from her orgasm. She trembled and came hard for a timeless moment, watching the blind man. Strong waves of pleasure overtook her.

'Wow, I can't remember an orgasm so intense,' she thought, her uncontrollable pleasure spasm subsiding. She felt a deep sense of excitement, enjoying the orgasmic afterglow, but there was also a post-orgasm sense of shame and guilt, and a small amount of fear that this new-found thrill was habit forming.

After cumming in front of the man on the balcony, she went into the house and made a salad. She attempted to read from a novel she had been trying to finish for what seemed like weeks now.

Abruptly, the doorbell interrupted her quiet lunch.

Normally, she wouldn't even bother answering the door during the day. They didn't get solicitors in their gated community, so most of the time, it was just a delivery being dropped off at her doorstep.

But she was curious, so she tip-toed to the large window and peeked out between the blinds. There was a car parked next door. It was the same car she'd seen there before. She felt the need to answer the door on this particular occasion, since she concluded it must be the blind man's sister.

Danielle kept a terry-cloth robe hanging off a kitchen chair just for this sort of thing.

Wearing her white robe, she checked through the peep-hole to see the older woman from next door. Danielle opened the heavy, wooden door.

"Hi!" Danielle smiled.

"Oh, hello. I'm sorry to disturb you. My name is Maggie and my brother has just moved into the home next door."

The two shared a cordial handshake.

"Nice to meet you, Maggie. I'm Danielle. My husband isn't around at the moment, his name is Gary."

"Nice to meet you, Danielle. Do you have a minute? I would like to speak with you about my brother."

Danielle cinched the robe tighter and opened her door to let the woman in. Maggie had a worn-out look to her. She had salt-and-pepper colored hair and a tired-looking, wrinkled face. Her clothes were simple; however, she wore a fairly large diamond wedding ring that Danielle noticed immediately. The two sat in the living room near the entrance of the home.

"Can I get you some coffee, or something to drink?" Danielle offered.

"No thank you, I can't stay long."

"What can I do for you, Maggie?" Danielle tucked her legs beneath her and sat, then motioned for Maggie to do the same.

"My brother, Richard, has just moved in next door, as I'm sure you've seen for yourself."

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