tagNonHumanThe Minotaur's Roar

The Minotaur's Roar


You remember the stories from your childhood.. the maze.. they say a mighty beast lives inside.. child's nonsense you think to yourself..

Midnight . The Witching Hour.. you want to prove your bravery to your friends... You walk into the woods , and look up at the entrance to the maze .

Fog starts to roll across the ground as you make your approach.. an owl hoots .. you feel a chill run down your spine , but , you think to yourself.. I don't want to look like a wimp in front of my friends , as they dare you to go on...

You cross the gateway . The brushes suddenly close in behind you , trapping you inside . There is nowhere to go but onwards ..

A few minutes go by , and nothing special has happeend . You think all is safe.. then you hear a sound . Clip-Clop . You tense , but after a moment's pause , all is still.. silent .

You round the next corner , and a great roar fills the air.. AAAaaAA-RRRRrrrrrrOOOOoooOOOOO!!!

You shudder in total horror as a muscular being jumps in front of you , the lower half being very man-like , but with the upper torso of a bull . I dip my head , show my horns , and I bare my teeth as I see you quiver and shake .

Taking the initiative , I lunge forward , and thrust a horn into your shirt , far enough to graze your skin , and still not draw blood .

Lifting upwards , I tear your shirt off , and then slam my shoulder into you , knocking you helplessly to the ground . My teeth chew through your belt , as I use both horns to rip your jeans , baring you ,nearly naked , to my lustful gaze .

Baring my teeth , I smile ; you start to scream . I let you . Dropping my head I quickly chew through your undies , and swipe my great and magnificient tongue across your gash . Your knees.. they tremble.. and buckle . Falling to the ground , I look at you and grin , knowing you shall make for easy sport . With a heave , I toss you over my shoulder , effortlessy , and bring you to my lair .

The Earth.. it never smelled so good , so sweet . A slab of upturned granite serves as my bed . I lay you over it , ass lifted to the chill of the night-time air . Licking at your heaving tits , I slather them with my saliva , drooling over them , as good fortune from the gods hath bestowed upon me a fine lass with a miraculously large set of tits . I look into your terror-stricken eyes . My hard shaft makes contact bewteen your lovely legs . Dim understanding starts to flicker , as you realize what is about to occur . Whether it be from excitement , or absolute fear , I know not , nor do I care . You are very wet , and that serves to ease my point of entry .

My hard cock just rams into you , without warning . You grunt . Your head starts to hake .. butstill I pummel it into you, reaching ever so deeper.. your breathing , it quickens.. I start to work myself into you in earnest .

Pounding myself into you over and over , relentlessly ,and without mercy , until you go over the edge and cry out to the heavens with reckless abandonment .. to your absolute lust . I bellow , and relase a mighty roar , as I flood you with my seed .

You lie there limp like a rag-doll . Staring at you intently , I bestow upon thee your choice , which shall determine your fate . "You may leave , but know this : you are carrying my seed , and it is most potent . I shall let you live , but , you shall never tell anyone of what happened here tonight , or I shall descend upon you in the darkness and devour you , bite by bite . Stay , and you shall be my slave , to do as I wish , when I wish , but know that you shall ever-after have my total protection from all who may wish to defile you"

You lay there , still , silent . "Let your silence decide your fate yhen . You shall stay , and call me your lover , your one and only.. Your MASTER!"

You nod dumbly , and as the fog starts to engulf us both , you lay by my side , and drift to sleep , uttering one word .. : 'Yesss..'

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