tagGroup SexThe Mountain Cabin

The Mountain Cabin


'Don't be a pussy!'

The taunt resonated in Jeff's head as he trudged down the dark path behind a line of people, bouncing off the walls of his mind; fading, echoing back. Around him the forest loomed cloyingly above the trail. From the front of the procession he could hear laughs and giggles from the girls Megan, Marie and Michelle: triplets. Walking with them, their boyfriends' rough voices boomed into the night.

'Don't be a pussy Jeff!'

There it was again clanging around in there, piercing his thoughts like a klaxon. He was suddenly back in his little apartment on Austin Street in Lewisburg...

'I'm not goin',.' Jeff told them bluntly.

'Dude, why the fuck not?' Chris, the stereotypical jock and former star Quarterback of the Greenbrier East High Spartans, demanded. He stood roughly six foot eight, weighed at least two-twenty-five and had a mean disposition, especially when he had been drinking, which was what they were all doing, celebrating Debbie's nineteenth birthday. She was the youngest of their little group by two years.

It was Derek that started the teasing, a six-ten, half-black half Shawnee Indian and Chris' best friend.

'Don't be a pussy,' he said quietly. For such a large man Derek had a quiet, almost timid demeanor most of the time. Everyone stopped and looked when he spoke, their eyes darting between Jeff and Derek.

'Fuck you.' Jeff replied.

'It's just a fucking ghost story.' He brought his eyes up from the sweating can of Bud Light nestled in the fork of his legs and stared at Jeff. 'Don't be a pussy.'

That was when one of the triplets joined in. 'Yeah don't be such a pussy Jeff.' Michelle teased.

'Do you need a tampon?' Megan added.

They were all looking at him: Chris, Derek, his own best friend Travis, the triplets and Debbie.

'Fine we'll just go without him,' Michelle decided, 'he can sit here by himself while we have fun.

'Do you want to borrow a pair of panties?' Her azure eyes danced with cruel mischief as she stared him down. Her sister Marie stared at her shoes with an embarrassed flush coloring her cheeks.

'No he's going with us,' Chris demanded again.

And then the chanting started, led by Michelle.

'Don't-be-a-pussy! Don't-be-a-pussy! Don't-be-a-pussy!' Even Debbie was joining in, albeit very quietly, and she was the one person he truly got along with out of their little clique. Jeff stared at his scuffed tan work boots in shame. One of the triplets, Megan he thought, pulled her panties from under her black skirt and tossed them at his face.

'Here, put on your big girl panties and let's go.' The pink lace fabric was draped over his burning face, the crotch level with his nostrils. The fabric was decidedly damp, and smelled with the fragrant musk of its owner. To be taunted and teased like that by his friends, by the three most achingly beautiful women he had ever seen, each a carbon copy of the other, was excruciating and surprisingly arousing. His cock was lengthening in his jeans as the blood was diverted from its usual route. After a moment he ripped the panties from his face and leapt to his feet.

Michelle had been standing only a foot away from where he was seated, leaning over him and chanting. She squealed and jumped back, landing in Chris' lap. Jeff's eyes blazed.

'Fuck all of you. I'm not a pussy, I just don't see the point in wandering around in the mountains at night when it's not even fifty fucking degrees outside to test some legend. But whatever, let's go.' He looked at Megan with a satirical grin. 'Thanks for the souvenir Megan; I hope your pussy gets frost bite.' He stuffed the pink lace into the front pocket of his jeans and grabbed his coat. Everyone else was still seated, staring at him in a sort of wonderful fascination. 'Come on pussies,' he spat.

The drive out to the Greenbrier State Forest took about twenty minutes with the eight of them crammed into Jeff's five year old Ford Explorer. He turned off of State Road 60 onto Hart's Run Road and began winding up from the Appalachian Plateau into the Allegheny Mountains past scattered houses, all dark and ominous in respect to the hour. After a couple of miles the last of the houses faded from sight and the trees closed in on the narrow road. Jeff glanced at the digital display of the overhead console: it was nearly one a.m. on October 31. A push of a button cycled the display to the outside temperature which had dropped ten degrees since midnight and stood at a chilly forty degrees. The forecast, he remembered, had called for lows in the upper twenties and a freeze warning.

'It's getting colder,' he announced to no one in particular. He glanced to his right and noticed with some satisfaction that Debbie had grabbed a heavy coat from his hall closet before they left. Whispered conversation, laced with muffled grunts and an occasional groan drifted up from the three couples in the back. Jeff checked the rear view mirror and In the light of the moon, a huge silver disk hanging full and close above them, he could see the situation clearly. Michelle and Derek were busy making out. Derek's hand had disappeared under the short black cheerleader skirt Michelle was wearing, and the muscles in his forearm rolled and flexed as he fingered her. Marie and Travis were in a similar situation. Marie's furry pink top was pulled down and Travis was noisily suckling on her exposed breasts while she rocked back and forth on his hidden hand. Michelle and Chris on the other hand we're beyond mere kissing. Michelle's skirt was hiked to her waist as she sat on Chris's lap with her back to him. She was leaning back against his body with his erect cock between her legs. Her panties, lacey and pink just like the pair in Jeff's pocket, were pulled rudely to the side to allow her pussy to grind against Chris's cock. He noticed with no real pleasure that Chris, who had his head thrown back staring at the roof of the truck, only had an average sized member and looked smaller than Jeff's own penis. As he watched, Michelle locked eyes with him in the mirror and lifted her body until the head of Chris's cock was pressing against the plump flesh of her pussy. She slowly lowered herself down, letting Chris slip into her until she came to rest on his thighs again.

Jeff felt a hand creep across the arm rest and grip his own. 'Are they fucking back there?' Debbie whispered.

Jeff glanced to his right again and found Debbie staring at him, a mixed look of alarm, embarrassment and curiosity highlighted on her face by the moonlight. He quickly glanced in the mirror again but Michelle's eyes were closed now, as well as her thighs, as she slowly rode Chris's cock.

'Yeah, Chris and Michelle are,' he said at last, shifting his focus back to the road ahead as it began a series of climbing switchbacks. 'The other four aren't far behind them it looks like.'

Debbie squeezed his hand tighter and stared out her window into the darkness. Half a mile up the road Jeff turned the Explorer on to Kate's Mountain Road that wound along the mountain ridge through the state park.

He was glad to have Debbie next to him, even if she had joined the teasing back at his place. They had an easy friendship that had bordered on a relationship for the past several months. As if reading his thoughts she leaned close and whispered, 'I'm sorry for what happened back there.'

'It's okay,' Jeff assured her. 'I just don't want anyone to get hurt.'

'I know.'

A low groan from the back seat snapped Jeff's attention back to the rear view mirror. He was just in time to see Michelle pull Chris' cock out of her and stroke his orgasm onto the smoothly shaved skin of above her pussy.

'Don't get any of that shit on my seats.' Jeff said flatly still staring into the mirror. Chris didn't seem to hear him but Michelle looked up and smiled. She traced her fingers through the thick globs of cum before scooping it up and slurping it from her coated fingers. Jeff enthralled with what he saw. The only two things that existed at that moment were the throbbing hardness in his jeans and the sexy blonde in the back seat eating her boyfriend's cum.

'Look out!' Debbie screamed. Jeff had just enough time to catch a fleeting glimpse of something large and grey flash across the road directly in front of them. He slammed on the brakes and jerked the wheel to the right. The truck skidded onto two wheels, rising and rising until it seemed like it would pass the point of no return and throw them into a roll, before crashing back to all four wheels and spinning off into the trees. The vehicle finally came to rest with its right fender crumpled against a large Oak. The interior was silent except for heavy breathing close to Jeff's right ear and the ticking of the cooling engine.

Tentatively Jeff opened his eyes. The windshield in front of him was shattered into a hundred different spider webs. Debbie, the source of the heavy breathing, was nearly on top of him. Slowly more sounds emerged from the darkness; the rustle of clothes, the shuffle of feet, soft groans. Jeff tried the interior light to no avail. He thought the battery must have been knocked loose in the crash.

'Are you ok Debbie?' he asked quietly.

'I think so,' she said after a moment.

'In the glove compartment there should be a flashlight, can you grab it for me?'

'Sure.' She fumbled around for a minute before producing the large aluminum cylinder. She thumbed the switch and bright white light filled the truck. More groans as everyone shielded their eyes from the unexpected glare. Jeff took the light and turn in his seat.

'Everyone okay back there?'

'Michelle's bleedin,' Derek pointed out. Jeff shone the light on the buxom blonde and sure enough, blood was coursing down her face from a deep gash on her forehead. The door window was splattered with blood and shattered where her head had apparently collided with it.

'You okay Michelle?'

'What the fuck happened?' she asked groggily.

'This dip shit can't drive, that's what happened,' Chris answered.

'Hey fuck you!' Jeff roared. 'While you were busy emptying your tiny little balls I was trying not hit...whatever the fuck that was that ran across the road!'

Chris pushed Megan into the floor board and lunged for the front seat. He was met with the heavy base of the Mag Lite barrel as Jeff brought it down on the bridge of his nose. It struck with a sickening crack and his nose sprayed blood.

'What the fuck!' Chris screamed clutching his shattered nose.

'Okay that's enough!' Debbie cried. She fumbled with her door but it wouldn't open. She leaned across Jeff and opened his door. Bitterly cold wind invaded the cabin of the truck, breaking out Jeff's skin in gooseflesh. Debbie crawled out over his lap and Jeff followed her, waving the flashlight around to survey the woods. Doors were opening behind them and he turned half expecting Chris or one of the others to charge again. Instead the triplets and their boyfriends piled out single file. Chris stood leaning back against the side of the truck with his head back cupping his ruined nose. He seemed oblivious to the fact that his penis was still dangling through his open zipper. The others were all taking personal inventory of their various scrapes or bruises. Jeff and Debbie were none the worse for wear since they had both been wearing their seat belts.

Michelle whimpered off to the left and collapsed suddenly to the ground with her hand to her forehead. Her sister's immediately ran to her.

'She's bleeding a lot,' Megan called over her shoulder.

'Hang on.' Jeff trotted to the rear of the Explorer and rummaged around in the hatch. He produced an old tee shirt that smelled marginally safe, and tore it into strips. He handed a large one to Megan for her to use as a compress, then handed some to Chris as well.

'Here, for your nose.' Chris took the cloth with a wordless grunt.

'Where the hell are we?' Travis asked.

'Well let's see: we're on top of a goddamn mountain surrounded by a bunch of trees,' Debbie snapped. 'This is where you all wanted to go right?

'Let's go to Kate's Mountain let's go to Kate's Mountain,' she mocked.

'Everybody calm down,' Jeff interjected. 'Meg how's your sister's head?'

'The bleeding is mostly stopped I think.' She sounded timid.

'Can she walk?'

'Yeah I think I can,' Michelle answered for herself. Her sisters helped her to her feet where she stood swaying drunkenly back and forth for a moment before gaining her composure.

'We should be close to the hiking trails I think,' Jeff said, 'there's a picnic area and a shelter somewhere up ahead. I think we should make our way there.'

'What you want to walk?' Marie whined. 'It's dark and I'm cold.' She crossed her arms over her chest, stuck out her lips and pouted.

'Look, we can't just stand around here,' Jeff insisted. 'It's-'

'Just call a fucking tow truck or something!' Chris interrupted nasally.

'Go right ahead,' Jeff said flatly 'good luck getting a cell signal up here.'

There was another ten minutes of heated debate before they finally acquiesced. Jeff led them through the trees back in the direction of the road. He thought. After picking their way slowly along for ten minutes they still hadn't reached the road.

'This isn't right.' Jeff said, stopping.

'What's not right?' Debbie asked at his side.

'We should have been on the road by now. We couldn't have gone that far off of it.'

'Great so now we're lost in the woods? Good job dumb ass.' Derek boomed.

'Fuck you.'

'Hey there's a path over here.' Travis had wandered off to the left of the group and was pointing in that direction. Chris and Derek shouldered past Jeff trailed by the triplets and joined him.

'It's probably one of the hiking trails.' Debbie informed them.

'Well it beats walking through the woods. It has to lead somewhere right?' Michelle was almost whining.

'These trails are not something you want to be walking on in flip flops and skirts, especially at night.' Debbie called, but the group had already started down the path. 'They're fucking idiots. I've hiked these trails before.'

'Yeah, me too. Come on we've gotta follow them.'

A scream from up ahead ripped Jeff from his interior retrospect and he walked right into Debbie who had stopped short. They were working their way down a steep grade littered with sharp and slippery rocks. Jeff was sweating in spite of the cold air. More shouts from further down the trail drifted back to them.

'It sounds like someone is hurt.' Debbie said matter-of-factly.

They got moving again and caught up with the others fifty yards down the slope. Marie was lying on her side on the rocks. A mix of terror and pain was tattooed on her pale face. Jeff washed the beam of his flashlight over her and saw the cause of the scream. Marie's tanned and toned right leg disappeared under a large rock, really more of a small boulder, about six inches below her knee at a sickening angle. Chris and Derek were working on moving the rock, and each time it shifted she would scream again. Tears coursed down her cheeks and she seemed to be trembling all over.

Michelle sat on a stump to the side of the path, still looking groggy and out of it. Megan was crouched next to Marie trying to comfort her.

"What happened?" Jeff asked.

It was Travis that answered. "Marie was walking in front with me. We came around that bend and there was something standing in the middle of the path. It moved to quickly to see but I thought it looked like a wolf or-'

"It was a woman." Marie cried, interrupting him. "A woman in a white gown and she disappear..." she broke down into hysterical sobs.

Chris and Derek were groaning with effort. "Pull her out!" Chris yelled. Travis was on the move, grabbing Marie by the arm pits and dragging her backwards. She let out a blood curdling scream and slumped in his grasp in a dead faint with her chin resting on her breast bone. Somewhere off in the woods something answered her scream in a long howl, rising and undulating until it sounded like a scream it's self. Jeff's skin broke out in goose flesh at the sound of it and he felt Debbie shift her body closer to his. A moment later her arm snaked its way around his waist.

Megan was examining her sister's leg closely, putting her two semesters of nursing school training to practice. "It's broken bad, in at least two places. Travis you're going to have to carry her."

"I'm not sure I can if this trail gets any worse."

"We can get off the trail not far from here." Everyone turned to look at Debbie. It was the first time she had spoken to anyone other than Jeff since they had started down the trail.

"How would you know?" Megan asked accusingly.

"Because I've hiked these trails for years."

"Then why the fuck didn't you say so?" Megan roared. "If you know so much about them why did you let us go? My sister has a broken leg because of you!" Megan had been inching closer to Debbie as she berated her until the last line was spat mere inches from her face, the two young women highlighted in bas relief by the glare of Jeff's flashlight. "Stupid cunt!"

Debbie flinched, her eyes widening to saucers. One second she was standing there looking like a deer caught in the glare of oncoming headlights and the next Megan was flying backwards. She tripped over her injured sister and went sprawling on her ass. Debbie was on her like a banshee, clawing at her face, ripping her top and raining open handed slaps down on her arms as she tried to shield her face. She was screaming a litany of curses with each blow. Megan managed to get her arms around Debbie's waist and rolled her to the left. The two rolled and scuffled on the rocky path, clawing and hissing like two cats in heat. Finally Debbie was able to regain her former position on top of Megan. Megan's furry pink top was dirty and matted with leaved and torn open down the front exposing her bra-less breasts. They jutted defiantly toward Debbie, the nipples like tiny pink stones standing erect from the chilly air. Debbie's top was torn as well, though not completely, showing her sensible black lace bra. Both girls were breathing heavily, eyes locked on one another, as they struggled.

Debbie held Megan down by her shoulders using her leverage to her advantage and spat directly into Megan's face. Her struggles immediately stopped and she started up at Debbie in disbelief. The will to fight of both girls seemed to drain away in an instant. Debbie stood and staggered back toward Jeff, who had to catch her to keep her from falling.

"How far is until we can get of this trail?" Chris asked. He was stripping off his tee shirt and giving to Megan, still seated on the rocky trail, to cover herself.

"Maybe a half mile?" Debbie answered. "Hard to tell in the dark. There's another path that juts off to the right. It's longer, and steep in some places but a lot better than this. It used to be a stream bed I think."

"But it will take us to the picnic area?" Michelle asked hesitantly.

"Yeah, a little past it. We'll have to double back once we get to the road again."

"We what are we waiting for?" Derek said impatiently. "Let's go."


They walked for another fifteen minutes before they literally stumbled onto the path. One minute they were trudging downhill in a silent single file column surrounded by trees, and the next the forest opened up to the right, a thirty foot wide swath of relatively smooth, treeless ground angling down the mountain side.

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