tagMind ControlThe Mysterious Touch Ch. 02

The Mysterious Touch Ch. 02


Ty woke up on his couch exhausted and happy. He looked over at Shelia naked and asleep. How had that all just happened? This was only the fifth girl he'd ever had sex with and that's if you count the prostitute he saw in Amsterdam.

And he'd never had sex with anyone the same day he met them – except for the prostitute. He wasn't sure what to do next. Before he'd met Shelia in person, he assumed he was going to try to pursue a relationship with her, but after what happened, he wanted to know if he could hook up with other women.

The possibility of repeating a performance like that excited him. But he felt bad too. He was afraid that Shelia would want a relationship now that they'd slept together. He nudged her awake.

"Hey sexy," Shelia said after opening her eyes. "You were so amazing. I'm still tingling." Ty couldn't help but give an 'aww shucks' kind of smile.

"Thanks," he said. "It's eight o'clock."

"You know it's a good coffee date when it's still going at 8PM," she said wrapping her arms around him.

"So, what are you looking for?" he said. She looked at him confused. "I mean, what do you want out of this? A relationship?"

"I'm not sure," she said realizing she really didn't know what she wanted. It felt weird, since earlier that day she seemed so sure that she didn't want to see him again. "What do you want?"

All the confidence he had earlier when he was telling her what to do sexually seemed so foreign to him now. He didn't want to hurt her feelings, so he took a breath and decided to be direct.

"Mind if we keep it casual?" Ty said. "Maybe just call each other every once in a while, but not get serious or exclusive or anything?"

As soon as he said it, Shelia realized that's exactly what she wanted. It seemed funny since she'd never been interested in having a casual hook up partner before. But looking at Ty, she knew that it was the best choice.

"That sounds perfect," she said. "Should I go now?"

"Well..." Ty said. "Maybe we should go another round before you leave." Shelia's face lit up like a kid's at Christmas.

"Fuck yes!" she said wrapping her hands around Ty's hardening cock. The two went at it again. It was just as hot as earlier. Ty got his confidence back and started telling her to do all kinds of kinky shit he wanted. And with each request, Shelia seemed to bring an eagerness and enjoyment that exceeded Ty's expectations.

Eventually, Ty told Shelia to leave. It was after he'd fucked her in many positions and had her swallow another two loads. He woke up the next morning feeling amazing. But the whole thing bothered him a bit. Something was happening he didn't understand.

He made his way back to the coffee shop and saw the same man from yesterday sitting alone at a table reading a book. Ty sat down uninvited at his table. The older man closed his book and stared at Ty.

"Thought you might be back," he said. "How was the rest of your day yesterday?"

"What did you do to me?" Ty said. The old man chuckled, picked up his book and stood up.

"Let's walk," the man said. Ty followed him out of the coffee shop. They walked in silence til they came to bench overlooking a pond. Other than a few scattered people doing yoga or reading they were basically alone.

"Why are we here?" Ty said.

"I'm gonna tell you what I know. What I was told," the man said.

"My name is Gene and about forty years ago I was a lot like you. No confidence. Couldn't get a second date to save my life. Could barely get a first date. I was at a bowling alley on a set up double date.

My friend and his wife tried to set me up with her cousin. I knew she wasn't interested. She wasn't super pretty or anything, but she was still out of my league. After five frames of bowling I had all but given up. I went to the bathroom and punched the tile wall. I was so frustrated and horny and I hated the idea of going home to masturbate to a magazine again. Especially knowing that I was likely going to do that every night for the rest of my life.

There was a guy at the urinal. I hadn't even noticed him I was so upset with everything. He washed his hands and looked at me. I apologized for making a scene. He reached up and touched my face with his still wet hand. I got a bit freaked out.

He tells me to calm down and then says that I now have the power to make women do whatever I tell them to. I obviously think he's nuts. He goes on to tell me that this power has been wielded down from man to man for centuries. No one knows how it started, but it works like this: You have to touch a guy you don't know on the face when he's feeling awful about women. You can't give it to someone you know. And it won't work on anyone who's already good with women."

This all sounded so unbelievable to Ty, but then again it was no more unbelievable than the experience he'd had with Shelia less than twenty four hours ago. He tried to keep an open mind.

"And it worked?" Ty said.

"Oh yeah. I mean, I didn't believe him, but when I got back to my friends and the girl something felt different. After a few more frames I started to notice that the girl – Becky I think – was acting a lot more friendly to me. She did everything I asked of her. I wasn't asking much – pass me the nachos, cheer for me when I bowl, stuff like that. But I picked up on it.

After the tenth frame I asked her if she wanted to stick around and drink. She said yes. My friends left. Then I asked her to come back to my place. Long story short, I realize she's putty in my hands and I get her back to my place and we had..." he paused and smiled at the memory. "We had a good time."

"And it still works?" Ty said.

"Oh yeah," Gene said. "I still pick up strange girls all the time. I mean look at me. I'm not much to look at. I'm sixty six years old, not in great shape, not great looking, no hair. But I routinely pick up women of all ages, shapes and sizes."

"So, why me?" Ty said.

"I heard what that chick said to you," Gene said. It was awful. I've only had four chances to spread this thing before. You're only the second one I've ever successfully given it to."

Ty let this all sink in. He had a million questions. It seemed so unreal.

"So, you're saying for the rest of my life I can get women to do whatever I want?" Ty said.

"Yep," Gene said. "But the catch is, you can't go using it like crazy."

"Is that one of the rules?" Ty said.

"No, it's just common sense," Gene said. "If you start banging movie stars and draw a lot of attention to yourself then people might get to asking questions you don't want to have to explain this. Plus, like anything else, if you use it too much it could start to control you. It's a lot of power. So, use it wisely."

Ty thought about that for a moment. Gene got up.

"Where are you going?" Ty said.

"Home," Gene said. "Only reason I came to the coffee shop today was because I thought you might come looking for me. Now you know all I can tell you. I'm gonna go home and sleep for a while. I was up late last night with a thirty year old sex kitten. I'm still exhausted."

Ty wanted to stop Gene and say more, but he didn't have anything else to say. As Gene walked away Ty sat on the bench contemplating what to do with this new knowledge. It still seemed all so unbelievable. He wanted to test it to make sure it worked the way Gene said it had.

Ty scanned the park and saw a woman who looked to be forty or so practicing yoga by herself. He made his way to her.

Trish saw the young man walk up to her and rolled her eyes. She came to the park to be by herself every Sunday morning and hated it when guys bothered her. She knew she was hot and she knew her tight yoga outfit made her a bit of a spectacle. That didn't bother her. Men could look if they wanted to. But it bothered her when it transitioned from looking to talking.

"Hi there," Ty said. Trish was in sun salutation pose with her hands above her head and her right foot wedged against her left leg. This pose framed her boobs perfectly in her tight outfit. She had jet black hair, fair skin, a nose stud and incredibly light green eyes. Her body was tight and lean.

"Hi," Trish said hoping he would keep walking.

"You here alone?" Ty said. He didn't mean to sound creepy, but it definitely came off that way. Trish broke her pose and sat on the ground to get into fire log pose.

"Hey kid," she said. "Don't wanna be rude, but I found a spot not near anyone so I could be alone. You understand, right?"

Ty understood perfectly. In fact, he chose her mostly because she was alone. He felt bad about being rude, but if everything went according to plan she wouldn't feel bad about it in a few seconds anyway.

"I know you want to not be bothered," Ty said, "But I hope you won't mind if I talk to you for a bit."

Something about Trish changed in that moment. She noticed for the first time, that the young guy in front of her was way more attractive than she'd realized a few seconds earlier. Suddenly, she wanted him to stay.

"Well, of course not," she said. Ty smiled.

"I want to sit next to you and talk for a few minutes," Ty said. "I think you want to talk to me too."

" I really do," she said unsure why she would have ever not wanted to talk to him before. Ty sat on the ground in front of her yoga mat. She gazed into his eyes like he was the man of her dreams.

"Are you single?" Ty said.

"Sort of," Trish said. "I just started seeing a guy last week. Not sure if it's serious yet."

"Do you have any STDs?" Ty said.

"I had crabs once, but that was years ago and I cured it." Trish felt shocked that she'd just said that. She'd never told anyone except her best friend about that. But something about him made her feel so comfortable and open.

"Is anyone expecting you to be anywhere soon?"

"I'm meeting my mother for lunch in two hours," she said.

"Let's walk together," Ty said. After a few minutes of walking Ty found a copse of trees that seemed secluded enough to him to test his new ability. "Sex outside sounds great," he said.

Trish' pussy flooded as soon as she heard him say it. She could not recall ever feeling so sure about where to have sex before.

"God yes," she whispered.

"Bend over and grab that tree," he said. An excitement filled Trish' body as she leaned over, stuck her ass toward Ty and braced her hands against a tree.

Ty reached under and fondled her breasts above her tight yoga shirt. His hard cock pushed against her ass through his jeans. He reached down, unzipped his pants and fished his cock out. He wasn't interested in foreplay at the moment. He wanted to know if his new abilities worked or not. Thus far, they seemed to be working just fine. But he needed to know for sure.

He pulled Trish' yoga pants down just far enough to expose her wet cunt. Trish couldn't see what was going on because she was facing the tree. She started to turn back to look at Ty.

"Face forward," he said. "It's what I want." After that moment, she never considered turning back again.

Ty pushed the tip of his hard on into her slippery slit. For a woman in her forties, Trish had an exceptionally tight pussy. Ty watched as inch by inch his cock disappeared into her.

"Ooooohhhh fuuuuckkk yessss..." Trish moaned. Ty fucked her for about a minute before pulling out.

"Do you like anal?" he said. Without turning around, Trish responded.

"I've only done it a few times and I didn't like it."

"I want to fuck your ass," Ty said. "I'm all lubed up from your pussy juices. Would you like me to stick it in? I think you'll love it."

Trish had no idea why, but suddenly the idea of Ty's cock going into her asshole became the most appealing thing she could think of. Before he gave her a chance to say anything he probed the rim of her sphincter with the head of his soaking penis. The sensation caught her off guard, but in a pleasant way.

"Oh yes!" she screamed. "Fuck my ass!"

It wasn't easy. Even as wet as her cunt was, Ty's cock still didn't have near enough lube to make it happen smoothly. Trish winced in pain as she felt him move deeper inside of her.

"It feels amazing," he said. "Not just for me, but you love it too. You think it feels great, don't you?"

"Oh yes," she said. And she meant it. In a flash, a strong sense of carnal pleasure filled her body completely replacing the pain from a moment ago.

"The harder I fuck your ass, the better it feels for you," he said. "You'll cum multiple times before I'm through."

He started going back and forth. He couldn't go fast at first, but after a few times, her hole stretched enough to let him fuck her without rubbing him raw with friction. The more he did it and the faster he went the more she enjoyed it. Ty fucked her ass for a good three minutes. All the while she came several times. Each time sent waves of ecstasy through her body.

"The only thing you like better than me fucking your ass is me cumming in your mouth," Ty said.

"Oh, yes!" she said.

"Get on your knees, open your mouth and look at me," he said.

He pulled out. She did as he said. He shoved his cock in her open mouth.

"You don't gag," Ty said. "And I taste like your favorite dessert."

He grabbed her head and face fucked her. Trish had deep throated before, but she could never do it for long because she always choked. But despite how deep Ty's cock was moving in her throat, she didn't choke once. She couldn't believe it. And what's more, her mouth filled with the taste of raspberry tart. It tasted great.

"Fuck yeah, you stupid cunt," he said as cum spurted out of him and onto her tongue. He had never called a woman a cunt before. He didn't feel comfortable doing it, but it was all part his experiment. He wanted to see if he could truly get a woman to obey his every command no matter what.

Trish made a noise of pure joy as the cum slid down her gullet. Her body pulsated with tingles and goose bumps. After a minute, Ty finally pulled out. He zipped his pants and took a few steps away.

"You enjoy it when I call you a 'cunt' or a 'whore.' In fact, it turns you on to hear me say it. She smiled at him. "Now, pull your pants up and wait here for two minutes while I walk away. You won't tell anyone about this. In fact, you'll never even think about sharing this with anyone. You'll only remember it when you're alone and horny and you'll remember this time and masturbate til you orgasm. Understood?"

"Yes," she said. He started to walk away. She called after him. "I don't even know you're name."

He kept walking without acknowledging that he'd heard her. She didn't go after him though. She stayed for two minutes just like he asked. Ty walked out of the park smiling. He now believed that he could make any woman do anything he wanted at any time.

Unsure exactly what to do next, Ty did realize that his whole life had changed in an unbelievably amazing way. And what's more? He was just getting started.

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