The Naked Barmaid

byLady Grey©

I saw his eyes travel down my body taking in my breasts and my exposed pussy, there was no way to conceal myself from his gaze.

"I had heard you worked in a bar Samantha but I never guessed I would find you in here, you look absolutely delightful my dear. I think you should wear that outfit in the office I'm sure some of the other guys would love to see you dressed like that, or should I say undressed like that." He said with a grin.

I gave him a weak smile "Can I get you something to drink sir."

He nodded "That seems to be the idea; I'll have a JD on the rocks."

I turned to the bottle rack and took an ice filled glass and topped up with a generous measure of JD. I could still feel his eyes burning into me, I turned back and placed the glass in front of him he passed me a note "Keep the change Samantha, it's been a pleasure being served by you." With that he picked up the glass and turned from the bar.

I was shaking, how could this have happened why hadn't I considered it a possibility, but it was too late now it was done, was it going to be all round the office on Monday, I could imagine everyone looking at me, Oh shit, shit, shit.

Susu came over, "You got problems."

I explained to her what had happened.

She shook her head, "Will you loose you job?"

"I don't know I guess it depends on what he does."

"Why don't you have a word with him, maybe he'll keep it a secret."

I smiled, and maybe he won't but I guess I can give it a try."

I tried to put it out of my mind, would it be so bad if I lost my day job the pay was good here at the club and I could offer to do more work. Luckily I was kept busy and I did not see Ralph again till after my next break. When I came back into the bar after my break I found him sitting on a bar stool chatting with Jill.

Jill excused herself and went for her break; Ralph held up his glass to me "Fill this up again Samantha."

I took a fresh glass and made his drink and placed it in front of him, "The blonds nice, Jill isn't it?" he enquired.

I nodded.

"She got a lovely body, great tits, but then yours are not too bad either, didn't realise they were quite as big as that, you should show them off more."

I leaned close to the bar "Look Ralph what are you going to do about this, I hope you are not going to put it all around, you know it could mean my job if the upper management found out."

He smiled "Yes I guess it could, but I'm not like that, telling tales out of school is not my game. Your secrets safe with me Samantha."

I felt a little relieved but could I trust him, guys I've known seem to say one thing and do another.

"Of course I would need something in return for this favor."

I looked at him, "What do you mean, something in return."

"Well think about it if I spill the beans it means you are out of a job so I'm sure that's worth something?"

"Well what do you suggest?" I was being bloody naive now I knew what he wanted I had seen the way he looked at my body. But maybe there were compensations he wasn't a bad looking guy, I knew he was married so there would be no long lasting ties and I remembered how I felt when I got home last night, my little plastic friend had done the job but I so wished it had been a guy.

"What time do you finish?" He asked.

"Two o'clock but if I ask I can get off for one."

"Sounds fine I'll see you outside, at one. I think we can come to a mutual understanding" He picked up his glass smiled and slid off the stool.

Jody had said when we started that two of us could leave at one o'clock so I asked the others if that was okay if I left early, Erica smiled and nodded, "Have you pulled Sam, you lucky girl, there are some nice young men out there tonight I wish I was single like you."

I smiled and shook my head "You don't know half."

By the time one o'clock came I was actually looking forward to meeting Ralph the whole evening had made me extremely horny once again and although Ralph might not have been my first choice he was probably better than my little plastic friend.

Ralph was waiting for me on the steps of the Club, he smiled, "Like you better in your working clothes," he said with a grin, "Can we go to your place or do I have to book a room."

I didn't like the idea of a seedy hotel room so I agreed that we should go back to my place at least I wouldn't have to go home afterwards. He signaled a passing taxi and I gave him my address. As we drove home he asked me about the job "Does it excite you to be naked with all those guys around."

I nodded, "Yes I guess it does, but I like living dangerously." I said with a grin.

When we arrived at my place he paid off the taxi and we made our way up to my small but stylish apartment, "Nice little place you got here," he said looking around.

"Yes I like it, it's a little expensive that's why I need two jobs but I guess it's worth it."

I took off my coat and hung it up "You want a drink or something?" I asked.

He smiled, "I think I have had enough to drink to night Samantha I'll settle for the something. So now you have taken your coat off, why don't you keep going"

Well I guess I had asked for it for taking the job at Crystals in the first place, I began to unbutton my blouse and he stood watching me a slight smile on his face.

"It's strange I've been looking at you starker's all night and I'm still getting a kick out of watching you strip."

I didn't rush things, I wanted him to be ready, I needed to feel a guy inside me, I slipped each item of clothing off and folded it neatly at last I stood before him naked just as he had seen me all evening.

"You really do have a great body," he said walking slowly over to me, he reached out and took a breast in each hand and caressed them tenderly working my nipples with his thumbs "I've wanted to do that all evening," he said hoarsely.

As he continued to caress my breasts I began to undress him unbuttoning his shirt and running my hands over his strong muscular chest, I pulled at his belt and once it was undone he allowed his pants to fall down to the floor, I glanced down at his striped boxers and saw a presentable erection striving to escape. He groaned as I reached down and took him in my grasp and ran my hand slowly down the length of his straining cock, he groaned again.

"My you are a big boy," I whispered urgently in his ear, "Shall we move into the bedroom I think you will find it more comfortable."

He nodded and followed me kicking off his shoes and stripping off his shirt. In the bedroom I climbed up onto the bed and looked at him, "Okay Ralphie lets see what you have got." He grinned and eased down his boxers, my eyes widened, when I saw what he had to offer, I ran my tongue over my lips, the way I was feeling at that would do me very nicely, I fell back on the bed and spread open my legs and ran a finger over my already wet pussy. "Are you going to make me pay for being a bad girl?" I asked in a sexy whisper, "Are you going to stick that big cock in me for being such a naughty girl."

He looked down at the sight before him, my legs were wide apart my pussy spread open the pink wetness plain for him to see, he did not hesitate a moment longer he was up onto the bed, easing himself between my thighs, I groaned and clutched on to the bedclothes as I felt the head of his cock opening me up and then he was slipping easily inside me lubricated by my oozing juices.

This was better than last night I thought to myself as he began a steady rhythm, thrusting deep into me I clung onto him gripping his arms thrusting my body up to meet his every stroke, he was a good lover, he kept me waiting, I pleaded with him to finish off but he continued his steady rhythm, driving me higher and higher until at last I could take it no longer and I came again and again. I felt the exquisite sensation as his juices flooded into me, and I lay back gasping for air.

We rested in each others arms sweaty and sticky then when he was ready we did it again, this time with more care but the end result was just as satisfying, afterwards I went down on him until his cock was large and proud again and he returned the complement, after that unbelievably we made love for a third time that evening, It was almost light when he at last dragged himself off to the shower before dressing and leaning over to kiss me tenderly.

"See you in the office on Monday Samantha." He said with a wink as the door closed behind him.

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