tagErotic HorrorThe Nature of Getting What You Want

The Nature of Getting What You Want


September 16 2008.

By the time Kayla roused the next morning, the sun was already high in the sky. It shone pink through her eyelids as she lay quietly thinking about the previous night, not wanting to leave her memories. Khree proved himself to be enthusiastic and talented in bed. Kayla came so many times that she lost count before she fell into a sex coma. She rolled over and opened her eyes. Khree was already awake and looking at her seriously.

'Do you trust me?' he asked.

'Based on some of the stuff I let you do to me last night,' Kayla grinned like an idiot 'I would have to say yes,'

'Then look at those flowers,' Khree gestured at a bunch of dead roses on Kayla's dressing table.

Suddenly the roses were beautiful, fresh buds again.

Kayla was stunned.

'Furthermore,' Khree turned a large silver ring on his finger round and touched it against Kayla's arm. She came like lightning, gasped and flopped backward.

'How the hell did you do that?' she choked trying to recover from such sudden ecstasy.

'It's an enchanted ring. I made it for Casanova. That man was all about quantity not quality ...' Khree looked dreamy for a moment.

'What the hell are you?' Kayla had recovered from the orgasm but was now staggering under the shock of what she had just seen and experienced.

'There's not a word in your language, but I think 'djinn' would be close,'

Kayla shrunk as far away from Khree on the bed as she thought she could without falling off, but gravity started to catch and she was about to tumble off the bed when Khree grabbed her.

'Look, I mean you no harm. I'm lonely, you're lonely; I just want to help you,'

Kayla listened, not as stunned by Khree's revelations than she felt she should be. Things had felt so unreal since Darryl left her. This was probably a hallucination ... or not?

'I can give you anything you ever wanted,'

Kayla immediately pictured herself pregnant, holding a baby.

'All you have to do is let me stay with you two more nights, and eat three special meals that I cook. It will ease my isolation and then you can have your heart's desire.'

What would it hurt to go along? There was nothing in the world left for Kayla to lose regardless of the outcome of this adventure.

'Fine, just don't turn me into a toad or something,' she visibly relaxed.

'Then slaggadh ne keranghe, the deal is done,' Khree smiled 'now let me kiss you again,'

Kayla complied.

'You know there are lots of other things I can do; the things we can do together are infinite ...' Khree shimmered and in bed beside her he became twins and then one changed before her eyes into Rad Smith, Kayla's favourite movie star. Rad began working above her waist, Khree below tonguing her and gently probing with his fingers. Rad kissed her and massaged her breasts, rolling her nipples between his fingers. Then Khree slipped himself inside her arse and Rad, her pussy, both pumped away till she felt the metal against her leg again and she came so hard that she saw blinding phosphenes for ten minutes.

The rest of the afternoon was spent exploring every fantasy Kayla had ever had. Khree became a football team, her high school best friend, a supermodel she had secretly desired. Khree had spirited her away to have sex in a prison and in a tropical sea.

By late afternoon, she was exhausted and sore. As the light started to fade, Khree said it was time for the first of the three special meals.

A storm was coming and the clouds were a disturbing green colour. Kayla sat on the veranda whilst Khree cooked. Latin American music was coming from across the road. She found it soothing. The evening air was filled with the twin perfumes of jasmine and orange blossoms from her front garden. All lulled her till she was daydreaming. Then the hail hit. The sound of ice on corrugated iron snapped Kayla out of her trance. Spell broken, she went back inside.

Dinner was on the table. Had she been outside that long? It was vegetable stew and absolutely delicious. It was full of things Kayla did not recognise and strange spices. When she asked about them, Khree said he had gone a great distance to get them.

September 15 2008 (the night before).

Kayla sat at a table in the pub, poking at her lemonade with her straw. Slowly it dawned on her that she was completely hollow inside. No love, no hate. Her personality was gone and all that was left was her depression. No wonder no one wanted to be around her.

Then her ex-husband of three weeks, Darryl, sat down at a table three across from her with his noticeably pregnant girlfriend Sharon. After a minute or so, Darryl left Sharon and went to the bar. He flirted with the barmaid outrageously, who seemed very flattered by his attention.

Darryl was a handsome man with a great deal of personal magnetism; that's why Kayla had fallen for him. He was also a charming bastard but the bastard part informed pretty much all his actions. It occurred to her that all that charm had encouraged her to inaction when she discovered his true self. Furthermore, Kayla realised inaction seemed to have become her default life position. She watched Darryl give the barmaid his number behind Sharon's back, and then return to the table with drinks, acting like nothing happened. She decided at that moment she was going to be more proactive.

The sight of Sharon's belly was hard for Kayla to take though, given her own recently discovered infertility. Thankfully the couple didn't seem to notice Kayla. She stared at the dove of peace tattoo on Sharon's upper arm, absentmindedly played with her long plait and thought about starting a war.

She was downing her last drink when a voice startled her.

'She's not worth it.'

Horrified, Kayla looked up to see a strangely familiar looking man. It took her a second to realise that with his dark hair, green eyes and pale freckled skin, the reason he seemed familiar was because he resembled a male version of Kayla, herself. She was a little taken aback.

'You don't know what I was thinking.' she stammered.

'You were contemplating having a violent cat fight with that cheap looking woman wearing the dove tattoo.' He pointed at Sharon.


This exchange made Kayla smile, something she hadn't done in weeks, so she asked him to sit. He introduced himself as Khree. They drank and talked till closing. There was something irresistible about Khree — he even smelled good. Kayla decided this was her moment to do something and asked Khree to come home with her. He readily agreed.

The humidity wrapped them like a woollen blanket as they left the pub. The weather had been strange recently and an unseasonal storm was building. They strolled through Kayla's part of town, through the crumbling federation style houses, barely talking, sexual tension mounting. By the time they got to her home, the pressure was unbearable. Khree exploded first, pinning Kayla hard against the veranda rail and kissing her roughly on the mouth. The first storm winds started to blow up, bringing with it the scent of night blooming things. Kayla fumbled with the door keys, Khree kissing the back of her neck. They fumbled in the door, kissing more, and then undressing. He nuzzled her breasts, she fondled his hard cock. Thunder boomed in the west.

'I want to see your arse,' Khree turned her round and then bent her over the couch.

Before she could protest, he entered her from behind, full length in one go. He thrust into her violently; Kayla loving every moment of it. As she could sense he was about to come, she felt something cold press against her thigh and she abruptly had a blinding orgasm, Khree, just moments later. As they curled up on the couch to recover, it began to rain.

September 17 2008 (the day after)

Kayla woke in Khree's arms, feeling strangely secure. He was already awake, holding her. He conjured breakfast in bed for the two of them, a bouquet of freesias for Kayla (her favourite) and they ate together. She was so comfortable that she never wanted to leave the bed, so they didn't for hours, screwing when the mood took them and exploring each other's bodies in depth. After that string of five orgasms, Kayla vowed to Khree later, that she'd like to marry that ring.

After they did get up, they simply sat around the house for the rest of day, talking. Khree was reticent to discuss himself or his powers, preferring to have Kayla provide all the conversation. He possessed a knack for getting her to open up about herself, something that she found refreshing after Darryl's giant ego.

Kayla went for a walk before dinner. The sun was going down and another storm was brewing. She underestimated how close it was and half-way home a torrential downpour soaked her totally. He must have heard her coming because Khree met Kayla at the door and he zapped her into a peach silk kimono.

Dinner was another delicious meal. It was stew too, but with meat this time. She faintly recognised the meat, but before she could open her mouth to ask what it was, Khree said it was rabbit. She recalled then, her mother giving it to her when she was a child.

They were just settling down for the evening when there was a knock on the door. It was Darryl; he was drunk and not impressed when Kayla wouldn't let him in. She tried to shut the door but he shoved hard and burst into the room on the force of that push.

'You fucking slut!' he spat when he saw Khree. Darryl took a swing at Kayla and then disappeared. Stunned, Kayla looked at Khree.

'Where did you send him?'

'Some place no one ever comes back from,' stated Khree with a smile.

Kayla thought on this development a moment and realised that it did not bother her much. He was gone; gone for good. All she felt was relief.

They went back to their evening like nothing had happened.

September 18 2008

On waking her head was on Khree's chest and she was listening to what appeared to be two heartbeats. Kayla felt happier than she had since before the first time she caught Darryl cheating. Could she be falling in love with Khree? Was love with this being even possible?

Around midday, Darryl's mother rang looking for him. Kayla felt a prick of conscience when she told her that she hadn't seen him. She liked her former mother in law and wished her no harm ... Then Sharon rang and started abusing her. For a moment she wished Sharon dead, rotted, gone but then another prick of conscience reminded her of Sharon's pregnancy and her own pain and then things derailed and she yelled back at Sharon that Darryl was probably off screwing someone else and then hung up the phone.

Flustered, she sought comfort in Khree. Kissing her tenderly, they embraced on the couch and gently caressing and disrobing, he kissed the length of her belly, then tenderly licked her velvet with his tongue. Khree turned round, Kayla took him into her mouth and sucked him till he came, metallic and sharp, in her mouth. She cried with joy when she finally felt that cold metal pressing against her thigh. They lay naked together for hours afterward.

Before the last of the three special meals, Kayla went walking again, this time thinking. A storm was building in the west again, but for the moment, a fragrant twilight closed around her. She decided she was going to ask Khree to stay. She was not sure how it was going to work, but she was no longer feeling depressed and she wanted him, loved him and would be wrenched by his leaving. She couldn't face that again.

As she walked in the front door, she was seduced by the most heavenly smell coming from the kitchen. Dinner was stew again. This time she recognised the meat immediately; it was pork.

Strong winds began to rattle the windows as they sat down at the table.

Khree had given her a huge bowl and ate heartily along with her. The bottom of the bowl was approaching and she decided to tackle one last, large piece of meat and then that would be it. She flipped the chunk and saw a dove of peace tattoo on it. Her stomach reacted automatically. She threw up over the table before she could stop herself. Covered in vomit, she scrambled to get away from the table, getting tangled and tripping over the chair. She pulled herself back up to standing and turned on Khree.

'I ate Sharon ... I ate Sharon ...' Kayla's voice rising. She tried to wrap herself mentally around what had happened 'You made me eat Sharon!'

Thunder boomed.

'I had to,' said Khree, leaning back on his chair in a strangely casual manner 'to make you like me ... that is how you become one of us ... first the plants, then the animals and then one of your own. You wanted Sharon dead; you want to be with me too, I know, I read your thoughts. Now we can be together forever.'

Kayla stood, bolted to the spot in her horror. All her plans dissolved. He had betrayed her trust, not the same way Darryl had, but it felt the same.

'I have powers now?' Kayla was staring him down and gesticulating maniacally 'I have powers now? ... I can have anything I want? I tell you what I want! I want you to go the hell back to where you came from!"

Khree screamed, there was a flash of light, the smell of sulphur and Khree's seat was empty and singed.

Across the road, a jacaranda tree exploded with the force of a lightning strike.

April 17 2009

Kayla lay on the couch, feeling like a beached whale. Her huge pregnant belly was already stretched so tight, she could barely stand it. The baby kicked.

'You're a busy bubba today, aren't you?' she crooned. The baby kicked again and she suddenly felt an overwhelming urge for liquorice all-sorts. A bowl of them floated across the room and landed on her bump. She looked at the bump, vexed.

'Bubba, what did I tell you about levitating things'

Then she ate one anyway and flipped on the television. It was going to be a long two months till this little creature was born ...

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