tagBDSMThe New Slave Ch. 02

The New Slave Ch. 02


Chapter 2 The Exam

Moving quickly down the highway, Caren noted that the slave was coming around very quickly. He was more than aware of his surroundings and was obviously very aroused by them.

Lorin jokingly said that he seemed to be very interested in the doctor, "since he hasn't taken his eyes off of you since we got into the car."

The doctor just smiled and patted the slave's thigh. They all had noticed that he was watching the doctor very closely, not fearfully but with rapt interest. There was no wonder to this, as she did look exceptionally good. Given her long shapely legs and her gorgeous breasts, it was more than debatable which were her best attributes. Her legs were fully exposed, her short skirt barely hiding the fact that she wore no panties. And her top was of the sheerest fabrics, being completely see-through, but during the auction she had been wearing a business suit top. Now, in the car she had taken it off. She might be a doctor and a business owner, but more than that she was a woman. Her nipples were standing out; the more she worked with her new slave.

She too had noticed that he was aroused; enough that the skin of his cock was bulging tightly through the brass cage that held his cock and balls tight. More than obvious was the clear pre-cum that was flowing from him, running down the front of the chastity device. Copious didn't begin to describe the amount. He was literally, free flowing. All of them were amazed, even the security officer who kept glancing back at the slave's exposed groin. It would seem that the slave could not keep his eyes off of his new owner. And the bulging skin pushing against his cage proved that. Even Dr Sherry thought that it must be painful for him, the cage being designed to hold him tight. This cage was designed for average size man, not one of this size. She was amazed at the sight, and she had not even seen him hard, yet. Lorin and the security officer were also amazed, continuously talking about the slave's endowment. Dr Sherry placed her hand on the cage and tried wiggling it side to side, but found that there was no play in it at all, it was that tightly attached to him. Lorin watched intently as the doctor pushed and pulled at the cage, checking to see if it was too tight on him. Obviously it was. He did not fit in it.

With the slave regaining his senses so quickly, the doctor would have to act quickly. Asking Lorin for her medical bag, the doctor quickly removed a syringe containing a mild sedative. With his arms restrained and stretched across the top of the seat back, it was easy to administer the slight dose, causing him to almost immediately relax. It was obvious as he slumped down farther in the seat, his chin resting on his chest. Dr Sherry checked him, pulling his face up and looking into his eyes. He was wide-awake, but had a dreamy look on his face, and an unusual smile. What she had given him was a very mild sedative; more to relax him, without letting him go to sleep. Some people had described this sedative as being similar to laughing gas.

Letting his chin fall back to his chest, the doctor decided that she would begin his full exam, as soon as they reached the compound. There, in her clinic, the doctor would be able to fully examine him, at her leisure. For the first time in a very very long time, the doctor was excited about an exam involving a male slave. It had become routine to her and had ceased being anything near a sexual experience. But this time, she was surprised to find herself excited. She could actually feel the moistness beginning to well up inside her pussy, her lips slowly becoming more lubricated as the thick fluid began to seep from her.

Looking at the cage, it was obvious that the sedative had a profound effect on the slave, but none on his arousal. He was still stuffed into the cage, his cock and balls pushing outward between the brass hardware. She laughed to herself, thinking that even if he were completely soft, he would probably still be stuffed in the cage, just due to his size. He was still dripping heavily, a thick clear fluid. The fact that his cock was sticking upward, pressed against his stomach, didn't help things, as the fluids ran down the cage onto his shaft and balls. Frowning, Dr Sherry decided that she might as well get started now, instead of waiting to arrive at the clinic. And she more than wanted to see exactly what it was that she had just purchased. Besides, she had just given him the sedative and it was better to inject him now, rather than wait.

Lorin handed her another syringe, this one having a very small thin needle. This injection would be to 'relax' his cock, making the exam a lot easier. Lorin was more than interested as the doctor prepared the injection, turning around in her seat and facing back just to watch. The doctor worried about Lorin at times, she was just too interested in certain male slaves, and this one seemed to interest her a lot. Even the security officer was trying to turn around to get a good view of what the doctor was about to do. The doctor wanted to 'numb up' his cock, keeping it in a semi flaccid state. This would make the examination a lot easier. By the way that she was doing the injection, his balls would remain mostly unaffected by the numbing agent. Also, the injections would lessen his flow of pre-cum, making the exam a lot cleaner and easier.

By now, the sedative had started to kick in, the slave just smiling and slowly looking around. At times his chin would just rest on his chest, almost as if he were sleeping, or at least, very tired. Since his ankles were restrained outward to the seat posts, he was in an excellent position for any exam, totally exposed and more than accessible to the doctor. She reached down pressing the top of the cage up against his stomach, forcing his cock tight against his body. Even sedated, he was very thick, his softening cock still bulging against the cage. She took the syringe and located an injection site, on the underside of his cock, near the base of the shaft. Carefully, she pushed the needle into him causing an immediate jerk in his body. Slowly, she pumped 5cc into the thick muscles. The only sound the slave made was a very low moan as his head bobbed around, looking down.

She pulled the needle from him and quickly located a second site, on the opposite side of his cock. Again she pushed the needle into him, giving him an additional 5 cc's in the opposite side of the quickly softening flesh. By the time she pulled the needle out, his cock was almost completely soft. She was surprised seeing that even soft, his cock was still much larger than the average male's. The injections didn't seem to have hurt him since he didn't make a sound after the first injection. The doctor wanted his cock totally relaxed and numb, so that she could do a more than thorough examination of it. With the way the injections were administered, there would be no adverse effects on his balls. The doctor could hardly wait. She wanted him in her clinic, restrained, and stretched out for her hands to examine. This would probably be a very prolonged exam. For the first time in a long time, she could actually feel her pussy lips beginning to swell open.

Looking up, the doctor could see that Lorin was almost drooling, watching the injections. Lorin had helped on a lot of exams and more than enjoyed the medical aspects of the things done to the male slaves. She seemed to enjoy them, a little too much. But the doctor trusted Lorin, having never seen anything that would indicate she that she might be a problem. Lorin continued to watch intently as the doctor did a quick cursory exam around the injection sites, checking for bruising. Within a few minutes, the slave's cock was completely soft and numb, lying fatly across the huge balls.

The doctor couldn't wait as the vehicle pulled into the compound. Going immediately to the clinic, they released the restraints and took the giddy new slave into the exam room. The security officer only had to use an arm/wrist hold on him to coax him forward, into the building. Several of the female slaves, as well as female employees of the doctor watched excitedly as the slave's huge balls bounced around as he was led into the building. They were literally hanging down so low, that they bounced off of his thighs as he walked. Having no loincloth on and having the chastity cage removed, freed his parts to hang out freely. They were impressive.

In the exam room, the security guard and Lorin put the slave onto the exam table, locking his ankles into leather restraints at the foot of the table. Both of the restraints were attached to what was similar to a gynecologist's table, with the legs having the ability and function of opening up wide and lifting upward. Both of his wrists were restrained and pulled upward over his head, then attached to a locking device at the head of the exam table. Stretched out on the table, the slave's movement was very restricted, almost locked into a reclined position.

He was conscious but almost dreamy eyed as he glanced around the exam room, his eyes fluttering as if he were trying to wake up. Being spread out on the table, his balls lay flatly on the table surface, while his cock lay sprawled out across his pelvis, still soft but very thick. Watching closely, Dr Sherry noted that it would begin to elongate, and then suddenly soften up, growing short. Even soft, the head would flare up thick and wide, and then soften. She had seen this reaction before. Using the injections of the numbing agent had stifled his cock's erection ability, but had not diminished his arousal level. Being tied down nude, with three more than attractive women in the room, had increased his arousal. His cock was trying to harden, but could not. Not until the doctor allowed it, which would be very soon.

Putting on latex gloves, the doctor was ready to start her very thorough, hands-on exam. She began by doing a quick visual inspection. The slave appeared to be in his mid 40's, around 6 feet tall, in the neighborhood of 180 lbs. He had short brown hair with tinges of grey in it, clean-shaven, and in general, somewhat handsome. He was not exceptionally muscled but appeared to be in excellent shape. He was broad shouldered, tapering down to a slim waist and slim hips and had very nice legs for a male. The doctor could not discern any abnormality or anything that would suggest a deviation from a well-developed, normal healthy male.

The doctor had examined hundreds, if not thousands of males in her time, but this one was noticeably developed in one area. His genitals were remarkable. His cock was smooth skinned, very thick and muscled, around 5 inches long when flaccid. At first glance he appeared to be un-circumcised, but closer examination showed the telltale circumcision scar running from the bottom of the head, down to the bottom of the foreskin. This could be seen without touching him. His cock was lying on top of his huge ball sac, outward across his upper thigh. The balls were enormous, the sac appearing to be about the same size as a medium grapefruit. His cock and balls were completely hairless and the skin was baby soft. The entire pubic area was smooth clean white skin, surrounded by his dark tan lines. This, the doctor found surprisingly odd. Slaves weren't known for having tans, unless it was a personal preference of their owner, or unless they were in the entertainment end of the business. This one had a very deep dark tan, as if he had been working on it for some time.

The doctor glanced up at the slave, seeing that he was still smiling tranquilly, slowly looking around the room. As the doctor would move closer to his upper body, the slave would notice her and watch her closely. As she stepped back toward his feet, the slave would begin to look around the room, as if he had lost track of her. It was obvious that he was still very sedated. The doctor, judging by his soft cock, knew that it was sedated as well. She had found years ago, that a numb cock was easier to work on, than a rock hard one. Besides, she knew several ways that would bring it around, when she was ready for that. Dr Sherry decided that it was time to begin her real exam, the part that she had been really waiting for, during the past couple of hours. So far, her exam had consisted of only a visual inspection. She was more than pleased with what she had seen so far.

Rachel the security officer, and Lorin were still present in the room, standing close by. They were watching intently as the doctor moved around the restrained slave, finishing her visual inspection. When the doctor changed the exam table configuration, they both got excited, knowing that the 'good parts' were about to start. The doctor didn't mind since both of them had been present on many occasions when things turned to a sexual nature. The doctor had witnessed both of them in sexual episodes, just as they had seen the doctor in some of her own sexual episodes.

The doctor began by raising the stirrups holding the slave's legs. As the legs were raised, the doctor raised a section of the table, directly under the slave's hips. Now, the slave's legs were still spread wide open, but they were higher than his hips. His butt and hips were now raised up, giving more exposure to his genitals and butt. He couldn't get any more exposed than he was, and both Rachel and Lorin moved around to his feet to get a better view. From there, they could continue to watch as the doctor continued the exam. The doctor had seen everything that she needed to see, in regards to his overall body. Now, sitting in a rolling chair, she moved it in closer to him, between his outstretched thighs. With her face only inches from his genitals, she sat and viewed the huge organs, looking for any abnormalities. At the auction, she had used a remote electrical device, which told her that he was without a doubt, functional. Now she wanted to know just how functional he was.

With gloved hands, she reached up and squeezed the middle of the slave's cock. It was soft but very fat and bloated. Squeezing it showed good penile blood supply as the base of the shaft ballooned outward and the head pushed slowly out of the foreskin. Peering at it, the doctor could see the more than obvious 3-inch circumcision scar running from just under the base of the head to the bottom of the foreskin. She squeezed it several times in the middle, watching the ballooning effect, then stopped to see if he began to swell. Staying soft indicated to the doctor that the injections into his cock were still working. He was numb. She continued examining the cock, noting that the head was somewhat larger than the normal male's, even in the flaccid state. But what surprised her was the size of the urethral opening. It was huge. Instead of the small hole where urine was expelled, this one was stretched open wide, like a gaping mouth. The doctor decided that she could investigate this later.

Continuing, she found that the slave had two piercing holes through the underside foreskin. Both holes didn't appear to be fresh, but were still open. The doctor told Lorin to find two jewelry pieces for the slave's cock. As Lorin left the room, the doctor asked, "Rachel, what do you think?"

The long legged security officer just smiled and said "yummy!"

The doctor agreed. Being soft, the cock head was somewhat hidden by the thick foreskin. The doctor pulled the foreskin back tightly, holding it, watching as the cock head pushed outward. There were several drops of pre-cum oozing from the open mouth. Even numb, the slave still knew what was being done to him. He couldn't control his arousal, even if he wanted to. The doctor examined the thick head, noting that the coronal ridge was extremely pronounced. The valley between the top of the foreskin and where it meets with the ridge of the flared head was very deep. This would be a trait seen mostly in entertainment slaves. This deep valley would be in great demand, for women that liked to feel a "pop" as the cock pushed into them, and again as it pulled out. This, the tan, and the piercing holes confirmed to the doctor that the slave had been, at one time, an entertainment slave.

Pushing the cock aside to rest on his pelvis, the doctor then began her examination on the balls. With both hands, she reached under the sac and held one ball in each hand. Hefting them up and down, she was amazed at the weight of each. Each one was about the size of a medium avocado. Resting in the huge soft sac, she gently moved each ball around, feeling with her fingers, attempting to find any abnormalities. The one thing that she noticed very quickly was that she could not reach her fingers around either ball. After examining each individually, she felt up to the top of each ball, locating the vas deferens and the epididymus, the cords and tubes that carry the sperm from the ball to the opening of the urethra. She was amazed to find that they too were huge, the thick tubes being about the size of a straw.

She continued to gently probe and prod the thick orbs feeling each one till she was satisfied that they were more than healthy. The slave did not even flinch during this part of the exam, contrary to what every male had done in the past. Strange, she thought to herself, knowing medically that the genitals were packed with sensitive nerve endings. Still cupping each ball in her hands, she gently wrapped her fingers around them individually, the best that she could. Holding them tightly, she began to gently squeeze them. With no response to the manual stimuli, she squeezed a little harder. There was still no response. She held on tightly and adjusted her grip, watching the slave's face intently.

Using her arms, she pulled the sac downward gripping each ball as hard as she could. The slave flinched a little, his hips slowly thrusting upward as a slight moan came from his throat. She continued the hard squeezing but stopped after several moments when she realized that the slave was not in any pain. This did surprise her. Lifting up the still soft cock, she saw that the amount of pre-cum had increased, indicating that he was aroused. But he should have been in pain, just from her exam on his balls. She looked at the shocked Lorin and Rachel, mumbling that she would have to perform more tests. She wasn't sure about the slave's functionality. She had seen his evidence on her hand and wrist at the auction and that had been very motile sperm. But this was surprising her. She had never seen anything like this.

With the slave's hips propped upward, she lubricated her right glove hand liberally. Moving in between his outstretched legs, she lubricated his anus. Gently, she began to insert one finger into him. As soon as she entered him, there was another slight moan from him as hips began to push outward.

"Well," she said out loud, "this proves that he responds as he should. If he didn't start to thrust, I'd wonder about him." With that, she pushed her finger deeper into the orifice, and then curved her finger upward, feeling around. After a few seconds, she found what she was looking for, his prostrate. With her finger deeply embedded in him, massaging his prostrate, she moved her thumb outside of him, in essence, pinching the prostrate from both sides. Gently massaging it, she saw his cock spasm several times, like slight twitches. She continued her massage, getting a little harder till she saw what she was waiting for. With his cock completely soft, several very large globs of creamy white sperm began to run from the mouth of the thick shaft. The doctor looked up and motioned to Rachel for a towel. Quickly, Rachel grabbed a towel and started to dab at the increasing amount of sperm coming from the still soft cock. The doctor slowly pulled her finger out and took off the glove, discarding it.

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