tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Next Door Neighbour Ch. 05

The Next Door Neighbour Ch. 05


Debbie had dressed in the little skirt and top as ordered, but her mum frowned at her with disapproval. "Honestly Debs! Haven't you got anything else to wear?"

Debbie shook her head. "Not really mum, besides I like this skirt and top, I think that they look nice."

"But you look a bit," her mum tilted her head as she studied her. "Well a bit trashy if you must know." Her mum finished on a sigh.

Debbie gave a resentful little sniff and stalked out of the kitchen. She went into the back garden to place a stack of plates on the garden table. And then she sat on the wooden bench with a little sigh.

She felt weird not wearing any knickers under her little black skirt, but she had been told to do this and she didn't dare to disobey.

"Good evening Debbie."

Debbie's head came up and she blushed guiltily, "good evening Mrs. Groves, Mr. Groves."

The older lady smiled at her from her chubby face and lifted a chubby arm to wave to her.

Mr. Groves just looked at her knowingly.

"You stay and chat with Debbie dear, while I go and talk with Mrs. Parker."

Debbie heard the older woman with a gulp of fear and a twist in her gut. She watched as the slimy little man came over to her.

"So how are you tonight Debbie?" he asked her with a smirk.

"I'm fine Mr. Groves, how are you?" she asked politely as she wiped a sweaty palm down her skirt.

He leaned forward a little and lowered his voice. "Did you keep you knickers off?"

"Yes Mr. Groves," she mumbled as she looked around. She could hear voices in the house and knew that people were arriving for the party but at this moment they had the garden to themselves.

"Show me you cunt Debbie." He suddenly commanded vulgarly.

Debbie spread her legs and lifted her skirt to give him a quick look and he sniggered.

"Go on then Debbie, stroke it for me."

She gave another quick look around and then proceeded to rub at her pussy for him.

"I want to see you do that as often as possible tonight Debbie, and when I'm ready I'll give you the fuck of your life."

He sniggered again and then turned to walk away. Debbie pulled her skirt back into place with a shaky little sigh.

Mr. Groves passed several people as he went into the house, and before long the garden was a hive of activity.

There were people everywhere, but that didn't seem to deter Mr. Groves. Every so often he would come over to Debbie and shielding her from other people he would say "now Debbie."

Debbie would dutifully put her hand under her skirt and finger her clitoris, and give a pained little gasp as Mr. Groves would suddenly back away leaving her on full display to any one who might be looking.

He timed it to perfection, always seem to know when the attention was elsewhere, no one caught her, but Debbie felt her nerves were in shreds.

At one point Debbie found herself on the far side of the table as she handed plates and things to people. She smile shakily as Mr. Groves came and stood next to her, chatting calmly whilst he loaded a plate with food. Suddenly there was a lull at the table as everyone seemed to have food and they were alone there.

"What a lovely evening this is Debbie." Mr. Groves said cheerfully, he picked up a piece of celery and handed it to her. "Season that for me please." He requested calmly.

Debbie took it from him and with a quick furtive look around she put it under her skirt and rubbed it along her clit.

She handed it back to him and he bit into it. "Very nice Debbie."

As he walked behind her he pinched her bottom, "be ready for me Debbie, it won't be long now."

The party was coming to a head and it would soon be time for the fireworks. Debbie remained firmly behind that table doing her best to be invisible.

"Hurry up everyone it's nearly time." Some one called as everyone made there way to the top of the garden.

Debbie turned to follow but Mr. Groves hand on her arm stopped her. "No Debbie, we stay here." He ordered from the shadows where he was hiding.

"Aren't you coming to watch Debbie?" a young man called with a friendly grin.

Debbie forced a smile. "Not yet Rick, I'll be up in a bit."

"Suit yourself." He shrugged as he left her alone with her pervy next door neighbour.

"Bend forward a little bit for me Debbie and lift up your skirt." He whispered from the shadows.

She did this and gasped as he grabbed her roughly around the waist and pushed his hard cock violently inside of her.

He went at it hell for leather pumping away hard and fast, all the time he rubbed at her clitoris and called her a dirty little tramp and filthy little whore.

As she felt him come inside of her she climaxed herself with a little sob. She slumped forward over the table as he came out of her.

"Go inside Debbie and put some knickers on." He ordered her nastily. "Everyone keeps looking at you and saying what a little slut you look like." She looked at him with something close to hate before fleeing inside and running to her bedroom. She slammed the door too and turned the lock in the door.

She would not return to that party, she fumed silently. She was done with it and this whole god damned neighbourhood!

The house fell silent as everyone left and Debbie heard her mum calling her.

"There you are love." She looked at her daughter questioningly, "what happened to you?"

"I got a bit of a head ache after all those fireworks, so I went to my room for some peace and quiet."

"Oh I'm sorry about that love." Her mum gave her a little hug, something she'd not done for years.

"It was such a good party, and everyone kept saying how pretty you looked and how helpful you were being. I was so proud of you tonight Debs." He mum finished fondly.

"Thanks mum, but I didn't do that much."

"You did enough love." Her mum smiled at her. "Now why don't you go to bed and we can sort this mess out tomorrow."

"Oh are you back on nights then?" Debbie asked her casually.

Her mum pulled a little face. "Yes all week." She sighed in resignation, and then looked at her daughter with a little concern. "You'll be alright on your own won't you Debs?"

Debbie gave a little laugh. "Oh yes I'll be asleep so I'll be fine." She lied.

"Good." He mum gave her a kiss on the cheek and led her up the stairs. With a quiet goodnight they parted on the landing and Debbie went to her bed room.

She sat on the edge of her bed thinking, with her mum on nights she just knew that Mr. Groves would want to take advantage of that. She gave a little sigh and got ready for bed, she was in his debt so there was really nothing she could do about it. He'd said twelve sessions and they had now done five, so that left seven more times where he could indulge himself with her. She could handle that, she thought to herself. After all some of it had been quite exciting. She was getting quite good at playing his game and getting something out of it for herself. She smiled secretively as she climbed into her bed, it had been a long and stressful day and she was shattered, it had also been stimulating and she had learned something about herself.

She curled up in bed with a happy little yawn, people had liked her, they had thought that she was nice and her mum had been proud of her. It had been a good day.

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