tagFetishThe Nicest Way to Meet

The Nicest Way to Meet


I sadly crawled onto my comforting bed and sunk down into the soft mattress. The sheets were clean and smelled nice. Too bad I was alone, I thought wearily. I had spent the day waiting for my boyfriend to call and tell me that he was in town. Around 8 pm, which was when he was supposed to land in Phoenix, he called to tell me that his flight had been delayed and that he wasn't going to be in town till the next day. I was so bummed. I had only talked to him on the phone and on my computer. We were perfect for each other, but, we still had never met face to face, and I had spent the whole day on pins and needles waiting for him to arrive.

Even though he now wasn't coming till tomorrow, I had gone ahead and slipped on my silky black nighty with thin red shoulder straps and small red roses along the hemline. Might as well indulge in my new lingerie, with or without my man around. Anything to cheer myself up at this point.

I pulled the covers up to my chin and closed my eyes thinking about how anxious and excited I was to see Mike the next day. I had so many thoughts running through my head I was having a hard time drifting off to sleep. When I had talked to him on the phone earlier that evening, he said that his flight would be in so late, that he would just get a room in Phoenix, which was about an hour drive from my small town, and drive down in the morning. I would be at work, it being a Friday, but I had mailed him a key to my place so that he could let himself in case something like this came up.

I started thinking about how absolutely yummy Mike's pictures that he had sent me were, and I lightly ran my hands down the front of my silky nightgown. Tomorrow night at this time... I will probably be lying here with him, I thought to myself. I felt a shiver run all the way down my neck to my toes. Mmmmm... maybe he'll be sucking my toes 24 hours from now... I giggled to myself. He was so perfect for me. Handsome, sweet, funny, sexy, hard working, sexy, tattoos, wonderful arms, smart, sexy, sexy, and sexy. I felt so lucky to have him. I was so excited to spend time with him.. to talk to him and hang out with him. I also spent a healthy portion of time fantasizing about his foot fetish and how excited I was to have him suck on my cute little toes. He had been telling me for the past several months how much I was going to love it... and I was dying to find out.

With all these thoughts of my Mike running through my mind, I was getting myself all worked up and just as I was about to slip my hand under my panties for a little playtime, I heard a soft knock on my front door. It was around midnight, so I knew it wasn't any of my family. It was HIM! It had to be. I froze in my bed not knowing what to do. Way to totally panic, Jennie, I thought to myself. Before I could get out of bed, I heard a key slip in the front lock. Oh my god, it really was him. He is using the key that I sent him!

Like a naughty little kid up past her bedtime, I quickly shut my eyes and laid perfectly still. I would just lie here and let him find me in my bed. I was so nervous, my toes were tingling!

I heard the front door quietly open and shut. I could also here a suitcase being set down in the front foyer. I had left a soft lamp on in the front room, so I was sure that he was probably just standing there looking around.

I always keep my door slightly ajar, but the kid's rooms are always closed. I guess he would probably figure out which room was mine. What if he just went to sleep on the couch??? Should I get up and go to him? What if he didn't feel comfortable coming into my room??? Nah, not Mike, he would want to see me no matter what. I kept lying still and tried to breath evenly. Just when I decided to get up and go see him, I heard his footsteps coming towards my door.

I shut my eyes and kept still, shivers running down my legs. It was all I could do not to jump up and throw my arms around his neck! I had missed him so much, and my thoughts had been completely consumed with finally seeing him. I heard my door softly creak as it opened up all the way. Then I heard it click shut as he closed it behind him. I had the shades slightly open, so moon and starlight was flooding into my room, and it was actually quite easy to see around in the pale light.

It was now dead quiet, and I wasn't sure if I should be very excited or quite terrified. I had rolled over onto one side with one leg over my covers and one leg under them. This is how I usually sleep, but I was now very aware of my bare leg and foot draped over the big feather comforter. Ahhh, that must be what he's looking at, I thought to myself. I almost giggled, but kept myself in check. This could be fun!

I almost jumped when I felt the weight of his body sit down at the foot of the bed. My heart was racing. I felt glad that I wasn't standing because my knees suddenly felt weak. What a mess I was! He sat there for a good five minutes at least, but it felt more like five hours.

I shivered involuntarily when I felt his hand lightly touch the top of my foot. He used one finger and ran it softly over my foot to my toes. He kept running his finger over and over my toes. He had seen them plenty of times in pictures, but this was his first live meeting with the girls. Since my foot was on it's side, he could also see my sole. He touched my instep and ran his whole hand over the bottom of my foot. He made a circle with his finger around my heel. Then he bent over and kissed my sole so softly I barely felt it. He thinks I'm asleep, I thought to myself. He's trying not to wake me.

As he continued to softly kiss my foot, I figured it would be safe to take a peek. I slit open one eye and when I saw him worshipping my foot I instantly felt weak, horny, wet, and unbelievably happy all at once. Now it was really hard not to jump on him and hug the holy hell out of him! If I could have this man treat me and my toes like this on a regular basis, my life would finally make some sort of sense, I thought to myself.

I watched Mike pull his face away from my foot and look at it for a few seconds. He bent over, once again completely absorbed in making love to my small foot, and ran his tongue along the top of my foot. When his hot tongue reached the tip of my big toe, I watched in amazement as my toe disappeared into the heavenly abyss of his wet mouth. He then took my foot in both his hands and opened his mouth, taking in all my toes at once. I'm not really sure how he makes it feel so good to this day, but I felt like a pool of melted wax when I felt his tongue run over the tips of my five toes. I had that out-of-control feeling that comes over a person when they are completely caught up in an erotic moment. If it hadn't felt so damn good, I think I would have ripped of his clothes and fucked him right then and there. But I didn't want this to ever end, and I was trying desperately not to moan with pleasure.

He never took my toes completely out of his mouth, but, he slid his tongue over and over them making me bite my bottom lip so as not to make a sound. This was the single most erotic encounter I had ever had. As he sucked and licked my toes, I couldn't keep quiet any longer...

"Mmmm, that feels so good Mike" I moaned softly.

"I'm glad you like it, baby. " he replied.

Now knowing I was awake, he slid his hands up my legs, over my hips, and around my waist, pulling me up close to him. I finally got to wrap my arms around his neck and hug him with all my might. He buried his lips into my neck and the feel of his rough whiskers made me shiver with delight. I still say this is the sole purpose of whiskers on men!

When he finally pulled away from me, I looked up at his face and he planted the nicest kiss I have ever received on my lips. It was one of those kisses that start off soft, for the sheer sake of it being a "first kiss", then crescendo into a hot and wanton kiss that tells the other person you will be fucking them very soon.

When he pulled his face away from mine, I said, "Don't stop kissing me, baby. "

"Getcher other foot out mama, I have more work to do on the girls. " He ordered me using the pet name he had given me months ago.

Mike did work on the girls for a long, long time that night. I worked on his toes some too. We never did fuck, but we always said we probably wouldn't on our first night together.

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