tagRomanceThe Night of No Return

The Night of No Return


The air between them felt electric. His eyes were intent on hers. She craved to feel, just once, his touch on her skin, his mouth on her neck.

Something was different about tonight. The usual flirtations and teasings were gone. He didn't need to say anything for her to feel the impact of his lust for her radiating from him like a fire. He still hadn't even touched her yet.

The house was still and quiet around them. They both knew they were the only ones there. She sat on the couch next to him, her legs parted slightly giving him a glimpse of her juice-soaked panties. He glanced at her open legs then back to her, his eyes dark and dangerous. She smiled back at him letting her desire for him show in her eyes.

Would he finally? Would he tonight? Oh please I can't wait any longer she thought in delicious torment.

He set down his wine glass on the table. "So, Friend," he stressed the word and spoke on softly, "What is it that you really feel for me?" His eyes held hers, dared her to answer.

She was quiet for a moment, knowing he expected her to blush and stammer and change the topic. It was the game they always played. But he was in for a surprise tonight. She was tired of playing, and she had never wanted him so badly before in her life.

"Well at this moment.... All I can think about is fucking you." His eyebrows shot up in surprise. Definitely not the response he was expecting. She was a little shocked herself, she hadn't intended to be that bold, it just slipped out. God what if he didn't want her? What if she'd been reading the signs wrong and he was just drunk, just a little horny?

"Well.... you're very forward tonight aren't you?" He started but she cut him off, "Please." She begged him huskily, "No more games. If you want me, then take me I'm yours in anyway you desire. If you don't want me just tell me god damn it. I can't stand the waiting anymore."

His eyes grew dark with her words. He leaned forward suddenly and pinned her against the couch. His mouth sought out hers hungrily and she kissed him back, unleashing the pent up passion they had denied themselves for so long.

He broke it off and gently tilted her head up and gazed deeply into her eyes. "Wait, are you sure you really want this?" She moaned in response and grabbed his hand, pulling it up her skirt. As he pulled aside her panties, fingering her dripping wet cunt she whispered in his ear "Now do you believe how badly I want it?" He pushed two fingers in, savoring the silky wetness of her. With his other hand he reached up her shirt and pinched her nipple lightly.

She whimpered with pleasure, "God yes, please, harder!" He pinched her other nipple harder and he felt her climaxing around his fingers, her juices coating them. Her moans were driving him crazy. He pulled off her shirt and dragged her skirt and panties down. He paused to admire her.

Finally, naked on his couch. He'd fantasized about her for so long, but the reality was even better. She was beautiful, her feminine curves gleaming golden in the candlelight, her dark hair tumbling in waves down her back. Finally she was his.

She unbuttoned his shirt then undid his fly, pulling his pants and boxers down impatiently. She knelt before him, a wicked smile on her angelic face as she stroked his hard cock up and down with her hand. She bent her head to him, her lips curling around the head of his cock, teasing him, her tongue darting out to lick him slowly, agonizingly. He groaned and shoved himself deeper into her mouth. She sucked at him eagerly taking as much as him in as she could. Her tongue swirled around his tip as her hands pumped his shaft deeper into his mouth.

It was the best head he'd ever gotten. Who could have known that inside the shy quiet girl hid the sexiest whore? He felt her take him in even deeper and his eyes shot open as he realised she was deepthroating him.

"Holy fuck!" he exclaimed and she moaned in response around his swollen cock. He could not hold back any longer, plus he knew she liked it rough anyway. And so he pushed her head up and down along his cock as he fucked her face with his dick. He was so deep his balls were pumping against her lips. She sucked him eagerly as he treated her roughly, tongue caressing every inch of him.

He could last no longer and he shot his cum deep inside her throat with violent thrusts. He lay in the glow of the aftermath as she gently, lovingly licked his cock clean with her tongue. She swallowed and nuzzled her face against his thigh, making small contented sounds. He lazily pulled her up so she was sitting on his lap, she kissed his neck and twined her arms around him as they lay back on the couch together.

Into the stillness of the night, their hearts slowed to beat in rhythm. Whatever the future held in store for them, whether it be joy, sorrow, lust, friendship or true love. They both knew there was now no going back, not this night. This was the night of no return.

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