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The Office: Surplus


Author's Note: I am only submitting this story because I hope that it will spur other, better writers into writing erotic stories about The Office, as I could find none on this site.

* * *

"Hey!" Pam said with a smile as she walked into the lunchroom.

"Hey" Jim responded.

"So, I've been thinking about this whole chair... copier thing. I really think you should reconsider."

"Aw, Pam, I really hate that copier."

"Yeah, I know. But I really think you should reconsider" Pam said. Her sweet voice was suddenly more authoritative and controlling.

"Beesly, are you... threatening me?" Jim said, surprised at her sinister turn.

"Jim... Jim, Jim, Jim. I'm not threatening you. I love you," she bent down and moved in for a kiss.

"But you should know," Pam added, her face inches from his, "you're on very dangerous ground".

Jim glanced down slightly and noticed the cleavage from her baby-blue work shirt. Her large, pale breasts looked perfect like this, and she knew it.

Jim looked up again and it was clear that she had seen him staring. She moved her hand from his knee to the crotch of his pants, and placed a firm grip on his cock. Jim jumped in his seat, shocked. Pam never acted like this at work, and only really got frisky in the comfort of their bedroom.

"I want you to think of all the things I do for you," she seductively licked her lips. "Why can't you do this one little thing for me? I promise I'll make it worth your while".

She must really want these new chairs, Jim thought. He sat there, awaiting her next move.

"Here's just a little taste," Pam whispered into his ear. To Jim's surprise, she quickly looked around to make sure nobody was watching too closely, pulled up the back of her tight black skirt, and sat on his lap.

Jim could feel his sizable erection pressing through his pants and her silk panties against the outline of her perfect shaved pussy. She turned her head to look at him with a crazed look in her eyes, and bit her lower lip with a perfect mixture of seduction and innocently. Pam began to rub her pussy over Jim's cock through their clothes like a cat in heat, her firm ass pressing against his chest. Jim could smell the scent of her arousal, and soon had had enough of her teasing. He shot his hand between their bodies and began to unzip his slacks. His cock was free, and shot towards her soft pouch. He reached his other hand to tear at her panties, but she caught him, and warned "No, Jim. Not until I get what I want."

Pam heard the door creak open as Michael, her boss walked in. From his vantage point, all he could see was Pam sitting on her boyfriend's lap. It looked like a fun, innocent act, and Michael said "Hey Pam, it's not Christmas yet." Looking at Jim's face, he said "Santa, can I go next? I want.."

"Michael, not really the time. We're... having a discussing about the surplus". Pam pushed her pussy at his cock subtly, causing Jim to groan in sexual frustration.

"Ah, right. The hot-button issue. I totally get it. No problem. I'll leave you guys alone. Totally get it. Get back to me with your decision" Michael said obliviously, leaving the small room.

As the door came to a close, Pam moaned loudly. Her panties were soaked. Jim wondered if she had developed an exhibitionist streak that he hadn't noticed. Her skirts had definitely been getting shorter and her blouses tighter as the season progressed.

When Jim could take no more, he came against the wet and warm fabric of her slutty panties.

"Oh, please, oh please, oh please, oh please, fuck me!" she screamed loudly as she reached her orgasm.

As the scent of their arousal wafted through the empty lunch room, there was a small pause.

"So... consider it," Pam said as she dismounted. Pulling her skirt back down and sliding her drenched panties down her long legs, she looked into Jim's eyes and saw a surprised and slightly suspicious look of wonder.

Glancing into her hand at her red silk panties, and said "I can't really wear these now, can I?" She slid her long tongue around the ball of wet silk, savoring the taste of their combined fluids. With her eyes closed in afterglow delight, she licked her lips and slowly regained her composure.

"Alright!" she said, patting Jim firmly on the shoulder.

"Okay!" Jim replied.

* * *

As Pam watched Michael walk out to lunch with Jim and Oscar, she realized she had to up her game. It is on, she thought. It is so on. I mean, how is it possible that in 5 years I've had 2 engagement rings, sucked more than 50 different cocks, licked the pussies of Kelly, Angela, Holly and Karen, and only had 1 chair?

Pam took out a pocket-mirror and began applying heavy make-up and sexy red lipstick. She ran her hands through her hair and shook her head, going for that 'just got fucked and ready for more' look - she didn't have to do much work, as she just had been fucked and, like always, was ready for more. She adjusted her blouse, making sure her her cleavage showed as much as possible without her puffy pink nipples showing. Deciding she was ready, she discreetly entered Michael's office, shut the blinds, and knelt under his large wooden desk.

Michael arrived back from lunch in a good mood. He entered his office and closed the door, humming "Life is a Highway", which he had evidently been listening to in the car. Pam's plan was simple; she would wait for him to sit down in his chair, listen for any sounds from him that would indicate discomfort, and pop up from under the desk to prove to him that he wasn't happy with the chair. While doing this, of course, she would look unbelievably slutty and maybe kiss him on the cheek if things went well.

Michael sat down and woke his computer. Pam could faintly see his screen in the reflection of his windows. He navigated through folder after folder looking for something. After a few minutes he found it. He opened a file, entitled "PamTits.jpg" and leaned back in his chair, loosening his belt.

Pam watched in shock as he pulled his surprisingly-large penis out of his boxers and began to stroke it. She looked in the reflection at the file he was looking at, and it was a crudely-Photoshopped picture of her face pasted over some supermodel's body. Pam was both creeped-out and flattered.

As she watched Michael masturbate, he felt herself getting aroused. Pam had never thought of Michael in a sexual way before, but watching him like this got her thinking sexual thoughts. Really, it could've been anyone. In college, Pam had a reputation among the geekier kids as the sluttiest girl any of them could ever think of being able to talk to. Some of them had seen her in the science room after class being spanked by a teacher (and liking it, judging by her moans of pleasure). Some had seen her flash her pussy under her skirt in a crowded lecture hall, and one claimed to have been invited into her car to watch her masturbate in the school parking lot.

The sight of the large penis right in front of her face admittedly got Pam very flustered. After her encounter with Jim in the lunch room earlier that day she hadn't bothered to put her silk panties back on, so her delicate fingers had easy access to her wet pussy.

As Pam absentmindedly fingered herself, she reminisced. "It's true. I am a slut. I love sucking cock, licking pussy, getting fucked, and showing my pussy to strangers. I like anal, group sex, rough sex... I love rough sex... bondage, teasing, whatever." Pam's mind drifted to her many sexual adventures as Michael began to say her name under his breath.

"Pam, you hot little piece. I want to shoot my load all over that pretty little face. Agh!" he said, as he came and unknowingly sprayed most of his load on Pam's shocked face. The trajectory of his spray was almost too good to be true. She had gobs on her cheek and eyebrow, in her hair, on the bridge of her nose, spilling down her cleavage, and on her lips which she instinctively licked, tasting Michael's hot cum.

While some of her girlfriends thought it was demeaning, Pam truly loved the feel of a man's cum covering her face. It dove her crazy, and without thinking, she crawled out from underneath Michael's desk and smiled. With a large drop of cum running down her chin, she said "Surprise!"

Michael nearly had a heart attack. His eyes were wide and his mouth hung open in disbelief as he noticed his seed decorating her smiling face. The blood started rushing to his cock as he admired the relative state of undress the sexy secretary standing over him was in. But he lost what remaining erection he had as he realized the potential sexual harassment lawsuits and the bad press the company would surely receive... he would almost definitely be fired!

"Pam, oh my god, I'm so sorry, I didn't know..." he whimpered pathetically, terrified of the legal power she now weilded.

A moment of realization passed and Pam understood the full ramifications of the event that just happened. She knew she could get Michael in trouble, very likely fired for just the act of masturbating to a fake nude photo of her, but to accidentally cum on her face... she had true power, just as she liked it.

Pam briefly considered going the legal route and thought about how much money she could make, but upon looking at his deflated cock instead settled on a better idea. "Get hard for me" Pam commanded.

Michael looked at her like he had absolutely no idea what she could be talking about.

"Uh..... w-what?" he stammered.

"If you can get hard for me in the next 30 seconds, you can fuck me. If not, I tell corporate about this little incident and you get fired." she calmly explained, a wicked smile on her lips.

Upon hearing of the chance to fuck the girl he had masturbated to since her first day on the job, MIchael starting stroking his large dick. Inside his head, fears of corporate firings, public humiliation, and images of Pam's pussy all collided, and he couldn't get it up.

"Come on, you fucking loser." Pam sneered. "Can't get it up? You're pathetic. You see this?" She lifted her short tight pencil skirt to a point where it revealed her beautiful smoothly shaven pussy. Michael stared in awe. "You're not good enough for this pussy." While she knew she was over-doing it a bit, Pam got a huge kick of out dominating and teasing her men. She looked again at Michael's cock, which was now rock hard, and smiled.

Pam leaned farther over Michael, brining her lips to his ear, and her deep cleavage into fuller view. "There we go. Was that so hard?" Pam whispered, smiling at her own little joke.

"Uhm..." Michael responded.

Pam rearranged herself over Michael's lap, her long smooth legs over his. She positioned herself so that his dick would be just touching her vagina's outer lips under her skirt. Pam slowly ground his penis over her the exterior of her pussy and looked at him cruelly. It was clear Michael was in agonizing pain. Pam could tell he was already close to orgasm by his spastic movements and facial expressions, so she slowly slid her body down, enveloping his cock inside her. He moaned and came immediately inside her.

Suddenly, they heard the sharp click of the door opening as Jan stepped inside Michael's office.

* * *

The End For Now

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