tagNonHumanThe Old Manchester Place

The Old Manchester Place


This falls under the heading of can't believe it happened, but it truly did. I had returned to my old hometown, a tiny little wide spot in the woods in Indiana, after a few years of running around and discovering the world and my place in it.

My parents had recently passed away and I was there to handle their affairs and sell there little cottage in the trees. My name is Jester Wright, but just call me Jess. It was late October, well almost the end, just a few days til Halloween, and the weather had already started to make it's turn for the worst.

I spent my days in the cottage, packing and getting everything ready for a sale, an auction actually to help me take care of everything at once. The old place sat on about 30 acres and had a wonderful herb garden in the back of the cottage. It was just to far back in the woods for my tastes and beside I didn't want to be trapped back in this lonely old place for very long.

My nights we taken up at a local bar just on the outside of the town, not much action there but it was the only place even open much after dark. There were a few locals that stopped by, but most of the people I had known were already gone to greener pastures. So there weren't a lot of people to talk to or help pass the time. Time moved really slow in this little burg.

One night about three days before the auction, Halloween night to be exact, when I was getting farther behind in organizing the items in the house, I had decided to give up for the night and drown my sorrows so I headed down to the bar, finding my little corner of the world in a booth near the back.

While emptying another bottle of cheap tequila I hear a voice from behind me, "Hello, care to share a little of that with a stranger?"

Looking back I see a vision, a petite brunette in a long flowing dress and a lacy scarf around her shoulders. Looking around the room it is as empty as I have always seen it, the bartender Jeff is even sleeping at the bar with his head down on his arms. I stand and say, Of course, I didn't even see you come in, sure have a seat I'll get you another glass.

She slips into the booth and I go to the bar, not wanting to wake Jeff, I just reach back and find another glass and head back to the booth. Sliding in beside her I pour her a shot and turn to her, "I am Jess, nice to meet you, are you a local?"

She looks up from my pouring and answers, "Yes, I am Brandy, Brandy Manchester, I live in the old house at the top of the hill. I am happy to meet you also." She takes the glass and throws back the shot of cactus juice and then smiles my way.

She is small as I said and the prettiest, curly brunette hair and the most amazing light grey eyes I have ever seen. Her skin is white as ivory, and when I take her hand for a shake it is as cold as you would expect ivory to be on such a cold night. We sit for a long time and talk, her listening to my tales of travel and the exploration of life that I had recently been on.

I told her of my beginnings in this tiny town and my strong desire to get away and never return. Had it not been for the demise of my parents I would still be on that road leading away to places far beyond. The night grew older and it was quickly time for Jeff to close the bar, oddly enough he had been asleep the entire time we had sat and talked.

Without waking him we decided to just leave and I asked if she would be back the next night. She responded with something that made my heart jump, she said she didn't want this night to end just yet and wondered if I could take her back to her place. She offered me some wine and a fireplace to warm before I had to go back to my lonely little cottage in the woods. I leaped at her invitation and we headed to my car.

Driving up the hill to the Old Manchester Place I remember that it was always the one house that people stayed away from when I was growing up, heard lots of stories and tales about ghost and strange goings on behind those stone fences surrounding the place. But tonight it had much more interesting possibilities. Pulling into the drive and past the massive gates that closed would keep out the most determined of visitors and up the long road to the house.

The house looked like it hadn't been lived in for a long time, seeing the concern on my face I assume, Brandy speaks up with, "I know it doesn't look like much, but all the renovation has been on the inside so far, will take care of the outside when I have the place the way I want. Besides, it keeps the locals away while I work."

Going through the big oak doors is like stepping back into time, the inside of the house is wonderful and lavish. Brandy has done a great job on with the renovations. Everything looks new, well if it was the early 1900's I guess, not my style but very impressive, there is even a nice fire in the very large fireplace. "Make yourself at home by the fire and I will get some wine." She steps out of the room and I make me a spot on the couch next to the fireplace.

Brandy returns to the room with the wine and sits on the floor at my feet, pouring a glass for me. Then she sits back and waits as if she is seeking my permission to get herself some wine. Obliging her I say, "Pour yourself a glass and lets enjoy the moment." She sips the wine looking into my eyes and them places the glass on the little table next to the couch and rises to her knees. As she keeps looking into my eyes and slowly starts to remove the clothes she is wearing,

She gets down to a pretty matching set of bra and panties and a very lovely silk corset, that ties. She slowly starts to untie the silk strings holding the corset together and I reach out and stop her, never having had sex as my partner wore such undergarments.

I asked her to leave the corset on, yet I remove her bra and panties. She is smooth as a baby and her tiny lips hid well in the puffy mound between her legs. Pulling her close I begin to kiss her face, lips, cheeks, eyelids and the tip of her nose. She keeps her arms behind her as if she is bound at the wrist.

Pulling her onto the couch and laying her back I lower myself between her lovely white legs. I plant a few gentle kisses on the puffy little mound and licking to start opening the hidden lips. Also taking my fingers and teasing her, the tiny bud in the folds peeking out toward me.

I begin to coax the little button into the open and pinch it between my fingers. She responds with a slight jump and a mouthful of deep moans, thrusting her hips toward my fingers and lips as her pleasure starts to build. I slip my tongue between the folds of her wet lips and into the tiny hole that waits for me.

This starts the flood of warm cum from her, the moans turn louder and she grabs me by the side of my head and pulls me closer to her pussy. "Oh Jess please, suck me harder, lick my pussy deep, I need you so bad, PLEASE!" her hips no longer on the couch she bucks and squirms as she begins to cum.

This starts me off and I slide my fingers deep into her, and she floods the couch. I pull away and she almost rips my zipper off, freeing my cock and taking it in both hands, stroking me to a rock hard lead pipe, then she sits up and forces my cock into her mouth and down her throat. I have never had a woman swallow me with no trouble at all.

She cups my sack and drives my cock in and out getting me wet and ready for her. Soon she lays back and pulls my cock toward her waiting pussy. I slam in deep and she comes alive again. Pulling my hips harder and faster as she thrashes under me. Suddenly there is a sound at the entrance to the room that grabs both of our attention and standing at the doorway is an exact copy of the woman underneath me.

"So anything for little ol me? Hi, my name is Sandy. " With that she starts to slowly undress and then joins her sister on the couch, spreading for me. The rest of the night was hotter than the fireplace and after finding the biggest bed I have ever seen the combinations went from all three of us to one at a time and even the sisters giving me a wonderful show with each other.

The night included toys and even delved into the kinky side with floggers, spankings and a little rope finding their way into the play. We continued until we were all spent and fall fast asleep in the very large bed that we spent most of our time in that evening.

I wake up in my car right outside Uncle John's early in the morning. Not sure how I got here, I start the car and head back toward the Manchester place. The big gates are closed tight and I can't find the way to open them, so I head back down to the bar and go inside. Jeff is again behind the bar and I belly up and ask him if he knows anything about the old house on the hill. He tells me, "we'll I know the old stories, nothing from personal experience, why?"

"Well, last night, while you took your little nap I met a girl, sweet little thing and after a little power drinking we headed up to the mansion on the hill, She said her name was Brandy Manchester. After a short time of getting acquainted her sister, said her name was Sandy and joined us for a really sweet time, matter of fact the most amazing night I have ever spent anywhere."

His eyes were as wide as barn doors when I stopped telling him about my night and all he says is, "Both the Manchester girls died on that road you were just on. Seems that they had run into the wrong man and no one really knows what happened. They were both found dead in the woods along that old road, but that was 100 years ago. Every now and then they are suppose to come back on Halloween and find a local for a night filled with passion. Seems like you were this years playmate."

Of course I don't believe a word he said, I went back to my car and headed that way again. This time the gates were open, so I drove right up to the front. Opening that old oak door again I go inside, this time it was a little different. Much like the outside it looked like it hadn't been touched in years.

The floors are covered with dust and cobwebs all over the once beautiful furniture in the room. The old fireplace was filled with debris and old firewood. I walk to the hearth and look at the old pictures on the mantle, pictures of the girls and others filled it's top. The pictures showed the house as I had seen it last night but the girls were dressed in clothes that went out of style in the early 1900's.

Was it a dream, an alcohol infused hallucination or what. As I turn to head back to the door I notice in the dust I had kicked up a sparkle. Bending down, I pick up a celtic cross on a leather strip, on the back I see the initials JW, a smile slides across my face. Checking the one that had hung around my neck was no longer there. I leave that old house and head back to the cottage in the woods.

Well, I never got around to selling that little cottage of mine and who would have guessed that the short story I got published, the one about the guy that returns to his home town and ends up spending the night with two sisters that he finds out are long dead, would start a writing career that has made me a lot of money. So I keep coming back to this little wide place in the woods and spend a few weeks soaking up the local ambiance of this wonderful cottage. Usually showing up just a few days before Halloween, I mean, you never know.

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