tagMind ControlThe Onyx Ring Ch. 04

The Onyx Ring Ch. 04


Note: Previous chapters have been written under different categories, such as gay or incest. Please read the prior chapters so the story flows more easily for you.

And thank you much for taking the time to read this. Please let me know what you think.


"What is going here?" Mr. Harris asked as his wife stepped around him with Lance at her side. He watched she stepped out the door and closed it behind her.

Gary looked at Mr. Harris with concern in his eyes. Was something wrong? Did Amber fail him?

"Mr. Harris, Amber talked to you, didn't she?" He asked.

Mr. Harris stared at Gary. "Yes, she did. She said I should come up here and....." His eyes seemed to focus on the wall behind Gary, "and..."

Gary smiled. "And obey my every command."

Mr. Harris turned his head toward the voice. "Yes. I am to obey your every command."

"Yes you are. Take off your clothes."

Mr. Harris stepped into the center of the room and began to undress. While he wasn't in Lance's caliber as far as muscles go he was well built for a man of his years. Angela was around thirty seven, if Gary remembered right, and Dave, Mr. Harris, was around forty nine. His mom had told him about the scandal their getting together had caused all those years ago.

Gary watched as Dave stepped out of his pants. Dave was wearing boxers, some brand Gary had never seen before. Gary got off the bed as Dave began to hook his thumbs into the waist band and lower them. "Stop!" Gary commanded and Dave's fingers froze.

Gary stood in front of Dave and slid his hand into the waist band. He felt the patch of hair brush the back of his hand as he found what he was looking for. He wrapped his hand around Dave's cock and gave a small squeeze. Nothing happened. Dave just stared.

"Dave," Gary began, stepping back, "You don't mind if I call you Dave do you? Of course you don't. Angela told me about your.....problem. I think I can help you with that. Answer me honestly, if I can help you would you want my help?"

Dave stared into Gary's eyes and they seemed to refocus on him. "Oh, please," Dave sounded almost frantic, "I've tried everything. I get so frustrated. I want to have sex so badly! Can you help me? Please?"

Gary gave Dave instructions and watched as Dave left the room. Gary paced back and forth and wrung his fingers. Was this what he wanted? He had never.....But he thought about it all the time.....And he wasn't sure.........

When this had started Gary thought he was gay. He thought that was what he wanted, to have Lance all to himself. As it progressed it turned into something more and Gary was no longer sure what direction he was headed in. Lance had excited him, but nothing compared to Angela or Amber. Gary heard the door knob start to turn and he quickly stepped out of his clothes making his decision.

Dave stepped back into the room holding something in his hand. He was still dressed only in his boxers. As he shut the door behind him he stepped out of the boxers and stared, eyes vacant, at Gary.

"Dave," Gary said, gathering his courage, "Look at my body." As he said it he could watch Dave's gaze move slowly up and down his flesh. "You will obey my every command. You only seek to please me. Anything I tell you to do you will do willingly, even eagerly, because you only seek to please me. I am your master. As you listen to my voice and look over my body you feel your body beginning to respond. It will begin slowly at first but you feel the heat rising inside you, feel your body getting more and more excited. Do you understand?"

Dave nodded his head slowly as he gazed at Gary's naked flesh. Gary watched as Dave's cock jerked once, almost an involuntary movement, or so it seemed.

"Good," Gary said, still staring at Dave's cock. It wasn't as big as Gary's, but it was still substantial. He felt a thrill inside as he watched. He had been apprehensive at first but that feeling was leaving him the more he watched. "You look at me, you see my body, and you feel desires you have never felt before. You can feel your body becoming more and more aroused."

Dave nodded more slowly and Gary noticed Dave's cock responding. There was no doubt about it. It was standing away from Dave's body, semi flaccid now, and twitching sporadically.

"You've never felt anything like this before, Dave," Gary said, "And in the old days you thought it was wrong. But you and Angela have a new relationship now. No inhibitions. The two of you get pleasure in pleasuring those around you, in this house. What happens with this family pleases everyone. Do you understand?"

"Yes, I do," Dave said, smiling slightly. Gary watched Dave's cock stand straight out from his body. It was throbbing, getting harder the more Gary spoke.

Gary felt his own cock growing harder from the excitement of watching Dave. It was now or never.

"Dave," Gary said, his voice trembling slightly, "You want to have sex with me. You want to be inside of me. Your cock is so hard now, and your desire is so strong, you can't resist. Rub the lube up and down your cock."

Gary watched Dave eagerly unscrew the cap and squirt some into his hand. As he touched his palm against his hard on and began to rub he moaned. "Oh God," Dave said, "It's been so long since I felt anything even close to this."

Gary turned and put the palms of his hand on the mattress, bending down. "Dave, you will slide your well lubed cock into me very slowly. This is my first time and you will be very gentle. As you begin to enter me you will realize that you would do anything for me, anything I ask. As a reward for this correct thinking you will be able to have an erection anytime you desire. You will no longer feel the frustration you felt before."

Gary felt the head of Dave's cock touch the crack of his ass and his body tensed. "No," He thought to himself. He couldn't tense or it would be uncomfortable, or so he had read. He willed his body to relax.

Gary felt the tip of Dave's cock press against him and work slowly into the small opening. Gary gasped and wrapped his fingers into the soiled mattress sheet. It was so tight! He tightened involuntarily then gasped again and tried to relax.

Dave patted Gary's shoulder. "Its fine, son. It feels so good." He slowly worked in a little deeper. Slowly in, slowly out, the lube running down Dave's cock as he moaned.

Gary felt his own body responding. He felt his hard on, like steel now, the head rubbing against the mattress as he swayed his hips. God, he had never thought it would feel anything like this. He moaned and matched Dave's rhythm as best he could.

Dave pushed in a little harder and placed his hands on Gary's shoulders. He was breathing heavy as he felt Gary pushing back against him, begging for more. He obliged and let the last of his raging hard on penetrate Gary's anus.

Gary's head tossed back as he moaned "God that feels so good. Dave, I want you to cum inside me."

Dave grunted and thrust deeper into Gary. He moved more quickly, feeling his need grow. Gary felt Dave's cock throb deep inside him and knew it was time. He felt the hot fluid explode inside and felt his own cock begin to spew into the mattress. He had never felt anything like it. It was like on orgasm that shot through his whole body.

When it was all over and both men had dressed Dave thanked Gary for solving his problem and found he had a new found desire for younger men. Gary had to admit that he had enjoyed it more than he expected.

Gary knew, now, that he was not gay. Nothing against people of that sexual orientation but it wasn't for Gary. No, Gary knew he was bisexual. He loved the feel of a woman's soft flesh, the wetness of their sex. But he also loved the rough feel of men. The physical hardness of a cock.

They opened the door and headed downstairs, Dave's arm around Gary's shoulder, both of them laughing and scratching like a couple of men. As they stepped down the stairs they passed Amber and Kelly heading to Amber's room. Gary smiled and couldn't wait for the next phase of his adventure.

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