tagIllustratedThe Panty Perils of Me 04

The Panty Perils of Me 04


When I arrived at work this morning I had a message to call Mr. Randolf ASAP.

I knew this was going to happen and I was absolutely dreading it. It seems that I can't do anything without it turning into another anxiety filled event.

OK, OK, I really did enjoy the fraternity party and if Mr. Randolf (Benjamin) hadn't been there, it would have provided me with quite a few reasons for alone time with my massager.

So it seems that I have to again pay for my indulgences, although none of this has really been my fault. Right?

I returned Benjamin's call and he asked me to meet with him this afternoon at his father in law's company.

Just the thought of it made me sick to my stomach, but I agreed to meet him anyway.

I drove to his place of work and asked for him at the reception desk. He shortly came out to greet me with such a satisfied expression on his face that it made my skin crawl.

I just kept thinking that whatever he had in mind for me that it was best to just get it over with.

There was absolutely no exquisite humming going on in my body, just an overwhelming feeling of dread.

He led me into a conference room that was designed for smaller meetings as it had a table suited for at most six people. He leisurely sat down in one of the conference room chairs at the same time clearly letting me know that I should remain standing.

It is funny the thoughts that go through your mind at a time like this. I stood there in front of him trying to figure out where to put my hands of all things. Do I leave them at my side? Do I put them together behind my back? Or do I hold them together in front of me?

It was so awkward to be left standing as if I was on display or had been called into the principal's office.

Benjamin broke my concentration when he started to speak.

"I want you to understand that ever since you prevented my hiring at your company, which required me to work for my father in law, I have hated you." He said.

"I have wanted to repay you in the worst way and your little performance last night gave me the perfect inspiration." He continued with a sneer.

"Ms. Harley, I want you to strip to your bra and panties for me."

His words struck me like a bolt of lightening making every pore of my body react and filling me with an awful nauseous feeling. Benjamin was the last person on earth that I would ever want to strip for. Making matters much worse was the choice of lingerie that I had decided to wear today.

After the fraternity party I was feeling quite frisky this morning and decided to demonstrate my newfound attitude with a bra, panty and garter set that I had found on sale, but had never worn before.

The bra was black and white striped with half cups that barely covered my nipples except for a row of lace that ran along the top of the cups. The garter belt matched the bra, while the panties were the tiniest string bikini panties in black with a white polka dot front and a completely sheer back.

I wanted to wear these for a special reason and Benjamin was definitely not a part of that reason.

I just stared at him in disbelief with a feeling of dread building in my stomach.

Why would he want me in just my lingerie inside a conference room other than to humiliate me?

A trickle of sweat ran down my forehead as I tried to stall for time in hope that someone might come along and interrupt our little meeting.

Benjamin noted my hesitation and with a very evil grin showed me the photos that he had stored on his phone along with my oldest daughter's email address. My entire body collapsed in total acceptance to my fate and I reached behind my back to undo the zipper of my black silk sheath dress.

I very reluctantly pulled the zipper down my back and slowly slipped my arms out of the sleeveless top until the top of my dress was gathered around my waist. I had never felt so alone and mortified in my life.

I hated this man and now I was stripping for him.

Once the top of my dress was completely free of my shoulders, I pushed it down over my hips letting it seductively slide down my legs and onto the floor of the conference room.

"Move your hands away from your body, so I can look at you." He gloated.

I have never felt so ashamed as I slowly turned letting Benjamin soak in my abject misery.

He made no pretense to be demure but blatantly stared at my barely covered breasts and crotch. As I slowly pirouetted as commanded, my see through backside was revealed to him.

"My, my, Ms. Harley, how absolutely delectable." He exclaimed as he saw my bottom for the first time.

"I never suspected that you wore such sexy underwear."

I flushed with embarrassment praying that this ordeal would end shortly.

I can't remember ever feeling so exposed or helpless as I could hear the voices and footsteps of people working just outside the door. Knowing that I was just a door thickness away from being seen by 30 more people filled me with a panicky feeling.

Now those of you reading this who may not take extreme pleasure in my predicament (Is there really anyone like this who reads my stories?) may ask why I didn't just grab my dress or remained dressed and leave?

I have to admit that from an early age I have been terrified of being singled out for ridicule and would do just about anything to maintain everyone's belief that I was a "normal" person. This also explains why I am so taken with Jackie, the young lady from the fraternity party.

I would truly like to be as free as she seemed i.e. to not care what anyone else thought about me. But I am just not programmed that way.

So again I find myself fulfilling the whims of another person praying that anyone else won't discover me and hoping that whatever Mr. Randolf wants me to do, it won't take too long.

He ordered me to sit down on a chair that he obviously had brought into the room just for our meeting, as it resembled a kitchen chair. Another little message from him that I was there under his terms.

I sat and crossed my legs to act like I didn't care, however this position only pulled my panties down between my legs turning the front into a tiny triangle of white polka dots.

I quickly uncrossed my legs just as Benjamin told me to turn around on the chair and straddle it with my back towards him.

As I sat there he walked around me not even trying to conceal his pleasure at seeing me with my legs splayed to either side of the chairback as if offering my nylon covered kitty to him. When he got around to my back where he again lingered, leering at my sheer panties, his comments about my tight little ass and what he wanted to do to it made my anxiety that much worse. My entire body was shaking when he told me to stand up holding the back of the chair while bending over enough to let him see my "true assets". He was so funny that I forgot to laugh.

I was told to smile for him while his cell phone recorded every pose. Damn technology anyway. If it hadn't been for cameras being in almost everything today, I wouldn't be posing now with sweat dripping down my back and running between my almost bare cheeks.

When Benjamin was done making me feel totally humiliated he ordered me take my stockings off.

I reached down and unsnapped the front clasps of my garter belt from the front of my stockings first and then lifted each leg one at a time to unsnap the back clasp.

Once the clasps were undone, I rolled the darker band of each stocking down my leg until each one was a rolled up ball.

Benjamin took each nylon ball from me telling me to open my mouth as wide as I could.

I just closed my eyes in resignation and opened my mouth as if I was about to take a bite of the biggest sandwich ever.

I felt both balls of nylon pass across my tongue lodging in the back of my throat. I had to concentrate on breathing through my nose as my mouth was now completely obstructed by my stockings.

Benjamin then took of hold of my arms right under my shoulders and lifted me up from the chair back into a standing position.

I opened my eyes to see my head being pushed over the chairback as he told me to grip the seat with both hands to bend completely over the back of the chair.

I swear that I couldn't tolerate much more degradation, but I still found myself submissively draping my body over the conference room chair.

I was terrified as to what he might do next, but honestly never expected his next move.

He placed himself at my exposed backside where I could barely see him from the corner of my eye saying, "This might hurt a little." No sooner had his words left his mouth he smacked my bottom causing me to writhe in pain holding on to the chair with a deathlike grip.

The sound of another smack resounded through the small room causing me to not only clench my checks tightly together.

My mouth opened wide and if it hadn't been for my nylons, I would have screamed aloud as my flesh burned in abject agony.

I would have loved to be saved from my humiliation but under the circumstances it would have only caused further embarrassment.

To make matters even more mortifying Benjamin would periodically push his pelvis against my bottom to make me fully aware of his excitement over my predicament.

All I could concentrate on was to keep breathing through my nose as deeply as possible in an attempt to lessen the pain.

In a funny sort of way, I was happy to be gagged as my primal screams would have certainly brought a group of people rushing to the conference room further adding to my misery.

To make matters worse, his first sound smack across my buttocks was so forceful that it liberated my breasts from my bra's half cups. I didn't think that I had much jiggle up on top and was surprised how my tiny globes bounced with every administration of his hand to my almost bare backside.

The rubbing of the fabric on my already erect nipples only deepened my humiliation as I could feel myself getting aroused.

It was at this moment that something snapped in my brain and the entire sequence of events over the last few weeks flooded into my memory. The effect filled me with shame and loathing for myself as I recalled every detail of each predicament. I no longer could fool myself into thinking that I was not a willing participant in it all.

Everything became crystal clear to me, as I now knew that:

I enjoyed being stared at by everyone as I paraded myself shamelessly along the hallways of my daughters' school.

I enjoyed standing in front of the young men in the neighborhood in just my undies.

I enjoyed posing for the professor as clearly evidenced by the telltale-wet spot that I had left while straddling the park bench.

And last, it was my idea to remove my blouse and bra for the fraternity party and eventually my pants.

Worst of all was how I felt when Jackie walked into the party. My God, she is a woman and I was drawn to her.

All I am is a wanton sexual animal giving in to my depraved desires.

I needed to be punished; to put me back on the right path again, and who better than Mr. Benjamin Randolf to perform my exorcism.

As each smack sent shockwaves through my nervous system, I felt myself give in to my feelings of remorse. My initial reaction was to clench my gluteus muscles in order to lessen the pain, but I forced myself to welcome each smack as retribution for my exhibitionist tendencies as well as my latent desires to perform.

Each stinging slap across my almost bare buttocks purged these desires and fantasies from my very soul, and I resolved to never ever allow them to control my actions again.

I believed that Mr. Randolf was actually doing me a favor, as I needed to feel pain.

I moved my legs wide apart and stuck my sheer panty covered bottom out welcoming each blow to my dignity.

His swinging hand soon found access to my most intimate spot, which to my horror was quite swollen and opening.

My bottom stung like a thousand bees had assaulted it. My thighs felt like the worst case of sunburn. And now my flower was dripping my personal dew anytime his hand got close to it.

I was sweating from head to toe both from the continued and forceful spanking being rendered by Mr. Randolf as well as the expulsion of what I perceived to be my weak will to behave.

I was surprised at how the pain and humiliation of Benjamin's attack on my exposed bottom brought a release of pent up emotions and frustration as tears ran from my eyes representing a form of baptism from my sins.

I cried freely without any attempt to hide.

Then it happened. It seems that the mixture of pain and emotional release had just the opposite effect of what I had hoped for.

As Benjamin issued another stinging slap to my taut bottom I begin to convulse and shake in the throes of a very intense and unexpected orgasm. How could I imagine that the vivid review of my recent performances combined with my strong desire to feel pain would over stimulate my active libido?

As Mr. Randolf continued to rain smacks across my buttocks with his bare hand, I met each one with a muffled "Uh" as now my body shook with sexual release. It was absolutely cathartic as every nerve ending located between my belly button and upper thighs reacted to this physical and emotional combination of stimulus.

I had never had such an intense and protracted orgasm in all of my life.

My entire body let loose with such violent convulsions that I could no longer grip the seat of the chair. Saliva sprayed from my mouth as my muffled cries of raw pleasure spewed forth.

I intentionally crossed my legs at the thighs applying more pressure to my vibrating femininity.

My back jerked to and fro and my freed breasts danced lewdly to the rhythm of my release.

Even as I let go of the chair and slumped to the ground in total exhaustion, Benjamin had no clue that I had just orgasmed multiple times and thought my body had given out to his repeated punishment.

With all of my flesh from my thighs to my waist bright red and burning in pain, and my body totally spent from the intensity of my orgasm, Benjamin stood above me saying, " I hope you remember this day, Ms. Harley."

Little did he know that I would remember every detail of it, but for an entirely different reason.

I finally was able to climb back into a sitting position on the chair continuing to gasp for air and feeling the crotch of my panties fill with my juice.

As I bent forward to allow more blood to find its way back into my brain, Benjamin took a magic marker from the tray of the erasable board on the wall and wrote "I QUIT" on my lower back just above my very red cheeks.

He then placed his cell phone in front of my face showing me all of the photos that he had recorded from the party along with this meeting and with a very smug expression hit 'erase' on his photo app. They were now all gone except for one of me bending slightly over the chair.

"For my personal use only, Ms. Harley." He said, and I just knew that he would not be using it as blackmail ever again.

Although it most certainly would be used for more private reasons of which I didn't even want to think about.

He then scooped up my dress and left saying, "You will be able to find your dress in my father in law's office which is just a few doors down the hall.

I quickly ran to the door that Benjamin left wide open when he left with my dress. I then spent the next 15 minutes or so rubbing my violated backside and recovering from my sexual release.

My string bikini panties were soaked with the liquid evidence of my orgasm leaving a clear smudge on the seat of the chair.

I have become some version of erotic kitten leaving my mark on inanimate objects.

What the hell just happened! I couldn't even begin to understand.

And why did Benjamin write "I quit" on my backside since no one was around to see it.

To say that I was a mental mess would be an understatement, but I gathered myself as best I could knowing that it was time to leave............hopefully without being detected.

As the burning and stinging finally ebbed and the odor of my orgasm waned, I gingerly opened the door a crack to see if anyone was still around. Thankfully most everyone had gone home, and those remaining all seemed to be on the opposite end of the floor giving me ample opportunity to hide behind the cubicle walls as I made my way to Mr. Whitmore's (Benjamin's father in law) office.

I figured that once I retrieved my dress, I was home free and vowed to never put myself in a situation like this or any other ever again.

I slowly opened the door to his father in law's office and there was my dress thrown across one of his undoubtedly overly expensive desk lamps. I quickly grabbed it for the first time realizing that my nipples were still poking out above the fabric of my bra. I pushed them back into their cups, pulled my dress back on and left.

To say that my drive home was uncomfortable would be an understatement, but an ice cold bath and plenty of lotion eased my reddened cheeks although doing nothing for my confused state of mind.

I am certainly getting a sense for who I no longer am if I ever was that person, and am afraid to uncover the person that I really am. At least it seems that my little adventures have ended, or so I thought...

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