The Party Ch. 01


Well he really did it to himself this time. I had to laugh when Buzz told me he had no date to take to some company party. It actually serves him right. Buzz always had a bad habit of putting women down. He would date a girl no more than 3 times before she would tell him to shove it. I would often bet against him to see how long she would last with him. I would always win, that's just the way he was.

"What am I going to do Rob?" Buzz said. "Everyone is going to the party. I just couldn't show up without a date for god sakes. Why the hell did Pamela have to break up with me just before the stupid party?"

I just watched him as he continually rabble on about it. I just smiled and took another sip of my beer.

"Why not take your mother Buzz? " I burst out laughing.

Buzz gave me a punch into my shoulder.

"Not funny smart ass. This is a big problem for me Rob. The president of the company is going to be there with his wife. I was hoping to show a good impression to get that promotion that's coming up. I know the other guys are making sure their wives or girlfriends are going. And here I am without a date."

I took another sip of my beer and reached for my pack of cigarettes.

"Tough luck this time Buzz, maybe next time your treat your women with a little respect." I lit my cigarette and glanced around the bar a little.

"Um,,, Rob, do you remember years ago, you and me both dressed up in drag for Halloween?"

I looked at him as I took a draw from my cig.

"Yea,,, so??"

He didn't say anything,

"Ohhhhhhhhh,,,,wait just a minute Buzz. I know exactly what your thinking and you can just forget it right now." I said as I jabbed my cigarette out.

"Ah, come on Rob. Remember how everyone thought you were a real girl that wasn't wearing a costume? You have to remember that?"

It was true, while Buzz looked like some b- rated drag queen, I looked just like a girl.

It mostly was because of my size. I was the runt of the litter. The baby of the family which consisted of 3 sisters. I would often get teased about my size and appearance. All the kids would say that I should have been a girl just like my sisters. They would always knock my books out of my arms as I walk between classes and call me names. That's how I ended up meeting Buzz. He always seemed to whisk me away from all of that.

Buzz was sort of a misfit as well. He wasn't quite a jock and he wasn't a drunk and stoner like the others at the school. He just was,,well,,,just Buzz.

Buzz would walk home with me every night after school. It somehow emerged into a great friendship. We both were quite a site as Buzz was well over 6 foot and 200 lbs. and I was standing 5.6 and maybe 130 lbs. soaking wet.

I looked over at Buzz and took another sip of my beer.

"We could never pull it off. If something ever screwed up, that would be the end of your job, possibly your career."

I was throwing him all the reasons why we shouldn't be doing it.

"Rob,,,,I'm asking you to do this for me. I have always helped you out when ever you needed me. Well buddy,,,I need you now. Please Rob, you got to do this for me."

Buzz just glared at me as I looked back at him. I could see that he was deeply troubled by all of this. It was true; he was always there for me. He supported me during the troubled times in my life. I could always count on Buzz; he really was a great friend of mine. There was no way I could ever say no and let him down.

I took one more sip of my beer and lit up another cigarette.

"Ok Buzz, I'll do it." I said quietly.

"You will?? Thanks Rob,,I owe you big time,,I really do. I knew you wouldn't let me down I just knew it."

"Yea yea yea,,like how bad can it be? It's only for one night and the lights are always turned down low at these parties." I said trying to convince myself that it really wasn't a big deal.

"So when is this party anyways Buzz?"

Buzz looked away for a split second and then looked back at me.

"This Saturday, Its over at the Sheraton Hotel. The company has booked all of us rooms so we don't have to drive after the party. It should be a great time."

"Wait a second Buzz,,,what are you talking about this Saturday? It's Thursday right now and now you're telling me it's for the whole day?"

"The party isn't the whole day but we can check in our rooms at 10 am. Just to settle in. That would give us plenty of time to get you ready." Buzz said as if he had this planned for a while now.

I just sat there shaking my head in disbelief. "I just can't believe I'm agreeing to any of this". What about the clothes? the make-up? What about all of that Buzz?"

Buzz could hear the urgency in my voice.

"Don't worry Rob,,, I have it all covered."

"Well I hope you do for your sake Buzz." I said as I butted out my cigarette. I don't have anything to lose,,,not like you do."

We drank the rest of our beers and headed out to Buzz's car. I was still in shock at what I just agreed to. We both sat quietly as Buzz drove me home.

I opened the door of his car and as I was getting out Buzz finally spoke up.

"Listen Rob,, I really do appreciate this. I'll pick you up on Saturday around 9:30.

"Ok Buzz, no problem, I'll see you then." I shut the door of his car and walked up towards my house.

I lay in bed for hours thinking how the hell we were going to pull this off. We were in our teens when we dressed in drag. How do we know it's going to work now being in our twenties?

Saturday morning came too quickly. My stomach was twisted in knots as I packed my things. I was looking in my suitcase, not really sure what I should take or not. Buzz had said that he was going to have everything there. I put some underwear and socks in the suitcase, mostly out of habit.

I continually watched the clock, waiting for the time Buzz was going to pick me up. It was an hour drive to the hotel and it was just about 9:45 now. Just like Buzz to be late, another reason women wouldn't stay with him. I laughed to myself.

I heard him honking the horn of his car,

Waving at him through the window I motion him that I would be right down.

I doubled checked everything and lock my door to my apartment and walked out to his car.

"How's it going Rob?" Buzz said as I opened the door of his car and threw my suitcase in the back seat and hopped in front.

"I'll be better when this day is over, believe me."

"Don't worry about it; everything is going to be alright. Trust me."

I just smiled over at Buzz" Yea sure,, famous last words"

We drove for a while, making small talk and then just before we got to the hotel entrance, Buzz pulled over to the curb.

"Listen Rob, you get out here and come to the room in about 15 minutes. I have the room down in my name and female guest. I don't want them seeing you walk in with me with your suitcase."

"You mean I have to sneak in Buzz?" I said opening the door and stepping out.

"No, not at all, just go to the desk and ask for my name and room, then you come up and that's it." Buzz said trying to assure me.

"Yea,,,ok,,, but I better not have any problem." I said trying to muster up some courage.

"Just be at my room in 15 minutes, I'll see you there."

With that, Buzz took off and turned into the parking lot of the hotel and disappeared. I lit up a cigarette and paced back and forth. Ten minutes had past when I slowly walk towards the entrance of the hotel, flicking my cigarette just before the doors.

The bell hop opened the door for me as I walked in the main lobby and proceeded to go to the front desk.

"Buzz Markus's room please." I said as I lightly tapped my fingers on the counter.

The guy behind the desk started to type on the key board a little.

"Buzz Markus and Miss Nancy Gibson, that's room 815"

I walked away from the desk towards the glass elevators that were in the atrium. "What's this Miss Nancy Gibson shit" I said to myself as I step inside the elevator and pressed the eighth floor button. I was started to regret this whole thing already.

As the doors opened and I peered down the hallway towards our room. Buzz was standing at the door of the room motioning to me to come. I half heartedly walk to him.

"Come on Rob; try to show a little enthusiasm. I know this isn't going to be easy but you can try to show a little bit of effort."

He was right; I should just shrug this whole thing off as a bad experience and enjoy myself.

Walking into the room, I glanced around the place. It was so big for a hotel room. It had separate rooms and a little bar in the corner of the living room.

"Whoa,, nice place Buzz, the company must really be putting out a lot of money for this party." I said walking towards the window of the room.

"We have no time for that!"

A female voice echoed in my ears.

I turned quickly. It was Buzz's mom. I looked over at Buzz right away.

"What is she doing here? I mean,,hi Mrs. Markus,,I,,I,,,"

"Come Rob. You can do all the looking when we get finished with you. Now get yourself undressed and get into the bathroom. We have lots of work ahead of us to get you ready."

I slowly started to walk towards the bathroom. Buzz's mom was not someone to argue with.

"I'll be in there in just one minute. Just soak in the tub that I made for you." She ordered." Buzz, you get yourself ready as well, I laid your clothes out in your bedroom."

I glanced over a Buzz; he just looked back at me and shrugged.

"Come on you two!!" Lets get moving." She barked.

Taking off my clothes I climb into the bathtub. It had such a strong floral fragrance that seeped up with the steam. I laid back my head and just shut my eyes. This did feel great, I admitted to myself. The water made my skin tingle as I wiggled my legs around, making playful waves splashing around me.

"Enjoying yourself?"

It was Buzz's mom; I sat straight up trying to cover myself, embarrassed that she saw me nude.

"Relax Rob; you have nothing there that could embarrass me." She giggled. "Now sit up and let me wash you properly. I want to make sure I get every inch of you."

I straighten up a bit and slid to the front of the bath as Mrs. Markus started to wash my back with a scrubby type of sponge.

"We're lucky that you have such fine hair, it's coming off really easy" She said as she slid the sponge down my arm.

"Easy? Coming off easy? What's coming off easy?

"Just shush Nancy" She said.

Nancy? How did she know Buzz put Nancy on the guest list?

After she finished scrubbing me, Mrs. Markus picked up the shower head and rinsed me off like I was some dog in for his first bath. I watched as I seen all my hair swirl down the drain.

"What the hell was in that water? Is all of this really necessary? I mean,, jeeze,,, its just for a night." I complained.

"Of course it is, this is very important for Buzz .Everything just has to be perfect. Now get up out of that bath and let's get you dried off."

Mrs. Markus stood holding a towel open for me as I got up and step out of the bath. She had the biggest grin on her.

"What?" I asked looking a little annoyed with her smiling at me like that.

"It's just that I can't believe how small you are down there. Buzz was that size when he was ten." She gave a quick snapped out laugh and wrapped me inside the towel.

"Ok, so I didn't have a big dick, whats the big deal anyways. I had no complaints with any of the girls I went out with." I said as she easily moved me around drying me off.

"They just didn't know any better I guess" She laughed as she picked up a bottle of baby oil. "Rub this all over your body and we will let it soak in as I fix your hair."

I took the bottle of baby oil from her hand and pour a little in the palm of my hand, rubbing it up and down my arm. I sense Mrs. Markus watching me.

"Well it's obvious that you never applied that on before "She said as she whipped the bottle out my hand. "We don't have time to fool around here, now step back in the tub; I'll put it on for you."

Mrs. Markus pushed me gently down by my shoulder to a squat position and proceeded to pour the oil over me, rubbing it in with her other hand. I just stood there with my head bent a little as her hand reached to my cock. She started to kneed the oil roughly into my cock and balls.

"That's how you put this stuff on for god sakes" she said as spread it over my butt and between the cheeks.

I was so embarrassed as her hand touched me there.

"Why do I need to have that stuff all over me for?" I said trying act as tough as her and not bothered from what she was doing.

"Don't ask so many questions and just sit there."

"Yes Mrs. Markus" I said quietly.

I figured there wasn't any sense to fight her anymore, she had her ideas and I just as well do as she says. Its better that way.

I honestly didn't think I was going to go through all of this. I figured I was just going to have to put on a dress and act the part.

"Ok, now before I do your hair I want you to shower again. Here's a bottle of body wash that I want you to use.Rince off the baby oil the best you can. Do you think you can do that or do you want me to do it? She looked at me with a dare in her eyes.

I stood up and grabbed the bottle out of her hand." I can do it myself, I'm not that helpless. I shut the shower curtains and bent over to turn the taps on.

Mrs. Markus was getting things ready at the sink as I washed my whole body clean of the baby oil. I couldn't believe how soft and silky my skin was feeling as I pour some body wash on a little sponge and started to wipe it up and down.

"You almost finished in there?"

"Yea ,,yea,,yea,,, give me a minute for god sakes" I said knowing she was going to check to see how good of a job I did.

Pulling open the shower curtains, I stepped out and wrapped a towel around me. I sat on the chair that Mrs.Markus put in front of the sink. She had all sorts of hair products sitting there as I could hear her in the bedroom rustling through some her bags she must have brought with her.

"So, we're all set then." She said as she walked in and roughly ran her fingers through my hair, undoing any tangles that I had." This shouldn't take to long."

Mrs. Markus surely knew what she was doing. She held my head over the sink, lathering up all sorts of smelly shampoos and conditioners. Everytime I went to lift my head she would just hold it down and tell me to sit still. My scalp was feeling all tingly as she worked away.

Rinsing my hair for the third time she finally lifted my head up and wrapped a towel around it and fluff dried my hair.

"I'll just clip it to give it a feminine look. It's already too short to take too much off." She said holding a pair of scissors.

She didn't really take too much off but enough to make me nervous.

"Now turn around, I'm going to start on your make-up, and then finish your hair right after. You're going to have to sit very still. I don't want you to ruin this." She said.

As she was working away at my face with all the different creams and shades of color, all I could think of was this stupid dinner party. My stomach was doing twists and turns.

About an hour went by when she brought out her hair dryer and a big round brush. Mrs. Markus brushed at my hair as she wiggled the hair dryer back and forth... The top of my head began to feel light and fluffy. She was smiling at me as I could see her becoming satisfied with her art work.

"Ok,, take a look Nancy"

She had me stand up and turn to face the mirror. I nearly died as I saw myself in the mirror. I looked identical as my second oldest sister, Debbie.I stood there speechless.

"So? What do you think? Do you think you'll pass the test tonight or not? Mrs. Markus said practically boasting at her accomplishment.

"I can't believe it Mrs. Markus" I stood there dumbfounded.

What she had done to my face was incredible. She had made my eyes so out couldn't miss them., Smokey gray eyeliner that brought my blue eyes out, lashes thick and long surrounding them. Eye brows delicately arched. My lips were rosy red with a lighter shade outlining my lips, making them look full and soft. She had expertly mussed my short hair and the highlights she added made me look so young and alive. I had to admit, I looked really good.

"Ok, let's get your nails done. I 'm glad you don't chew your nails Nancy. I'll paint them to match your lips."

I held my hand out onto her palm as she slowly and carefully applied the nail polish. It seems so strange to have my hands turn so feminine in front of my eyes so quickly.

"Lets get you dressed, we have to hurry, just a few more hours and this is the most important part. I brought a couple of outfits for you. I wasn't sure what was going to look good on you." She grabbed me lightly by the shoulders and steered me out to the bedroom. I kept my hands lifted for my nails to dry.

On the bed laid two sets of clothes, all folded and laying neatly together. She let go off my shoulders and skirted by me picking up a short black cocktail dress, holding it up to me as I moved closer to the bed.

"I'm not sure; I think this just might be to mature for you." She said as she looked at it up and down. "Let's see what the other one looks like."

Mrs. Markus laid the black one down and picked up a red silk chiffon dress, delicately trimmed with ruffled black lace that fell just above my knees. Though it was strapless, it had little sleeves that looked like puffy armbands which fell below the shoulders. Holding that up to me she just smiled.

"That's it; this one will look perfect on you. Buzz's cousin Susan wore this to her graduation. She looked so pretty and was the hit of the dance."

I just looked at her and mumbled, "How nice,"

I was still trying to get over on the way I now looked, still too stunned to even think about what would look good on me and whether or not she was a hit of some stupid party.

"Come on Nancy, snap out of it. Get these on."Mrs. Markus said as she reached for a delicate trimmed box. Inside was a red lace bra and panty set which you could see from the clear window on the lid...

." Susan was a 34b so that's what I got for you; this should fit you just fine." She said holding the two pieces in her hand after opening the box.

She walked behind me and reached around and slid the bra on. This was the first time I ever seen a bra without straps and it was so tight. Even though I don't have any fat on my chest, it she seem to have gathered up some flesh inside the cup. The bra gave me a weird feeling of confinement. Mrs. Markus balled up some tissue to put inside the cups.

I watched as she held open the panties for me.

"They look so small Mrs. Markus"

Holding onto her shoulder I lifted my leg then the other as she slid them up my legs. The soft silky material felt cool against my legs, my cock instantly went hard.

"Oh does our little Nancy like wearing panties?"Mrs. Markus laughed. "We can't have that little thing sticking out"

Looking down I blushed as my cock barely made a dent in the panties.

"It's just the material" I protested." I can't help the way it felt when it slid over me."

Mrs. Markus stood back and with her hands on her hips and just looked at me, not really concerning herself about my little problem in the front of my panties...

"That's not going to work; you're just not filling out the panties in the behind like you should. I was thinking about that earlier so I picked up some padding to shape you up." She said as she walked over and picked up another package and tearing it open.

It's hard to believe she came so well prepared on something Buzz just told me about two days ago. I had my suspicions that this was known for a while.

She slipped the foam padding inside the back of my panties.

"Now isn't that a whole lot better? And it even pulled your panties tighter to hide that little thingy you had sticking out in the front." She giggled.

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