tagNovels and NovellasThe Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 18zd

The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 18zd


Copyright 2003 by Paul C. All rights reserved.

Rubies are Red. Part 30.


It hurt to change gear my fanny felt so sore. I smiled at the thought. In fact I don't think I'd really stopped smiling since Ron had last pulled his prick from me.

We had done it four times in less than four hours. I could feel my smile broaden at that thought. It had been very nice. Intense, in fact, at the end.

I felt great. Sore but great. Now that I knew that Paul was safe I had only my practical test the next morning and that was me finished for three weeks.

I wondered when Paul would be home. Should I stay in Bristol or go down to Somerset? The Foreign Office would be contacting Mary if they had news. All I would be waiting for would be if Paul happened to try to get through on the phone direct to me. Perhaps I should move down to Paul's grandfather's cottage. Shirley could then have the house in Bristol all to herself and Matt.

That could work out very well. And what could be more natural than for the Curate to visit me to check up on developments.

It could work out very well indeed.

I pulled into the short gravel drive the led to the doors of our garage. There were no lights on in the house. Perhaps Shirley was staying over at Matt's. She shouldn't really do that. They could get into trouble if they were caught. Well, certainly Matt would.

I locked the car door and hurried to the front door. It was raining steadily. I turned my key in the lock and stepped inside, turning on the hall lights before taking off my coat and hanging it up. My keys I replaced in my handbag on the hall table checking its contents as I did so.

Handkerchief, ticket stubs, old receipts, my purse, a lipstick, my pills. I hoped they were working after what Ron had left inside me.

Should I go straight to bed or bath first? I was giving my lesson at eleven thirty so I didn't have to rush in the morning. Shirley was at two. Which meant I would have to hang around until three-thirty to bring her home after she had finished. She needed a car of her own. We couldn't really buy her one. She wouldn't accept it. What if I had Paul buy me a new one and tell her she could have my old one? That might work.

A bath was beginning to sound very tempting so I walked up the stairs and turned on the taps. A quick visit to the toilet seat and some gentle dabbing with some toilet paper followed. I checked I had enough towels, walked downstairs, went into the kitchen and switched on the kettle for a cup of tea. The central heating had switched itself off so I switched it on to manual.

Shit! I hadn't switched the central heating off in Paul's grandfather's cottage. Hopefully nobody would be going there tomorrow.

The kettle boiled so I made myself a cup of tea and carried it upstairs. As I was about to enter the bathroom I heard a key turn in the front door lock.

"Hello." Shirley said as she entered brushing raindrops from her coat. "How was it?"

"Quite pleasant thanks." I replied expecting Matt to follow her inside.

She closed the door. No Matt. I could hear a car outside pulling away.

"Alone?" I asked.

"Yes. I'm on and it would be a bit frustrating to have him here."

"Oh." This could mean a change of plan. "I was hoping to go and stay at Paul's grandfather's this weekend. I was hoping you would be here this weekend in case Paul phoned so you could tell him where I am."

"I'll do that for you. If you want me to." She smiled up at me from the foot of the stairs. "Only quite pleasant?"

"It was very nice. I didn't know if Matt was there."

"Tell me all about it."

"I'm having a bath." I glanced at the tub. The water was close to the top. "The kettle's not long boiled if you want some tea."

"Ok. I'll get one."

I placed my tea mug near the taps. I added some bubbles to my bath and switched off the taps. I undressed and got in. It was too full and water slopped over the side. I could hear the water gurgling out of the overflow hole by my toes. My fanny lips started to sting. I eased them apart then closed them tight with my fingers. That was a little better.

Shirley came in carrying a mug of tea and sat down on the lid of the toilet seat.

"Well?" She asked.


I leaned back in my chair and stifled a burp.

These soldiers ate surprisingly well considering they were on a secret mission in a foreign land. The coffee was certainly better than you got in the normal US restaurant as well.

Louise looked upset. She blew out a lungful of tobacco smoke. It was the first cigarette I'd ever seen her smoke.

"I didn't realise you smoked." I said letting my knee touch hers beneath the table.

"I'm always giving up." She replied. "You normally see me at those times. The same as Howie."

I had seen Howie smoking before, and not just cigarettes.

He had acquired a couple of packs from one of the soldiers and was offering one around the table. Bill took one, as did Gillian. I thought I caught a movement towards the packet on the parts of her daughters but they refused politely in the end.

I waved my hand in refusal as I felt the pressure returned beneath the table by Louise. I rubbed my knee up and down against hers.

The corporal I had met earlier came in and stood at the end of the table.

"The Major's compliments." He started, looking us up and down. "We are expecting a number of air movements during the next two hours. The Major wishes you all to remain in here until told otherwise."

"What about our other friend, Heather?" I asked. "Can we see her? She came with me."

He looked at me then at Louise.

"Alright. I'll take you. But it will only be for a few minutes. We are moving her out at the first opportunity."

I stood up.

"If you wouldn't mind." I said. "I'd like to see her again before she goes."

"Very good, sir." The corporal said, hoisting his rifle into a more comfortable position on its strap on his shoulder. "Follow me."

I had to almost run to keep up with him as we skirted the dirt runway and made our way to the tents on the far side of the airfield. The air was filled with the drone of generators that powered a line of bright lights on either side of the runway. Lights were on in the main buildings.

I could hear what sounded like a swarm of bees approaching. The noise became louder and deeper. Then the air around us was filled with dust from the downdraft of their rotor blades as the first helicopters arrived.

We ducked into the first aid post tent. The medic who had seen us earlier in the day was kneeling beside Heather as she lay on a camp bed. He was fastening straps across her body. There was a drip on a metal frame attached to the bed feeding some sort of liquid into her arm.

She smiled when she saw me.

"Hello Paul." She said.

I knelt down on the other side of the camp bed to the medic.

"Hello Heather." I replied. "How are you feeling?"

"Revolutions aren't much fun really."

"I'm sorry I got you into this."

"Don't be." She held up her free hand for me to hold. "It was me that wanted to come. I didn't really give you much choice did I?"

"No. Not really." I agreed.

"When will I see you again?"

"I'm not sure. Soon I expect. The important thing is to get you safe."

Two soldiers entered the tent and the medic stood up.

"Here she is." He said. "Be gentle with her."

Heather's eyes opened wide with apprehension.

"Don't worry." I said. "They know what they're doing."

I lowered my mouth to hers and kissed her. Her lips felt dry and cracked.

"Jenny is very lucky." She said looking up into my eyes.

The two soldiers loomed over us. I tried to stand up but Heather gripped my hand.

"You'll be all right." I assured her. "Now be good."

"I always thought I was."

There was a tear rolling down from one of her eyes. My own chest was filling with emotion.

"Hey Buddy. We've got to go." One of the soldiers said crouching at the head of the camp bed and taking hold of the handles.

I nodded. I couldn't speak.

We all stood together. The medic took my hand from Heathers. She mouthed something.

"Bye." I managed as they took her from the tent.

"Bye Paul." She replied.

I could tell she was crying. There was a tear on my cheek.

We stood at the tent entrance and watched Heather being carried onto one of the helicopters. I didn't get a chance to see her face again as suddenly the aircraft lifted from the ground. It flew over the main buildings and within seconds I lost sight of it.

I wondered when I would see her again.

The corporal took me back to the tent. We all drank more coffee and I played footsie with Louise beneath the table.

The tent would fill and empty at regular intervals. At eleven o'clock the corporal came back and told Gill that she and her daughters would be next to leave.

We all walked to the tent entrance together. There were only two helicopters left. Gill turned and kissed me on the cheeks followed by her daughters in turn.

I smiled at them and watched as they kissed Louise and shook hands with Howie and my grandfather. Then they hurried across to where the nearest helicopter stood waiting. I saw one of them wave as the aircraft lifted and raised my hand in return. The aircraft lifted followed immediately by the second helicopter. One of the machine guns sticking out of the passenger compartment seemed to wave at me and I automatically lifted my hand a second time.

The silence after they had gone was nearly overwhelming. There wasn't a sound to be heard for a few seconds.

The generators had been switched off extinguishing all of the lights along the runway and most of the lights in the main buildings. There was a soft glow coming from a number of the tents but one by one most of these went out as well.

"It's time to go back to your tents now." The corporal said in a low voice. "Follow me please."

He walked more slowly this time. I walked by my grandfather allowing him to lean against me now and then. I wondered why they hadn't taken him away. It did seem a little strange as he wasn't a well man although he had perked up a lot after some sleep and some decent food. But I supposed they couldn't take everyone at the same time and the needs of the military had to come first in these circumstances.

We all stopped at the toilet tent and made use of the holes in the ground, Bill and Louise first. Somebody had placed a toilet roll on the ground by the single lantern. Probably a concession for the ladies.

I stopped outside the ladies tent as Howie and grandfather entered ours. Bill looked from Louise to me, smiled and ducked inside.

The corporal looked at us.

"Don't leave the tents." He warned. "We don't want the guards to make any mistakes in the dark."

"We won't." I promised.

He left us alone.

Louise stepped closer and I placed my arms around her and held her close.

"We should get away tomorrow night." She said, laying her head against my shoulder.

"Yes." I agreed, feeling my prick hardening between us.

She turned her head to mine and we kissed. Just lips at first, then tongues. My hands moved down her back and cupped her ass cheeks. She reached behind her to pull them away squashing her breasts against my chest as she did so. I could feel the sharp points of her nipples through our clothes.

"Not here." She hissed. "People can see."

I replaced my hands upon her shoulder blades. She ground her pubic bone against my prick for a few seconds.

"You had best go to bed." She whispered. "We might get shot if we go anywhere else."

She was right of course but my prick didn't understand logic. I rubbed it against her. She pushed back.

"I'm sorry." She did sound disappointed. "We can't do anything here."

Her hand slid between our bodies and her fingertips moved up and down the length of my prick. She looked at my face then looked over her shoulders. I did the same. I couldn't see anything.

Her fingers moved to my trouser zip and she slowly pulled it down. Continuously looking about her. I just closed my eyes.

She fumbled about inside the opening in my trousers until my prick was free then started to stroke it. I reached down for her own zip with one hand, unzipped her pulling the elastic of her knickers away from her body and worming my hand inside them.

She kissed my cheek as I felt my way through her tangle of pubic hairs for her slit and worked a finger up inside her. Her thighs twitched as I moved it in and out. Her hand moved faster on my prick. I looked around. Nobody there. Mistake. I was.

I tried to hold back but it was too late. My pricked jerked in her hand spraying the contents of my balls over our clothes and arms.

I moved my finger to her clit. She gasped. Then again. Her fingers were squeezing my prick tight. She pulled me to her and kissed me as I felt her body stiffen.

I pulled my finger from her knickers and felt her ass cheek. She didn't try to move my hand this time.

"Are you coming to bed, Paul?" Howie asked.

We pulled apart as we heard the flap of the tent moving behind me.

"Night." Louise said and ducked her head into hers.

"I'm coming now." I told Howie, trying to bend to enter the tent and stuff my prick back inside my trousers at the same time.

"Ok." Howie said, moving to one side.

I lay down on my bed, lifted my fingers to my nose and breathed in the smells of Louise's hole. It was a good job nobody saw us.

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