tagNovels and NovellasThe Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 18zt

The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 18zt


The Paul and Jenny stories Part 46.

Rubies are Red. Part 18zt


It was only ten-thirty when I escorted Louise to her room. Our plans were ever changing. Roddrego was returning to South America in three days with Bill when the team of American military advisors had been assembled. Both sides had stopped fighting. There had been celebrations on the streets. He would have a lot of work to do even with all the help pledged to him by neighbouring countries and Bill was going to write about it for Louise's newspaper.

Grandfather had looked a little upset when Bill had declared her intentions of going with Roddrego. She had looked even more so when he had said he was flying to Miami with me in the morning.

"I'm very tired." Louise said covering her mouth with her hand.

"You should be in bed." I told her.

"I kind of thought you might say that," she said, "but I am very tired." I hung my head. "Oh don't look like that." She said. "We'll have plenty of time for that in Miami."

I heard the door at the far end of the corridor open and Grandfather, Roddrego and Bill enter. Grandfather and Roddrego both carried a bottle and some glasses. Bill didn't look too steady on her feet.

"Ah." Grandfather said. "See you are both having an early night. Good. Good. Another long flight tomorrow."

"I still think you should stay here and return with me." Roddrego slurred slightly.

"We'll all return for your investiture." Grandfather had had a bit to drink as well. "Besides I have some things to do in England."

Bill burped. "Pardon." She said, covering her mouth with her hand.

"I'll see you at breakfast at eight." Grandfather said as he opened the door to Bill's room with her key. "We want to be away for ten." He stood in the doorway looking at Louise and me. I took the hint.

"Goodnight Louise." I said, resisting the temptation to kiss her.

"Goodnight Paul." She smiled. "Sleep well."

I walked down the corridor, past my room and into the bar. I ordered myself a beer and took it out onto the veranda by the pool. I saw the stewardess who had arranged the swimming costume for Louise collecting glasses and bottles from one of the tables. She was bending over facing away from me. Her skirt was riding up at the back and I could almost see the tops of her thighs. I probably could if I sat, so I did at the nearest table. She straightened up at the same time.

I took a sip of my beer. The bar had been quite crowded after dinner but now it was deserted. The stewardess was carrying her tray into the main building. "Where is everyone?" I asked her as she drew level to my table.

"Everyone was asked to leave so it would be quiet for the President." She replied. I looked over to where the light in Bill's room shined out through her blinds. They could have been holding a Disco and I didn't think the President would notice. "We were told to keep the bar open just in case you needed anything." She continued, smiling.

I could think of something she could give me. "I won't need anything else and I think all the others are in bed." I said and took another sip of my beer. It suddenly tasted sour. I stifled a yawn. "Pardon me." I said stretching my arms above my head. "I think I should go to bed as well."

She stood still for a few seconds looking down at me then said goodnight and went inside. I followed her. A steward was on duty behind the bar. I could hear the sounds on the clinking of glasses from the room behind him.

"That's enough for me." I said placing my glass on the bar top. The stewardess came from the back room and bent over to place some glasses on a shelf beneath the counter. For a second, I thought I saw his hand touch her ass cheek. She held her position longer than was necessary anyway.

"Goodnight." I said and trudged dejectedly down the corridor to my own room and let myself in. I rubbed my prick through my trousers to relieve the pressure then undressed. I went into the bathroom and relieved myself. Louise's swimming costume hung next to my swimming trunks on the curtain rail. I took it and sniffed at the crotch. I was certain I could smell her fanny. I breathed in hard through my nose. The smell of a woman was definitely about it. I hung it back on the rail.

I stood naked beside my bed, switched off my light and opened the blinds on the door slightly. The lights around the veranda and pool had been switched off but a light was on in what I imagined to be the room behind the bar. As I looked at it, I imagined the stewardess bending over some boxes of wine while the steward fucked her from behind.

It was hot in my room so I opened my door and peered out. The lights were still on in Bill's room. I put my shirt on then returned to my bathroom and put on my nearly dry swimming trunks. I opened the door wide and stepped out beside the swimming pool. I looked at the stars for a few seconds recognising some of the constellations from my pilot studies then walked slowly along the side of the pool towards Bill's room. The lights were definitely on and the blinds were not fully closed either.

I heard what sounded like Roddrego laughing followed by my father. I suddenly felt guilty. I shouldn't be there. It was none of my business what they did and Bill was certainly past the age of consent. I turned to replace my steps when I heard a muffled woman's voice cry out. What was going on? It was none of my business. Something was knocked over inside the room and I heard the sound of breaking glass.

I had to look. I stepped to the glass door as quietly as I could and peered through the gaps between the slats.

I could see Roddrego naked on the bed between Bill's open thighs. His ribcage was clearly visible as were his hips but there was still some vigour inside him by the way he thrust in and out of her. I moved position and looked towards Bill's head. Roddrego was holding one arm to the bed while my grandfather held her other and had his hand clasped on her mouth.

It took a few seconds for the scene to register. They were raping her.

Roddrego was pulling from her and my grandfather taking her position. They had released her arms and mouth. She just lay there as he mounted her. I couldn't stop watching. My grandfather was raping a woman. Roddrego stood beside the head of the bed pouring himself a drink. He tilted his head to drink then looked at Bill. He said something to her as Grandfather pulled his prick from her and rose unsteadily to his feet. Roddrego handed him his glass and he drank from it. Meanwhile Bill had turned onto her side and I could see her shoulders shaking. I saw Grandfather reach to Bill's ass cheeks and worm a finger between them. I couldn't watch anymore. I didn't know what to do. My grandfather was a rapist.

I ran into my room, closed, and bolted the door.



I looked at myself in the full-length mirror on the inside of the wardrobe door in my bedroom in the suite on the top floor of the hotel in New York. I didn't look right for this place.

Carole was only wearing a simple dress but it looked what it was, stylish and expensive. I had nothing remotely like it. I hadn't thought to bring a dress, just two pairs of jeans and a couple of short skirts with four blouses of different colours. That, a couple of jumpers, and enough underwear for five or six days constituted the contents of my suitcase. I had worn my only decent trousers on the flight across and Carole had sent them for cleaning when we had arrived. I couldn't go downstairs dressed like this. There was a knock at the door.

"Come on." Carole's voice came through the wood panels. "Are you ready?"

"Can we eat here?" I replied.

"Open up. What's wrong?"

I opened the door. "I haven't anything to wear."

She looked me up and down. "What's wrong with that?" She asked.

"I'll look out of place." I wished Paul were with me. We could have sneaked out and found a late night cafe.

"You look fine." Carole assured me. "I wish I had your legs."

I looked back at the mirror and pulled down at the hem of my skirt. "It isn't too short?" I asked.

"You look fine." Carole said again. She had filled out a little since the birth of her son but she still was a very curvy, sexy lady. "Don't worry." Carole continued. "We will sit quietly in a corner. Nobody will pay us any attention. Let's go."

I picked up my handbag and followed her from the hotel suite. Her handbag matched her dress and shoes. I bet her knickers did as well.

The entrance to the restaurant was quite full with people waiting to be seated and other couples waiting to see if there would be any cancellations. I looked around. I was the only woman not wearing a dress. I looked so out of place I wanted the floor to open and swallow me. There were a number of small shops on the far side of the foyer. One was a dress shop. It looked to be open.

"Is it open?" I whispered to Carole.

"What?" She asked. "The restaurant."

"No." I hissed. "That." I nodded in the direction of the dress shop.

She looked at me. "Let's go and find out." She smiled. A woman in her late twenties or early thirties was coming from the shop as we reached the front door. She had a bunch of keys in her hand. "Help." Carole said. The woman turned her head. "It's an emergency, Sherrie."

"Hello Carole." She said. "We haven't had your new dress delivered yet. It should be here for next weekend."

"It's not I." Carole lied. "It's my friend, Jenny. She's flown in from London but her luggage is in Berlin."

"That's always happening."

"We only need something for tonight."

Sherrie looked me up and down. She wasn't impressed, I could tell. "Come on in." She opened the door and stood to one side to let us pass. "I'm sure I have something. What size?"

"Ten." I replied. "In England. I don't know in America."

"Go in that cubical and take your clothes off while we sort out some things for you." Sherrie said leading Carole to a display of dresses on the far side of the room. I took off my blouse and skirt and stood peering around the side of the cubical curtain in my underwear and tights. They returned carrying three dresses each.

"Try this one please." Sherrie said passing the first dress to me. I slipped it over my head and struggled with the zip at the back.

"Let's have a look." Carole said, pulling back the curtain.

"It's not really you." Sherrie said. "Try this one." She handed me a second dress. They were both standing in the doorway to the cubical, so I couldn't close the curtain without telling them to move. We were all woman, after all, so I turned my back towards them and felt fingers on my zip. I pulled the dress off over my head and picked up the second one.

"It will hang better without a bra." Sherrie said. I felt her fingers on my bra's fastener releasing me. I automatically rubbed at my breasts, as they swung free. I slipped the bra off my arms and pulled on the dress. The material of the cups felt rough against my nipples and I could feel them hardening. Carole zipped me and I turned to face them looking at my profile in the full-length mirror on the sidewall of the cubical.

The dress was lovely. Pale blue with fitted cups that lifted my breasts to show off a cleavage I didn't know I had. It was a snug fit but not so tight. I loved it. I'd never worn anything like it before.

"Suits you." Carole said.

"I'm not sure." Sherrie said. "We have plenty more."

"I like this one." I told her suddenly feeling like I had as a child when my mother had threatened to take away my favourite toy.

"What are we going to do with your hair?" Sherrie asked walking to a counter and taking a hairbrush and comb from a drawer. I liked my hair as it was. Straight, shoulder length and curling up at the edges.

"We haven't really got time tonight, Sherrie." Carole said looking at my face. "When we return, I promise you can have her for a morning."

"Alright, if you're sure." Sherrie looked doubtful. She replaced the comb and brush in the drawer. I glanced at the price tag on the hem of the dress and swallowed hard. It couldn't be right.

"It's about time you started to spend some of Paul's money." Carole said, her eyes following mine.

"It's so much." I said.

"Be extra nice to him. He'll forgive you." She continued. "It works for me with Howie." He already had a lot to forgive. "Will you charge it against a Mr. Paul Wagstaffe." Carole said to Sherrie. "Pass the details to the desk clerk."

She opened a book. "I thought that name rang a bell. We have another dress marked for his account." Another dress? What had he been up to? "It was last Sunday evening." Sherrie continued. "I remember now. I had a call from Howie asking if he could open the shop for a friend. Their luggage hadn't arrived either."

Their luggage? I think Paul had a little explaining to do.

"Let's go." Carole said, taking me by the hand. "We want to eat before the cabaret starts. Thank you Sherrie. We don't know what we would have done without you."

I added my thanks as we left.

"I'll give your clothes to the desk clerk." Sherrie called after us.



He had a young face, quite good looking. He was laughing, on an adventure, perhaps just fucked his first woman. He lay at my feet, blood flowing from his chest. There was a lot of blood. How many times had I shot him? My grandfather was mounting Bill. His prick was sliding in and out of her. They were holding her down. Her shoulders were shaking. His young, good-looking face was laughing.

I opened my eyes and switched on the light above the bed. It was only three o'clock. I was sweating profusely. My pillow was wet. I lifted it and swapped it with the bottom pillow. That felt better as I lay my head upon it. Much cooler.

Had my grandfather and Roddrego really taken it in turns to rape Bill? I couldn't believe it. But I had seen it. What if she reported it to the police? Why hadn't she reported it to the police? What should I say? Tell them I saw nothing. But what if somebody else had seen me by Bill's door? Looking inside the room. Why was I looking in the room?

I turned over onto my side and switched off the light above me. The young mans face appeared before me. He was laughing. So full of life and I had ended it.

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