tagNovels and NovellasThe Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 18zu

The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 18zu


(c) 2004 by Paul C. All rights reserved.

Rubies are Red. Part 18zu


I lay on my bed feeling awful. My mouth felt like the bottom of a Parrot's cage. I didn't think I'd had that much to drink the previous night. I looked at my wristwatch. It was just after seven am. Time for a shower.

Grandfather told me at dinner he required the American authorities to promise to contact England with news about our all being safe. The Admiral told us Howie and Heather were both being flown to the naval hospital at the base just north of Miami today. They might even be there before we were. The naval fitters would service the engines on the Catalina overnight. All I had to do was let Louise down gently; after a good fuck of course.

I sat on the toilet seat then stepped under the shower, shaved and washed my teeth. That felt better. A fuck was definitely the next requirement. If breakfast was at eight, then I only had twenty-five minutes. I opened the door and left the room walking down the corridor to Louise's room. I looked at the door to Bill's room. The door was closed and everything was quiet. I knocked gently on Louise's door and it swung open. I looked inside. The bed was stripped of its bedclothes.

"Louise." I called softly. I tried the door to the bathroom. It opened. There were signs of use but no sign of Louise. Strange. I went into the corridor. Bill's door was closed. The room was quiet. Had they killed her in their drunken orgy?

That would explain her not telling the police. What should I do? I could hear a bugle play in the distance. A door further along the corridor opened and my grandfather stepped from his room.

"Ah. Paul." He said closing the door behind him. "I'm glad you're up. I want to get away as soon as possible." Was he trying to run from the scene of the crime? But what about Roddrego? I supposed he could claim diplomatic immunity. "Let's get breakfast." Grandfather continued. "Where's Louise?"

"I don't know." I replied walking slowly towards him. "She's not there." I'd known him all my life. I'd probably spent more time with him and my grandmother than with my parents. Now I didn't want to be near him.

"What's wrong?" He asked as I drew level with him. "Don't you feel well? You'll be fine when we get to ten thousand feet. Clears your head like nothing. Always did it in the first war."

We walked through the entrance hall and into the dining room. Louise sat at a table with three officers. They all rose as we approached. "Good morning, Gentlemen." A man with two and a half stripes on his epaulet said holding his seat for us. "We were keeping your young lady company."

"Don't leave on our account." Grandfather said sitting in his chair.

"It's time for us to be at our stations." He replied looking at his fellow officers. "It was great meeting you." He directed his last comment to Louise.

I remembered him now. He had been in the bar the previous evening and had asked Louise to dance after dinner. They seemed to keep strange hours on the base. Dinner had been at six-thirty and a small band had played until we had gone to bed at ten-thirty. Still, it had been nice of them to look after us as they had.

I saw Louise watching the back of the officer as he walked away from the table. "You were awake early." I said to her as I sat in the chair next to her and rubbed my calf against hers. She jerked her leg away. Now what had I done?

"I have been on the phone to my office and home." Louise said, taking a drink from her coffee cup.

"How did you manage that?" Grandfather asked as a steward approached to take our breakfast orders.

"Drexel. You just met him. He fixed it for me. He was very helpful."

"He seemed a nice man." Grandfather agreed. I could feel something tying a knot in my stomach. Did Louise fancy this Drexel? I would be great if she did. Take her attentions from me. But I didn't want him to have her. I didn't want anybody else to have her. "A good breakfast is what we all need." Grandfather said turning to the Steward.

"I've already had mine." Louise said standing. "I need to get some things from the shop on the base." She looked at me. "Do you have any money?" I stood and took my wallet from my hip pocket. I removed a sorry looking collection of bank notes from various countries, sat down again, and spread them on the tabletop.

"Two of the biggest breakfasts you do." Grandfather said to the Steward. "And a fresh pot of coffee, please."

I separated the notes into little piles and offered the American dollars to Louise. "Only about thirty dollars I'm afraid." I said.

"That'll be plenty. I'll bring you the change." She replied brightly. She seemed very happy. There was a light in her eyes that made her highly fuckable. I wanted to go with her. Take her to my room. "See you later." She turned and almost skipped from the room.

As she left the room, Roddrego entered. He looked suddenly old. He smiled weakly as he sat. "Are you not well?" Grandfather asked.

"Too much last night." He mumbled.

The Steward returned carrying a tray with two glasses of orange juice and a coffee pot with cups and a jug of milk. Roddrego took one of the glasses of orange juice and drank deeply. A second drink emptied the glass. His hand reached for the second glass.

"What is this?" He asked looking at my little collection of banknotes.

"Just checking the state of our finances."

"We have had less." Roddrego stated. "Remember Haiti?"

I usually loved hearing them talk about the old days. Not today. "I need some fresh air." I said rising to my feet and returning the notes to my wallet. "I'm not really hungry. You can have my breakfast." I turned and walked from the room before either could speak. I couldn't breathe. I needed to know what had happened to Bill.

I stopped in the main entrance and looked outside. The bright sunshine hurt my eyes for a few seconds. I saw large parade square surrounded with barrack and administrative buildings on the other three sides. That looked like Louise on the far side of the parade square. She talked to Dexter. She kissed him on the cheek. Now they were walking around the side of the building together. Fuck Bill. I had to find out what was happening.

I left the Officers club and hurried across the parade square. I'd have been locked away in England if I had done that in some of the Army barracks. But here, others used it as a shortcut. Besides, I was a civilian. I reached the corner around which they had disappeared from view. A road at the rear of the building contained more office blocks on the far side. I crossed to the far side and looked about me. There was no sign of them. Where could they have gone? Was he showing her his office? His bedroom? His prick?

I walked along the side of the building until I came to another road at its rear. Here, flats and houses stretched for blocks. It must be the married families area. Looking right, I could see a long low building with car parking spaces on three sides. It looked like a super-market. She said she wanted to go shopping. I walked towards it. Perhaps he was only showing her where it was. But why the kiss? She may have been thanking her for letter her use a phone of course. It hadn't been a passionate kiss. Nothing more than a peck.

A blast of cold air hit me as I walked through the automatic doors into the shop and I shivered then sneezed. The girl behind the cigarette counter looked at me and smiled. I checked the first two aisles and I saw them at the end of the third. Louise carried a basket and put what looked like a packet of biscuits into it. Dexter stood by her side pointing to something. I leapt out of sight as they turned in my direction. I stepped back and hid behind the far side of the first aisle until I could see which way they were going. Away from me. They moved from sight. Dexter held her arm. I hurried to the third aisle and try to walk along it parallel to them. They weren't saying much.

"Turn your back." I heard her say. "I need something here." I heard him laugh. Then her.

"Have you ever been to California?" He asked.

"Yes." She replied. "I worked there for a short time. Before..."

"Before what?" He asked.

They were moving again. I turned and banged my legs against the trolley of a woman in her thirties. "Sorry." I said, disentangling myself. She said something I didn't catch as I hurried away.

"Paul helped me a lot." Louise was saying.

"Is he your boyfriend?" Drexel asked.

"He's married." Louise sounded on the defensive.

"And?" Drexel was pushing the point.

"We are just friends."

"Where is your boyfriend?" Drexel asked after a pause. Drexel certainly tried to pump her for information. He was probably hoping he'd get the chance to pump her in another way later.

"Can I help you?" I turned and looked into the face of a man wearing black trousers, a white short-sleeved shirt and a green and blue tie wearing a small badge with the word manager on it.

"I'm fine, thanks." I replied. I could hear Louise and Drexel moving away.

"What are you looking for?" I didn't like the way the man looked me up and down. "Perhaps I can help you. I don't think I know you. Do you have any ID?" I reached into my shirt pocket and produced my passport. It looked a sorry sight. The manager peeled the pages apart and looked at my picture. "You're a Briton?"

"That's right. We arrived yesterday and are flying out shortly."

"Hello, Paul." Louise and Drexel were walking down the aisle towards us. "I thought I heard your voice." Louise continued.

"Hello, Commander." The manager said.

"Hello, Bill." Drexel replied.

"What are you looking for Paul?" Louise asked covering a small blue package in her basket. "Is it time to go?"

"I thought I'd see if you had any money left so I could buy something for the flight." It was the first thing that came into my head. I added, "I didn't want to interrupt you."

"You should have." Louise smiled. "We were only shopping."

I could guess the objective of Drexel's shopping trip. "I should of." I agreed.

"I don't think there will be much left after I've paid for these things." She looked down into her basket. I looked as well. She'd bought a bra and panties set which lay covering a small box. I'd seen Jenny hide similar boxes when we went shopping together. She was starting her period. At least she wasn't pregnant. Now that would have complicated things. She had a packet of biscuits as well.

"That's what I was getting." I said, lifting the packet. "There'll be four of us so we will need some more." Bill and Drexel were talking; so I led her to the aisle where I'd seen her picking the biscuits and grabbed a second packet. "We will soon be in Miami." I said standing directly in front of her.

"My father said he would send the company plane to collect us."

"I'm not sure when we will be free to go."

"Oh. Almost immediately, I'm sure. We have broken no laws of the United States."

"That's true." I agreed. "There will be no reason for them to keep us."

I could be home in a matter of days. What would I do about Heather? I couldn't leave her here. She had come with me after all. I could only hope she was fit to travel so I could drop her off in London on the way home. Judging by her comments, her sister and brother-in-law should have returned. It could all work out great.

I looked at my wristwatch. It was almost nine. "I think we should return." I said to her. "You know my grandfather was keen for us to get away as quickly as possible."

"Alright." She nodded as we returned to Drexel and the Manager. "Are you coming to see us off Drexel?"

"Sure." He smiled at her and she returned the smile. "I'd like that."

Louise paid for her shopping and packed everything in a large brown paper bag. She left the store by Drexel's side leaving me to carry it. I had no need to return to the Officers club as I had my only possessions in my pockets. Louise had hers on her body or in the bag but she insisted we stopped so she could visit the toilets with the brown bag leaving Drexel and me standing in the foyer.

"Have you known Louise long?" He suddenly asked after a minute's silence.

"Three or four years I suppose." I replied.

"She said you helped her."

"I suppose I did." I confirmed. "There was a fire and I dragged her from the building. She was a little scarred and couldn't speak for over a year."

"You helped her get her voice back?"

"I suppose I did." Kneeling between her legs with my tongue up her fanny, making her cum, letting her know she was a very attractive woman; it may have helped. She could talk afterwards anyway.

"Ah. There you are." My grandfather's voice came from the entrance to the dining room. "Ready to go?"

"Just waiting for Louise." I replied.

"We have to visit the conning tower at the air-base to get our course details and enter our flight plan." Grandfather said as Louise exited the ladies room. "Major Peterson will drive us."

"How long will that take?" Louise asked looking at Drexel.

"Thirty minutes." Grandfather replied. "No more." There was the sound of a vehicle pulling up outside. "Come along, Paul. We need you. Your pilot's licence is up-to-date."



I supposed Carole was right. But I couldn't bring myself to be extravagant with Paul's money. The dress was lovely though. But the price...

I could see the palm tree lined beaches as we came in to land at Miami airport. We had taken a scheduled flight as Harve's company plane was in Los Angeles with one of the company Directors. It would fly to pick up Louise, Howie and Carole later in the week. We had received a phone call after breakfast from Harve telling us Paul, Louise and Roland would be flying in from the Virgin Islands in the afternoon while Howie and somebody called Heather would be flying from an aircraft carrier to the Naval hospital sometime today as well.

I wondered who this Heather was. I hoped Howie hadn't been up to his old tricks again. No woman was safe from him. He even tried to get his prick inside my anus, once but Paul stopped him. That had hurt. A lot. Carole had told me she had measured it once and it was over eight and a half inches long. She'd told me how it stretched her as nothing had ever done. I could have told her I knew how she felt after taking Ron's cock. I had almost told her the night before as we had sat with our coffees after dinner, watching the couples on the dance-floor. Talk had gotten on to who was seeing whom at home. I'd told her about Shirley and Matt, but not about my sucking him. I hoped that was something I'd never need to do again. I had a lot of sorting out to do with Shirley.

It was very warm as we walked down the steps onto the tarmac and into the terminal building. There was no immigration and we were outside queuing at the taxi rank with our luggage inside fifteen minutes. This was the third time I had been to Miami. I hoped it would be better than the last two. Paul had been ill on the first time and we had had to sit in the departure lounge all night on the second. This time would be different. We were booked into our hotel for four nights. It wouldn't bother me if I didn't leave the bedroom once during that time.

It was our turn for a taxi. Yes, I will enjoy the next few days.

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