tagLesbian SexThe Perils of Paula Pt. 03

The Perils of Paula Pt. 03



This is the third part of The Perils of Paula and I know it's a little long, I was tempted to add yet another love scene at the end but I changed my mind. Nevertheless, Adele will make a return later on as you'll see but for now, I'm happy with what I've created. I have no idea who Paula sleeps with next but I'm up for suggestions! Thank you for your patience and I hope to put out a part four very soon.

Enjoy, Shaima.


As I mentioned in my previous account, my affair with Adele was entirely my fault and as a result, I broke up with Tayla and that did annoy me because I had a real thing for Tayla but I'm waffling so without further ado let me get back to the story.

Whenever I think about Adele the term 'lesbian wet dream' comes to mind. I'd known her for at least eighteen months, she was a customer at the salon but I'd only done her once. She was quite perky though and could talk quite openly about any number of subjects, one of which was her fifteen years spent in the Amazonian jungle with her missionary parents. Adele must have sensed that she was talking to atheists or half-arsed agnostics but typically for her, she didn't seem to notice the timid smiles when she was talking about her experiences.

Her other passion though was nursing and when I did her hair she was in nursing college and that was what we talked about that day. Some sixteen months later I overheard one of the girls at work say she'd graduated and was working at St Vincent's hospital in the city. That was about the time I was involved with Tayla and here's where it gets weird because the week we bumped into each other again I actually dreamed about her.

I was having one of those waking dreams where I was having sex with Tayla while Robert sat on the bed in front of the mirror doing up his tie. Just then the door opened and Adele walked in wearing the clothes she'd worn the morning I did her hair. I remember staring at the ceiling when I finally woke up wondering about it, they say that dreams have a meaning but mine are so random it's impossible to find any kind of meaning. I couldn't recall Adele's name, I only knew that I'd met her somewhere before.

A few days later though we bumped into each other when I took the kids into the city on the train to see a dinosaur exhibition at the National Museum and decided to grab some Thai food in the city before heading home. We hopped on at Museum Station and were just sitting down when Adele got on, she'd caught the attention of three guys who'd entered from further down the carriage. They were coming up behind her and one of them had grabbed his crotch with one hand while he patted his chest with the other. Adele glanced briefly over her shoulder and then she was looking right at me and promptly sat down on the outermost seat. The guy let go of his crotch and cracked an off colour joke as he and his mates sauntered past her.

"Ask her if she'll check out your dick," one of them chuckled.

Adele looked scared and I was certainly a little afraid, but I'm also used to these guys, most of them turn to shit if someone actually confronts them. However, I wasn't about to confront them with my kids sitting with me but the carriage was over half full so we were kind of safe but I got my oldest to change seats with her so that she was next to the window. She was wearing a pink blouse and a brown skirt, she has a light brown complexion. Her mother is part Spanish but her grandmother is Spanish. I remembered the dream then because up until then I hadn't been able to remember the name of the woman who'd walked into the bedroom.

"Oh, it's you," she stared at me,"the salon on Keilor Road?"

I pushed the memory of the dream out of my mind as I took her in.

"I think we've met before," I extended my hand, "I'm Paula."

"Adele, you did my hair."

"Now I remember," I looked at the jet black hair that fell past her shoulders, "I gave you a trim and some highlights."

"I've been back a few times since but I haven't seen you there, are you still at the salon?"

"Two or three days a week, I do a lot of work in people's homes. I get paid in cash and I can work my schedule around home duties."

"Of course," she looked at my kids.

"Oh this is Gary, David, and Elizabeth and this is one of mummy's clients, Adele," I introduced them, "are you on your way home?"

"Yeah, Ascot Vale," she smoothed out her skirt, "I've been to a church function in the city."

"Okay, I'm not a churchgoer but to each their own."

"It was okay," she glanced out the window, "I was really there to meet my boyfriend but he had to leave early so I jumped on the train."

"He didn't drop you off home?"

"I left my car at Ascot Vale and he was going to Frankston," she smiled timidly.

"Sorry, I must be boring you."

"Not really," I smiled, "to each their own."

It sounded lame but I was very aware of the three guys further down the carriage laughing and joking amongst themselves and so I asked her about this conference.

"It's been put together by a few churches to discuss ways of combating unbelief."

"So, how do they combat unbelief?"

"That's what the conference was all about," she replied, "it was kind of lost on me."

"Why's that?"

"You can't fight fire with fire," she stared out the window.

Our conversation moved onto other matters. She was the youngest child and had two brothers and a sister, the oldest brother was due to head back to South America to take a post as a missionary pilot. It seemed her entire family had been bitten by the missionary bug but our conversation was cut short when the train pulled into Ascot Vale. She made as if to get up but then the three guys who'd harassed her earlier also got up and so she sat down again.

"I think I'll get off at the next station and get a taxi back to the car."

"Why not get off at Essendon and I'll give you a lift back," I offered, "us girls have got to stick together."

Which is precisely what happened and I discovered something surprising about Adele. Her family might have the missionary fever but it had missed her entirely and I put that down to the fact she'd come back to Australia when she was fifteen, an age when you're starting to think for yourself and I well remember being fifteen. You're well on the road to adulthood but still too young to do a lot of things, legally anyway.

"Don't get me wrong, I believe but I also think that other people believe in other gods and things just as passionately as we believe in God. What if they're right and we're wrong?"

"I think in the end it comes down to what works for you," I replied as the train pulled into the station a few minutes later, "and if God really is all powerful and all knowing then we'd be fools to limit him to one belief system."

She stared at me and at first, I thought I'd crossed the line but then a crooked smile nudged the corners of her mouth.

"I wish you'd been at that conference, that's the wisest thing anyone's said all day."

Our friendship was born at that moment but I had no idea at the time and after I dropped her off at her car I kind of joked that perhaps she should make another hair appointment.

"You don't have to come to the salon," I looked at her, "I do more house calls than salon work."

"Okay, sounds good."

We exchanged details and she left, I honestly didn't expect her to call back because she seemed almost anxious to get away and I know how busy nurses get but three days later I got a call from her, she was on her way home.

"I've got a free day on Friday."

"What time would you prefer?"

"Sometime in the morning?"

I booked her for a ten thirty and left it at that.

She seemed more relaxed when I turned up at her place in Ascot Vale on Friday. Adele lived with two other women, both of whom were nurses.

"So if the neighbours get sick it's you girls to the rescue?"

"Something like that," she slipped a hand beneath the collar of her blouse, "how long will this take by the way?"

"About an hour, give or take, my next appointment is for half-past twelve."

Adele didn't want much work, to be honest, just a light trim but I spent the full hour on her because she was actually quite talkative and I learned more about the odd relationship between Adele and her boyfriend, Scott. He was a recent convert to the Christian faith, prior to that he'd been a drug user with minor convictions for assault and drug possession. The way she put it he was well on the way to either a long sentence in prison or death by overdose but somewhere along the line he came to his senses and got himself born again. Hey, I was quite pleased with that despite my reluctance to go along with the whole Christian thing but Adele seemed a little hesitant all the same.

"I mean he's a Christian and so am I, but he keeps wanting to tie the knot and I just want to see if this is a real change or just his way of staying on the right side of the law. He's still on probation at the moment but he desperately wants to get married."

"Maybe he's in love? It happens."

"Maybe," she looked at me in the mirror, "but we've only been together for three months, I think we should wait longer and he says he can't wait."

"Three months isn't a long time," I agreed.

She didn't reply to that one and a moment later I launched out into the unknown.

"There's nothing wrong with waiting though, do you think he'll latch onto someone else?"

"That worries me but not as much as I thought."

I probed a little deeper and it came out almost reluctantly, she had been one of the first people in her church to befriend him and it had grown from friendship to something much more and Adele was starting to find herself bogged down.

"I mean I like him as a friend but I'm not sure I want him as a you know."

"Lover," I replied.

"Yeah, I'm a virgin and he knows it as well. What if this desire to get married is just his libido taking control?"

"So, when you're alone with him, do you ever talk about sex?"

"A couple of times but most of the time we're at church or in mixed company."

"Do you bring him back here or go to his joint?"

"Rarely," she replied, "I must sound so naïve."

"You're a Christian, it's what you believe," I replied, "I mean I lost my virginity before I was married but it's not such a big deal. People make it a big deal because of Hollywood and this so-called happy ever after, your first night is supposed to be magical but in reality, it's much different. Sex is really overrated in my opinion and I've done it with guys and girls, and I like it both ways," I looked at her in the mirror.

"So now you know one of my dirty little secrets."

"You're bisexual?"

"Yeah, I got turned onto women a few months ago and I've got a lover on the side, we're not out and proud though."

"Why not?"

"Well we've got our own lives, to be honest, she has a career and a daughter, and I have my family and a husband. I'm not the only one cheating though, he has his little flings too," I smiled slyly, "and you haven't moved away so I can't be that bad."

"You're cutting my hair," she reminded me, "I don't want to distract you."

"So, why don't you just leave your husband and move in with this woman then?"

"I've asked myself that same question, I guess it comes down to pride. I don't want to be the first person to jump ship and I suspect he's the same and so we go on playing this silly little game of let's pretend everything is normal."

"I can't imagine living like that," she swallowed.

"Neither could I until I started living like that, it's not as bad as it sounds."

"I know what you mean," she replied a few moments later.

"When we were living in the jungle we were surrounded by Indians who've believed in the spirits of the forest for thousands of years. If you're going to survive you have to adapt to their way of life, you can convert by attraction but not bombarding them with negative talk about going to hell. Who were we to judge them?"

"I guess so," I smiled crookedly, "there's definitely similarities there."

I finished her hair shortly afterwards and we chatted for a bit before I drove away, and while part of me thought I'd said the wrong thing by outing myself the other part of me was hoping she'd call back and want to go out for a drink. Did Christians like her drink or was it just communion wine? That question was dramatically answered when she called me from a pub three days later.

"You sound a little tipsy," I told her.

"That's why I'm calling," she replied, "I don't want to risk driving and I um, can't afford to call any of my friends. I don't want them preaching at me or trying to pray for me."

"I um," I looked at my oldest son, "okay, where are you?"

She gave me the address and I nodded.

"I've been there once or twice before, I'll um have the kids with me."

"That's fine," she replied, "I'll wait for you outside."

However she wasn't outside when I pulled into the carpark and so I wandered into the pub, avoiding the front bar because I couldn't envisage her lasting too long with some of the guys there and found her in the ladies lounge. She stood out like a beacon, dressed in a white blouse and tan skirt. Two women were sitting opposite her, one was nursing a pot of beer and the other was on the Bundy and Coke, it was only when I got closer that I saw the woman with pink hair had a rainbow tattoo on her shoulder. The woman with the black spiky hair was wearing a leather jacket and jeans, you didn't need to be Einstein to work out they were both gay.

Adele saw me and stood up straight away.

"Hi, you're here."

"Yeah, I thought you'd be outside."

"I was heading outside but then I met Trixie and Donna."

"Nice meeting you," I gave them the once over, I got the distinct feeling they were checking me out as I introduced myself.

"You staying for a drink?" Trixie asked, "my shout."

"Um no, I've got three kids in the car," I nodded at Adele, "but thanks anyway."

I didn't say anything until we were outside.

"You got ambushed by two lesbians?"

"Um, yeah, I really was going outside but this guy started coming onto me too strong and they came to the rescue."

"Well, I guess butch lesbians have their uses after all," I chuckled, "so, you want to go back to your joint or mine?" I pinched my nose a moment later, "sorry that came out wrong."

"You didn't say anything wrong," she bit back a smile, "um, can I go back to your joint for a bit? If I go back home smelling of booze they're going to know. My housemates are both Christians."

"Okay, it's back to the house of sin," I grinned.

She went quiet while we headed back to my place and about halfway there I had to pull over when she started feeling sick. It wasn't much of an episode, I think I've spilt more drink than she threw up but she apologised all the same.

"Do you need to see a doctor?" Elizabeth asked when I pulled away from the kerb.

"No, she's sick like when daddy drinks too much."

"Oh," she said slowly, "is daddy coming home on Saturday or Sunday?"

"Sunday," I told her, "he told you before he left for Sydney, remember?"

"Can he take me to soccer?"

"Why don't you ask him when you get home? We'll be there soon, you can call him at the hotel."

"Your husband isn't home tonight?"

"No, he's in Sydney on a case. He does a lot of travelling, about two or three times a month he's gone for anything from three days to a week. I'll make up the sofa bed for you or you can crash in our bed if you like."

"I don't want to impose," she mumbled.

"Well you called me from the pub," I smiled, "I call that imposing and we can't have you going home stinking of piss so you're staying at our place tonight and I'll run you back to your car in the morning, okay?"

"Okay," she replied.

"It's just like being in the jungle, you're used to the Amazon jungle but this is the Essendon jungle," I replied casually, "we've got all kinds of creatures living there, married couples, families, single people, a cop and his wife who's my best friend, we've even got our own drug dealer."

"Drug dealer?"

"Yep," I grinned, "he never tells anyone he's a drug dealer but he's got eight foot high fences, iron gates and security cameras, he may as well put up a sign."

She got to see the drug dealer's house when we pulled into our street, there were two Dobermans at the gate barking at a couple walking past.

"It looks quite respectable."

"Oh he drives a BMW and he's always well dressed but don't be fooled, he's apparently quite high up the food chain. My husband says he's on their radar but for reasons he won't go into, he hasn't been arrested yet."

"I would have walked past and not realised."

"A few years ago I would have done the same but being married to a cop changes you, we'll be out together somewhere and Robert suddenly tells me to look away because he's seen someone that he arrested and he doesn't want them seeing me."

That night was educational for both of us. Adele heard more about the seedier side of Melbourne and I began to suspect for the first time that she wasn't as straight as she made out. I'm not talking about her getting rescued by two lesbians, the pub she was at wasn't a gay one it attracted a mixed crowd from the trendy types through to ordinary working class. It was just that she wasn't the type of woman to go to any pub, especially dressed like she was that night. It was no wonder the guys noticed her and I suspect she might very well have been groped if the two women hadn't stepped in to rescue her.

I found out that night that while she was well aware of the dangers in the jungle, she was still quite unaware of the dangers lurking in big cities. She might have an Australian accent but she'd spent half her life outside of the country in the jungle and I discovered that this was the first time she'd gotten tipsy.

"I had my first drink when I was eighteen," she confessed, "I was out with my girlfriends a few days after my eighteenth. I kind of liked the effect but we couldn't stay long, I don't think I could drive safely right now."

"Well you're safe here," I reassured her, "I won't tell a soul."

Adele was genuinely curious about my world though, she asked a lot of questions and I answered all of them truthfully and she didn't seem to bat an eyelid when I confessed to some things I'd kept hidden from others. It aroused me a little to think that you literally could tell this woman anything and she'd just smile and nod or ask you to elaborate.

The suspicion that she wasn't as straight as she made out only became stronger when we both got ready for bed, she'd agreed to share a bed despite the offer of the couch. However, as I was undoing my blouse she was just kneeling on the bed looking at the dressing table mirror and thinking she was just a little shy I glanced over my shoulder.

"You okay?"

"I'm fine," she came to herself a moment later, "sorry, I was just thinking about something," she glanced over her shoulder, "I need to pee."

"Go right ahead," I replied.

I got into my nightie and found one that would probably fit her and left it on the bed. When she came out again I was lying in bed flicking through the channels. She looked at the nightie and I nodded at it.

"It should fit if you want to get changed in the bathroom feel free."

"I'm okay," she turned her back to me and started unbuttoning her blouse.

"So, what's it like between women?"

"As in sex?" I turned down the volume, "it depends on the woman, so far I've had two lovers and one probably did use me but I knew all about that before we slept together and the one I'm seeing now is not quite like that but I don't see it going anywhere productive."

"So, why keep going?"

"I don't know, for me, it's a chance to unwind and connect with another human being. My husband and I share a bed, custody of the children and a few other things but it's like we're two different people," I looked over as she slid the blouse down her back.

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