tagLoving WivesThe Pick-Up Game... 01

The Pick-Up Game... 01


My name is Mikoli Greene. I am married to a big, beautiful woman named Sandy. Sandy is 5"7" tall, wears size 20 clothing, and has 38DD breasts.

Sandy had a major health crisis that required surgery to correct. This was the early '90's and surgery techniques were not as sophisticated as they are today. The surgery left a twelve inch long scar across Sandy's belly three inches above the belly button and the loss of muscle tone while recuperating had hastened the beginning of the sagging of her breasts. Before the surgery, our sex life was great. We had sex every other day. On the weekends we would have sex two or three times at least over the entire weekend. Sometimes it was slow, gentle love making. The other times it would be pure animal fucking. Sandy would even initiate sex occasionally. After the surgery, our sex life changed, from every other day to once a week. On the weekends we would have sex once both days if I was lucky. Sandy never initiated sex. She went to therapy for a year to help her with herself image issues when I finally complained about her lack of enthusiasm for sex. Our sex life improved a little after that but not back to the way it was before the surgery, yet better than before therapy.

"Mikoli, I know you're not happy with our sex life. I try to make you happy, but I can tell you're not."

"NO, Sandy! You're wrong! I'm happy!" I exclaimed lying through my teeth.

"Oh Mikoli, why would you hurt me like that?" Sandy said to me as she started sobbing quietly. "You promised never to lie to me, yet you just did!"

"Oh, crap busted!" I thought to myself. "Don't just sit there, stupid! Do whatever you need to do to make this right!"

"Okay! Okay! You're right! I'm not totally happy with our sex life. I didn't want to hurt your feelings by admitting it. That didn't work though did it? I still ended up hurting you!" I said to her as I grabbed her into my arms.

"Can I get back to what I was trying to say now?" Sandy inquired of me. (She had always been a take charge type person in the past. That was the second time since her surgery that she had brought that side of herself out again.) "I have an idea that might help spice up our sex life."

"I'm all ears!"

"You remember when I was working at the store and how excited I got when men would hit on me?"

"Yes?" I answered questioningly.

"What if we tried something similar?"

"You need to be more specific, Sandy! Do you want to pick up guys for sex again? Are you going to do them here or somewhere else? I thought we agreed we were done with that!" My voice always got louder when I got angry.

"NO! Nothing like that! You're the only man I want to have sex with for the rest of my life! It's something different!"

"Okay, I'm sorry I yelled at you!

"Okay! I was reading a back issue of a women's magazine in the doctor's waiting room before my appointment last week and I read this article about a method one couple used to spice up their sex life. It was called "The Pick-up Game". Basically the wife would go into a bar alone and let strange men hit on her. The husband would be sitting somewhere else in the bar watching. When the wife was sufficiently aroused from the attention or if a guy got too aggressive, the wife would signal the husband. The husband would whisk her out of the bar and take her either home or to a room in the hotel the bar was in. They'd have the most intense sex when they were alone together." Sandy explained to me. "Do you think we could do that?"

What was I going to say, no? She would know it was a lie because the little guy had sprung to attention as the images flashed through my brain while she told me her idea.

"Yes! Yes, I think we could!"

From her flushed cheeks and the increase in her breathing, I could tell Sandy was excited as well. I pulled her down beside me on the couch and started kissing her, caressing her and started undressing her. When I got her blouse off, I saw she had on one of her bras that unhooked in the front. I loved those bras! So much easier to unhook! All most instant access to her big, beautiful chest melons! I dropped my head and started licking all over her breast avoiding the nipple. I switched to her other breast and did the same thing. When Sandy was squirming and moaning incoherently, I grabbed her nipple in my lips and swirled its tip with my tongue. When Sandy arched her large but beautiful ass off the couch, I knew she was ready for a good fucking.

We helped each other wiggle out of our clothes on the couch. I couldn't resist swiping my tongue up and down her slit a couple of times, savoring her sweet nectar. I lifted up and rubbed the bulbous head of my dick on her slit imitating the motions of my tongue.

"Stop teasing me!... Fuck me!...Shove your fat dick in me! Please... Please make me cum on your fat dick!"

I started driving my dick into her fast and furiously as she was thrusting her pelvis up to meet me. After ten minutes of that frenetic pace, Sandy started moaning and grunting in the way she did before she came. She arched her ass driving herself to me and held as she shuddered in her orgasmic release. I continued to pump my turgid member in and out of her. I slowed to nice, easy strokes as Sandy relaxed. After she had caught her breath enough to talk, I asked if we could change positions. I slipped my dick out of her hot, moist center so that she could get into doggie. I lined back up with her dripping, gaping hole and slam into her to the hilt in one stroke.

"You've already had your cum! It's my turn! I'm going to pound this pussy till I cum!"

"Do it! Use that pussy to get off! You know I'll cum again anyway!"

I tried as hard as I could to pound her pussy into submission. I knew the attempt would be useless, but I could try. After ten or fifteen minutes of hard and fast drives into her body, I felt that familiar tension in my balls. With one hard plunge, I emptied my scrotal contents into her hot, deep well. I felt another orgasmic shudder from Sandy as she reached her release as my steamy seed bathed her interior walls. Sandy collapsed down onto the couch with me following. I lay on top of her back with her beautiful ass against my crotch. I sat on the other end of the couch when Sandy indicated she needed to get up. She turned and sat beside me as I gathered her into my arms.

Sandy and I discussed ways, where's, and how's of implementing "The Game". Our first foray was in the bar of a hotel a few blocks from our house. She wore a blue dress that hugged her upper body and the hem of the dress fell to mid-calf. It had built-in support that pushed her gorgeous breasts up and out. She applied just a touch of makeup to her face. She wore black thigh high hose and black pumps with two inch heels.

Sandy took the second to last seat to the left of the bar while I took a table to the side where I could see her profile and her full face when she turned to the left. We had done our homework. The seat to her right was occupied by a regular, a female barfly who would be there till last call. Occasionally that lady would leave with a man, but normally the bartenders had to put her in a cab at closing time. The empty seat to Sandy's left was the only easy access an interested man had to her. I did not care to see his expressions. Sandy's expressions were all I cared about. At the first sign of distress from her, I planned to move in and whisk her out of there.

Sandy ordered a virgin strawberry daiquiri because her meds prevented her from using alcohol.

Ten minutes can sometimes be so long and sometimes be so short. In this case, it seemed short. That is how long it took for the first guy to make his move. He was 5'8" tall with a receding hairline and a big gut sticking over his belt. I knew when I saw him that Sandy would not give him much more than a polite hello and no thank you. I was correct in my assessment. When he spoke to her, she turned her head to him and said something then shook her head no. She turned back to the bar and ignored him. He finally took the hint and left. He hadn't got more than five feet from Sandy before the next guy moved in.

Guy number two had the potential for more than a hello and no thank you. Six foot tall, full head of brown hair, a small paunch in the middle; he didn't invade Sandy's space like the last guy had. He leaned against the bar and just turned his head to speak to Sandy. She turned her head to him and they started a conversation. When Sandy turned her body toward him on the barstool, I knew the flirting had begun. He sat on the stool beside Sandy facing her. Sandy let him touch her on the upper arm. They were laughing and touching each other lightly. I could tell Sandy was getting aroused, as was I, as was her admirer. Sandy had allowed him to caress her upper thigh. Every time he leaned in to try and kiss her, she leaned away. When he placed his hand on her mound, Sandy grabbed his wrist and literally threw it away from her body. She turned all the way to the right facing the female barfly, that being our signal. I had already started in their direction when he placed his hand on her sex.

"Hi, honey! Sorry I'm late! Have you been waiting long?"

I could tell Romeo was pissed but didn't really care. We left the bar arm in arm and stood next to the passenger side door of our car making out like teenagers. We rushed home quickly, but safely, where Sandy attacked me as soon as we were in the door. We had the most intense fuck session since before the surgery. When we had calmed down, we when upstairs to bed and made slow, gentle love to each other. We would do "The Pick-up Game" once every two months for the next year. We stopped when it went wrong, but that is another story.

To Be Continued

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