tagInterracial LoveThe Pimp Ch. 01

The Pimp Ch. 01


I was nineteen when I recruited my first white bitch. It was about half past four, hot as hell, I’m kicking back outside my condo in South Central when I see this convertible crawling down the street towards me. It stops and this white dude, skinny, with gelled blonde hair and these super-dark shades leans out and gives me a shit-eating grin. “My man!” he yells. “You know where we can get us some blow?”

Fucking asshole. He sees some black dude hanging out on the street and he automatically thinks: drug dealer. I may be a pimp but I don’t do none of that shit. I’m gonna fucking pull him out of the car and pop a cap in his ass when I see this chick sitting next to him. Fucking hot. I lean over the window and get a good look at her: a couple of years older than me, short pink skirt, long tanned legs, tight white top, big tits, blonde hair, beauty queen complexion, and this cocky little smile, with dimples and shit, like she knows she’s the fuck of the year. She sees me looking at her but she don’t give a fuck, she just giggles. I can tell they’re both already high otherwise they wouldn’t even be in this hood.

“Sure, my man.” I say but he don’t even get the sarcasm, he’s so into impressing his bitch with how cool he is in talking to the big black guy. “Come back in an hour.”

“An hour?” pouts the girl with this cute, dumb, valley girl voice. “I can’t wait that long.” I look at her. She’s got these pink, rosebud lips and big blue eyes with long lashes.

“Alright.” I say. “Wait there.”

My man Jefferson deals. I’m straight round to his apartment to pick up a couple a ounces and a pipe.

When I get back they’re still waiting. The girl’s sitting on the hood of the car. Legs crossed at the ankle, one high heel dangling off her pretty little feet. The guy’s pacing up and down. He’s starting to get worried but he can’t back down now.

“You wanna try before you buy?” I say. The guy almost snatches the pipe out of my hand and the girl slides off the hood, real slow and rolls towards us on her heels with her tight little ass swaying, this sexy smile on her face. She fucking wants it, man. Boyfriend’s looking at her like: fucking dumb bitch, you wanna get raped by the nigger? But they both take a big draw on the pipe. The girl’s tits expand as she breathes in and I can literally see her nipples get erect like the shit’s got a hotline to her little pink cunt.

“Man, that’s good.” The guy squeaks.

“A hundred dollars,” I say.

“How fucking much?” Fucking lame-ass got his balls back now.

“Maybe in future you should ask the price first.”

The chick giggles. “He’s got a point, Guy. Give him the fucking money.”

He don’t look happy but he takes this super expensive leather wallet out of his pocket and flips two fifties at me from this big roll of notes. Fucking dumbfuck. I could’ve rolled him there and then but I don’t. I’m not into that shit either.

“Next time you come back maybe I’ll give you a better deal.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” he mutters. Gets back in his car and as he’s driving away he shouts, “fuck you, nigger!” and laughs his fucking head off like he’s just made the greatest joke of the century.

Obviously I wish I’d shot him dead straight out but the next day I’m sitting there when I see the convertible coming down the street again. This time, though, the chick’s behind the wheel and her boyfriend’s nowhere to be seen. She’s got her hair down, flipping all round her pretty face, and when she gets out of the car I can see she’s wearing these little pink shorts and another white top, cropped just above her pierced navel. “Hi, listen,” she says in this big rush before I can say anything, “I’m, like, so, so sorry about yesterday. My boyfriend is such a prick.”

“So why the fuck are you with the asshole?”

She pats the hood of the car. “Fucking parents cut off my allowance. He’s the only way I get to drive around in a car like this. It’s, like, strictly a commercial deal as far as I’m concerned.”

Fucking knew it. Whore. They’re all whores, one way or another.

I smile, real slow. “So you just came back to say sorry?”

“Well,” she cocks her head to one side like a little girl. “I was kind of wondering if you’ve got any more of that good shit.”

“Oh I got some good shit for you, baby.”

I go and get another bag for her and hand her the pipe. “You want to join me?” she smiles, real coy, and pats the tan leather passenger seat of the convertible. I walk round the car slowly and she’s watching me all the way as I get in beside her. “Oooh, you’re too big for this little car,” she giggles, and carefully lights the crack pipe. I love watching her suck on it. She breathes in and I watch as her tits rise and fall in her flimsy white top. Her eyes slowly shut and then half open. She moans slightly and hands me the pipe.

I pretend to take a draw but I’m not that dumb. Anyway I wanna be fully awake for what’s gonna happen next. She’s leaning back, her legs open slightly so that her bare thigh is brushing against my pants.

“You like that shit baby?”

“Uh huh,” she moans. I reach over and stroke her blonde hair, pushing it out of her eyes. She smiles and I put my arm round her slim shoulders.

“You know something? You’re fucking hot,” I say.

She opens her blue eyes, and turns to look at me all sweet and innocent. “You think so?”

“You sexy bitch.” I pull her towards me and she don’t resist, smiling this half-smile like she’s got me right where she wants me. I kiss her and her whole body bends towards me, her tongue searching out mine, her tits pressed against my chest, her hands stroking my shaved black head. She puts her hand on my thigh.

“You’re so muscular,” she says, pulling away slightly and squeezing my leg. I pull her back towards me and kiss her again, hard on the mouth and then all the way down her neck. She lets out a little gasp of pleasure. With one hand I find the lever that lowers the seat back and with the other I grab her top and pull it quickly over her head. She’s not wearing anything underneath. Her tits are high and round, peaches and cream, and they wobble as the little top rides over them. I gently brush her hard nipples and she gasps again. The seat’s almost horizontal and she’s lying underneath me in just these little pink shorts, her head thrown back. She makes as though to pull her shorts down but I stop her and hold both her hands above her head with one of mine. She’s getting real turned on. She’s breathing hard. I grab the pink shorts in my other hand and tear them down her slim legs, just snagging on her bare feet.

“No panties!”

“It’s the summer!” she protests coyly. Her bush is trimmed to a little half inch strip. Her pussy lips are glistening as her white thighs spread on either side of my waist.

“You’re a fucking horny slut.” I tell her and pull my shirt over my head. She presses both hands against my chest and then brushes them over my sixpack stomach. “Baby, you look so good,” she moans. I can see her eyes are fixed on the bulge in my pants.

I pull them down quickly, the waistband snagging against my cock which is already hard.

“My God,” she moans. “Oh my fucking god.” She puts both hands round my stem and strokes it gently like she’s never seen anything like it.

“You want that?”

“Yes,” she moans. I run both hands down from her slim, white neck over her shoulders, and on to her large, round breasts. “Oh,” she breathes.

Then with my right hand I spread her legs wider, so one foot’s up on car door, the other’s on the steering wheel, her pussy gapes and I can see she’s already soaking wet. Carefully, I brush her clit and she squeals.

“You ever been fucked by a nigger?”

“No.” She can hardly speak. Shaking her head back and forth and biting her lip hard. As I stroke her clit she’s trying not to squeal but soon she can’t help it and she’s moaning like a bitch on heat. Her back’s arched against the leather car seat and her toes are curling in pleasure. “I want your cock,” she begs. Her bare ass slides backwards and forwards on the seat in sheer frustration.

“Say ‘fuck me nigger!’” I order.

“Oh God, ‘fuck me nigger!” she squeals.

“What did you call me?”

“Nigger!” she wraps her arms round my back, diggin her nails in and trying to draw me closer.

“You little white slut. I’m gonna fuck your fucking brains out.” I’m still stroking her clit and she’s squealing.

“Uh, uh, uh. Oh God!”

I spread her legs still wider then take my cock and brush it against her high cheek bones. “Kiss it,” I order. She obediently runs her mouth up and down my cock before taking the head in her mouth. A wave of pleasure hits me. I drag my cock down her face and in between her tits, massaging it between them. She watches with her mouth half open as I slide it over her belly and then just very gently brush it against her clit. Her whole body judders. “Ughhh.” She moans. “Inside me.”

With one hand I scoop her up and flip her on to her belly. “Uh,” she gasps again, feeling the cold leather against her tits. Then, with the other hand, I force her into a kneeling position with her round white ass in the air. “Oh God,” she tries to turn round to look at me but I push her head down into the seat, her face is contorted, moaning into the expensive leather.

“Fuck me nigger, now, please,” she begs.

Her pink cunt looks so good; shining and wet. I raise my cock and aim it carefully. She’s shaking with anticipation. I draw my hips back and then, in one, hard, fast, moment I pierce her like an arrow, my cock throbbing with pleasure as the big apple-head brushes through her wet lips. “Ughh” she screams, half in pleasure, half in pain. “Do me. Oh God. Do me.”

To start with I fuck her slowly, drawing my cock almost all the way out and then plunging it back into her hot, wet cunt. I stroke her hair and then push her head hard, back down into the seat, then grab both tits as I buck rhythmically into her. As I get closer to climax, though, I’m just fucking that bitch, banging her harder and faster, hardly even hearing her screams as she cums, holding on to her white shoulders with my big, black hands, fucking her and fucking her. Anyone could’ve seen us out there in the street in her boyfriend’s convertible and the whole street must’ve heard her. I made her cum four times before at last I explode cum inside her, slowing down and pumping her gently till the last shot of jism’s fired into her wet cunt. “Oh baby,” she moans, “you’re so good.”

I roll her over triumphantly and kiss her flushed, red face. The bitch was mine.

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