tagMind ControlThe Power Ch. 03

The Power Ch. 03


Michael twirled the pen in his hand, disconsolately. So far the day had been something of a disappointment. Sure, the power was still there. So far, he had made his female co-workers reveal a variety of sordid details about themselves. He had learned that Terri had invited two men back to her house at the weekend and they had taken turns fucking her. He learnt that Jenny, a blond with huge tits, regularly had lesbian sex orgies with her girlfriends, even though she had a long term boyfriend. He found out that Katy, a petite brunette, had to visit the bathroom regularly to finger herself to orgasm because she got too horny at work.

As much as Michael enjoyed the stories he had not yet found the courage and the method with which to take it any further. He needed to concentrate on one person. There were too many people in the office to do that. But then the opportunity presented itself. The phone on his desk rang.

"Hi, you're through to Michael," Michael answered.

"Its Debbie, can you come to my office please."

Debbie was Michael's boss. She had something of a reputation of being a bitch. There are plenty of rumours that she slept her way to the manager's job. Michael, in truth, knew very little about her, first hand. Most of what he knew was from what he had heard. Michael had always been a little intimidated her not because of her seniority as much as her beauty. She was about forty years old, but she carried it better than anyone Michael had ever seen. She had blond hair down to her shoulders which framed a face that carried age yet her dark eyes danced with sexuality. She had surgically enhanced breasts that always strained against the material of her shirt. Michael had often dreamt of suckling on her huge tits.

Michael entered Debbie's office and sat down opposite his boss. Today she was wearing a shirt that showed her cleavage and it was obvious she wasn't wearing a bra as her nipples were clearly visible through the white shirt.

"So, Michael, what's up?" Debbie asked.

"I'm not sure what you mean," Michael replied. He was genuinely confused. You didn't just get invited to Debbie's office for a chat.

"It's been brought to my attention that you haven't done any work today. You've spent the whole morning talking to the other women."

Michael thought he caught a hint of jealousy in her voice. He also realised that she was right. He had thought of nothing all morning but his power. Work was low on his priority list for the moment. The fact that he had been called into the manager's office didn't change his priorities. He was alone with a hot woman. His power could now well and truly be tested.

Show me your tits, he thought.

Debbie began unbuttoning her shirt. "I know you are normally a good worker," she continued as she began to reveal herself. "So what's wrong today?"

Be quiet, Michael thought, just stand up so I can get a good look at those tits.

Debbie stood up and finished peeling off her shirt unleashing her tits. She cupped her huge breasts as if presenting them for Michael's inspection. Michael silently blessed the cosmetic surgeon who made this middle aged woman's breasts so huge and so firm. He guessed that this display was the final proof that his power was real.

"So, Debbie," Michael said, casually. "Go lock that door so I can get on with sucking your tits."

Debbie walked across the office her breasts unashamedly on display and turned the lock in the door preventing anyone from disturbing them. Michael came up from behind while she was ensuring their privacy and reached round her body pressing himself against her. The sight of her tits had caused his cock to stiffen and it pressed against her ass as he massaged her tits roughly. He pinched her nipples and grinded himself into her.

She moaned at the rough treatment and the stiffening of her nipples signified that she was enjoying it.

"You want me to fuck you don't you?" he whispered in her ear.

"Yes," Debbie gasped. "Fuck me hard. Fuck me like a whore."

Not wanting to disappoint her, Michael grabbed hold of Debbie, swung her round and bent her over her own desk. He lifted her skirt up and revealed her large round ass barely covered by a black thong. He spanked her hard leaving a red mark on her butt cheek. She moaned in a combination of pleasure and pain.

"You're a slut Debbie," Michael said. "See how you like this. You're just a filthy whore."

"I'm your slut. I'm so fucking horny for you."

Michael peeled down Debbie's thong revealing her pussy and her asshole to Michael. He roughly stuck two fingers in her pussy and his fingers emerged covered with her juices. He licked his fingers clean.

"You taste like a slut," Michael said to his boss.

Quickly, Michael undid his belt and dropped his pants to the floor unleashing his cock. Without any warning he grabbed Debbie's large hips and impaled her pussy with his stiff cock. She grunted as he entered her.

"Yeah, fuck me, you horny cunt," she demanded. "Make me come."

Michael pounded as hard as he could, thrusting deep into her. The slap of his balls on her thighs filled the office. She continued to grunt and moan every time he thrust his cock all the way to the hilt.

"I'm gonna come, baby," Debbie said.

"Not yet, my little slut," Michael said, reluctantly withdrawing his cock from Debbie's pussy.

His cock wasn't outside her for long. He quickly positioned it at her asshole and slowly began to her enter her again. His cock was lubricated from her pussy juices but it was still a tight fit as her asshole spread to accommodate his length. Slowly at first but soon picking up his pace Michael began to fuck his boss in the ass.

As he pounded his boss roughly her tits rubbed the desk and it creaked under the weight of their violent fuck. Neither of them lasted long. They both came in quick succession, Debbie first muffling her cries with her fist and Michael grunting as her filled her ass with his spunk.

"Now lick me clean," Michael demanded.

Her ass still leaking with his cream, Debbie got on her knees and hungry licked the myriad liquids from Michaels cock.

From now on you're my little slut, Michael thought as Debbie finished cleaning him and he left the office fully clothed with a grin on his face.


Driving home that night Michael was pulled over by the police. Given the circumstances, Michael again began to doubt his powers, especially as his mental ministrations for the police car to pass him by went unacknowledged. His doubt was short-lived as he saw who had got out the car looking sexy as hell in uniform.

"Hi, Michael," his dream girl said, leaning in the open drives side window.

"Hi, Christina, I'm dreaming again aren't I?"

"No, this is real. I can demonstrate some police brutality if you want me to prove it." A sexy smile lit up her face.

"Well the thought of you putting me in handcuffs does sort of appeal, I have to say."

"Maybe later, Michael, for now we need to get on with your next step. Now let me in the car. We're going to see your new house"

"So if this is not a dream," Michael said as he drove Christina. "Then how is it possible that you're sitting in the car next to me? Isn't seeing a figment of my own imagine sort of a sign that I've gone insane?"

"Such little faith for one so young," the dream Christina said, with a sigh. "Haven't you seen and done enough today to start being a little less cynical? You've fucked your boss for God's sake."

"OK, point taken. So my new house is where exactly? And how is it mine?"

"It's not far now. I'll tell you when we're there. And it's yours because you're going to get the owner to give it to you."

"Isn't that kind of stealing, misusing my power?"

"Isn't using your power to have sex with people kind of rape? Don't feel guilty, Michael about being selfish. I promise you the women you've fucked enjoyed getting fucked and the woman whose house you're stealing won't miss it.

"Pull in here Michael," Christina said as they reached what could only be realistically described as a mansion. The huge courtyard was empty apart from a small red sports car but could have easily accommodated twenty cars. Michael could not see a for-sale sign in any of the massive windows and turned to his companion to question her. As he opened his mouth he realised he was alone in the car again.

Not knowing what else to do, Michael exited his car and approached the front door. Before he could knock the antique oak door swung open.

"You must be Michael," the woman said. He had not known what to expect to find but he was delighted the owner of the house appeared to be a beautiful woman. She was tall, a little smaller that Michael's six feet with short black hair and an athlete's body. She had soft, unguarded features that Michael immediately warmed to and she wore a bikini top and shorts that showed off her tanned, toned body.

"You've got a nice house here," Michael said, not sure of what else to say.

"You could say that," the woman replied. "To be honest, when Christina phoned saying you're interested in buying it, I was delighted. I've been trying to get rid of this place forever."

"You spoke to Christina?" Michael asked. He raised his eyebrows. For a figment of his imagination she seemed to be able to do some very real things.

"Yeah, she rang me to say you'd be coming. I guess a guy like you is too busy to speak to his secretary that often. I'm Lizzie by the way." Lizzie smiled warmly and extended her hand.

As he shook Lizzie's hand, Michael smiled in return. He wondered what story his 'secretary' had been spinning. Lizzie obviously thought he was some sort of hotshot. Part of his mind felt uncomfortable in the deceit. Mostly, though, he enjoyed the fantasy of being a huge success.

Michael spent the next half hour being shown around the house. It was even more impressive on the inside than it was on the outside. There were countless bedrooms each with its individual style. Although the house looked old from the outside everything in the house was as modern as you could imagine. As he wandered around with Lizzie and she described the house he began to become distracted. Sure the house was great but let's face it, bedrooms are not as interesting as what you can do in them. Before long Michael asked if there was anything to drink.

As they settled on Lizzie's couch Michael questioned why the house was up for sale. It turned out that Lizzie had spent the last six months with her fiancé fixing it up as a marital home. They had planned to start a family together. This was until, in Lizzie's words, 'he started fucking my best friend.'

"I'm moving to New York now," Lizzie said, her face brightening. "A fresh start and all that. I can't wait to get rid of this place to be honest."

Give me the house then, Michael thought.

"Fuck it," Lizzie said. "Take the house if you want it. It's yours."

"I don't know what to say," Michael said, in mock surprise. "At least let me give you something." Like my cock.

Lizzie set her drink down and moved closer to Michael on the couch. She reached between his legs and started rubbing Michael through his pants.

"Wow, Michael you're big," Lizzie said licking her lips. "I think we can come to some arrangement."

Michael placed his hand behind Lizzie head and pulled her towards him. They kissed roughly, their lips locked and their tongues exploring. They made out on the couch for several minutes. Michael's hands explored every inch Lizzie's sun-bronzed body just as he had with his eyes when they first met. He massaged her beautiful firm breasts, stroked her long slender legs, fondled her tight pert ass.

Before long both lovers removed their burdensome clothes. Michael marvelled at Lizzie's nubile young body as she stood before him desiring him as much as he desired her. There was not a trace of fat on her body. She obviously sunbathed naked as the tan covered her whole body.

They made out again. This time standing, there bodies pressed against each other. Lizzie's nipples pressed into Michael's chest as they rubbed against reach other. As their desire became more pressing they began to let out small gasps and moans in between the wet sounds of their kiss. Michaels erect cock dug into Lizzie's stomach and pre-cum oozed onto them both and left an enjoyable wetness.

"I need you in me," Lizzie gasped, as they broke their fervent kiss.

Michael let himself be pulled onto the couch. She opened her legs to allow him access to her now drenched pussy. Lying on top of her, he positioned his cock at her opening and began to slowly circle the entrance to her cunt.

"Please," Lizzie begged. Michael could see the lust as he looked into her eyes. He also saw her close her eyes in pleasure as he eased his cock into her. They both moaned loudly as he filled her. She wrapped her toned legs around him as they formed a rhythm - each thrust of Michael being met with a squeal of pleasure from the raven haired beauty he was fucking.

"That's it. Fuck me hard," Lizzie moaned as their bodies rocked together, Michael's cock plunging inside her tight pussy. "You're so deep, baby."

Michael felt his balls tighten as he approached orgasm. Grunting, he unleashed what seemed like gallons of his fluid into her. This sent Lizzie over the edge as her back arched in pleasure and squealed in ecstasy. Her legs gripped Michael powerfully as he remained inside her as their orgasms subsided.

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