tagRomanceThe Professor Advises Ch. 03

The Professor Advises Ch. 03


Chapter 3: Private Instruction

Landon was delighted to see Emily sitting in the back of his lecture. She smiled encouragingly, not just looking forward to listening to his voice swooshing around in her head; she was also interested in the content of his lecture. She'd worn a pretty navy dress that he really liked on her. At first glance, it was demure- not that low cut, not really short. But the fabric clung in really nice places. The bodice accentuated her lovely breasts. He could tell she was definitely wearing a bra, and even from that distance, it seemed that the bra might be lace. That could have been wishful thinking... Landon smiled at himself and put his head back in the game. If he didn't stop thinking about Emily's breasts, he was likely to make an ass of himself in front of the whole conference.

He couldn't believe that she had agreed to come to the conference. Her reaction when he'd asked had completely caught him off guard. He'd been sure that he'd chased her away forever. When she'd called the next day to ask for details about the conference, he'd been so relieved, he didn't ask any questions. They still hadn't had that conversation. But they would.

The talk went well. Landon made his points succinctly with the humor and poignancy that he was known for. He enjoyed the applause, thinking of joining Emily rather than taking his seat at the panel, then noticed that she had left the auditorium. Just as well, he might have questions and comments for the other presenters. The last 2 hours of that day's part of the conference took a little longer than conferences usually did for him. The thought of Emily's bra might have contributed to his impatience.

Emily had a little impatience of her own. After walking around the hotel a bit and choosing a light novel from the hotel gift shop, Emily had let herself into Landon's hotel room. She took off the pretty dress to expose the light blue lace panty and bra set. Then she curled herself into the comfy hotel chair and began to read the book. The book was good, but no book could completely keep her focus as she waited for Landon.

Her mind wandered. What was Landon going to think about her being in his hotel room? Had he even seen in her the lecture hall? She thought so. But she couldn't be sure. Could she really be here waiting for him, so bold? He seemed to like to call the shots. Maybe he'd be angry rather than turned on. Emily shook her head. If she kept thinking like this, she'd end up running back to the airport. She closed her eyes and thought about the time in his car. Oh God. She caressed the soft skin mounded above the lace bra remembering the feel of his fingers and mouth on her. She relived the time in his office when she'd so wanted him to take her against the wall and pound her. Her finger slid into her wet pussy. Emily pulled her mind and her finger away from this line of thought. She wanted to wait for the main attraction. She opened the book again.

Emily heard the key card in the door and threw the book down. She was so nervous she almost bolted. She took a deep breath, trying desperately to calm her nerves so that she'd appear more like a sexy woman in control of her own destiny than a teenager under the bleachers for the first time.

Landon walked into the room, threw his briefcase down, removed his tie, before he noticed her there in the chair. He blurted, "Holy shit" as his jaw dropped and his pants immediately filled with hard cock.

He smiled- his eyes speaking volumes about how much he enjoyed the vision of Emily in blue lace in his hotel room chair. Emily's eyes and smile mirrored his as he walked across the room to join her.

Landon gently whispered, "You are so beautiful, Emily." Then he captured her lips in a long kiss.

While kissing her, his fingers dipped below the lace of her bra. Emily moaned softly. Landon reached her nipple, instantly puckered and ultra sensitive. Landon released the taut nipple from the bra cup and his mouth left hers. Emily looked into his eyes completely dazed. Landon did what he had to do. He placed his lips around that nipple. Emily's back curved to place her breast closer and her head lolled back. The feeling of Landon's lips around that sensitive peak was almost more pleasure than she could take. Landon devoured the tasty morsel, licking and biting until he was sure that Emily could take no more.

Then he placed his finger beneath the lace of her panties and gently touched the short fur on her lower lips.

Emily screamed, "Oh my god! Please, Landon!"

Landon smiled, "You must be patient. We have all the time in the world."

Emily smiled, promising to wait forever. Waiting was easy as he released her other breast from the confines of the lace. His tongue licked that nipple until it was as hard and sensitive as the other one. He cupped the flesh and continued teasing her cunt lips. Her soft sighs and the moisture in that hot place were all the reward he needed.

Emily caressed his strong shoulders and arms, enjoying the feel of his skin through his shirt, yet wishing the shirt was gone. She touched the back of his neck, his stubbly cheek, rubbed her fingers through his soft hair. Her lips opened slightly, desperate for more kisses. Landon somehow sensed this and lifted his face to hers. His magical kisses sent shivers through her. Every time his lips touched hers she became more certain that those kisses were as necessary to her survival as air.

Landon, not releasing his hold on her lips, gently pulled her to her feet and guided her to the inviting king-sized bed. He unhooked her bra and let it fall to the floor. He roughly pushed her panties from her hips and she helped him take them all the way down.

In a husky voice, Landon said, "Lay down."

Emily obeyed willingly. Landon lay down next to her, still fully clothed.

Landon just stared at her body, taking in all the curves. He licked his lips as he studied the mounds of her delicious breasts. His eyes took in the gentle rise of her belly and the dip below that led to that hot, fragrant place that occupied his dreams. Emily blushed, embarrassed by her imperfections and his staring, but stayed very still. She somehow knew that he liked what he saw very much indeed. His eyes finally came back to meet her gaze- his eyes filled with a hot want that made her pussy drip and her heart race.

Landon simply said, "I like looking at you naked."

Emily blushed a bit more and answered, "I'm glad. Now. Your turn."

Landon laughed and kissed away her impatience. The kiss deepened. His hands followed the path that his eyes had devoured, caressing the peaks of her breasts, then her belly, then the delicate mound. Emily moaned loudly and unconsciously lifted her pussy to get closer to what she wanted him to do. Landon stroked her lower lips gently and then felt the wetness that turned him on so much.

Landon continued stroking the outside and occasionally dipping into the moisture of her juicy slit, matching the motions exactly with his lips and tongue as he kissed her. Emily tried to unbutton his dark shirt, but he wouldn't let her. Emily gazed into his eyes, confused at first, but somehow she understood his need to touch her without the distractions she wanted to give him.

Landon kissed her neck, then her shoulder blade, her chest, her nipple, licked her belly button. Emily squirmed as she realized what he had in mind. Landon looked at her wondering at the squirming. Emily nodded. Landon smiled that their thoughts were so connected and then licked her clit. Emily screamed. His hot tongue felt so good touching her ultrasensitive nubbin. Landon lapped at the musky juice, savoring her taste.

Landon's face pressed into her hot cunt, the evidence of her arousal dripping down his chin. Her soft moans the sound track to his delight in eating her. Landon stroked her tunnel with his tongue. Emily's eyes rolled back in her head. He licked her again, trying to suck up all her wetness.

Emily barely able to think, whispered, "You are the best."

He sucked her clit into his mouth, licking it with his tongue. Emily gasped. He slid one finger, then two fingers, into her hot, wet tunnel. Emily bucked with the pleasure. Her breath came in shallow gasps. She could feel her explosion building. Soon. She had to come soon.

"Landon, please! " She begged.

He stroked her tunnel faster, rubbing his knuckles gently against her honeyed walls. He licked her faster, his talented tongue dancing around her clit. Emily couldn't hold on to her sanity a second longer. Whispering his name, she let go.

Landon savored the feel of her orgasm surrounding his fingers as he pumped her until her screams abated. He gazed at her, completely intoxicated by her disheveled beauty, and said, "Emily, that was so hot."

Her eyes dark and dazed focused on him as best she could, and she whispered, "Fuck me now."

Landon shook his head and gently whispered, "No."

To be continued...

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