tagGroup SexThe Rabbit Hole Ch. 04

The Rabbit Hole Ch. 04


Thanks to Starbug 17 for editorial support.


It had only been a day since Mike had shaved Alice on camera for Jack. The footage had been edited and sent to her Master, but Alice had not been allowed to see it.

Jack had Skyped with Alice last night and he'd told her how much he'd enjoyed their home movie. Mike had gone above and beyond by shaving her while she was restrained. "I think Mike is going to be a good partner in crime," Jack had commented.

"Johan and Shona are coming over tonight and we're all going to watch it on the big screen," Jack's remark still played in Alice's head.

To be honest, Alice was turned on by the fact that Jack was going to be sharing such an intimate video with Lisa, Johan and Shona, even though she hadn't met them yet. She knew that in due course, they'd be introduced to her training and hopefully her life. Jack had told her all about them and the type of relationship they had. It sounded warm and loving as well as being sexy as hell.

As she lay in bed this morning thinking about last night's Skype, she touched herself. Immediately, the sensation sent a shiver through her body and goose bumps coursed up her legs. She'd been made to go cold turkey since Jack texted Mike two days ago and to go from constant arousal and satisfaction to just constant arousal had only heightened her need. She brushed her nipple as she touched herself and felt the moistness of her cunt. It wouldn't have taken much to tip her over the edge, but she resisted and spooned with Mike, who started to stir.

After breakfast in bed, Alice started her morning routine. Mike joined her in the shower after having a shave. As the water poured over them from the dual shower heads, Mike snuggled behind Alice and whispered, "I have a surprise from Jack."

As Alice tried to turn around, Mike held her firmly and bent her at the waist. Water poured down her back and between her arse cheeks. Mike ran the tip of the heavy stainless steel plug along the length of her spine. Alice couldn't tell what it was and, despite trying to turn and look, was held firm by Mike.

Mike tickled her sides with the plug and ran it round the curve where her waist and the top of her buttocks meet. Mike parted her cheeks and watched as the water trickled over arsehole. Wetting the plug with his saliva, Mike pressed the tip of the plug against Alice's sphincter. He felt the resistance and then the relaxation. The plug was large; larger than the one Alice was used to, and was heavy with a purple jewel in the end. With steady pressure, Mike was able to work the girth of the plug past her outer muscle and the plug quickly disappeared to the hilt.

Mike was impressed. He'd measured the plug when he retrieved it from Jack's bag. 40mm was not insubstantial, but Alice had no problem accommodating the plug.

Alice felt the weight of the plug as she stood upright. This wasn't like the lightweight plug she had in her bedside drawer. Although it was comfortable, she could feel the ridge of the metal that was stopping the plug from disappearing entirely into her arse. She wondered what it looked like.

"I can feel the weight of this pressing down in my arse; I can tell this is going to train my muscles to squeeze," said Alice with a glint in her eye. She liked her surprise from Jack. She liked how Mike had played the Master by proxy.

They both dried off with Alice turning to view her arse in the mirror, "Ooh, that's pretty!"

Mike smiled and returned to the bedroom. Picking up their breakfast tray, he headed to the kitchen. It was another nice day and he had a few things he wanted to do before lunch. Alice was going to spend the day in the garden and just slipped on her jandals and a sun hat as she headed out the door.


Jack had woken with a hard on. Although this wasn't unusual, this morning he was on his own. He wandered down the hallway and found the others in the big bedroom. Lisa and Johan were awake, but Shona was still asleep beside Lisa. Johan was fondling Lisa's nipples and the effect was profound. Large erect nipples poked out from her breasts, the size of the tip Johan's index finger. They were fabulous to suck on and quite sensitive. The attention they were getting would have a direct effect on the wetness of her pussy. She stretched back like a cat as Jack entered the room.

Both Johan and Lisa smiled as Jack slid between the sheets next to Shona. Four naked bodies in a big bed is such a wonderful way to start the day.

Shona stirred and felt the pressure from Jack's cock against her hip. She turned on her side and slithered under the top sheet. She reached her goal and Jack's neatly trimmed mound was wet from the pre-cum that had leaked from the tip of his cock. Shona cupped his balls and slid his morning wood between her lips. Just the tip, then a quarter of its length. Milking his balls, she felt the next dribble of pre-cum in her mouth. Half his cock now moistened by her lips. Jack enjoyed the attention. Shona had become quite expert at taking Jack's cock.

Shona now moved to straddle Jack's knees, the top sheet off to allow Jack to watch her take him. She held the base of cock, making him stand out from his body. Hovering over the tip of his cock, she lowered her mouth to the halfway mark. A brief pause and a gulp as she pushed past the point of resistance. The rest of Jack's cock disappeared down her throat. She held him there as long as she should, swallowing and licking with her tongue. When she lifted clear, she naturally took a deep breath.

"God she's gifted," was all that Jack could think.

Lisa turned on her side to watch the action allowing Johan to slide his cock into her from behind. This was a lazy morning fuck as they watched Jack and Shona. That's not to say that Lisa didn't enjoy the sensations Johan was creating. With each bump, Johan pressed on the ruby red jewel between Lisa cheeks. She loved how full this made her feel.

Shona now fully awake pulled Jack down the bed slightly, spun around so that she straddled his face and resumed her disappearing act with Jack's cock. Jack was more than happy to reciprocate and teased Shona's cunt and clit while squeezing her cheeks. He reached for the bedside table and found her plug. He'd been sure to purchase the same style in different colours so that nobody felt left out. They didn't know it yet, but Jack had bought plugs for Johan and Mike too.

With his cock fully down Shona's throat, Jack pressed the plug to Shona's arse. He felt the vibrations on his cock as she moaned at the sensation. It didn't take lots of encouragement before the diamond like jewel sat neatly between her cheeks.

Lisa reach across and fondled Jack's nipple. There seems to be a direct connection between his nipple and his cock. Jack loved the combination and the feel of his sub and lover against his skin.

Johan circled Lisa's clit as he increased his tempo. Lisa loved four in the bed, lazy fucking. It provided her with such a sensual feeling of belonging. With the increasing speed, bumping of the plug in her arse and the two finger circles on her clit, Lisa felt the sensations growing to her climax. "Harder Johan," came her plea.

Lisa turned her head to kiss Johan. The slight change in position increased the depth to which Johan could penetrate Lisa. The tip of his cock now hitting her cervix with each thrust. Lisa loved the combination of pleasure and pain from him hitting her so deeply, but it was the kiss that tipped her over the edge. All her lovers were great kissers and the touching of tongues and the deep passionate kisses were often the trigger for her release.

Johan watched the expressions on Lisa's face as she crested and came down the other side of her climax. As she opened her eyes, Johan upped the pace even further. Now rocking the bed with his deep thrusts, Johan lifted Lisa's topmost leg and curled it forward. Swinging round to straddle her lower thigh, Johan was now positioned above Lisa and maximising the depth he could plunge into Lisa's now very wet cunt.

Watching Shona work Jack's hard cock in and out of her mouth excited Johan and seeing Lisa's tits jiggle with each thrust was enough to allow Johan to reach his peak. He pulled the length of his cock from Lisa's open cunt and Shona lifted off Jack, leaned cross and devoured Johan's cock as he erupted. One, two, three streams of cum disappeared down Shona's throat before she returned to Jack's cock and Johan once again ploughed Lisa.

Jack knew what had just happened, even without being able to see it. He smacked Shona hard on the arse and fucked her throat. The second smack was enough to trigger Shona. With her initial climax, a small squirt of her juices washed over Jack's face. She shuddered as she held Jack's cock about halfway home. She squeezed his balls and fingered his butt as she took him in her throat again.

That was it, the tickling of his arsehole and the penetration from Shona's finger found Jack's threshold. Shona swallowed the first two pulses and then withdrew Jack from her mouth to milk the rest of his cum onto his tummy.

Johan leaned over and stroked Shona's hair as he set about cleaning the small pools of cum from Jack's tummy. His member hanging between his legs dribbling its own remnants of his morning release.

Satisfied that there was no more to be had, Johan swung his feet to the floor and pulled Lisa up from the bed. They showered in the ensuite as Jack and Shona righted themselves and cuddled.

Together they made plans for a video to share with Mike and Alice. Today would be fun!

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