tagLoving WivesThe Reno Story Ch. 3

The Reno Story Ch. 3


I guess the title pretty much says it all. When one knocks off a 1.6 million dollar progressive jackpot on a $1 slot machine, the right word is HOT!

Then my pretty wife, Lee, gave me permission to play, since suddenly I had some of the best looking females on the planet following me around the casino.

Picking up Caroline was the highlight of the week, she was one of those special women that are just plain fun to spend some time in the sack with. Hell, about all I had to do was wiggle my fingers and she was mine!

By the time Lee got back to our room, I was stretched out on the bed, exhausted. Two times around with Caroline was enough to drain me for quite awhile.

"Hi, Honey!" Lee said as she walked in. I gave her a smile, and asked her if she had fun. I knew she had been off screwing Caroline's husband, and I was a little curious.

"It was all right," she said. Then she stretched out on the bed and reached inside my robe to fondle me. After a couple of minutes, with no response, she giggled and said, "I hope that woman didn't break this thing!"

Then she leaned forward and took me in her mouth. "My, she even tastes good, too!"

Lee finally gave up, there was no way in the world that even she was going to get my dick up and rolling for awhile.

We both stretched out and slept, right on through the evening and night.

The next morning, I freshened up, and wandered off down to the Casino. Cleverly, I put on some dark glasses, but that didn't work. I was spotted right away, I could see little groups of people staring at me and whispering. My picture with the stupid grin was still plastered all over the casino.

I ambled over to a $5 slot, and started dropping in tokens 2 at a time. I was getting a little action, a few bars here and there, enough that it took a while to wipe out a $100 bill. Mostly I was having a ball with the cocktail waitresses!

If one of them brought me a drink, I would tip them just $1. But if they bent over and gave me a peek, I would drop a $5 token on the tray. But then if they made it special, and I got a good long look, I would drop two $5 tokens on the tray.

In no time at all, they figured out where my interests lay, and I was getting long shots of more titties than I had ever seen in one place. There was this one little redhead that really caught my eye! I liked the slender build she had, and she would roll her shoulders forwards, letting me see her bare breasts completely.

By now I had switched to coffee, because it was only 10 in the morning, and at the rate the drinks were coming, I would fall off the stool by noon!

Lee came down and started playing a $1 machine not too far away, every time I glanced over her way, she would flash her pubes at me! No panties, but then there never was. The Redhead picked up on that, and I looked her way when she was standing at the bar. She reached down and rubbed her hand up the front of her cocktail outfit, and for just a second I caught a glimpse of red pubic hair.

I was having a ball! So I signalled the Redhead, she started my way. Just then I dropped another couple of tokens in the machine, glanced back at the redhead, and bells started going off all around me! I looked at the slot machine, there was the 5X, 5X, and the 7!!!

I looked up at the pay screen, it was 25 times 160 coins, $20,000.00!!

"Well, just hell!" I thought. Lee jumped up and came running over, giving me a big hug. I had came downstairs with just $4000, figuring to lose that and stop, and have some fun in the meantime. I had also made up my mind to get that little redhead in the sack even if I had to stuff some bills in her bra!

Now, here I was, surrounded by a bunch of big guys again, all sidetracked. That may sound silly, but just a couple days before I had popped a progressive for over 1.6 mil, $20G wasn't that big of a deal to me!

I told Lee that all we needed right now was for her to get her name called for that cash whirlwind thing again, she just laughed. Lucky for us, that didn't happen, but I almost expected it. I am not sure I could take another session of her standing there with her dress blowing up over her waist, and no underwear in front of the whole world!

I finally got cashed out, and wandered back over to the machine I had been playing. Some guy was sitting there stuffing money into it, so I went looking for Lee. I finally found her talking to the little redhead. Lee introduced her to me as Sammy, I gave her a smile and like an idiot told her I loved her outfit. She just grinned, and said, "Thank you, sir!" and did a little curtsy.

Lee smiled at me and said, "Let's go up to the room for a bit."

So we headed off to the elevators, when we got to the room, the maids were working their way down the hall. I stopped and told them we would be in the room, but they were welcome to do their work. As I unlocked the door, I noticed the two ladies had their heads close together, whispering. The one lady looked Mexican, the other was European. "Now what?" I thought.

Lee and I were stretched out on the bed, snuggling and petting like we love to do, when the doorbell rang. I still get a kick out of that, a doorbell on a hotel room! I answered the door bare chested, Lee hurriedly slipped her blouse back on.

The two maids came in, and started their work. I sat in the chair and clicked on the big screen TV.

Lee sat on the couch, I glanced at her, she gave me a wink and pointed. The little Mexican maid was leaned over the bed shuffling the new sheets, her butt pointed straight at me. She had on a pair of soft panties, with some kind of lace around the edges, and her crotch was pointed straight at me. She looked at me from under her left arm as she worked, and smiled sweetly when she saw she had my attention.

I reached in my pocket, and dropped a $20 on the table, just as the other maid came out of the bathroom. She came to a stop, looking at the other maid who made no move to straighten up.

I waited, not saying a word, then dropped another $20 on the table. Nobody moved, including Lee. I dropped the 3rd one, then the 4th.

The maid standing by the door said, "What would you like, sir?"

I thought for a second, and answered, "I never watched nude maids work before!"

"You can get many young girls for that, sir", she answered. I looked her up and down, by now the other maid was standing there quietly. The European looking lady was about 45 or so, trim looking, the other one was much younger, and a little chubby. I was starting to get a boner from the idea of getting these two to strip.

"You look nice to me," I told her. I reached in my pocket and pulled out a wad of cash, peeling off 4 $100 bills. Then I added another $20. There was $500 on the table, I could sense the hesitation.

"You are terrible!" Lee said, with a laugh. I shrugged, and started to reach for the money, when the older maid said, "OK, no sex, just look?".

I leaned back in my chair, she reached down and unclipped the dress, letting it fall to the floor. She was wearing thigh high nylons, no panties, and a black bra. She reached back and unclipped the bra, slipping it off her breasts. They were nicely formed, sagging quite a bit, with almost coal black nipples. She rolled the nylons down one at a time, lifting her leg each time to let me see into the huge mass of black pubic hair.

I looked at the younger woman, who still just stood there, seeming a little surprised. Then she shrugged, and started removing her clothes, too. She had larger breasts, soft looking nipples, and a few extra pounds that really didn't hurt her looks any, since she still had the firmness of youth. Like I suspected, her pussy was as bald as it could be, one of those that I like because the lips are protruding and visible.

Then they both went about the business of finishing up the room, making sure I got plenty of good looks in the process. Finally they were done, the older lady came over and picked up the money, handing half of it to the other maid. Then she stepped up to me, reached down and squeezed my erection through my jeans. "Enjoy your lady now, sir" she said.

"One more thing" I told her. She looked at me in puzzlement, I said, "Spread for me, I want to see past the hair!"

She hesitated for just a moment, then sat on the arm of the other chair, and opened her legs wide! "A bit more", I told her. She reached down with both hands, and pulled her lips open, holding them there for a solid minute.

They dressed and left. I looked at Lee with a big grin, "That was fun", I told her.

"More fun in about an hour or so," Lee replied. "I looked at her, curious, and asked her what was up.

"I bought us a redhead for a couple of hours," she said with a grin!

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