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The Retirement Years


One of my editors thinks this is the hottest stroke story he has every read. Another said it wasn't a stroke story—it was a stroke, stroke, stroke story. I think it may have taken a year to submit because it can be so slow typing with only one hand.

Often tongue in cheek, this is an attempt to include as many sexual activities as I could think of, at least those that I find enjoyable. We have straight sex, oral sex, anal sex, ATM, mature, impregnation, lesbian sex, a very tiny bit of romance and even a loving wives component. I wasn't sure on the correct category...humor?

There's no Sci-Fi, BDSM, gay male, mind control, transsexual, non-consensual, nonhuman, interracial or scat. I don't enjoy those so I don't write about them. Oh, yes, I forgot...people cheat...just like they do in the real world every day.

This is a tad long; it's been rattling around on my hard drive for a year and it's time to submit and move on to other topics. Caution: this is not a love story! It is pure stroke with a bit of humor. Please don't send me feedback saying it is unbelievable---of course it is!

The Retirement Years, Prologue and First Chapter

At fifty-eight Frank had enjoyed a full and rewarding life. His two children from his first marriage were grown and well adjusted and successful in their own right. Jim's second wife, a number of years his junior was a successful executive who still enjoyed the world of work in spite of the fact that Frank's success had enabled him to retire younger than most men. Frank often joked that he was busier since he had retired a year earlier than he had been when he worked full time. He loved working with his hands and enjoyed building things and tinkering. He wrote several hours each day. His two pups were like special children to whom he devoted hours of attention.

Frank had fooled around during his first marriage almost incessantly. He had in fact had numerous affairs and dozens of one night stands. Head over heels in love with his second wife, Frank had vowed to change his ways and had been faithful for the fifteen years of their marriage. His second wife, Bonnie, was a very attractive woman with a more than ample libido. While she often worked long hours by choice, their sex life was more than satisfactory to both of them.

For fifteen years, Frank had looked but not touched. He was still a handsome man in superb physical condition. Frank and his wife were older than most of the young couples in their small neighborhood. Most were his children's age; all were dual income families of college grads with excellent jobs and lots of disposable income. Many were starting families. A number of the working women in the neighborhood worked out of home offices as did a few of the men. As is typical in corporate America, it was not uncommon for at least one member of these young families to travel extensively.

Frank was a member of one of the last generations who took shop---Industrial Arts---in high school. He had grown up on a farm and had learned at an early age how things worked and how you fixed them when they didn't. He had studied engineering and spent his successful business career in a highly technical field. He knew how to build things; he was a master carpenter, an accomplished plumber and a competent electrician. He understood how a house was put together. He knew what made engines run and how to diagnose the problem when they failed to do so. He seemed to be the only person---man or woman—in the neighborhood who knew how to relight the pilot light on the water heater. Having built a seven figure nest egg in corporate America working with his mind, he found nothing remotely demeaning about working with his hands; he, in fact, found it intensely satisfying.

To the delight of many of his young neighbors, Frank became the resident handyman and rescuer of young damsels in distress. The young husbands viewed Frank, a legitimate member of their own parents' generation, as no sexual threat to their young and universally attractive wives. The young husbands were tickled that Frank could, "handle" things that they neither wanted to deal with nor, in most cases, knew how to deal with. When Saturday came around, they could play golf with their corporate buddies since Frank had been nice enough to help with many of the "honey do" lists. They rewarded him with praise and thanks, a case of his favorite stout or a fine bottle of wine.

There was a serious problem with this whole scenario. Foolishly many of the young husbands must have assumed that, as a man approaches sixty, his sex drive declines. In Frank's case the opposite was true. Frank had always been a good fuck and his fifty-eight year old cock was every bit as hard today as it had been at eighteen. It took him slightly longer to recover between fucks than it had at eighteen but his talented tongue and fingers could more than adequately fill the recovery interval.

Unlike younger men, Frank had staying power that comes from experience. He worked out, maintained his cardio-vascular health, had remarkable stamina and took a variety of vitamins and supplements. His dick was probably slightly longer than average and thick. While familiarity with one's spouse may often lead to a loss of erectile rigor in the marital bed, the constant exposure to attractive young women in their twenties had the opposite effect.

Most the of the young women in question too often "forgot" that Frank was still a virile male and were often less than modest in their attire and conversation around him. Having vowed to remain faithful, Frank beat off a lot during the first few months in the new neighborhood. His wife was pleasantly surprised at his exceptional ardor as he nailed her compact little body daily as soon as she arrived home from work.

Chapter 2, The First Time with Belinda

He had just relit his nearest neighbor's hot water heater pilot light. This , tall, long legged blond was one of his favorites with her scrubbed, makeup-free face, small but firm breasts and exquisite little ass. She was also a runner. She and Frank had become close and often chatted across the fence when she would take a break from her home office to attend to something in the yard or garden. Her husband reminded Frank of his own son in looks if not in temperament. Belinda's young husband was quiet and studious; he was a successful computer geek. Belinda was a manager in a very male oriented enterprise and tough as nails. He'd always loved business-tough women.

Belinda never wanted to be helpless; she was now kneeling, head down, butt in the air examining the pilot light system as Frank explained the procedure to her. Next time she wanted to be able to handle this task on her own; that was her nature. Unfortunately in her current position, her firm little runner's ass was alluringly ensconced in her thin little nylon running shorts; she was either wearing a thong or nothing under those shorts. The white nylon had become almost transparent; her puffy cunt lips below were clearly outlined. Nope, there was no thong; just bare young pussy. Frank was wearing loose fitting cotton shorts; he was instantly bone hard and without underwear of his own it was unlikely that Belinda would miss his aroused state when she stood up and turned around. The fact that at least two inches of her tightly packed little ass crease was visible above the waist of the shorts didn't help Frank's condition.

Having grasped the essence of pilot light architecture, Belinda rose to her feet, turned toward Frank, checked out the bulge in his shorts, adopted a flirtatious smile and spoke.

"Frank, were you checking out my ass?"

He could have denied it but it would have come across as bull shit.

"Belinda, I always check out your ass, most often when you're working in the yard. You have an astounding rear and I confess to being a dirty old man. You are a stunningly attractive young woman. I'm sorry if I offended you---but I won't promise not to check out your butt---or your firm little tits---any time I get the chance."

Belinda, always the confident young woman, moved in very close. To his shock and pleasant surprise she grabbed his engorged cock through the thin cotton shorts.

"Am I responsible for this?" Belinda queried coyly, knowing full well that she was.

"Without question, " Frank replied.

With no words or preliminaries, Belinda yanked Frank's thin shorts down and began to examine his cock in earnest.

"God, you're really hard. . . and bigger than...ah, big! I feel terrible about putting my favorite neighbor in such obvious discomfort, " Belinda said, as she began to caress Frank's organ with her little pink tongue.

Soon she was sucking him off in earnest. Belinda was of the Clinton generation that didn't really view sucking cock as real sex. She wasn't really cheating on her husband. But this cock was so much harder than his...fatter...longer. She had always felt a real affection for her older neighbor and in truth found him quite attractive. Belinda knew that she was a premier cock sucker and could get any man to dump his welcome load quickly. Frank was no exception. After swallowing his big sweet load of cream she continued to suck and massage his big dick with her talented mouth, enjoying the excruciating, almost agonizing pleasure she knew she was giving him. What really surprised her was that unlike her husband's cock, Frank's was not deflating.

Part of the reason was Frank's health and fitness regimen; the other was the 20mg of Cialis Frank had taken the previous morning, a Sunday, as he and his wife had engaged in one of their monthly all day Sunday fucks. It tended to last for up to thirty-six hours. Frank didn't really need the drug but all day fuck episodes had encouraged him to experiment. He had noted a few months back that his dick wasn't quite as hard as it had been when he and his wife were fucking. The Cialis had made a difference and his wife had been quite thrilled at how many times his bone hard implement had serviced her tight little pussy.

Belinda had thoroughly enjoyed blowing Frank but now she wanted more. Her husband definitely had been falling down on the job recently as long hours at work on an important project had brought him home too tired to satisfy her on too many nights. There was an old but still serviceable mattress on the basement floor a few feet away. Belinda took Frank's hand and led him there. Frank needed no more encouragement or guidance.

Belinda loved the fact that Frank wanted to kiss her cum drenched mouth; her husband was put off by the taste of his own spunk. She also thrilled at the gentle but persistent invasion of her little blond slot by Frank's probing fingers. He was fast; she was already naked from the waist down and had no idea when or how Frank had removed her shorts. Belinda was almost as tall as Frank and was even more surprised when he effortlessly picked her up and placed her just the way he wanted her on the mattress. This was unusual for Belinda; Frank was the aggressor now. Belinda's husband never assumed that role. Frank sat up and removed his t-shirt; he'd already kicked off his surf sandals. Belinda followed suit, skinning off her own t-shirt. Frank smiled and began to work down her muscular young form with his talented lips and tongue.

And he was talented like no man she had ever experienced---and probably only one woman. He gently caressed her small breasts, worked his way down her smooth belly and teased her soft thighs. By the time Frank's hot mouth found the magic spot, Belinda was ready to cum. She did so within seconds. To her ongoing delight, Frank continued to eat her dripping little pussy; he was quite obviously aroused by her musky pussy secretions.

She was completely unprepared for the second, surprise, hiding-somewhere-in-there orgasm that Frank found. It was the most intense feeling her lithe twenty-seven year old body had ever experienced. As Frank moved back up her body to make love to her face and hold her in a warm post-orgasm embrace, Belinda could not miss the feel of his bone hard fuck tool grazing her tummy. I want that cock inside me. In the ass? No lube; maybe he's not into anal. I'm not on the pill; I doubt that he had a rubber. I'm not running upstairs to find my diaphragm. Fuck it...I'm trying to get pregnant anyway...aren't I?

Belinda playfully rolled Frank over, squatted down on her well toned young thighs, grabbed his impressive organ and inserted it past her flushed little lips, sinking luxuriantly down over its impressive length. It wasn't an out of proportion porn star cock, she thought to herself, but it was easily an inch and a half longer than her husband's was...and fatter...and damn hard.

Belinda rode Frank for a very long time; she came at least twice. Frank made love to her mouth...nuzzled her little titties...fingered her ass when she turned around to give him perfect access. The one thing Frank did not do was cum. Finally exhausted, Belinda collapsed on top of him. He held her lovingly with his fat cock still stiff and inside her.

"You didn't cum, " she whispered.

"I didn't want to interrupt your hard work. I love being fucked like that with you on top riding my cock...but I've never been able to cum that way."

"How do you want me?" Belinda replied, almost submissively; she was never submissive with men.

"It's your call, babe. I'll gladly fuck you from behind or in front with those long tanned legs pressed against your gorgeous breasts."

"You like my tits? Most people---my husband---think they're too small. I've thought of having implants."

"Don't you dare! Your breasts are absolutely perfect---I know I've been looking at them through your bra-less tee shirts and sports bras for six months. They make me just as hard as your compact little ass. Not to mention the fact that you have the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen. You are a perfectly gorgeous woman. Don't ever change a thing."

"And my pussy...is it tight enough for you?" Belinda whispered lewdly, as she contemplated what position she would assume.

"I think so, but I'm going to have to check it out more closely, " Frank replied with a grin.

Belinda had always loved to be fucked like an animal from behind; she had made her decision and quickly assumed the position. To her delight, Frank worked her drenched little slit with his mouth and then to her absolute surprise began orally exploring her little anal ring. Her husband thought anal sex was gross and would never even think of ass to mouth. If he'd put his tongue in there Belinda was sure he'd put his cock in there. It had been too damned long...an affair with an older professor.

"You can do me in the butt, Frank, if you want too---just use your cum to make me slippery," she whispered.

"I'd absolutely love to and plan to---but I really want your little cunt this time. Is that okay with you?"

Belinda felt so deliciously dirty; she loved the word cunt. Her husband would never use that word...and Frank did anal. For a minute, Belinda had a vision of Frank banging his Executive Vice-President wife up the shitter.

Frank soon had her taut little hips in his hands and his hard fuck stick buried in her twat. He fucked her deep and long...longer than she had ever been fucked. When he began to accelerate his strokes, she felt the tell-tale stiffening of his cock which signaled his impending orgasm. Her young pussy was on the verge of being numb, but it was a good numb. Still, she was not sure she could have taken too much more. For the first time in her young life a man had actually "fucked her brains out," or more accurately, given her all the cock she could possibly handle.

Her husband came in two minutes and then rolled over and went to sleep. She had ridden Frank for over fifteen minutes; he had then fucked her for another twenty minutes. She was in awe. Once again Frank rolled her over took her in his arms and cuddled her in the post-coital bliss that her husband all too often seemed to forget. She looked at his cock. He had softened but not alarmingly. She was sure she could get it hard again with her exceptional oral ability and probably go for the ass fuck she craved. They both checked the time simultaneously and quickly realized that it would not be prudent to continue.

"Belinda, I haven't cheated with anyone in the fifteen years that Bonnie and I have been married. I feel guilty as hell; on the other hand you are an amazing lover. If you tell me this was a mistake and it never happens again, I'm okay with that, but I'd be hurt if we couldn't still be good friends and neighbors. On the other hand, I'm feeling a little like a crack addict. If you want to fuck again...you know where I live."

With that, Frank took Belinda in his arms and kissed her with more romance than her husband had shown in a very long time.

"Still good friends and neighbors, Frank, but I feel guilty as hell also. Let's sleep on this and think about whether we want to continue---how we want to continue. Bluntly, I haven't been fucked that well since...ever! You may just need to add, "satisfying horny young golf widows" to your resume of aid and comfort provided to the neighborhood. Thanks for showing me how to deal with the pilot light."

Frank saw and waved at Belinda a couple of times over the next two weeks, even chatting with her and her husband briefly over the fence. It seemed that Belinda had been on the road for her job and had spent little time over the two weeks in her home office. Both she and Frank acted as if nothing had happened between them.

Chapter Three, Meeting Buffy.

Frank and his wife had received an invitation to a neighborhood garden party the following week. They were pleased that, while older than the rest of the neighborhood, they were included in their social events.

The garden party was a smorgasbord of finely honed young female flesh. It was summer and all were dressed in an enticing assortment of nothing-to-hide-sun dresses, short shorts, tennis skirts and the like.

As so often happens with a group of this age, they broke off into small groups of guys or girls to talk. Frank knew many of the folks in attendance, probably more than his wife did. As he was smiling and trying to appear interested in a discussion of the merits of high end zero turn lawn mowers, he noticed his wife chatting with a delightful little brunette across the room. She could not have been much over five feet tall with long hair and a stunning body poured into a form hugging pair of jeans. Before he could move over and be introduced, Belinda's husband had him by the arm and wanted to introduce him to someone.

He was a nice enough guy, Jack, good looking and definitely in sales.

"Frank, I'm so glad to meet you. I'm told you're the neighborhood expert on all things mechanical. My wife is driving me nuts to install one of those back-up generator systems which I believe you have. The problem is, with installation and everything, it's going to cost over five grand. Now I really want to buy a new lawn tractor; if we spend five grand on the damned generator there's nothing left in the discretionary fund for my lawn machine. I've been told you know how to get it done for a hell of a lot less."

"Well, Jack, it can be done for a lot less than five thousand. I've got a resellers license and can order it on line for around eighteen hundred including freight. Half the cost of one of these systems is installation---the materials, gas pipe, electric, a little concrete and so on---is probably no more than two hundred. All of these houses are pretty new so the gas meter should handle the additional demand. So, if you're willing to do the work I can show you how, even help and I'd certainly be glad to help you hook up the transfer box to your main electrical panel which can be a little confusing. You need permits; I've already done them more than once so I've got it all boiler plated on my computer. Permits will run you another hundred. I've got a friend who is certified in gas, electric and plumbing who will sign off on the work for a hundred bucks. It shouldn't run more than twenty-two to twenty-four hundred."

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