The Retirement Years


"That sounds like a winner! With a little other money I've got stashed away, I can buy the zero turn unit I want---without Buffy even knowing how much the lawn machine costs. Buffy---my wife---is pretty handy with tools. She was an aircraft mechanic in the service and has an engineering degree. I am mechanically impaired. If you don't object, she's the one going to be doing the work. Anyway she wants the damned thing! Here she comes now!"

To Frank's surprise, it quickly became evident that Jack's wife Buffy was the delicious little brunette who had been chatting with Bonnie. After introductions all around, Bonnie started to speak to her husband.

"Frank, Buffy wants to..."

"Install a backup generator?" Frank queried, as they all laughed at the realization that both couples had been discussing the same thing.

Bonnie continued, "well, why don't you and Buffy discuss the finer points of natural gas fired, automatic backup generator systems while Jack and I discuss his future career opportunities?"

As Bonnie and Jack moved off in earnest conversation, Buffy explained, "Jack's in health systems---your wife's field." Frank nodded.

Frank quickly gave Buffy an overview of what the project entailed. She asked the right questions and was obviously very knowledgeable about things mechanical. She was also a flawlessly beautiful young woman of twenty-six who had done a four year stint in the military in aircraft maintenance while also completing most of the requirements for an engineering degree in night school. After a semester to finish her degree she had quickly been hired by a design firm and tele-commuted from a home office.

"When can we get started, Frank? I'd love to get it done before the winter ice storms arrive." Gazing into her big brown eyes, Frank almost lost his train of thought.

"Well, it's really dependent on your schedule. It takes a week to get the permits, maybe less since I've done them several times before. It also takes about a week to get the generator and transfer switch delivered. We can pour the pad and stub out the gas and electrical in advance. I'll need to take a look at your setup and see what materials we need; we can get everything at either of the local home improvement stores. I have all the tools we need. As long as you don't have a finished basement such that we have to tear out and replace dry wall there's only a final inspection required by the county. When can we get together---and, by the way, where the heck do you live?"

Buffy placed her tiny hand on Frank's arm and turned him ninety degrees. "Right over there; we can actually see the back of your house from our deck. We're almost neighbors, plus or minus a thousand yards. I work on projects and can take time during the day but I'll be finishing up one at just about the right time and will be able to take a couple of days off."

"How about first thing Monday morning? I can come over to your house, bring the permit software, we can measure off everything and order the unit. As long as my resellers number is there the vendor doesn't care whose credit card it's billed to or you can write me a check and I'll put it on my account---and we can run over to the home improvement center of your choice to pick up the materials."

Buffy responded with a killer smile. "That's sounds great! What time? I'm an early riser and Jack is leaving early for a road trip."

"Well, Bonnie leaves for the office at 7:00 AM; I can come over right after that. Is that too early?"

"It's a date!" Buffy responded, taking his hand in both of hers. Frank did not want her to let go of his hand---ever.

While Frank was certainly not expecting to get lucky as he had with Belinda just the thought of spending several days working closely with this diminutive hottie made his dick swell.

"She's a real cutie," Frank commented to his wife as they headed home a few hours later.

"God, they're all so damned young! I'm really glad you can help them out. Jack's a little brash but he's got some damned fine skills and I'd love to snake him away from his current company. I'm going to try to get him in for an interview cycle in the next couple of weeks. Now after an evening hanging out with all that barely legal young cunt, I know you're excited so let's go home and fuck!" And they did.

That following Monday morning shortly after kissing his wife goodbye, Frank dutifully rang the doorbell at Jack and Buffy's house. Without a smidgen of makeup, hair tied back in a pony tail and attired in a micro fiber lounging suit which disguised none of her curves, Buffy was stunning in the early morning light.

"Jack!" she exclaimed, genuinely happy to see him; she gave him a big hug which he was not expecting. God, she smelled and felt great.

She offered coffee which he politely refused. As she sat very close to him on the small sofa in the family room with a quizzical look on her face, she placed her tiny hand on his knee.

"So what's first? I assume we need to get the measurements down for the permitting and materials?"

"Sounds like the best place to start. Do you mind writing down the numbers? No one---including me---can read my writing."

Buffy laughed; it was a mature woman's laugh; they got up together and headed to the basement. Fortunately, there were no real complications. They would have to extend the one inch gas line from where it had been capped above the furnace and run it out the southwestern basement wall, the same wall that housed the main electrical panel. Directing Buffy to make a quick sketch while he checked out the electrical service Frank got caught up in what he was there for as opposed to what he would like to be there for. Climbing up to look out one of the ground level basement windows, he felt Buffy's surprisingly strong grip on his legs.

"Careful, that thing you're standing on is notoriously rickety," she said, continuing to steady him as he climbed down, her hand brushing against his butt, he assumed inadvertently.

They returned upstairs to Buffy's computer; she led the way. What a divine and absolutely perfect little ass, Frank thought to himself as he watched her perfect little ass wiggle up the steep basement steps. Soon they were sitting close to each other in front of Buffy's computer screen.

"Frank, all women have eyes in the back of their head. You were checking out my ass on the stairs, weren't you?" Buffy said, openly flirtatiously.

"Buffy, at my age I never miss an opportunity to leer at a fine young set of buns. Guilty as charged."

"You don't look that old, Frank. And the compliment is very much appreciated."

Buffy stood very close to Frank, resting a hand on his shoulder; her warm little hip was pressed against his upper arm. Frank cleared his head and quickly entered the appropriate information into the permitting program. Once when Buffy had to go to a file cabinet across the room to get the property description off of the deed, she again gave him a perfect view of her fine little tail and enchanting little butt crease as she bent over---longer than was probably required---to retrieve the document. She was smiling impishly when she returned to Frank's side; she punched him playfully in the arm.

After the permit requests had been printed off, they went to the Internet and ordered the generator which came with its own transfer switch. Buffy decided to use her credit card for the purchase. Next Frank typed up the materials list. The two then went outside to examine the potential pad site and finalize the measurements.

A stiff Midwestern breeze buffeted the two as they decided on the final site for the unit and ensured it would meet all code requirements. The light material of Buffy's outfit was plastered against her hard little body, clearly defining her turgid little nipples and rock- hard tummy. As she turned to jot down one last measurement, Frank was inches from her little cunt, also clearly defined in the stiff breeze. The breeze was not the only thing that had become stiff. Frank was absolutely positive that she had turned so as to present her pussy for his inspection.

Returning inside the house, Buffy indicated that she needed to change before they headed off to the store and the county office while Frank made final changes to the materials list and printed it off.

Buffy returned in short shorts and a tee shirt. "You're going to give the old men at the county office a real thrill in that outfit, hon," Frank commented.

"I live to serve and thrill old men, Frank. Is it working on you?" she said, moving in and kissing him quickly on the lips, but retreating before he could respond.

"I can die a happy man now," Frank replied with a grin.

"It only took a kiss? My, you're entirely too easy." she replied, openly flirting.

"With age, one appreciates life's little pleasures; a quick kiss from a beautiful young woman becomes pretty damned exciting."

The two departed Buffy's house and hopped in Frank's big pickup.

"I love trucks! My next car is going to be a truck. Oooh, bench seats---even better!" Buffy said as she slid to the middle and then back again, realizing that she didn't want the neighbors to get the wrong idea.

Frank had been right; the old men at the county office were enthralled. Buffy flirted with each and every one of them shamelessly. They asked if she wanted to wait for the permits. An hour later, much to the office employees' regrets, Buffy departed with her permits in hand.

"Well, there's a lesson. Always take a hot little number with you when you go to get building permits; I've never had them offer to write them up while I waited."

"Is that what I am, Frank, a hot little number? I like the sound of that. Okay, Frank, lead the way. Take your hot little number to the depot to get some black iron pipe and concrete mix."

His hot little number? Oh, yeah, that sounded pretty neat.

At the home improvement store, Buffy had the same effect and more help from the sales staff than Frank ever remembered having. Soon they had everything loaded in the truck---loaded by the store staff, of course.

Returning to Buffy's house, they unloaded the supplies, positioning them in the basement and outside as was appropriate. Frank was very impressed at how willingly Buffy carried her own load.

"Can we start today?" Buffy asked expectantly.

"I don't know why not but I need to go home and spend some time with my pups. They get lonely when I'm gone too long."

"Can I come with you and meet them?" Buffy asked like a little girl asking to go on a special adventure.

The pups loved Buffy and the feeling was mutual. Frank gave her the tour of the house and showed her how the finished generator project should turn out. He was hungry and invited Buffy to stay for lunch. To his delight, she accepted the offer. Frank had baked some fresh bread and threw together some sandwiches.

"So, Buffy, you were in the military...what service?"

"Army, four years, aircraft mechanic and Blackhawk crew chief."

"I was in the Army. I flew Hueys and Cobras during two tours in Vietnam. I think I left active duty before you were born. What made you decide on that route?"

"My dad's a mechanic; he now owns his own garage specializing in foreign cars. I grew up around mechanics. My mom's a school teacher. I knew I wanted to go to college and engineering was probably where I belonged but wasn't ready right out of high school. Money was pretty tight at the time as Dad was getting his shop started so the Army helped me pay for my own college education. I was lucky to get stationed stateside near a decent engineering school so I started in night school and finished up after I left active duty.

"I missed Desert Storm; I didn't have enough time left to be deployed and was out of the Army before the conflicts which followed. With my background in aviation maintenance and an aeronautical engineering degree, my current job with an aircraft systems company was a great find. It didn't hurt that I was a woman...there aren't that many of us in aeronautical engineering. I'm actually working on projects involving the same equipment I learned in the Army. There's really no one else in my organization with hands on experience. I travel to the home office regularly for conferences but do most of my work at home."

"How did you meet your husband?"

"Jack never served in the's just not his thing. He's a born salesman---he certainly sold me! We met through a mutual friend, had a whirlwind courtship and were married six months later."

Buffy did not seem interested in further discussion of her husband or her marriage so Frank moved on. As they cleaned up the lunch dishes, Buffy was obviously anxious to get on with the project.

"So, Frank, can we get started? Why don't you bring the dogs over? Our yard is fenced."

"I'm sure we can get the concrete pad done this afternoon. Tomorrow we can work on the gas line and the electric and get it stubbed out. I expect the generator and transfer switch will arrive on Friday; probably just like you, weekends are family time for Bonnie and me, so assuming everything works out as planned I'd think we can hook it all up the first of next week."

Frank put his portable cement mixer and two pups in the back of his truck and they headed back over to Buffy's.

"Buffy, while I thoroughly enjoy ogling you in those tiny shorts you might want to consider switching to old jeans or something; we're going to get a little dirty."

Moving in close, touching his arm and nibbling his ear lobe, Buffy spoke. "Is that the way you like your women, Frank---a little dirty?"

Her attitude had gone past flirting to openly lascivious. He wanted to fuck her.

"Dirty's good." Frank replied with a smile that was openly inviting.

Buffy returned a few minutes later in well-worn jeans and a sweat shirt. The old clothes did nothing to conceal her astounding little body. She had no intention of taking advantage of Frank as far as the project was concerned, insisting on doing most of the hard work and preparing the site. Soon she had the area dug out, forms were in place and a base had been laid. Frank cranked up the cement mixer as Buffy tossed sixty pound bags of cement mix into the hopper. She was tiny but obviously very strong for her size. In no time the pad was poured, screeded and floated. Having previously worked with this particular generator, Frank had inserted lag bolts at the appropriate locations to secure the unit.

"Buffy we need to let this set up for a while, then spray it with curing agent and brush it out and put some plastic over it to let it cure. It doesn't make much sense to start the electric work for the automatic start-up circuit; we're going to have to shut off the power and open up the box to wire in the transfer panel---no sense in doing so twice. We can shut off the gas at the main and insert a shut off---that won't take ten minutes--- which will enable us to do the gas pipe work without shutting off the gas again and work on the gas pipe tomorrow along with stubbing out the electric at both ends. Other than that we just need to keep tabs on the concrete for the next couple of hours."

"So, we're going to have time on our hands, Frank? Whatever will we do?" Buffy said, invitingly.

"Well, you're probably going to want to take a shower. You look damned cute with dried concrete on your nose but that stuff burns. Let's do the gas valve and then get you cleaned up."

"Are you going to help clean me, Frank? There might be places I'm just not able to reach...although I am extremely flexible."

Frank playfully slapped her exquisite little bubble butt. "Stop being a tease, you little minx."

"Who says I'm teasing?" Buffy replied softly, and at that minute, Frank knew he was going to get laid.

Frank shut off the gas main and the two went to the basement. Frank showed her how to remove the plug on the gas line, apply the Teflon pipe dope and attach the valve. Buffy wanted to do it herself and showed that she definitely knew her way around a pipe wrench. Buffy stood on a ladder as Frank steadied her from below with his hands on her waist. Standing with his face inches from her hot little ass, Frank was positive he could detect the scent of female arousal.

Buffy attached the valve; Frank went outside and turned on the gas. They checked the joint for leaks and all was in order. Once as she was applying the soap solution to check for bubbles she started to slip and Frank quickly found his hand encircling her hard little butt with both thumbs pressing against her delicious little crease.

"Oh, Frank! You've got strong hands; I bet you give a mean massage."

The only gas appliance that didn't have auto ignition was the gas water heater. Frank offered to show Buffy how to relight it but she indicated she was very familiar with pilot lights.

So there she was in the almost identical position Belinda had been a few weeks earlier... head down butt in the air and Frank's cock was again bone hard. Unfortunately while Frank was sure Buffy noticed, she did not immediately go down on her haunches and blow him---much to his regret. On the other hand, the smile and obvious recognition of his erection promised that she damn well might before the afternoon was over.

"Let's go get cleaned up," Buffy said, and Frank was encouraged by the use of the term, "let's."

As Buffy climbed the stairs ahead of Frank, he was positive that she put a lot more wiggle in that fine little rump than was needed. He was correct.

Wordlessly Buffy took Frank by the hand and led him to the master bathroom, turned on the shower and began unbuttoning Frank's shirt. Frank got the message and soon the two were naked and in the shower. Frank began to soap Buffy's little form in earnest, paying special attention to her astounding little ass and cunt. She was completely hairless down there which further added to the illusion that Frank was about to fuck a high school girl.

When it was Buffy's turn, she was just as attentive to Frank's private areas, to include a soapy digit up his ass as she stroked his massive erection with her hand. To his surprise and pleasure, after rinsing all the soap away, Buffy replaced the soapy finger with her hot little tongue as she reamed his little ring. Yep, Buffy was a dirty little girl and one who responded enthusiastically when they switched places and Frank orally serviced her sweet little chute. Using his talented fingers on her little girl slot, he had her over the top in less than a minute.

Pushing Frank down on the corner shower seat, Buffy quickly showed that she might be small but that her young mouth could handle a big cock with no problem. Frank came sooner than he wanted to; Buffy was an amazing little cock sucker and he never wanted it to end. The two kissed for several minutes with Buffy sitting directly on Frank's crotch and wiggling her fine young ass on his still serviceable cock. They exited the shower and retired to the master bedroom. Buffy sat on the edge of the bed fondling Frank's cock with her small hands and teasing his balls with her little pink tongue. Frank quickly regained his normal rock hard erection.

"That's a big cock you've got there, Frank, and as much as I'd love to know how it would feel in my little pussy, I'm not on the pill right now, I hate rubbers, don't own a diaphragm and am highly fertile. Jack and I are trying to have a baby and you don't really look like my husband. I'm not opposed to anal...fuck, I love anal, even though Jack's not into it. How about you, Frank? Are you an anal sort of guy? Your tongue says you are. Do you want to slide that big pecker of yours up my tiny little ass? It's been a while for me but anal sex is kind of like riding a bicycle."

"Have you got some lubricant?"

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