tagNovels and NovellasThe Second Foundation Pt. 01

The Second Foundation Pt. 01

byThe Avenger©

Warning: Parts of this series may contain violence, coercion, extortion, blackmail, non consensual sex, same sex copulation, derogatory terms, interracial sex, political statements, cheating and a lot of other stuff good boys and girls should not read (on porn websites). If any of the above are not your cup of tea, please don't waste your time reading this.


Chapter 1

Dez left his war torn country by rail to Zambia, traveled through Zaire, East Africa, parts of West Africa until he reached Libya, 2 months later. He had exciting adventures that would take too long to write down. Suffice to say, he found Africa beautiful and interesting. And the women... It seemed like every country was teeming with them. But the visas were so expensive and they burned into his pocket.

In Morocco, Dez spent a lot of money on people who supposedly knew people, who knew people, who knew someone. He spent the last of his money buying a place on a crowded, dinghy, rickety, wooden boat.

They set off for Europe, many young African men, with greater expectations than Charles Dickens, for they knew that the streets of Europe were paved with gold. The sun beat down mercilessly on them. Soon, they were starved, dying of thirst and half conscious. A couple of guys died and were tossed over board. They never made it on CNN for they fortunately made it to the Italian coast on a dark night.

Dez had made friends with a couple of Nigerians on the boat, that were well informed and had connections in Italy. He joined them.

They were now in Europe, Paradise on Earth, with no money in their pockets and they didn't speak the language. However, one of the Nigerians had a phone number. They followed a high way for thirty kilometers, hiding behind trees and bushes when traffic approached. They made their way into a small town begged for money from any black person that walked by until they were finally given coins. They called the number from a phone, and were told to go and hide near a crossing on the outskirts of town. A sedan dropped by and all three were hastily stuffed into the trunk. They were taken to a house where they were fed and given new clothes.

The following day, they were loaded into a truck, basically stuffed in a secret compartment under cartons of fruit with hardly any place to move and driven for 8 long hours to Rome. They were let out of the car and found themselves in the in the courtyard of a huge factory building. They were rushed inside under the cover of darkness.

Dez and his mates joined many other illegal aliens, mainly West Africans, inside a huge furniture factory.

They were greeted by the man who managed the factory, one Aidee, a Nigerian. He was a big fat man in his early forties. Aidee said he would give them accommodation, and food. But he would confiscate their wages for the first three months, for he was a taking a very high risk, employing, sheltering and feeding them. If they didn't feel like that was a good deal, he would hand them to the authorities, he didn't give a fuck. Aidee told them that if they worked good and hard for 2 years, the boss would help them go legal. They would earn more money as well. "One hand washes the other," he told them.

Dez and the other guys slept in rooms at the back of the factory, seven man to a tiny room, on thin mattresses, in thin sleeping bags. They had a small room with a TV and kitchen to cook. They were not allowed to leave the premises for the first six months. Aidee had several big henchman who made sure nobody tried to sneak out. A couple of Africans dropped by once in a while, to sell the guys some counterfeits of clothes and sneakers, usually hip hop gear.

Dez and his mates worked double shifts. It was hard, grueling labor. They hacked, sawed, hammered and glued African timber and made household furniture for Italians. They got covered with saw dust from head to toe. Some coughed, some had accidents, all worked hard and all complained. But in their spare time, they chatted, listened to music, danced and laughed, for the African soul just had to be happy in any circumstances. They watched Italian TV and football, their only access to the Paradise they had all come to look for.

When they complained, Aidee told them they should appreciate the great opportunity he was giving them. But for Dez, this was second slavery. For he found that the Africans on the outside were doing all the jobs that Italians considered to be below them, like cleaning, caring for old people, wiping their asses, collecting garbage, cleaning toilets.

The difference was that in the old days, the Europeans came to Africa to catch slaves, but nowadays, the Africans came on their own to become slaves. Therefore it made sense for The Man to keep Africa broke, supporting dictators and selling them guns and weapons to kill each other and destroy their lands. Coz someone had to do the dirty jobs.

Now, the Italian Labor Police was checking for illegal immigrants. When they came for inspections, an alarm would be sounded and all the illegal workers would hide. Aidee would pay them bribes and they would tick off the factory as having high safety standards and no slave labor.

Dez exercised and watched a lot of Italian TV and slowly the language started to make sense to him. He asked the henchmen to bring him books for learning Italian and they did. Some of them spoke it fluently and he started speaking it with them. Sometimes he saw articles on the news about his country. The war had stopped but the sanctions from the US and England were still in place and life was hard.

After three months, they were each paid a monthly wage of €500. 100 was deducted for food and shelter and if anybody wanted to send money home, Aidee did it for them. He however sent a maximum of 100 and kept the other 300 to make sure they didn't run away like Kunta Kinte. He said they would get it all after two years. They asked for a guarantee, and he was like, "Trust me or fuck you!"

After they had been there for six months, they were allowed them to go out for short spells. They were given only a little of their money, so they would not be tempted to run away. The guys usually went out to party or buy some Hip Hop gear, cheap counterfeit suits or fuck prostitutes. Of course, they were keen to fuck a white ho, and some washed out Italian prostitutes were in business big time. Dez didn't do that. He would just walk around Rome, seeing the great city he had read about. But he didn't run into Othello. He saw so many Africans selling stuff on the street or cleaning and picking up garbage, but he hardly saw any that were living good or working nice jobs.

Dez called the number of Trish's German dad's home and it was disconnected. He called home and told them he was safe. He was informed that Trish's whole family had been blown up in a rocket blast. Two of his own brothers were dead too. Dez was numb, but he had lost so many friends and family in the war that he didn't cry over the dead but felt happy over those still living. Peace was finally coming back to the land for the honkies had realized that there was not so much oil in the ground as they had expected.

He asked his mom to see if she could find him Trish's current number or address for him. He wrote her letters to the address she had given him but got no reply.

The morale in the factory was of course very low. The guys were disillusioned and bitter; this was not what they had come all the way across the ocean for, to find themselves in modern slavery. They moaned and complained about the work, to Aidee and the henchmen.

Dez had no intention of enduring the slave labor for 2 years, so he was on the look out for ways to come out. He knew there was only one way out, and that was through Aidee. He had to befriend the guy. The other guys kept complaining to Aidee, hustling him for more money and calling him a slave driver. Dez knew that calling a sick man sick would only get him annoyed. Therefore, he worked very hard and never started shit with Aidee and the thugs. In fact, he befriended them and they would chat to him.

They said they had all gone the same way. After two years, the boss, one Marco something, had helped them find Italian women to marry, who did it for a fee. Now they were legal, and had since received their papers and were earning better money, making sure the other guys worked hard. They all didn't like Italy, but Africa was broke so they were there to get that cash money, y'all.

Now, Aidee noticed Dez, because he always greeted him politely and never complained. And he would come with a broom and sweep his office without being told. The fat man chatted with him in a very friendly manner. He asked him where he was from blah blah blah. Dez played loyal and very grateful. He also acted like he was kind of dumb.

One day, Aidee said to him,

"Desmond, how do you like it here my man? You know the Italians would deport your asses in a second. But I am giving you all a chance."

"Yes chief, I am very grateful. I don't know how to thank you. If it wasn't for your kindness, I would be back in Africa, broke and fucked up."

Aidee smiled. "You are a good boy, not like these ungrateful dogs. Listen, I want you to keep your ears and eyes open for me, if anyone tries to spread funny ideas, let me know. My friends are very grateful when I hand them an illegal alien or two once in a while. Makes them look good and shit..."

Dez never snitched but he continued befriending Aidee. After a while, Aidee called him in and asked him,

"Listen, I asked you to be my ears and eyes. But you have handed me nothing. Speak up. Who is talking shit? Who is complaining?"


"Come on Desmond. Talk to me. I will make you foreman, and I will give you some cash. You don't care about those bastards. They would snitch on you in a second. Give me some names."

"I am afraid I cant. How could you trust me if I betrayed my mates?"

Aidee nodded. "I like loyal people. Its hard to find someone to trust these days. And you are hard working. I like that in a man. Keep it up."

From then on, Aidee always called Dez to his office once in a while and chatted with him, just kicking it.

Now, sometimes a short, busty, elegant, finely dressed Italian woman with ass and hips would drop by to see Aidee. She was in her late thirties or so, and wore tonnes of make up and a rich perfume. Aidee told him she was Laetitia, the Boss' wife. She dropped by quite often, and Dez would see her ogling the black men working on the machines, and cutting planks, hammering nails in. He could see from her flirtatious smiles that the short, curvy, Italian mama seemed to like sweaty, hard, black muscles.

He always smiled at her and was very polite. She was impressed that he could speak Italian fluently and seemed to find him very agreeable. She definitely was a flirt. He caught her gazing at his dark, powerful arms a few times, and she had this way of looking at him like she was undressing him. A couple of times, she caught him watching her thick, fine ass and wagged a playful finger at him, but he thought she liked it, for she would then swing that ass for real. She seemed to have a thing for Aidee. But Aidee seemed irritated with her. He was polite but not very friendly to her.

Chapter 2

One afternoon, Laetitia came over to talk to Aidee. Dez saw them arguing heatedly through the glass window to Aidee's office. The Italian woman started crying and then she was getting all hysterical and throwing shit at Aidee's head. She then pointed at Dez and said something to Aidee. Aidee shook his head and waved his hands vehemently like "Ah ah, no way!" She snarled something at him that made him get very worried, and then she stormed off angrily.

Dez asked Aidee what that was all about and the guy snarled at him not to get cheeky with him.

Several days later, Aidee called Dez into his office on an afternoon and said, "Write down your shirt, trousers and shoe sizes."

The following day, Aidee gave him a new shirt, tie, shoes and a fine suit. It was cool, expensive shit.

"Listen, go and clean up. Shave get dressed. I want you looking good. Hurry."

Dez did and he looked very fine. Aidee thought so too.

"You look good, my boy. People will think you are probably some foot ball star. Now, I am going to show you the good life that you can have, if you behave. But don't try to run away because I have all your cash. And if you should run to the cops, I bribe those motherfuckers. They will bring you back here and you will be fed into the incinerator. Is that clear?"

"Yes sir! You can trust me."

It was a sunny day, and they cruised the streets in Aidee's brand new, tinted AMG Mercedes Benz, with fine leather upholstery. They listened to some Italian pop music, gazing at the fine city, the well dressed people, the cars, the fine women, the restaurants, the tall buildings. However, Dez didn't look too much at it, for his mission was another, to get out and find Trish in Germany.

He sat back calmly as Aidee drove to an apartment in town. Aidee opened the door and invited him in. It was small and cozy. They drank beer and watched a soccer match on TV.

Then an Italian woman in her early twenties came in, pushing a mixed child in a pram. She greeted them with a wide smile and a happy, loud, sweet voice.

She kissed Aidee, gave him the kid and then greeted Dez warmly.

"Ciao. I am Maria. Who are you, handsome." She was a natural, good natured flirt.

"Hallo. I am Desmond. Pleased to meet you."

"The pleasure is all mine honey," she said in a playful, deep, sexy voice and Aidee snorted.

Dez gazed at her like she was sunshine on a cloudy day. She had a good natured, long, oval shaped, pretty face. Her trimmed eye brows sat highly and were jet black. Her eyes were dark and seductive, her nose long and slightly hooked. Her sensuous, pink-reddish lips were thick and full and had a smile hovering readily at the corners. Her skin was nicely and smoothly tanned. She had long, smooth hair that was blond but he could see its natural color must have been black.

She was a tall woman, made even taller by her high heels. She a tilted white 50 Cent cap on her head, and a small, black g-unit tank top that was stretched around her big, pendulous, lactating breasts. Her belly was toned, with a soft curve at the bottom. Her waist was slim but not tiny. She wore a short, black that was stretched skirt around her wide and curvy hips and left the tops of a tattoo on her hips peeking out. She had full, silky tanned thighs and shapely, athletic legs. When she turned and bent over to pick up the kid Dez rasped softly. She had the spread wings of an eagle tattooed on her lower back. And she definitely had a nice, thick, round ass. Baby had butt all right! Dez' sex starved young cock stirred in his pants as saw the waistband of a skimpy black thong, with the string like back strap disappearing into the crack between the exposed, creamy tops of her thick, round ass cheeks.

Dez smiled to himself, becoming envious of Aidee. He could imagine that Italian beauty was so much fun in bed.

"Damn! When are you going to finally to go on diet, Maria? Or at least start sports or something," Aidee sneered.

"Do you think my ass is too big honey?" Maria asked Dez and made that ass pop, chuckling dirtily.

Dez didn't wanna get involved in domestic affairs so he just chuckled and pretended not to watch that ass.

She brought the baby to Aidee. The baby was about five months old. It was big, cute and light brown, with big eyes. And it was loud and hectic.

"Say hi to papa, Kofi. Ask him why you don't see him that often," Maria said as she gave Kofi to Aidee.

"Relax!" Aidee said and started playing with his kid affectionately.

Maria put some chips and salt sticks on the table and offered Dez a sandwich which he munched gratefully for it was tasty. Soon, Aidee handed Dez the baby. Maria looked on as Dez played with the baby and it started smiling and making happy noises.

"Oh. I am impressed. He normally doesn't like strangers. Do you have babies of your own?"

"No. Not that I know of," Dez chuckled dirtily.

"Then you must have good hands and a warm, good heart. That is not what one can say for everybody," she threw Aidee a look that said a lot.

"Oh shut up!" Aidee snorted and smacked her ass. The two of them disappeared, Aidee and Maria that is, into a bedroom. He heard them fucking aloud for a while.

When Aidee came out, he was sweaty and looking happy and so was Maria. Singing happily, Maria went to adjacent kitchen to cook. Aidee did not take his child from Dez but watched TV.

Dez started wondering how Aidee could have such a happy, pretty wife and sweet kid and still keep his brothers in bondage at the factory.

Maria served some tasty spaghetti and tomato sauce. Then she started showing Dez how to eat spaghetti properly, for back home they used a spoon and a fork, American style.

Somehow, during the tasty, late lunch, Maria started arguing with Aidee. She was talking about a wife she wanted him to divorce. Aidee told her to shut up. She got pissed and said she would go and confront her. He said he would stop paying for the place and giving her bucks and she said she would sue him for child support. He said he would beat her and she said she would call the cops on him. He called her a bothersome cunt then Maria went mad and yanked away his plate of food and told him to go and eat at home like a good husband.

Aidee was so pissed and he told Dez,

"Lets get the fuck out!"

Maria kicked the door shut behind them, shouting some vulgar shit.

Aidee was cussing Maria out as they rolled away.

"That stupid, arrogant slut! I ought to bash that stupid white face. Have you seen how fat she is? That big ass and those fat thighs! Ugh!"

"She is not fat boss. She is a fine woman. In Africa, you would have to fight brothers off her."

"Ah, what the hell do you know? She used to look real fine, yunno, tall and slim. Now the lazy bitch is letting herself go. She wont go to the gym and eats like a fucking pig. That is the problem with these women. You meet them and they are nice and slim, then they start to put on 10 kilos every year. By the time she is thirty, I will have a fucking shit talking white elephant. Might as well open a fucking zoo."

Dez didn't laugh for he knew that when a man talks shit about his woman, another man better shut the fuck up.

Aidee took him for lunch in a fine Italian place.

Dez gleaned the fact that Aidee was married to another woman and Maria was his girl on the side. Back in the factory, Aidee took the clothes back.

"Don't tell the others jack shit, all right? Make sure you keep behaving and I will show you some cool stuff, not that fucking stupid cunt!"

Dez nodded and thanked Aidee.

A couple of evenings later, Dez was sawing some planks when Aidee told him to get dressed. They drove into town, to some private night club.

A white guy in his early fifties came to them and talked to Aidee. He was looking good in a fine suit and tie. Aidee introduced him to Dez as the boss and then the two of them went off to the side. They were chatting and looking constantly at Dez.

As he sipped on his beer, Dez looked around. The place was done up nicely, like some brothel from a spaghetti western movie. There were many well dressed white men of all ages in fine suits and ties. And the place was teeming with tall, sexy, young, pretty black women, with finely done hair and make up. It was like being at the video shoot of a raunchy Hip Hop Video. All of the fine, young black women wore expensive, skimpy, sexy lingerie; mainly short, delicate lace, see through negligees and gowns, showing nice, big brown tits and fine asses and half cup bras and tiny thongs. The girls took turns pole dancing or strutted around sexily, giving the Italians a the cum fuck me look. A guy would wave one of the black beauties over, chat with her, buy her a drink and then leave up a winding stair case with her. The men returned alone, after half an hour or so, paid their bills at the bar and left soon afterwards.

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