tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Sexual Prisoner Ch. 01

The Sexual Prisoner Ch. 01


Applause broke out throughout the room as I stepped forward rather humbly. Here once again I found myself surrounded by people of my craft – the cameramen who never missed an opportunity to catch a shot of sperm traveling at unknown light speeds. The makeup ladies who made sure that every facial blemish was covered up, every nipple stood erect, every cock never turned limp.

And yet here I as actor/director/writer having completed another DVD production felt somewhat withdrawn. The girls of whom I had the pleasure of fucking these many great hours meant little to me at that very moment. Bottles of Champaign were opened, reefer passed around and as the drugs mellowed me I knew I had to leave. An excuse came to mind of some girl I had to meet at the airport after which I slowly made my way to the exit.

I knew I had to do this. The awards, the fame, the multitude of hot sexy babes meant nothing to me at that moment. I ventured to the penthouse apartment and put down my letter of resignation in front of the film producer. I had completed 50 films and I wanted out. No reason was given. No one ever gave a reason. They simply just left.

Leaving I felt alive for the first time in a long time. Though I had made films in most continents I wanted to go someplace I had never been. My suitcase was packed as I arrived home. Throwing my toothbrush inside my carryon bag I noticed a faint gas in the room. All went blurry as I passed out.

I found myself awakened by a smiling maid "Ah please wake up number 69. It is a beautiful day".

Still somewhat dazed as I discovered I was in different surroundings "69? Nice number. And who might you be?"

"I am number 29 mi amour...number 2 wishes for you to join her for tea" spoke the lady in riddles.

As she left I saw I had this numbered button on some type of uniform I was dressed in. I chucked the button outside the window.

Seconds later a beautiful looking girl walked in. She carried an umbrella.

"Number 2 you must be. Tell me is everyone number crazy in this dream?" I asked as I noticed she too had a button.

"We all have numbers in Sex City. Come number 69 let me show you around" the girl spoke to me, as I suddenly felt a bit paranoid about my situation.

As I walked with my new escort I found myself somewhat surprised concerning my surroundings. Beautiful blonde girls walked around trancelike. Guys who no doubt were well endowed seemed to walk around depressed. The more I saw of Sex City, the uneasier I felt. I decided to engage my host to learn as much as I could about this strange habitat.

"Ok so what's the scoop? Why does everyone seem so out of it?" I asked.

"Well you see number 69...Sex City is made up of former porno stars such as yourself that decided to quit. Our job here is to find out why. I am sure that a person of your talent should wonder about that question yourself" number 2 said as her breast rubbed against me.

"Why? Seems like such a pointless endeavor if you ask me. I think every person quits the business for one reason or another." I said as I kept walking.

"Well I see that you will be quite a challenge number 69. Ah here we are. Venti sized Passion fruit tea with 4 Splenda's I would presume" number 2 smiled as we sat down.

"So who is number 1?" I asked playing this silly numbers game.

"That would be telling" number 2 responded as we drank our beverages.

In a split second I realized that there was more to my tea as I took one last look at number 2.

"Sweet dreams number 69" I heard as I passed out.

Sometime later...

"Report number 18" ordered number 2.

"Number 69 is connected to the dream machine. We have administered the first dose. We will start with program number A", reported number 18.

I found myself in a wonderful dream. I was in the film producer's office and I was checking out this hot young secretary of his. Without words I had her unzipping my fly. Within seconds I felt my cock engulfed in her mouth. She was sucking me as if this was the most important commandment ever passed down from Moses. She sucked me as if I was the life support and she needed a hot infusion of jism to save her soul. The thoughts I had as she drank my cock not once, not twice but over and over again. I had her nestled under the desk as my mind drifted to a letter I saw on the desk. It said the words "Resignation" in big bold letters. I chucked it into the waste paper basket as I placed the young secretary on the desk and did her doggie style.

"What's going on?" asked number 2 "The drug's supposed to lower a man's sexual appetite and make him concentrate on work. 3 hours of sex?"

"We can't control the dreams. We can only manipulate the factors" number 18 said without confidence.

"Increase the dosage" ordered number 2 "And substitute program B"

"But that dosage could kill him?" number 18 responded to little avail.

What a wonderful dream I was having. Suddenly in walked that blasted film producer catching me pump his secretary. I thought of making an excuse as he came forward with an envelope in his hands. What I ended up doing is to swing my fist against his skull and watch in amusement as his body became firmly imbedded in the wall. The secretary was impressed as she told me she had a surprise. She walked to the door and her identical sister came in. I held them both in my arms as we all kissed each other.

In the heat of passion one of the identical twins whispered in my ear "Tell me about your porno star life"

Her words sounded vaguely familiar as the walls started to shake around me.

"Number 2...your voice input has startled number 69. We must put him to sleep. The stress is too overwhelming" number 18 reported.

"No I will accept full responsibility. We must increase the dosage. We must learn why he resigned." shouted number 2 as number 18 put the C program into the computer. A further dose of some liquid was placed in my unsuspecting veins.

The room stopped shaking as the hotties looked down at me with those lips to die for. One of them opened an envelope and started to read the context. They looked at me.

"Now we shall know the truth" number 2 said as she looked at a monitor showing my dreams.

The twins were looking at me so content upon the envelope that the sex seemed to have stopped. The doorbell rang.

"Ah a clue" shouted number 2 in glee.

Number 2 watched as I greeted a guy. We sat at a couch, flicked on the TV and banged together our beer bottles as the start of the Florida –Florida State football game was beginning. The twins had disappeared as the kickoff began.

I raise my beer and said to my buddy "To the finer things in life"

As I dreamt I was unaware of a phone call and conversation.

"I been replaced" cried out number 2 as she left the room.

I woke up in my room after a long night's sleep – still in Sex City!

End Part 1

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