tagFetishThe Slave Ch. 02

The Slave Ch. 02


As it gets later into the night I realize my slave has had nothing to eat or drink, nor has he been allowed personal bathroom time. I excuse myself and head downstairs to allow him up to stretch and take care of things. I asked my roommates to fix him something light to eat and I grab a bottle of chilled water to take with me for him.

I sit down on the side of the bed and he jumps, startled at my presence. I grab his balls firmly and ask him if he plans to give me problems if I let him up to stretch, use the bathroom and eat. Ross shakes his head back and forth quickly indicating that he won’t be a problem. I warn him that he will be severely punished if he so much as moves a finger without my permission. He will remain blindfolded and handcuffed. I will release only one hand for bathroom privileges and for eating and I will have a firm grip on the other. I ask if he understands the rules and he shakes his head yes.

I am taking my time; I believe he is strong enough to under cut me, if given half a chance. Thinking on that for a moment, I remind myself of his positive reaction to everything we have done to him so far. I wonder if we might need to increase the painful stimuli and see how it goes. First, he must be prepared for the Slave Auction on Saturday night.

The other two ladies slip downstairs with his food as I am handling other matters. Ross is being quite cooperative thus far, returning him to the bed I sit him on the edge to eat his food and have something to drink. Brenda flanks his right side and I release one cuff, bringing his hands out to the front of him and slip the cuff back on his wrist. Sara hands him a BLT to eat and I give him the water bottle.

It’s getting late as Ross finished his food. We all work together to tie him back down to the bed. We need sleep in order to get up and prep Ross for the auction. Settling Ross down for the night, I headed for my bedroom here in the playroom as the others headed upstairs. I left my door ajar to listen for movements throughout the night.

Brenda was up first, she took the opportunity to go down to Ross and punish him awake. She squeezed his balls tightly for awhile and pulled them away from his body farther than they should have ever been stretched outward. She administers some more slapping to his cock and lets them go after the slave is wide awake.

Brenda wants his cock and balls huge for the auction, which brings more money for less time. The agreement for the auction is that the selected slaves will spend twenty-four hours with the highest bidder at the auction.

We know that it is a very elite selection of rich women that participate in the auction and we are well aware of the rules and preferences: average height and weight, men with body hair always bring in more money. Shaven and extra large genitals are most preferred, bringing in literally thousands for the twenty-four hour period. The rich women look for huge thick and dripping cocks. They look for size in the balls, the bigger they are the more cum they produce. The ladies pay top dollar for the use of this equipment.

Brenda had the idea that she was going to give new meaning to the words “huge packages”, having been a nurse she decided she was going to inject saline into his ball sac which causes it to bulge to almost unreal sizes. Brenda has done this before; she knows that it is imperative that the saline solution enters the sac and NOT THE BALLS! She also knows that the balls will float around in the fluid and the saline will eventually migrate back into the body so there is no chance of long term negative effects.

She went to the exam table in the corner and laid out everything she would need, all in order just like the expert surgical nurse she was. She checks the temperature in the playroom ensuring the room is as hot as possible. The ball sac is like nipples, in cold temperatures it draws up and gets tight. She wants the sac loose, soft and hanging.

Brenda walks to the bed, grabs both of Ross’ nipples and twists hard, pulling out from his body; she only hears the sound of his groan against the ball gag on his mouth, she is beginning to think that this slave is enjoying the rough treatment.

She leans down and tells Ross she is moving him over to the exam table and he had better behave or be punished expertly by the three of us. Ross shakes his head in the affirmative as Brenda is releasing his arms and legs. He seems very eager to comply.

She stands him up and allows him to stretch before leading him to the exam table and helps him up and onto his back. Initially she has his legs stretched out over the end of the table, which presses his balls out in front of his thighs. What a gorgeous sight!

She lifts the head of the exam table about ten inches and locks it into place. Threading the leather bindings under the top of the table and around Ross’ chest, she cinches down on the buckle tightening it around him, making certain he can’t move. Then she lowers the head back down.

Brenda slowly pulls out the stirrups and locks them into place, asking him if he has ever had his legs and knees spread so wide that it feels he will split. Ross shakes his head no and she giggles as she fastens the leather cuffs around each ankle to the stirrups.

She takes hold of one stirrup, unlocks it and stretches it out as far as it swings wide, then locks it into place. She repeats the same on the other side and Ross is laterally stretched to his limit. She can see him wince slightly as she locks that last one into place. His ball sac rests on the table, spread wide. It is fat and bloated. His cock about half hard, revealing his excitement of what is to come.

Brenda steps back to admire her work and is very excited about the upcoming injections. She lets Ross lay a few minutes and watches his cock respond. She pulls on three pairs of surgical gloves carefully pulling them tight around her fingers. She will need protection from the hot water she will soak his balls in. She needs the skin of his balls soft and pliable to introduce the needle. It requires skill and the knowledge that the needle will still be difficult to press through the skin. She must be extremely careful so that she doesn’t cause damage or enter the testicle which would be disastrous.

Her gloves in place, she heats the water, adds anti-bacterial soap and dips a wash cloth in, getting it saturated. Turning to the table she gathers the ball sac in her hands, applies the hot cloth feeling the sac loosen and soften in her grip. Using both hands she applies more hot compresses to the growing sac and she begins to manipulate each ball between her thumb and fingers. She feels each muscle and tube as well as the many other parts of the male reproductive system. She continues to apply the hot compresses until the skin is very stretchy, almost elasticized.

Brenda turns the overhead heating light on and directs it to just over his genitals. She pulls off his blindfold and pulls up the rolling stool, gets the IV size needle ready and shows it to him. She opens the alcohol prep pad, looks into his huge eyes and swabs his ball sac; she grabs the tube of anbesol and pinches some onto her gloved fingertip, spreading it over the area of the sac to be injected. The skin shines from the oily substance.

She then applies the pain killing ointment on the underside of his cock and covers it with a rubber. Within thirty seconds it becomes limp and stays soft for about 45 minutes, allowing her the time to slowly introduce the saline. We don’t want a big mess in the area we will be introducing the needle. And we don’t want another orgasm, which is reserved for the lucky lady at the auction.

Brenda begins to describe the procedure to the slave and starts working with the sac. She takes his ball sac and she manipulates it with both hands. She pulls and spreads the sac, separating the balls to the sides, so they don’t get stuck by the needle. No mistakes here, if the needle penetrates the testicle, the pain is excruciating. We only want the sac, where the pain is seductive.

Brenda feels the balls in her hands, very heavy and full. She slips them to the sides and rolls them around in her hands. She notes the steady stream of pre cum pouring from the outstretched mouth of his cock, as if begging for more. She can see the fear in his face, but the cock can’t lie, he loves this.

Brenda applies just a little more of the anbesol to the injection site. The slave is thrashing around, as much as the restraints allow. He twists and turns from the heat in the room and the ball wash, his fear and the element of betrayal from his cock.

Brenda notes that this thrashing around is not going to work. She doesn’t want any mistakes here, so walks to the wall, and chooses a small gauge, heavy duty, nylon rope and ties a noose in the end. She turns back to the slave slipping the noose around both the cock and balls. His ass being very close to the edge of the exam table makes this easy to accomplish. Brenda then tightens the noose pulling the cock and balls into a nice neat package. She takes the end of the rope and threads it through his ass crack and secures it to the table; this totally immobilizing his cock and balls. She decides to tape his cock to his stomach to insure his copious pre cum doesn’t contaminate the injection site. Now he can thrash about all he wants, the cock and balls are stable and won’t move.

Brenda takes a roll of surgical tape and tears off several pieces. She grasps the head of the slaves cock and tapes it up on his abdomen. This allows her access to what appears to a seam in the “top” of the ball sac and the injection sites which are on either side of that seam. In past experience Brenda knows both sides have to be injected, almost like there is a wall between each of the balls. She removes the condom as she tapes his cock to his stomach.

Brenda is now ready to insert the needle. She opens the sterile paper around the needle and tells the slave what she is about to do. She has to continuously wipe the heavy pre cum from dripping down his cock as she proceeds. Applying firm pressure to the needle on the left side of the seam, she encounters tough resistance. She pushes and pushes harder firmly holding the needle until she hears a “pop”. The needle is seated. Ross’ cock is rock hard certainly demonstrating his pleasure. His fear obviously replaced by excitement.

As the warmed saline flows into the sac, Brenda manipulates the ball in the sac, molding the sac into the huge round shape expected from the procedure. She is enjoying this tremendously, and the slave notices. Brenda removes the gag from the slave and allows his jaw to rest; we want him in top shape for the auction.

As the fluid flows into the sac, the definition of the testicles is lost, and the sac is huge and they get bouncy. Brenda warms some vitamin E oil and massages it into the stretched skin continuously as the procedure moves forward. She applies the anbesol into the second injection site and proceeds to fill the right side.

Brenda calls Linda and Sara to come look at her handy work! Linda is fixated on how hard his cock is and leans down to lick and suck the engorged head. Sara just watches as Brenda and Linda push him to the edge of orgasm and stop then bringing him back until the balls are as full as they can get. Brenda removes the needles and tells Linda to get a constriction band for the base of his cock. The fluid will migrate back into the body if not restrained and constricted.

Linda tells Sara to heat the body oils, the auction only two hours away. Brenda prepares Ross for a shower. She removes all the restraints except the leather one surrounding his cock and balls and helps him stand. We can’t help but notice how incredibly huge his balls are. He has to walk with his legs slightly apart he is so huge. The sac bounces of each of his thighs as he walks he is visibly embarrassed and we are enjoying the hell out of it!

We take Ross into my room to shower him. I heat the water to just above body temperature; we don’t want the ball sac to swell any larger. I strip and climb in to the shower with Ross, soaping him all over his body. Rubbing the soap into his skin I pay careful attention to his cock and balls. I mold the balls a bit more with both hands into a nice big circle that protrudes out from his body. I quickly shampoo his hair and then carefully shave just the mound above his cock.

Brenda pulls the hand held shower head from the wall and begins to rinse him. His body free from soap, I tell Sara to put the warmed protective pad on the bed. Brenda and I lightly pat his skin removing just the excess water; we want his skin a little moist as we apply the warmed oil. He is almost ready to transport.

Laying Ross on his stomach on the bed, we all rub the oil into his skin, gently massaging him at the same time. I feel his anticipation and anxiety as we get closer to transporting him to the auction. We slowly turn him over, Brenda checks to make sure the constriction band is holding and secure. We all continue to rub the warm oils into his skin. He is gorgeous. His skin shines, his “package” incredibly huge, like none other we have ever seen. We stand him up and all step back to admire our work.

Ross is told to turn around as we stare at him. He turns a few times, slowly so we get the full effect. His eyes, as well as his semi hard cock reflect his pleasure. Brenda grabs a loin cloth and we all work together to fit it securely to our slave. We have a ‘huge’ surprise for the rich ladies at the auction!

To be continued…

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