tagFetishThe Slave Ch. 01

The Slave Ch. 01


I have been watching him for hours tonight (Friday), at the “Taste of Beaverton” festival in Griffith Park, a yearly event that usually lasts the entire weekend. Listening to the sounds of Kool and the Gang I notice he is poised, self-confidant, he struts his bulge attempting to tease the ladies and he’s all male, the best part is, he is alone with no ring on his finger; fair game.

I followed him all around noting the huge bulge in his jeans. I have to have him. He is going to be my sex slave. I opened my cell phone and dialed the house. Speaking to one of my roommates I suggested that I have found the “one” and they needed to get down here fast. I didn’t want this one to get away.

As the ladies arrived I pointed him out and asked their opinions. They all wanted this one! I asked Brenda if she brought my badge and cuffs, she handed them to me and I tucked my cuffs in the rear waistband of my Levis, my badge on the side out of view for now. I told them the plan to get him away with us. I am going to arrest him! I think walking him out of this very public place in handcuffs is exciting and will embarrass him. The girls agreed and thought nothing of helping me. We have been lucky so far, not one guy has reported us for using him. This was different though, we are going to kidnap this one and keep him for a week. The rest were catch and release!

The three of us have shared a house here in Beaverton, Oregon for about thirteen years. Brenda actually owns the house and Sara and I rent rooms. Over the years we have discovered each of us are very compatible in all aspects of our lives. We love being single, using men sexually and role-playing. Recently we have been talking about kidnapping a man and making him our slave for a week. We had to be very selective and careful not to take someone that would be missed. In fact there is a slave auction on Saturday night in our BDSM group where this one will be auctioned for a day.

I strolled up to him as he entered the beer tent and asked if I could buy him a beer. He agreed and we found a couple chairs at a table attempting to talk over the music of Kool and the Gang as we drank our beer. He is single and currently in between jobs having just moved here from Colorado. Funny but he says he is a cop!! He must think we are ignorant and don’t know that ONLY women can be cops. His name is Ross and he is going to be our sex slave for a week. I finished the conversation with Ross and wished him good luck in finding a job.

I re-joined the girls and told them everything I had found out about Ross and we decided it was just risky enough to keep us excited and chancy that he might turn us in after it was all over. The thrill had the three of us so excited we didn’t want to wait; we are all very hot, wet and excited beyond belief.

It was just after dark when the band started playing and most of the crowd moved toward the area of the park where they were playing. I told the girls it was time, so the three of us walked over to Ross and I introduced my roommates. I could see the effects of the Ecstasy I had slipped in his beer had kicked in, and Sara was behind him ready to cuff him. I pulled my detective shield out and told him I was vice and he was being placed under arrest for soliciting and being under the influence of illegal drugs. I passed the handcuffs to Sara.

Ross started to protest as Sara slipped the cuffs on him but was quieted by Brenda and me as we looped our arms through his, at the elbow telling him he really didn’t want to make a scene out here. The three of us walked him out to my car where we blindfolded him so he couldn’t see where we were taking him. I had the girls ride with me and we could get the other cars later. I drove for about an hour as we always did. On the freeway, over some gravel roads and back on the frontage road, he’ll never know where we are going.

The house is really only about a twenty-minute ride and no one spoke as we went home. The house is a tri-level and the entryway was at mid-level the master bedroom and one other bedroom are upstairs with two baths, the kitchen, living room, another bathroom and office are mid-level and another master bedroom with a bath downstairs. There used to be another bedroom but we had knocked the walls down and opened it up creating our playroom.

The playroom had a bed in the middle of the room with four telephone poles holding it up. The poles went from floor to ceiling and did not move. They were in the foundation of the house. To the left corner of the room was a medical examination table complete with retractable stirrups. In the drawers were instruments used for through examination of the slave. The walls were triple insulated and then covered with sound proofing so no one could hear anything from the playroom, not even upstairs. There was a private entry on the far right wall and only the three of us knew about it.

On each of the poles was an eyebolt screwed in very deep and they could not be removed. Through each eye were soft fleece lined leather bindings each had a metal ring attached. The walls around the playroom had every kind of toy imaginable and we had used them all at one time or another. The wall directly behind the head of the bed was dedicated to men’s toys of all kinds. We had electro-stimulators, pumps of all kinds, probes, cyber skin pussies, a TENS unit and many, many other toys. This was absolutely our “playroom”.

We assisted Ross from the car and took him through the door on the side of the house, which led directly into the playroom. Stopping at the bench I took the scissors and cut every stitch of clothing he had on, off. He was trying to fight now but he still had too much of the date rape drug in him to do any damage. We walked him over to the bed and sat him down.

I asked him if he planned to continue to fight us and he shook his head no. I told him that there were just us three women and that he had been kidnapped for a week of sexual slavery. I had the girls help me turn him sitting on the bed, facing the foot of it in order to strap his legs into the bindings. As we finished with his ankles and I was satisfied he couldn’t get out, they held him as I released one hand at a time from the handcuffs and restrained it to the bindings at the head of the bed.

So we now had him spread eagle, bound and blindfolded. The hard part was finished. We ladies went upstairs to have a drink and decide what to do with him. As the door closed to the playroom I almost screamed “Oh My Gawd, did you two see what I saw or am I dreaming?” Brenda was in as much shock as I was and Sara just stood there with her mouth open shaking her head.

It seems that Ross was very blessed. I had never laid eyes on a cock and balls that big in my life, nor had the other ladies. Now don’t get me wrong here, we had experienced some huge cocks in our time, but none near the size of this one. His balls were huge not unlike a bulls, his cock was the thickest ever. I suspect it wasn’t abnormal in length but girth was as large as a beer bottle and he wasn’t even hard yet.

We sat in the living room talking and laughing and planning the week for Ross. We planned all sorts of games for him. We all planned to ride that cock at least once! After about two hours I decided to go down stairs and check on our guest. Upon opening the door to the playroom I heard him screaming at the top of his voice for help. I silently walked over to the bed and sat down on the edge he was immediately quiet.

I asked Ross if he planned to scream the entire week he was with us and he refused to answer me. I rose up off the bed and grabbed a ball gag walked over to the head of the bed and strapped it over his mouth fastening it behind his head. I noted his cock thickening up a bit.

Teasingly I asked him if he liked this and told him he’d better answer me when I talk to him or there would be hell to pay. Testing me he didn’t answer my question. Watching the very large clock on the wall, I allowed him two full minutes before roughly grabbing his balls. I stand corrected; I could only fit one of his avocado sized balls in my hand at one time! The entire sac was the size of a grapefruit! By now his cock had both thickened and lengthened his pre cum oozing from the head. Ross had to be a full eight inches if not nine and my hand wasn’t able to fully fit around the shaft of his thickened cock.

I heard his gasp of air and looked at the red face of embarrassment. I was very shocked as my eyes averted downward again (thinking I was very glad he was blindfolded and couldn’t see me) and I just starred at his cock and balls. I took them into both of my hands and roughly began squeezing and molding them into perfect ovals. I played very roughly with his balls and held his cock up slapping it several times, asking over and over if he was going to be good. He finally answered me after I had slapped his cock about 25 times, he agreed to be good! I must have been down in the playroom quite awhile because before long Brenda and Sara were there beside me starring.

From the head of his cock was a load of pre cum just oozing from his cock. I say load because with any other man we had taken, the amount of Ross’ pre cum was at least two full loads of their sperm. I was sure this slave’s pre cum was a direct result of his huge balls, the bigger the package all the more secretions to play in. Remembering his ball in my hand, I began to squeeze it harder and told the girls that Ross didn’t answer my question so I was roughing him up a little. They settled in to watch as I squeezed and slapped his cock more.

Brenda reached down and took one of his balls into her hand and began squeezing it at the same time Sara grabbed the other one matching Brenda’s rough treatment, I was still slapping his cock and we all watched him grow hard. Brenda suggested we all get rid of our clothes and so we stripped. Too bad Ross couldn’t see us all naked. (Oh, but he could, the blindfold had slipped upward somewhat, unbeknownst to us, he saw it all).

I asked Ross if he was enjoying this, for the second time. I saw his head bobbing up and down in a fast, yes motion. Good, he has decided to answer my questions. Now, I asked him if he still wanted to scream and his head rolled from side to side indicating a no. I asked Sara to remove the ball gag and if he made a peep without permission she was to get the six-inch penis gag and shove it down his throat. Ross was silent.

Brenda and I were still squeezing and releasing each of his balls and I was almost milking his cock with my other hand. He was circumcised and the foreskin was tough, almost leathery I loved playing with it! I asked Brenda to take both balls and I straddled his chest backward. How could I know he had a bird’s eye view of my tight little ass? Sara removed his ball gag.

I leaned down deliberately exposing my shaved cunt to him and took the tip of my tongue and slipped it between the foreskin and the head of his cock. I carefully rimmed his cock head keeping my tongue between the head and in the tough skin. Sara and Brenda continued punishing his balls roughly for his misbehavior thus far.

His pre cum still oozing everywhere; I could feel his cock getting hard from the manipulation of his balls and the rimming of his cock head with my tongue. I was thinking I could just slide back a bit and press my dripping pussy over his mouth, effectively suffocating him and order him to eat me and as the thought crossed my mind I felt his tongue on my ass. I yelled at the slave “How dare you touch my ass with that tongue and mouth without permission?” Brenda and Sara were as taken aback as I was; we all agreed he deserved even tougher punishment.

I told Sara we needed the cock rings, the leather one and to make it a bit smaller than the sac he was carrying around. She returned with a selection and as I had my ass planted on his chest I took the smallest one that would fit around his entire sac and pulled it tightly around, fastening it. I had never seen a set of balls so huge, so hairless and so accepting of the rough punishment the three of us have administered so far. His balls bulged out so far he had to be hurting, and his cock was now rock hard.

I watched as Brenda pressed her fingertips into the area just between his thigh and balls and then pushed downward slowly wrapping around one of his balls. This had to be painful but he just thickened and lengthened more. I was enjoying the show! She was going to examine him! Sara was still standing at the side of the bed, I patted the area next to me for her to sit and watch with me. I had expected her to cup the entire sac but she suddenly stopped what she was doing.

We all riveted our eyes down on his organs. Sara and I stood, went and got chairs, positioned them at either side of the bed with full view Ross and the things Brenda was doing to him. By now his cock had lengthened and thickened to its full size, rock hard. I grabbed the measuring tape and discovered he is a full eight inches in length and three sometimes four inches around in size. I didn’t measure this except with my hand, it wouldn’t go all the way around. His cock laid on his grapefruit sized ball sac his pre cum oozing out and dripping down over his balls onto the bed. We couldn’t believe our eyes. He would go for a very high price at the auction on Saturday night. We were all getting excited.

Brenda still had the one ball in her grip. She pressed on it and we all jumped at the sudden jerk upward of his cock, his pre cum stringing up with it. She continued to press and release until his cock was dripping, and he was extremely hard. His cock and balls had the smoothest skin and a velvety texture even when hard. Both completely hairless, a plus for the auction and very sexy to the three of us; he was naturally hairless in that area there was no sign of shaving but the rest of his body was covered in coarse natural curls.

Brenda’s hand was still tightening on that one ball. She was looking to see a pain response but in fact only continued to arouse him the tighter she gripped his balls. He did wince every now and then when her hands squeezed his balls almost flat and he relaxed as those same hands massaged his balls back into perfect ovals.

Brenda slipped her other hand up his thigh and wrapped both hands around the entire bulging sac. She pressed and pushed up and down, pushed outward and we all watched as they flopped from side to side. I noticed his cock. He was enjoying every moment of this, his cock didn’t lie. He was stretched to the max, the head fully exposed from under the foreskin and it looked like it would burst. He had pre cum running down the sides of his cock and over his balls, dripping onto the bed!

Sara reached over and pressed a finger into one of his balls, I winced from what I thought was painful, but his cock just jerked around more and stood taller. Sara pressed a bit harder, still no pain. Brenda was rolling each ball in both of her hands and squeezing every now and then a little harder with each hand. Sara reached in and took hold of his cock by the shaft to “move it out of Brenda’s way”. I noticed the head bulge even more and Sara never removed her hand. Sara pulled it up tight and reached over slapping it all over again as Brenda squished and massaged his balls. We all saw the wincing with pain and the relaxation of his facial muscles for the pleasurable parts.

Brenda was trying to grip both balls at the same time with one hand, no luck at all. They slipped and flopped everywhere; her hand just wasn’t big enough. Ross was breathing harder gasping at times his cock swelling to what had to be its fullest ever and it looked as if it would explode any second. Sara had been squeezing, pulling and slapping the shaft. Ross was being let down by his body. He began to jerk around, breathing shallower, he appeared to be panting and his cock twitching uncontrollably.

As Sara increased her grip on the shaft of his cock, Brenda began to assault one ball. She gripped the right ball and began to manipulate it pressing her thumb and first finger into it. She attempted to press harder trying to let the thumb meet the finger, pressing harder and harder I noticed this had become very painful to Ross, finally

His hips thrust toward her with every squeeze. His back involuntarily arching off the mattress and his hips thrusting down toward the punishing hands, Brenda let go of the right swollen ball and immediately grabbed the left. She grasped the entire ball in her hand and squeezed hard, using all her strength; she started pulling it out away from his body stretching it farther than it should have gone.

Sara had covered the head of his cock trapping his pre cum in the shaft of his penis. He couldn’t escape the bindings, he couldn’t escape the hands that punished his cock and balls and his fluids couldn’t escape from his cock. Poor Slave!!

Ross was panting so hard I thought if the walls were not sound proof the neighbors would hear. His body thrashing around, back arching up off the bed and still thrusting his organs down to be tortured even more by the hands gripping them. Sara suddenly released the head of his cock and the pre cum spilled out of the wide mouth of the engorged cock landing on his thighs. Brenda still had a firm grip on his stretched ball and we all watched his body twitch as Sara squeezed and released his cock shaft over and over again.

Brenda firmly pushed the ball back toward his body as Sara gave the shaft one last jerk. Brenda tightened her grip on that ball as Sara was releasing hers from the cock shaft, she suddenly gripped it one more time forcing the stretched foreskin downward exposing the swollen head and in that second both balls let go. Ross screamed as the semen rushed from his balls and flew up in the air splashing down on his belly and thighs. Brenda squeezed and released over and over, milking his balls of every drop. We had never seen the amount of sperm this man had, ever before. We watched and watched Brenda milking his balls until the last drool was out, amazing.

I asked Ross if he was going to be so bold as to lick my ass without permission ever again, he shook his head back and forth wildly indicating a no. I could see the utter exhaustion in him and told the girls he needed a rest. We all wiped him up cleaning most of the huge mess up and headed upstairs.

We talked and talked into the night about Ross and all the things we could do during the course of the week. The next step was to prepare him for the auction tomorrow evening.

To Be Continued………

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