tagNovels and NovellasThe Slut's Apprentice Ch. 08

The Slut's Apprentice Ch. 08


The other side of the coin

Unfortunately Dima found me and with a snap of his finger indicated that I should follow him back upstairs. His charm seemed to have been left behind in the previous year and he was very drunk. My goose bumps had risen again and this time it was not the cold.

The maids had been joined in the lobby by several doormen and several of the chauffeurs, who looked like they doubled as heavies. My uncle Pete took me gently by the arm and walked me up the stairs to room 206. There was uniformed muscle on every landing.

"You'll be alright, darling," Uncle Pete whispered and he opened the door to the room, before cheekily pinching my bare bum.

At first I thought Katya was dead. She was lying on her back staring at the ceiling with glassy eyes. Dima undressed himself this time and I did the same. Katya came back to life after Dima shouted at her. His cock seemed to have disappeared into the saika of his groin. Dima lay on his back and Katya fumbled about in her handbag, finally producing a syringe and a vial of something.

The syringe had a needle attached and she drew up some liquid from the vial.

"You aren't. Surely?" I said even though she would not understand.

She was and she did it as if she was harpooning a whale or a snail. Dima cursed and she jumped back before he could take a swipe at her. Whatever it was worked pretty quickly and soon Papa Bear was ready for some porridge. I was ordered to bring over the forgotten bowl of fruit and a miniature of vodka from the min-bar and a large towel from the bathroom. Katya laid on her back and spread her bony legs. I was instructed to insert six out of season raspberries into her vagina after dipping each of them in the vodka. Then I was told to sit on Katya's face which was good because then I didn't have to look into it. She started licking rather ineffectively at my dry snatch.

Dima smiled nastily. "Now, my English Princess I am going to mix you a Russian cocktail."

I knew what was coming next. What had been fun with Alex was sordid and humiliating. With a roar Dima rammed his cock home and leaned forward grasping the hapless woman's ribcage so tight I expected to hear the crack of breaking bones. She kept still as a corpse and soon abandoned any pretence of pleasuring me. The alcohol delayed his climax but the injection kept him stiff and soon he was sweating like a rapist.

Finally it was done but not yet over.

I now was made to lie on the towel whilst Katya squatted above my open but unwelcoming mouth.

"I call this a Petrograd Period," the perv giggled. The unfortunate Katya relaxed her pelvic floor and I drank the vile concoction.

"Like it?" he asked as I sat up.

"Loved it," I lied as I smeared some of the goo across my face with the back of my hand.

Katya wobbled off to the bathroom with the handbag and Dima went to his pile of clothes and extracted a mobile phone on which he was soon shouting at some unfortunate, in between swigs of champagne straight from the bottle.

When he was finished he turned to me and exclaimed pointing at his penis.

"Look what the dumb bitch has done to me. My cock. She's injected too much Viridal and it won't go down."

"Oh dear," I commiserated, "Is there anything I can do?"

Unfortunately there was. He sat down on a chair.

"Come over here and wrap that tight English ass around my cock."

I was given permission to go for a wee first. Katya was sitting on the floor shooting up and ignored me. I passed urine and then squirted as much lube as I could find up my bum. Technically I had not been cleared for sodomy but that did not seem the time to argue the toss. Taking a deep breath, I walked back into the bedroom. Dima's priapic crisis had not resolved so with a sigh I turned around and lowered my anus onto his rock hard penis. I rode him fast and steady and was buggered for the next half hour. I can take anything up to eight inches with no difficulty at all and he was not even close. My legs are extremely strong and do not tire easily. I had realised that I much preferred being taken from behind, particularly if it was by ugly, drunk psychos. The view was so much better. Dima actually started snoring but his cock was still awake and his orgasm awoke him.

He announced the need for a piss which was going to be problematic. I followed him, sensing something wrong in the bathroom. Katya was collapsed on the floor and was barely breathing. He swore and kicked her which produced no response at all.

I grabbed the wall phone which was pulled out of my hand.

"We have to get help," I shouted.

I sensed the back hander coming and pulled back just enough to avoid a broken jaw. Even so the other side of my head smacked against the tiles, my vision darkened and my mouth filled with blood.

"Don't tell me what to do, child cunt." The enraged man yelled.

I took two steps backwards out of the bathroom. The light switch on the wall outside the bathroom had a small green LED below it. I pressed it and felt the small switch depress. The LED turned red.

I kicked the fucker in the goolies. Then I ran.

As I reached the bedroom door, it flew open and a black tide of large men in dinner jackets swept in. The first in picked me up and turned around as his colleagues flowed around him. Over the man's shoulder I saw Dima stagger towards the intruders, his fists raised and his teeth bared. The contest between the Russian bear and the British penguins did not last long and I was whisked out on Uncle Pete's shoulder before I could witness the aftermath.

Then I was sat on the bed in another bedroom sobbing into Dani's naked tits, whilst she cried into my hair. Auntie Linda, the head of housekeeping calmly took control. A large bath towel was draped around my shoulders and a smaller towel soaked in ice cold water was pressed against the left side of my face.

By and by I calmed down and Dani sat beside me, hugging me and stroking my hand whilst Linda inspected my face. Scratches and bruises only she declared. Alex then walked into the room, her face one of uncharacteristic concern. She was wearing a knee length red T-shirt and had another one each for Dani and I.

"Let's go downstairs."

As soon as I stepped out of the room, Uncle Pete swept me off my feet and carried me downstairs like a blushing bride. Calm had returned to the hotel and most of the guests had already left. I was carried through the kitchen to Mum's office with several pauses to received kisses and tuts from my sisters in depravity, all of whom were now dressed casually and were downing pints of beer, whoring being thirsty work.

Mum was distraught and jumped up and hugged me hard.

"My baby," she wailed. "I'm so sorry."

Nobody comforts you like your mum and I was soon wailing as well.

Nan cut in, in her heavily accented stern voice..

"Enough of that, you too. Now sit down and celebrate the New Year."

We were both handed an ice cold glass of Nan's favourite Akvavit which could be used as a murder weapon in one of those indeterminable Scandinavian crime series. She has it imported specially, probably smuggled by Granddad. I didn't care and eagerly downed another. I was going to have a fearful headache the next day anyway.

It was not like Mum to cry or get drunk which she clearly was. Or be so humbled.

Nan took advantage.

"I warned you, Victoria not to let that vile man anywhere near Danielle or Catherine. Your mother was trying to teach you a lesson, Catherine. She is concerned that you have taken to our life rather too enthusiastically. Unfortunately it got rather out of hand."

There was a knock on the door and Edward put his head through.

"A gentleman to see you and Miss Catherine, ma'am."

Nan nodded and a tall thin man with the look of an undertaker walked through. He was not one of the guests from earlier.

He kissed all of us on the hand and then spoke. I froze as I heard his Russian accent.

"I wish to apologise to you all and especially Miss Chloe. My colleague, Dmitri Alexeivich has behaved like a complete arse, as you British say. It will not happen again."

He handed me a small but heavy purse, bowed and took his leave.

"Who's he?" I asked

"Putin's business friend in London," Nan replied.

The purse contained six Krugerands.

"What about Katya?"

Nan managed a thin smile.

"Your concern is touching, child. Fortunately that huge handbag of hers contained some Narcan which has brought her round a treat although she is now going very cold turkey. We will keep her for a bit and one of the boys will drive her wherever she wants to go bit later. If she has any sense it will be straight to the airport."

I knew that would not happen. Kaya was caught up in a very dangerous game which would not end well.

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