tagNovels and NovellasThe Story of Mallory Ch. 04

The Story of Mallory Ch. 04


Following her liaison with Suzie that fateful Monday night when Mallory thought she would simply offer her a shoulder to cry on, the 30-something brunette was apprehensive about what their work relationship would be like. She was concerned Suzie might get the wrong idea about her and she may want more than a simple friendship. However, by the time she had her first phone call at work on Tuesday morning, all worries about whether or not Suzie even remembered what had happened between them vanished; she was back to her bipolar self.

Mallory glanced over at her phone as it rang, nervously answering when she saw Suzie's name and extension on the Caller ID, "Good morning, this is Mallory."

"Yeah, I know. You don't have to answer so formally when it's an inner-office call, you know. That's why we have Caller ID," Suzie blurted out. Mallory sighed as she waited for her to continue, "I have a customer that shows they are on credit hold and I need you to take them off, I have to send them some parts today."

Mallory drew in a deep breath, relieved she would not have to deal with their personal situation of the intimacy they shared the night before. However, she was drained and did not feel like dealing with Suzie's particular brand of moodiness today. "What is the customer name?" Mallory asked flatly, getting ready to key it into the system.

As soon as she heard the name, Mallory immediately recognized the customer as one of her past due accounts she had been working for the past few weeks trying to get them to make a payment, or at least a payment arrangement. "Suzie, I cannot take them off of credit hold, they haven't been paying and they have a huge account balance."

With that, Suzie became irate, claiming Mallory would not release the customer from hold as a personal campaign against her. Finally, in the middle of Suzie's tirade, Mallory interrupted her, "If you need to take it to the Controller, I can transfer you to his extension. Would you like me to?"

"Yes," answered Suzie smugly, "I know he'll take it off of hold for me."

Exhausted from the experience, Mallory transferred the call then let the situation leave her mind; the last thing she needed now was to think of Suzie in any capacity. It was the fiscal year end and she would be working for the next 11 days straight to complete all of the balancing, reports, and tax filings she was responsible for in her department. She had enjoyed her vacation and her sexual trysts in the past few weeks, but it was time for her to get her head into business.

A few weeks after the close of the fiscal year Mallory finally had a chance to relax and catch her breath, she sat in her living room one evening relaxing with a glass of wine as she picked up her favorite book. She settled back in her favorite comfortable chair as she gingerly opened her well-worn copy of The Story of O, ignoring the impulse to skip ahead to her favorite sultry parts of the story. Sinking further into the chair as she sipped her wine and read page after page of the steamy novel, she thought to herself, where can I find a man like Sir Stephen who will just dominate me and turn me into a slave?

Mallory was startled at her own thoughts, wondering where those ideas had come from; she had always been fairly independent, to the point it destroyed her last relationship. Almost on cue, her doorbell rang; she was a little stunned when she jumped up to look through the peephole to discover it was her almost ex-husband. She thought they had said all they could say to each other, the last time they saw each other they had a knock-down drag out fight about how disconnected they were, how much she drank, how little they had in common, you name it, they fought about it.

Mallory felt claustrophobic as she started to unlock the deadbolt, she had no idea what he could possibly want from her at this point. "Hi, Mal," he said casually when she opened the door, barely cracking it wide enough to see his face.

"What do you want, Kyle?" she asked him callously, not moving the door.

Pushing on the door as if he still had a right, he walked in past her, "You left a few things at the house, I thought I'd return them to you."

He made himself at home, sitting down on her sofa, looking around the room nosily.

"Really, Kyle?" Mallory asked, "I don't see a box, and, it's been months, why tonight?"

"Wow," he said, ignoring her questions as he looked at her art, finally noticing, "I see you bought that painting you wanted forever. Who is that again? Fabio?"

"No! You cretin," she admonished, "It is Fabien Perez, and it is called 'Waiting for the Romance to Come Back'. But, I know you did not come here to talk about art, or to bring my stuff, since you don't even have it, why are you here?"

"Mal, come on, you know me, I'm a guy," he smiled slyly, patting the couch next to him, inviting her to sit next to him.

"You have some nerve," Mallory practically shouted, "get out of my apartment. Now!"

"Baby, come on," he cooed boyishly, "it's been months since we've been together; surely you must need it, too."

Mallory did not have the heart to tell him she had not exactly been chaste since they had been separated, but she did not necessarily think she owed him anything either. They verbally sparred for a while, Mallory poured herself another glass of wine, and soon, she found herself curled up on the couch next to him.

The combination of the wine, the sexually explicit novel she had been reading, the fact it had been a few weeks since her last tête-à-tête, and the familiarity all lent itself to Mallory feeling more than willing to indulge. She was hoping their encounter would be more passionate than their relationship had been.

They began to make out on the couch; first, softly kissing, then their tongues began to probe each other's mouths. "I can taste your wine. You've been drinking, you know I hate that," Kyle said, breaking the mood, "Do you mind going and brushing your teeth?"

"Yes, I do," Mallory responded somewhat bitterly, "maybe we just forgo kissing."

Mallory moved aggressively, almost angrily to the floor, kneeling between his legs. Normally she was not the aggressor, but she did not care what he thought at this point, she was hurt, angry, humiliated. She looked up at him, unfastening his pants then pulling at them, rubbing his bulge under the fabric. He appeared a little angry as well, irritated to have lost some of the control, but he stood up and removed his pants anyway, anticipating what was about to happen.

Mallory started to kiss and lick his inner thigh, tenderly at first, then her anger took over as she looked up at him and saw his contented face as he lay back, enjoying himself; she bit deeply into his thigh. He grabbed her roughly by the hair and forced her face crudely toward his cock; she was surprised by how excited and hot his actions made her. She immediately wanted to please him, she looked up at him, sweetly, taking his cock fully into her mouth as deeply as she could, letting him fill her mouth, her throat.

Taking her mouth off of his cock long enough to lean back and take off her shirt and bra, Mallory then went back to sucking and licking, swirling her tongue over the tip as she slid his hard member over her lips, savoring the feel. Again, she stopped long enough to stand up and take off her skirt and panties, he reached forward, sliding a finger into her pussy, "Oh, baby, you are so wet," he sighed. She moaned as he removed his fingers, she dropped back to her knees, taking his rock hard cock back into her mouth, sucking him all the way to the back of her throat, feeling his balls on her lips.

Wanting to feel his cock inside her more than anything, she climbed up his body, straddling his cock, easily sliding down onto it as he moved into her with one thrust. She moved her hips slowly up and down his cock, brushing her breasts against his chest, moaning into his ear, "You cock feels so good inside me."

Mallory climbed back down off of his cock, surprising him, taking it in her hand and guiding it back into her mouth, slowly licking every bit of her juices off of him. Licking from top to bottom, she licks the base, the head, and then sucks it back down into her throat, moving it slowly in and out of her mouth, looking up at him until he cannot stand it anymore. He grabs her by the hair, pulling her back up onto his hips and thrusts his cock into her waiting pussy, fucking her harshly, in and out, in and out, "Oh, baby, that was so hot," he whispers in her ear.

I know him, she thought; he will not last long like this, so she moaned, "Oh, yes, that feels so good, don't stop." He fucked her harder, she felt his thighs start to tense up, she could tell by his face. He came hard in her, pulled her tightly to him for a moment then quickly pushed her off, cum dripping down her thighs onto the couch. He stood up, "You got a towel or something for me to clean off with?"

Mallory pointed to the bathroom, feeling dissatisfied and empty, anxious for him to leave. By the time he came out of the bathroom, she was dressed and sipping on her wine. "I guess some things never change," Kyle stated, pointing to the wine, back to his old self, making Mallory regret what she had just done.

"Yep, they never change," she answered, making more of a statement about him than about herself.

With that, Kyle left for the evening.

Mallory sat back down in her comfortable chair, picked up The Story of O and read until she fell asleep when she dreamt of Masters and slaves, a life completely different from her own.

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