tagNovels and NovellasThe Story of Mallory Ch. 06

The Story of Mallory Ch. 06


Mallory was nervous throughout the following week as she reflected on what had happened with Kyle during her first foray into the world of submission. It was nothing like she had expected; not that she was a nymphomaniac, she realized there was more to the relationship than sex, but she thought there would be some.

As she sat at the makeup counter in her bathroom fixing her hair, Mallory tried to disregard the fact she was more apprehensive than excited over Kyle's expected arrival in the next hour. Perhaps, she thought, my expectations are just too high, and I have read too much about how other's live.

Mallory headed to the kitchen to pour a glass of wine, hoping it would assuage her anxieties, but she completely forgot Kyle's irritation every time he smelled alcohol on her breath. She drank the wine in long smooth gulps, feeling it warm her belly and calm her tensions. By the time the buzzer rang for the gate she had relaxed enough that it made her jump.

The fear of disappointing him never even entered her mind as she met him at the door dressed in a micro-mini, tank top, and heels; in fact, she thought he would be quite pleased with her.

Kyle walked past her, barely noticing her as he made his way to the couch, "Hmmmm," he started, "I guess you weren't planning on going to dinner," he continued as he looked her up and down, obviously disapproving of the way she was dressed.

"Well, uh... uh..." she stammered, "I uh..."

"Don't bother with your excuses, Mal," he reprimanded, "I told you to be ready to go to dinner, and look at you. Do you think that's acceptable?"

"I did," she responded sulkily looking at the floor, afraid to meet his eyes now. If he did not think she was dressed appropriately to go to a casual dinner, she obviously had no idea what he wanted from her.

"Looks like you better find something to make for dinner now," he demanded as he kicked off his shoes and powered on the television flipping to a documentary about war planes.

Mallory stared at the back of his head in disbelief; she felt like she had jumped in a time machine and was back in their bad marriage. Yet, there was something in her that felt the need to submit, to obey; she wanted to be a good girl more than anything, and to know she had pleased him.

However, she knew she had not been pleasing thus far, still she was going to do her best to change; starting tonight. Mallory began to scrutinize her pantry and refrigerator looking for something Kyle would find acceptable for an impromptu dinner.

There was not much available for a meal for two since she lived alone and had been expecting to go out for the evening, though she found the ingredients for a sausage and cheese omelet, toast, and tomatoes. Not bad, she thought to herself, as she went about preparing their repast, it won't take too long and it isn't too heavy; maybe I will score some points after all. She tried to stay positive as she busied herself in the kitchen, ignoring the din of the television; Mallory preferred to listen to music while she cooked.

By the time she called him to dinner, it was set pleasantly with two glowing candles, cloth napkins, and water poured into crystal goblets. "I hope you like it, Kyle," she urged nervously, overlooking his obvious discontent with her use of his name.

It was clear as soon as he sat and scowled at his plate that he was displeased, "So, breakfast for dinner. Yay, my favorite."

Strike two, she thought.

Mallory tried to banter and flirt with Kyle over her egg concoction, although it was obvious any attempt at witty repartee was going to be lost on him, as usual. She opted to stay silent for the rest of the meal, assuming she would do less damage, or at least be less displeasing.

When Kyle was satiated, at least his stomach was, he went back to the living room and requested her presence, "Mal, get in here."

Immediately putting the dishes down, she walked into the room to join him, trying to do anything to make him happy. She remembered something she saw online about kneeling and suddenly dropped to her knees beside him on the floor, she looked up into his eyes, pleading with him to notice she was trying.

Roughly, he grabbed her by the throat, pulling her towards him, finally, the heat flashed through her body as she thought he was going to take her right there, he is going to just choke me, spank me, throw me on the floor and fuck me now. Excitement flashed in her eyes as she looked into his, though his remained flat and unmoved.

Kyle tightened the grip around her throat as he pulled her up from her kneeling position forcing her over his lap. He pulled her skirt up over her thighs and roughly ripped her panties down past her knees and off over her feet, casting them aside. "When I tell you to be ready to go out, be ready next time, slut," he lectured as his hand came down swiftly across her exposed ass cheek, "Do you understand?"

"No, not really," she replied.

"What?" he asked, somewhat shocked at her answered, spanking her ass twice more.

Mallory's eyes welled with tears, not just from the pain, but from the confusion; she truly did not understand. "I don't understand," she cried, "I was ready."

"Did I give you permission to speak?" he scolded as he spanked her several more times.

"Yes, yes, you did," she begged then, "I am so confused, why are you doing this? You just asked me... please, please stop..."

"Don't argue with me, slut," he spanked her over and over again, almost out of control by now.

By now, she was crying, confused, although growing wetter the more he spanked her, which made her feel even more chaotic inside. Finally, he stopped, more from exhaustion than from anything else; she lay across his lap sobbing.

As he sat there with his hand on her ass, he began to slowly rub back and forth across the pink, welted skin. It was hot to the touch now, and his hand felt good and soothing, her tears stopped and she slowly spread her legs enticing him to touch her more.

"Does that feel good, slut," he murmured.

She was so hurt and angry, she wanted to say no, however her body had already betrayed her; she let out an involuntary moan as his fingers slowly made their way to her pussy and he answered for himself. "Oh, I see you do like it," he stated aloud.

As she spread her legs even further, he swiftly slapped her ass one more time, his fingers still inside her, he felt her juices flow even more. Kyle was surprised to find his spanking had caused her to react in such a manner, his cock started to harden as he looked down at her reddened ass and continued to finger her pussy.

Kyle wrapped his fingers roughly in her hair and pulled her swiftly to her feet, "Let's go, slut," apparently this was his new favorite term for her. He led her to the bedroom, her pussy was dripping wet with anticipation.

Mallory's mind raced as she imagined a marathon sex session; she immediately determined she would call him "Master" as he had requested by the end of the night.

When they got to her bedroom, she immediately dropped to her knees and took his cock into her mouth, sucking it expertly down her throat looking up at him. She felt his cock practically hitting her tonsils as she stuck her tongue out and licked his balls, almost gagging.

Just as she started to enjoy the sensation of feeling him in her mouth, he grabbed her roughly by the throat and pushed her face down on the bed. He rammed his cock into her wet pussy and slowly started to fuck her, picking up the pace quickly. Thrusting harder and harder, he pounded against her shoving his cock into her, his hips beating against her ass.

It felt good, but, all too soon it was over; she felt him dig his hands into her shoulders as he started to cum. He pulled her to him as he held his cock deep inside her while he pushed every drop of cum deep inside her, she could feel it start to run down her legs. As he pulled out, it slowly ran hotly down her smooth thighs.

"Go get me a towel," Kyle demanded as he sat back on the bed.

Wow, Mallory thought, interesting take on cuddling.

Kyle cleaned himself, looked her up and down, "Next week, no alcohol, and be ready to go to dinner," he pointed out, "If you are really serious about this, Mal, you have to try. I can't do everything."

After he left, Mallory sat on her bed, stunned by everything that had happened; she had tried. She wanted to be pleasing, wanted to serve, knew she was submissive. She was confused by him, he wasn't being clear in his instructions to her, everything was vague and open-ended, and how was she ever going to succeed with him?

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