tagNovels and NovellasThe Story of Mallory Ch. 09

The Story of Mallory Ch. 09


Since Ryan started paying attention to Mallory at work, she started volunteering to work extra hours, offering to help other departments, anything to stay at work longer for the chance to see him. He often worked long hours and on Saturdays and Mallory wanted to spend as much time getting to know him as she could. It was not as if she thought it would go anywhere, but she was enjoying flirting with him.

Besides, she thought, Kyle wanted her to flirt, and we are starting to have some mind blowing sex, as long as I tell him about 'all the guys I'm chatting up at work'. Mallory sat at her desk twirling her hair, sipping her morning coffee as she thought about that morning when she and Kyle had sex before she left. She had dressed in her sexiest black pencil skirt, black suede thigh high boots, black cashmere sweater, and then pulled her hair back in a tight bun.

When she was almost ready to walk out of the door, a half an hour earlier than usual, hoping to run into Ryan at the coffee pot, Kyle grabbed her as she was headed down the stairs. "Hey, slut," he spoke into her ear, "You look really sexy today. Why are you leaving so early?"

"Oh, no reason," she lied, "I promised Elka I would help her set up the new voicemail system."

"You're always helping everybody else," he said, tugging at her sweater, as he coaxed her back upstairs, "you can come take care of your Master before you go to work."

Mallory did not feel like she could deny his requests, especially since she really was not due at work for another half an hour, so she followed him back up the stairs to the bedroom. He tugged the sweater off over her head, mussing her hair, then pulled her skirt up over her thighs, noticing the lacy black thong underwear, "Very nice, slut, he said." She was stunned at the compliment; she instantly wanted to please him, as praise from him was rare.

As she reached down to unzip the boots at the top of her thigh, he stopped her, "No, leave the boots on." A sly smile crossed her lips as she dropped to her knees and began to unbuckle his pants, pulling them down over his hips and down his legs. His semi-erect cock sprang forward to her face as Mallory leaned forward and licked the tip, savoring the taste, looking up, trying to please him.

Kyle reached down and fondled her breasts through her bra; Mallory bristled a bit, feeling self-conscious about the size of her breasts, he had always hated them. She pushed the thought from her mind as she continued to focus on his cock; the taste, the feel, the size of it in her mouth, her throat, her hand. She caressed and fondled his balls as she sucked his cock in and out of her mouth expertly swirling her tongue around the tip, occasionally looking up at him to check his expression.

Mallory spread her knees apart, pushing her ass out, inviting him to bend over and touch her; she wiggled her ass, enticing him as she grew wetter from sucking him. Finally, he noticed her; he pulled his cock from her mouth, grabbed her by the hair and bent her over the bed. He unceremoniously pushed the fabric from her thong aside and slid his cock into her waiting pussy.

Mallory pushed her hips back towards his cock forcing him to enter her deeper, "You like that, slut," he asked her, "do you think about fucking one of those guys from your office like this?" Her mind instantly flashed to Ryan.

"Oh, yes, Master," she answered him honestly.

"Do you want one of them to just take you right there at your desk, shove his cock into your waiting pussy, and fuck you like a little slut?" he continued talking as he started fucking her more furiously.

"Oh, Master, yes, yes, I do," Mallory answered, close to cumming as she thought about Ryan, wanting him to fuck her at her desk, in the break room, the conference room, anywhere.

"Master, please, fuck me harder, I'm going to cum," she started to beg him.

"You're such a little slut," he said as he pounded his cock into her pussy, his fingers digging into her ass pulling her closer to him.

Mallory came in waves; her face buried deep in the comforter, Kyle's cock deep in her pussy, Ryan on her mind. She lay there as Kyle finished, pulling his wet cock out and walking to the bathroom. She pulled her skirt back down, grabbed her sweater off the floor, spritzed on more perfume, and put her hair back in a bun. "See you later," she called from the stairs.

"Good morning, Sunshine," Ryan startled Mallory from her daydream as she stared blankly at her computer monitor. She nearly jumped. "Sorry, didn't mean to scare you."

"Oh, good morning," she blushed remembering how she had fantasized about him that morning, "No, that's okay. I'm fine."

"I wanted to ask you something," he looked somewhat nervous.

"What is it, Ryan," Mallory felt anxious now, they had become somewhat close over the last few weeks, "You can ask me anything."

"Do you want to go to lunch today? I mean..." he paused for a very long time.

"Ryan, come on, what is it," she urged.

"Mal, I know you're married," he sat down in the extra chair in her cubicle and pulled it closer, "But, word around the office is you aren't happy; and you used to be separated. I don't want to cause trouble or anything."

"Oh, yeah," Mallory responded, "that." She was suddenly snapped back to the reality was she was married and had recently embarked on this new relationship with Kyle.

Still, she was so attracted to Ryan, and she was not happy with Kyle; things were not turning out as she had expected. Maybe if she told Ryan about her relationship lifestyle, he would understand and she could bring him home. If she did, it would make Kyle happy, and she would have her fling with Ryan.

"Ryan, I really like you," she started, "We have so much fun together. It is so easy to talk to you. Do you think..." Now it was her turn to pause, she was nervous. "Do you think we can make it dinner instead? I have something to talk to you about. Maybe we can have drinks, too."

Ryan's smile reached from the corners of his mouth all the way up to his eyes; she was not sure if this was a good thing, or if, perhaps, he misunderstood. Either way, she was smiling, too; she was looking forward to going out with him. Now, she just had to call Kyle and make up an excuse. Little did she know it was going to be easier than she thought.

The phone rang three times before Kyle finally answered, "Hi, Kyle, it's me," Mallory explained trying to sound nonchalant, "I made plans to go out with my friend Lenora tonight for drinks and dinner, do you mind?"

"Nah, that's no big deal," he sounded busy, "Have fun. See you later."

As she put the phone back in the cradle, she pondered what she was really going to do that night. Was she really going to tell Ryan about her incredibly private relationship with Kyle? Or, was she going to continue to flirt shamelessly with him and see if things progressed? She was still contemplating her decision up until the time she met him at the restaurant.

"Hi, Ryan," she greeted as she walked to the corner booth in the Chinese restaurant, "great booth." She smiled as he got out of the booth to allow her to scoot in to the darkest corner of the booth; he sat back down, scooting as close to her as possible.

"Hi, Sunshine," he said back, smiling and winking as she sat down. "I'm happy you decided dinner instead, we'll have so much more time." The second she sat down, he put his hand on her thigh, "What did you want to talk to me about?"

Ryan was sitting so close to her, paying attention to every word she said, looking at her; Mallory felt overwhelmed and almost didn't know where to start. "Can we get some wine?" she asked.

Just then, the waiter came over with a bottle and two glasses; he laughed, "Oh, like this?" The waiter filled their glasses and walked away.

Looking at her glass as if she would find the answers there, Mallory looked down at the amber liquid as she swirled it around. "Ryan, I have to tell you about this unique relationship I'm in right now..."

"Sure, Mal," Ryan smiled at her, willing to listen to anything, "Go ahead."

Mallory slowly began to tell him about how she had willingly entered into a Master/slave relationship with Kyle, how things were not exactly working out as she had anticipated, but how she felt trapped now. She told him how she felt she was submissive at heart, how she wanted to serve, but she kept feeling like a failure over and again. She went on to explain how she could not disrespect Kyle and blame him because that was not her place as a slave, so she felt she could do nothing but take on the failure herself.

Ryan sat there with a completely bewildered look on his face, "Mal, I don't understand, why would you allow yourself to be treated like that? You are such a strong woman. This doesn't make sense."

"It's just... well, Ryan, I really do feel like I am submissive..." she felt at a loss and didn't know what else to say to him.

"Oh, baby, no," he said as he rubbed her leg under the table, "Somebody is brainwashing you. You're better than this."

As Mallory looked into his eyes, she started to feel the effects of the bottle of wine they had finished; he was being so kind, so nurturing, and so loving. He paid the bill and walked her outside to her car, as he bent over to hug her politely; Mallory was overwhelmed with emotion and would not let him go. She put her arms around his neck and pulled him to her tightly, "Don't let me go, please," she begged him.

He pulled her away for a moment, looked deeply into her big brown eyes, noticed they were tearing up, "Get in the car and scoot over," he directed. She got in and moved over to the passenger seat; Ryan got into the driver's seat then turned towards her.

Mallory thought she was in for a lecture, but he reached for her instead, placing his hand on her chin, pulling her face towards his. He kissed her deeply; she moved towards him, wanting to feel all of him against her body, the gearshift separating them. The heat of his tongue in her mouth, his lips against hers; she knew she tasted like wine, but so did he, and she was not self-conscious.

He kissed her so long, so passionately; they made out like teenagers in the parking lot of the Chinese food restaurant, the windows fogged up on the car. He moved closer to her, his hand on her thigh, moving up to the top of her boot; he paused, looking up into her face, "Is this okay?" he asked her.

"Oh, yes," she answered, wanting him, needing to feel him.

Ryan slowly moved his fingers past the top of her boots, past her panties, where Kyle had been earlier; when she had been fantasizing about Ryan. She was soaked now, Ryan was actually going to touch her; by the time his fingers pushed her thong aside, she was nearly cumming. His tongue licking the inside of her lips, swirling around her mouth, his fingers slowly exploring her pussy.

Mallory moaned inside his mouth, she pushed her hips towards his fingers, begging him to fuck her with his fingers; he didn't disappoint. He slowly inserted a second finger, then a third; slowly, methodically, he moved his fingers in and out as she swayed her hips back and forth against his hand.

It had been so long since anybody had cared exclusively about her pleasure; but he wasn't trying to force his cock down her throat, or in her ass; not that she would mind, but she was enjoying this experience. She sat in the passenger's seat of the car, her mind on her own pleasure, Ryan's fingers buried in her pussy, his tongue in her mouth, until she came, over and over again.

Ryan withdrew his hand, kissed her deeper; as he sat there, looking into her eyes, she felt guilty, not so much for what she had done, but for what she knew he wanted to say. Ryan loved her. He did not say it that night, but Mallory knew he felt it. What was she doing? "Mal, please don't let him keep treating you like that," he said.

She knew he was not a Master, and she knew she was a slave; her life was becoming more complicated than ever before.

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