tagNovels and NovellasThe Story of Mallory Ch. 10

The Story of Mallory Ch. 10


As Mallory's relationship with Ryan blossomed, her development as a slave started to wither; it was not because she was not trying. Every night, she still brought the leash and collar to her Master; sitting by his desk in the nude, knees spread, hands up, eyes downcast, as he had requested. Sometimes she waited for an hour as he played video games or paid bills, or even surfed porn sites.

It seemed like the wait would get longer each night as Mallory would sit, her feet tingling as they fell asleep from sitting on them. She would become increasingly disheartened, believing she was doing something wrong, thinking she was not a good slave. Finally, one night, he turned to her after she had waited about 15 minutes, "Mal, frankly, I'm getting tired of this routine," she was startled and hurt by Kyle's words. "I just don't have the energy for the games every night."

"But, Master," she protested, "I didn't think we were playing a game. I thought this was a lifestyle."

"It is," he continued, "We are definitely not going back to the way things were before we separated. I mean, I like the way you don't talk back; and the separation of the financial stuff is great. The fact that I control all of that, you do the housework and stuff, that part is going great..."

"Hmmm..." Mallory eyed him suspiciously, still trying to maintain her respectful demeanor, "Then what is it that you think is a 'game' or you don't like about everything?"

"Mal, come on," he demanded, "You're starting to get mouthy. I just don't have the energy for these nightly rituals, and all this other junk. It seems like you are demanding sex all the time and I'm just not really into it as often as you. You know that. And the collar and leash thing, okay, it is sexy every now and then, but every night?"

Mallory drew in a deep breath, mentally counting to ten before she spoke again, "So, let me get this straight," she tried to remain calm as she questioned Kyle, "You like being in control of... let's just say, everything? You like me to do the housework, keep my mouth shut, not talk back, and we have sex, what? Like once every two weeks or so like we used to?" By this point, she was bordering on resentment, "And, what do I get out of it, Master," her voice now dripping with sarcasm, "I was enjoying the ritual. You know, when you put the collar and leash on me, at least for the first few times, I felt loved and wanted. Yeah, it started to feel really routine and like you resented it..." her voice trailed off as she saw the anger start to build in Kyle.

"Damn, Mal," he said, glaring at her, "things were going so well." He turned back to his computer and left her feeling empty and alone; familiar feelings from their previous life together.

"Oh yeah," she said under her breath as she threw the leash and collar to the floor.

Mallory climbed into bed, she buried her head beneath two pillows trying to block out the glare of the computer screens. She wished she was still back in her apartment; she was less lonely when she was alone.

After the discussion regarding the collar, Kyle never placed it around her throat again, and Mallory never saw it. She still behaved as best she could, performing her household tasks and responding to any request her Master had; but there was a palpable tension in the household.

Mallory's respite was work; she loved walking in the front door of her office building and knowing she would see Ryan. Her relationship with him was flourishing. She knew she would never be his slave and they would not have a life-long commitment, but she was having fun. Though she never dreamt she would have an affair, he was distracting her from her increasingly depressing home situation.

Most of the encounters she had with Ryan were nothing more than mild make-out sessions; sitting in the car and steaming up the windows. Occasionally, she rubbed his hard cock over his jeans, teasingly; she knew he wanted her, she wanted him as well, she just did not know how far to push things.

Still, she and Kyle rarely had sex anymore, and she was increasingly attracted to Ryan; he was funny, kind, and very attracted to her. He peppered her with compliments, she felt young and happy when she was around him. She ignored the fact she was not living in reality, she rarely thought about having to go home every day and deal with her life. Each time they parted, the goodbyes became longer and more drawn out.

"We have a three-day weekend coming up," Ryan announced to her hopefully one day, "Do you think there is any way you can get out of your house, and maybe we can go away?"

"Oh, Ryan," Mallory's eyes welled with tears as she looked at him, "I desperately want to, but I just don't know..."

"Come on, Sunshine," he begged, "Just try, make up something. It will be really great. I know this awesome beach just out of San Fran."

Mallory wanted more than anything to go away with him, just to escape for a weekend, "I'll try, Ryan; but I can't promise you anything."

The next morning, Mallory was at the coffee pot talking with Suzie; listening to her drone on about how John was coming back and they were going to work everything out. Ryan walked up and poked her in the side, "Hi, Sunshine, what's the good news?" he smiled at Mallory.

"I guess I'll leave you two lovebirds alone," Suzie laughed as she walked away.

"What was that supposed to mean?" Mallory blushed as she started to walk towards her desk still stirring her coffee.

"Oh, probably nothing," Ryan insisted, "You know how people talk. So, can you go?" He asked, he reminded Mallory of an anxious little puppy.

"Shhh..." Mallory admonished, "People can hear you, Ryan. I don't want everyone to know our business."

"So, this is business now?" he teased.

"Come on," she was serious as she spoke, "You know me. I don't want to get in trouble, or have people talk."

"I know..." he looked dejected.

"Oh, Ryan," she felt bad, Mallory touched his hand briefly once they were in her cubicle, "Yes, I can go," she said quietly. "I told him I was going out of town with my friend Lenora. He was perfectly fine with it."

"That's great," he exclaimed, "We are going to have so much fun."

The following Thursday after work, Mallory followed Ryan to his apartment; they would be spending the night there, then leaving early Friday for a leisurely drive to the coast where they would spend Friday and Saturday night, coming home Sunday. She was both excited and apprehensive on the 15 minute driver there; she could not wait to be with him, but she had never cheated before. Her head was filled with doubt about whether or not she could actually go through with this, or if she should just turn her car towards her own exit.

The answer must have been in her head all along, as she passed her exit and followed Ryan to his apartment. She pulled her car into the guest parking space; she could not get out for a few minutes as she sat there, paralyzed by her emotions. Tap, tap. Mallory looked out to see him tapping on her window, he had an adorable smile on his face; her anxiety melted away as he opened her door to let her out of the car. "Hey, were you just going to sit in here?" he asked.

"No, I'm ready to come in," she replied. "My bag is in the back, let me just grab it."

"Don't be silly, Sunshine," he pulled her into his arms, looking into her eyes, and kissing her deeply, "I'll grab it."

Mallory was not used to such kindness; she forgot about the fact that she was cheating and happily followed him inside. His apartment was small, it was sparsely furnished, typical of a bachelor, she thought to herself. She didn't care, though, she was happy to be free for a weekend; she felt alive for the first time in a long time.

Ryan dropped her bag to the ground and immediately pulled her to him, "Well, missy," he whispered, giving her another impromptu nickname, "We are finally alone. What should we do first?" He had a wicked smile on her face, a twinkle in his eye.

"Oh, I don't know, cook dinner?" Mallory teasingly suggested, "Or we could go for a walk?"

"I don't think so..." he took her hand and led her to the bedroom.

Within minutes they were both completely undressed and on the bed; kissing and fondling each other as each article of clothing came off and was dropped to the floor. They fell to the bed intertwined in each other, softly kissing and exploring each other for the first time.

"Oh, Mal," Ryan said, looking into her eyes, "You are so beautiful."

Mallory's eyes filled with tears; she buried her head in his chest, kissing him softly. "Hey, what's wrong with you, baby?" he asked. She couldn't answer; how could she tell him the nicest thing anybody had said to her lately was she was a sexy slut? Or she was a good cock sucker?

The tears came harder and she began to sob as her mind shot image after image of her life like a flip book going at full speed; she was so confused. She wanted to be a slave, to be subservient; she did not see anything wrong with some of the things happening in her life, but she knew there was more to the Master/slave relationship then what she had been presented.

Ryan started to slowly pet her hair to calm her, "That's okay, baby, cry if you need to," he soothed. She kissed his chest, taking deep breaths as she did, calming down; she began to kiss up his neck, then to his ear. Mallory slid her leg between his legs; pressing up against his cock, feeling it start to harden. She licked the edge of his ear, kissed back down his neck, then back down his chest.

Mallory continued to rub his cock with her thigh as she rubbed her hand across his chest; she then dared to run her hand down his stomach, over his hips, across his thighs, and for the first time, she touched his cock. As she slowly began to stroke it, he moaned, whispering in her ear, "Oh, baby, that feels so good," she looked up into his eyes, kissed him, then worked his kisses down his body.

As she made her way down his stomach and thighs to his cock, he drew in his breath; she could tell it had been a while for him. She licked the tip of his cock carefully, tasting the pre-cum that had begun to form; she ran her tongue up and down the length of him, and licked his balls, then slowly worked her way back to the tip. Finally, she took him all the way into her mouth sucking him in as deep as she could, her lips wrapped tightly around his cock as she worked him in and out of her mouth.

His hands were wrapped gently in her hair, almost resting there; pull, she thought to herself, but he never did. Ryan was very gentle with her, almost feminine at times, a deep contrast to her husband. Mallory continued sucking and licking his cock until he came; she swallowed every drop, then moved slowly, cat like up to lay next to him.

Mallory felt content, just to be there with him, she could have fallen asleep; she assumed since he was satiated he would be finished. She was surprised when he turned on his side and moved his hand between her thighs, she was soaking wet. He kissed her softly as he caressed the folds of her pussy, slowly inserting one finger then two. She moaned into his mouth, pushing her hips towards him, begging for more.

Ryan teased her as he slowly slid his fingers in and out of her dripping pussy; just as his rhythm would pick up and she would be close to cumming, he would remove his fingers and fondle her breasts, teasing and pinching her nipples. He would kiss her the entire time, not allowing her to cry out; forcing her instead to moan into his mouth.

A few times he sexily laughed at her frustration as he continued his teasing game on her; bringing her just to the brink of orgasm, then stopping and redirecting her.

Finally, he brought his fingers to her swollen pussy and almost methodically, he began to fuck her; he moved two fingers in and out faster and faster, then he added a third. He fucked her faster and faster, his thumb on her clit; kissing her harder, "Do you like that, baby," he asked.

"Oh yes, please, yes," she was so programmed to say the word 'Master' she had to bite her lip to prevent herself from calling him that name.

When she finally came, she left the sheets soaked; she felt embarrassed, "No biggie, I'll just put a towel over it and sleep there, Sunshine," he said, "I want you to be comfortable." Mallory was utterly astonished.

The whole time she had been worried about Ryan falling in love with her, now he was behaving like a gentleman. I can't fall in love with him, she thought to herself, he will never be a Master, and I know I am a slave... still; I am having fun for now.

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