tagNovels and NovellasThe Story of Mallory Ch. 11

The Story of Mallory Ch. 11


Chapter 11 -- Mallory's Weekend Away

When Mallory woke up Friday morning, her hand instinctively reached up to her neck to caress the skin where the collar had been gracing it just weeks earlier; she felt lost without the thick leather reminding her she was owned. Still, her collar apparently had not meant very much; she was reminded of that fact as she looked down at the now familiar arm draped across her breasts, "Good morning, Sunshine," Ryan whispered into her ear.

She turned over, rolling towards him cuddling as close as she could, stretching the length of her body against his; she savored feeling her skin against the warmth of his. "Good morning," she purred, "I'm so happy to be here with you." She was teary as she buried her head against his chest, suddenly realizing the temporary state of their affair.

"Hey, no tears," he put his hand under her chin, pulling her gaze up to meet his, "We're going to have a great weekend and not think about Sunday." He had clearly read her mind.

Mallory would have been happy to stay bed with him for the entire weekend; she was satisfied to be talked to like she was loved, even if he didn't say those words. In fact, she thought, the last thing she wanted was for Ryan to say "I love you" she had no idea how she would respond. It would have been so easy to respond in kind, but she knew he would not be in her life forever. Oh, Mallory, she thought to herself, just enjoy the weekend and stop pushing things.

After breakfast, they packed the car and headed out for the weekend; packing took longer than usual with an occasional impromptu make-out and fondling session to get them off track. When they finally got in the car, they were both sexually frustrated, "Why did we do that to ourselves?" Ryan asked, looking longingly at Mallory as he pulled up to a stoplight on the way out of town. "We have a long drive ahead of us, and an even longer time until we get to the hotel..." his voice trailed off as his hand rubbed the inside of her thigh.

"Do we really have to go out of town, Ryan?" she asked him hopefully. Mallory loved a good trip, but she really needed a weekend to decompress and she would have been just as happy at his apartment.

"Really, Sunshine?" he smiled at her, "You would have been just as happy to stay here in my crappy little apartment? We couldn't have gone anywhere; somebody might have seen us together."

While the reality of their affair sunk in, Mallory stared forward and pulled her sunglasses down over her eyes, "Oh, that's right, never mind."

"We have reservations and the hotel is paid for anyway," he reminded her, "We'll have fun." Ryan's calm reassuring voice and his ever-present smile put her at ease as he continued the journey out of town. "Besides, we're going to Stinson Beach; you told me you loved the ocean."

Mallory smiled to herself, surprised at his gesture; she knew how much money he made, and the weekend must be costing him at least half his month's salary. She looked at him and reached over, touching his hand; just as he went to take hers, she withdrew it, putting it in her lap and looking out the window.

They drove for a few hours, laughing and talking about ridiculously mundane things, but the conversation was easy. Mallory had not felt so relaxed in a long time; there were no expectations, no rules, and most of all, no Kyle. With each mile they drove from their hometown, the freer and calmer she felt.

By the time they got close to the beach, the car winding through the mountain pass, Mallory had almost completely forgotten about her other life; she was lost in her new reality. "Ryan," she asked, "For the rest of the weekend, can we please not talk about my life at all? Let's pretend like we are going to be together forever. I want to have fun, enjoy myself..." she knew her request sounded juvenile, but she was desperate for a break.

"Sure, babe," he answered sweetly, "Whatever you want."

Mallory smiled at him as he pulled into an open air Mexican restaurant overlooking the ocean; he is so simple, she thought, willing to do anything to make me happy. They held hands as they walked into the restaurant and selected a table in the center of the patio so they could people-watch as they sipped margaritas and ate chips and salsa waiting for their entrees.

After lunch, they went for a leisurely stroll on the beach, playing in the surf; they delighted in the waves lapping up at their feet. The lovers strolled aimlessly up and down the sand watching the time, waiting until they could check into their room.

They drew each other's names in the sand with hearts around them, and then watched as the ocean washed them away; they built a tiny sand castle with a moat and let the water destroy it like a hurricane demolishing a city; and they buried their feet in the sand, watching as each grain fell between their toes.

Finally, they left the beach and headed to their room, anxious for some more time alone; although Mallory was starting to get sick, she had been coughing all afternoon. Once they got to the room, her cough became much worse and would not let up; Ryan left to buy her some cough medicine.

When he returned, she was in the shower with the water turned all the way up; she had not been able to catch her breath and was trying to use the steam to loosen up her chest. Ryan poured her some cough medicine; he sat with her in the bathroom as she stood in the shower until it started to run cold. When she stepped out, he wrapped her in towels and helped her to the bed.

Mallory started to cry when she could not catch her breath; the more hysterical she became, the worse her breathing was, and the more she started to cough. Ryan sat with her, he rubbed her back, talked into her ear, and did the best he could to sooth her. She finally lie on the bed and fell asleep; she was exhausted from all of the crying and coughing, to make matters worse, she was developing a fever.

Sometime in the middle of the night, she woke up; Mallory was very aware of Ryan's presence and just wanted to be near him, to be with him. He was there, it wasn't like he was going anywhere, but it was their first weekend together, and she had no idea when they would get to spend another weekend together.

Mallory slowly started to rub her thigh between his legs, trying to rouse him; Ryan was dead asleep. She moved closer to him, put her hand between his legs and slowly began to rub him; she felt him stir. He moaned softly; she leaned in closely to his chest, she started to kiss her way down his chest, her hand still between his legs. He was clearly starting to awaken...

"Oh, Mal," he said quietly, his hand on her chin pulling her back up towards him, "You're sick, baby, you don't have to do that," he said as he pulled her all the way back up to the pillows.

Mallory's eyes instantly filled with tears, "I know," she cried, "But, I just wanted to be close to you," her tears instantly started a coughing fit. She couldn't control it; soon his hand was on her back, pulling her to an upright position so she could catch her breath and finish coughing. When she finally calmed down, he got her some more cough syrup, then lay back down beside her.

"Lay down, baby," he whispered to her, "Just relax," his hand slowly moved between her thighs. She kept her legs tightly squeezed together. "Oh, come on, don't be that way," he said, looking into her eyes, "you know you want me."

Ryan's hands pulled and rubbed at her thighs until Mallory slowly opened them, pretending to be exasperated. She slowly started to spread her legs, enjoying the feel of his hands as they caressed her skin. She sunk down into the pillows, closing her eyes and concentrated on breathing deeply; Mallory wasn't used to being cared for in such a gentle way.

Suddenly, her eyes flashed open; Ryan began to kiss his way down her breasts, slowly pausing as he took one of her nipples in his mouth, the flesh rolling between his lips. He looked up at her, laughing at the nervousness in her eyes; as he made his way down her stomach, her breathing increased. Mallory drew in a deep breath, trying not to cough again; she was almost petrified of what she knew was coming...

Slowly, her new lover kissed his way down Mallory's hips, over her creamy thighs; he pushed her legs apart as she tried to squeeze them together. She reached down for his shoulders, pulling at him, "Ryan, please, I want to feel you," he smiled at her, and then buried his face between her legs.

At first, she felt tense and nervous, Kyle would never have... oh, she had to clear her mind and forget about him now. Mallory lay back down on the pillow, twirled her fingers in Ryan's hair, and basked in the luxuriousness of his tongue working in and out of her pussy. She moaned as she slowly started to move her hips closer to his face, begging him for more, wanting his tongue to explore her deeper. He licked her in slow, even strokes, occasionally nibbling on her clit, as he felt her grow wetter, he slid his fingers deep inside moving them slowly back and forth.

Instead of the frenzied pace of the night before when he made her cum, this was a slow drawn out love-making session. He wanted to make her feel good, to let her know it was about her, and nothing else. He fingers, his tongue, the long, slow strokes, all made her forget about the fever and the coughing. She could not recall a time when she had somebody take so much time with her before, or when she was not in a hurry to cum.

When she did cum, she felt anxious and guilty; she immediately turned to him, "I'm so sorry that I'm sick and it's ruining our weekend," she started to sob, overwhelmed with emotions.

"Oh, baby," he said, pulling her into his arms, "Don't cry. That was supposed to make you feel good. Oh my god, you're burning up. Do we need to get you home?"

"No, I'll be okay," she said, her face buried in the crook of his arm, "Please don't make me go home."

Mallory fell back asleep for a few hours, but woke up unable to breath; Ryan turned the shower back on running it as hot as he could to get the steam going again. "Baby, are you sure you are going to be okay?" He looked at the empty bottle of cough medicine. As he picked it up and scowled, Mallory was certain he was irritated at the sticky red ring it had left on the nightstand; instead, he said, "Sunshine, you already took this whole thing?"

"I'm sorry," she answered, "I couldn't stop coughing."

"That's okay," he said as he helped her into the shower, "We'll get you some more today."

They made the best out of the rest of their weekend together, but Mallory's health was clearly getting worse; by Saturday night her fever had spiked to 102 and she had drunk three bottles of cough syrup. Sunday was not much better, they both knew their time together was coming to a close, and to make matters worse they had to make the drive home with Mallory sick.

By the time they made it back to town she was so sick they decided she needed to go to the hospital. Not wanting their weekend to end, they had pushed it to the limit and it was 11 pm by the time they arrived at the emergency room. "I think I better call Kyle," Mallory said as they sat in the waiting room, "He was expecting me home by now, I'm sure he will be worried."

When she finally found a pay phone, she pumped in two quarters, dialed her home phone number and let the phone ring. As she stood there letting the phone ring time and again, she looked at Ryan flipping through a magazine; Mallory was torn, she didn't want to go home, but she could never have a future with Ryan. She walked back over to him and sat down.

"So, are you in trouble, babe?" he asked, pure concern on his face.

"He didn't answer," she replied, "I am going to have to keep trying."

"Okay, whatever you need to do," he was so understanding.

Mallory tried several more times while they waited for her to get called to be examined; even though she let it ring at least five or six times, there was never an answer. Finally, she was called back; I'm sure this will be a waste of money, she thought, and I'll get in trouble for coming.

"Well, you have pneumonia," the doctor said as he listened to her lungs, then showing her the x-rays of her lungs said, "You'll need to stay here for a while and have some breathing treatments to bring your oxygen levels up. You will also need to have three out-patient breathing treatments a week for the next month, then another x-ray, and then monthly x-rays until we ensure your lungs are clear."

"Oh, baby," Ryan said when the doctor left the room, "I feel so bad keeping you out of town for so long. I knew you were sick. This is all my fault."

"It's not your fault, Ryan," she soothed, "It happens. Thanks for being here with me. I'm just nervous I'm not home yet. Now I have to go to the pharmacy, too."

"Don't worry, baby, I'll take you," he sat with her as she finished her treatments.

Mallory tried to call Kyle one more time from the hospital before they left for the pharmacy, still no answer. They went to the pharmacy to fill the prescriptions; she would need to start taking the antibiotics right away. Once there, she tried to phone Kyle several more times; she was certain he was worried about her by now, but still no answer.

When they had her prescriptions, they headed back to Ryan's to say goodbye and so she could pick up her car. "Oh, Ryan," Mallory started to cry, "I'm so sorry that I got sick and ruined our weekend together." She reached her arms up to hug him.

"Sunshine," he smiled as he looked down at her, "You could never ruin any weekend. I am so sorry that you are sick. I should have brought you home. I wish I could keep you here and take care of you."

As she looked at him, she felt a longing to say those three words; he was being so loving to her, so caring. She didn't know how to say goodbye, she didn't want to go home. She was lonely and afraid.

"I have to go, Ryan," she finally said, breaking free from his hold.

"Bye, baby," his voice sounded shaky, "Is there any way you can let me know how you are?"

"Probably not," she answered reluctantly, "Not if I don't go to work tomorrow. I'll try, though."

"Bye," he said as she got in her car.

Mallory waved as she drove off, wondering what was waiting for her at home. She honestly did not want to go back; part of her wanted to keep driving and just run away.

Kyle was asleep as she crept into the house; it was 3:00 a.m. by then. Mallory decided to sleep on the couch because she knew her coughing would irritate him, "Kyle," she shook his shoulder trying to stir him, "I'm home, I have to tell you something."

"Mal, what the hell do you want?" he was clearly irritated; "I'm sleeping."

"I've been at the hospital," she thought maybe he would wake up at her words, nothing.

"What's your point?" he didn't even open his eyes or look at her.

"I have pneumonia," she explained.

"So?" obviously she was not going to get any sympathy from him.

"I'm going to sleep on the couch because I can't stop coughing and I know it will bug you," she thought he might be grateful, "And I'm not going to work tomorrow."

"Nice," he responded, "Another day off."

Mallory took her pillow and blanket and cried herself to sleep on the couch.

If only, she thought, if only.

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