tagNovels and NovellasThe Story of Rina

The Story of Rina

byblack saphire©

Chapter One

My name is Rina. I'm 33 years old and have been married for 7 years now. I am come from a small country in Asia and am of Indian ethnic origin. I am about 5'6" with dark olive skin and long shoulder length black hair. My breasts are 34Bs with large black areolas. My nipples are fairly large and stick out a fair bit. My hips are fairly large at 36 inches and I have a nice tight butt. I haven't really changed from what I looked like when I was younger, except maybe I've put on a little weight. I think however, its weight in all the right places. Anyway, this is the story of my life. Well, my sexual life anyway......

I was brought up in a conservative family, the youngest and the only girl. I have three older brothers and the youngest brother is 6 years older than I am. So you can see there was quite an age gap. As I said, my parents were conservative and also very churchy – everything centred around the church. I guess that's why I was never allowed to date or anything till I was much older. Would you believe I was a virgin till I got married? Well, technically a virgin as my pussy was intact. But I had seen and played with a few cocks before that.

I first saw a real cock when I was 19 and finishing high school – or pre-university as we called it. I had a boyfriend then, although my parents didn't know about it. He was a six footer and a bit of a sportsman. Somehow, my parents let me get away with wearing these short skirts to school and I had learnt by now how to waggle my hips and make my skirt sway seductively. I knew a lot of the boys took a fancy to me but I had eyes for only one guy – David.

We dated through most of my senior year, if you could call it dating. As I said earlier, I wasn't allowed to date but I managed to sneak out every now and again. We didn't do much except kiss and hold hands at the movies until one day when his parents went overseas for a holiday.

We met at school as usual and then went back to his home. It was the first time I had set foot in his house. We just lazed around watching TV, chatting and listening to music. It was while watching TV on the sofa that we started kissing and cuddling. I enjoyed kissing and it never failed to get me wet. While kissing, his hands moved up to my breasts and he slowly unbuttoned my top. I didn't protest but just carried on kissing him. He pulled open my blouse and his hands cupped my breasts under my bra. He tried reaching behind me to unhook the bra but I protested. He then sneaked his hands under my bra cups and touched my nipples. Flames of passion shot threw me and I squirmed. He took my hand and placed it on his crotch and I could feel the hardness straining at his pants. He pulled my bra down over my breasts and this time I didn't protest. My nipples were hard and stiff and my pussy was damp with desire.

David leaned over and slowly took one nipple in his mouth. My body tensed as no one had ever done this to me before. He licked first one nipple then the next and they stood out, stiff and erect. David then knelt on the floor, pushing me back against the sofa. He raised my legs and started to pull my panties down.

"Don't! We shouldn't be doing this." I blurted out.

I knew what he was going to do and I felt conflicting emotions. I was curious about how it would feel, I was worried about whether I was dirty down there and whether the smell would put him off. Most worrisome was the fact that I would eventually have to reciprocate if he licked me.

David left my panties on. Instead he pushed the fabric of the crotch to one side. I could feel his hot breath on the most private of my places. I knew I was damp and a lump grew in my throat at what David was about to do. I felt the contact of his tongue on my outer lips - it felt wet and soft. He probed deeper, licking along my slit. I closed my eyes and let his tongue explore my pussy. He licked up and down and my hips started to move toward him. My body jolted as his tongue found the little nub on top of my pussy. Knowing he had hit home, he concentrated his lapping at my clitoris which was fast becoming hard and swollen.

My hips continued to push against his face. This was a nice feeling. It wasn't mind-blowing as what my friends had told me, but it was nice. I ground my crotch harder against his face, wanting the release that I knew was fast approaching. There was a warm tingly feeling in the pit of my stomach which seemed to radiate down and centred in my pussy.

"Mmmuummph" I moaned as my body responded and a warm release overcame my entire body. I felt tingles in my pussy and I clamped my legs together and pushed him away. I smiled at David as he stood up and I adjusted my panties.

David proceeded to unbutton his jeans. I just looked at him, not saying anything. I knew this was against my upbringing, but I felt I had to reciprocate. I was also very curious as well as still turned on by the licking at my private zones. David pulled his jeans down and he was wearing dark blue underpants. Nothing terribly sexy but I had never seen a man in underpants before.

His cock was already erect and straining at the fabric. I could see a dark spot where his cock met his underpants. He asked me to undress but I refused. I felt his hand run up my thigh and lightly stroke my pussy. I clamped my thighs together, preventing him from any further access. He again took my hand and placed it on his crotch. I could feel the heat of his cock through the thin fabric of his underpants. I could also feel the wet spot.

"Would you like to see it?" he asked

I nodded in the affirmative. He raised his ass and slid his underpants off and let them fall to the floor. The sight of his naked cock caused a lurch to go through me. It was maybe 7 inches long but not terrible thick. Of course at that time, I had no idea about size or girth. He was uncircumcised and the head was poking out of his foreskin. He grabbed my hand and placed it on his shaft. It felt hot and alive.

"Would you like to taste it?" He asked me.

I shook my head, "No".

"Come on, I'm so hard for you. Just give it a lick." He said.

Not wanting to, but at the same curious and at the same time very horny, I leant over. His smell hit my nostrils – a mix of sweat and something that till today I can only describe as the smell of mans sexuality. It wasn't at all repulsive and quite contrary to that, got my libido piqued. I stuck my tongue out and licked the purplish head.

"Mmmmm." David groaned.

Emboldened, and not finding the taste bad, I opened my mouth and covered the head, much like I had seen in pictures. That's when I got the first real taste of cock. It was a heady, salty and musky taste. Not at all repulsive but not terribly tasty either. Somehow though, the taste and smell were all giving me a very sexual rush.

I swirled my tongue around the head, noticing the his slit was leaking some juices. The juice was extra salty. I carried on nonetheless. David was trying to grope my breasts as I sucked him.

"Don't distract me." I said as indeed I did find his groping distracting.

I continued sucking and used my hands on his shaft at the same time. I could feel David squirming and moaning as I sucked him and that gave me a real kick. I sucked a little harder now, moving my mouth up and down the length of his shaft.

Suddenly I felt his head swell slightly and then a spurt of hot liquid explode in my mouth. I pulled my mouth away but my hand continued to pump on his shaft. I suppose it was just pure animal instinct. I watched as his cock spurted a white liquid in the air. Spurt, Spurt, Spurt. I felt some land on my hair, and then it was all over my hands. It was warm and gooey. I looked up and David and he had a glazed look in his eyes. I hurriedly got up and ran to the bathroom. I washed out my mouth, trying to get the salty, musky taste out.

Looking in the mirror, I could see his jism in my hair. There were two streaks of semen that had landed in my black hair. I washed my hands then picked up some tissue and wiped the cum from my hair. I tidied myself up and noticed another strong smell. It was the smell of my pussy – a fruity, fishy odour. My panties were damp and my nipples were still erect. A nice feeling.

I went back out to David, who somehow didn't seem so intent on holding me now. We mucked about the house a little more and then went back to school. I returned home that day and quickly washed my hair. My panties had dried out sufficiently but there was a white patch where my crotch was.

Chapter Two

David and I continued to have oral sex every now and again. More often than not however, it was I sucking him off rather than he going down on me. I needed to be relaxed and comfortable before I could really enjoy someone going down on me. Looking back, I didn't really enjoy him going down on me. I guess I was still consumed by guilt or whatever it was. He used to keep pleading with me to let him fuck me, but I always held out.

David left at the end of the year to a college in the USA. I stayed and went to a university about 5 hours from home. That provided me with some much needed freedom. I stayed on campus provided housing. This was a two-room hostel, which I shared with another girl. Jenny was the same age as I was and had a great figure. Long black hair, that she dyed with streaks of brown; a tight butt with no hips at all; large breasts which were firm and poked upwards – even without a bra to support it. She was also very sexual and had lost her virginity at 16.

Jenny was a lot of fun and in many ways I lived vicariously through her. She was never short of men hanging around her and she knew how to use her sexuality. She had the best stories about her sexual adventures. Stories that made me get wet between my legs; stories that made me fantasise that I was doing what she was. But the fact of the matter remained – I was a prude, with little sexual experience other than a bit of cock sucking and getting my pussy licked. All this from just one man.

Jenn used to make fun of my undies too. Without any malice of course - Jenn didn't have an evil bone in her body. Jenn had the most beautiful undies. Lace bras and lace panties in all sorts of shapes and colours. She even had undies made out of different fabrics. Mine were the normal flesh coloured cotton panties. She used to call them 'Grandmother Panties'.

One Friday night, Jenn invited me for a night out on the town with her. I was getting dressed when Jenn sauntered out of the bathroom, with nothing but a towel covering her. She looked at me standing in my flesh coloured panties and bra and let out a whoop.

"You are NOT coming out with me in those garments." She said as she ran to her side of the wardrobe. "You gonna where one of your short skirts tonight?" She added, more as an instruction rather than a question.

"Yes, I am." I replied.

"Good! Show of those hot legs." She said with enthusiasm. She rifled through her wardrobe and fished out a pair of light purple thongs together with a black lace bra.

"Here! Wear these!" She said as she threw the undergarments at me. "Don't worry, they're clean!"

I picked up the purple thong. It was a cotton lycra mix and was more like a g-string. I put it on and it fit very snugly, the thin material at the back almost cutting into my ass crack but not quite. My untrimmed bush peaked out of the sides of the thong and the crotch cupped my pussy lips firmly. I then put the bra on and the effect was amazing! The bra lifted my tits upward and pushed them together, creating the illusion that I had huge breasts. I loved it!

I put on a light blue flared skirt which came up above my knees and a white blouse. You could see the lacy black bra through the white top if you looked hard enough. I felt very sexy and it was even sexier knowing the my undergarments were borrowed. Jenn wore an all black ensemble – a one piece short, tight black dress that accentuated her curves. The dress showed a lot of cleavage and her ample bosoms made for quite a show.

"We look like a couple of tarts." I said

"That's the idea!" Jenn replied. "Come on, lets go have some fun"

One of Jenn's merry men, as we liked to call them, picked us up for the half hour drive into town. The campus was situated near an oil field where there were many 'white boys' – Caucasians from Europe, Australia and even the US. Jenn had often told me about these 'white boys'. How they were easy targets and loved to spend a lot of money.

The drive into town was faster than expected and Jenn led me into the night club – a place called The Oilman, no doubt in reference to the petroleum industry that it serviced. It was my first time in a night club, having never been allowed to go clubbing before. The first thing that hit me was the extra loud music and the smoke! The place was covered in thick smoke and everyone seemed to be smoking.

Jenn lit up a cigarette herself and passed one to me. "Here, even if you don't smoke, just pretend, it looks cool!"

I took the cigarette from her and inhaled slowly. The hot smoke burned my throat and a buzz went to my head, making me feel light headed. I sat next to Jenn and looked around. The place was packed and there were indeed a lot of 'white boys' around. Boys was the wrong term though. Ranging in age from 30 something to really old, these guys were men! Drinks came quickly to our table and I sipped slowly on my Scotch and Soda. Jenn had disappeared onto the dance floor and I was sitting alone, lighting up a fag every now and again and taking slow drags of the cigarette as I watched it burn.

"Mind if I join you?"

I looked up to see a middle aged 'white boy' standing by our table. I just smiled up at him. He sidled up to me and stuck out a hand "Liam. I work at the oilfields."

I introduced myself and we got talking. Seems that Liam came from England and had been working here for about 6 months. He was on a two-year contract with the local petroleum company and was enjoying his 'tour of duty' so far. Liam was 42 years old and a divorcee. His long stints at oil rigs and overseas had placed a stress on his marriage and they had divorced although they were still good friends. "It was a distance thing ya know?" he said in his British accent. I liked the way he spoke and how he looked at me when he was talking. It was as if I was the only person in the room. He had green eyes which sparkled when he laughed.

"Care for a dance?" He asked as he stood up and offered me his hand. I reached up and took his hand as he led me to the dance floor.

Jenn picked us out on the dance floor and made her way over to where we were bopping along to the sounds of a Madonna number.

"Slut! You work fast don't you?" Jenn teased. "He's quite a looker too. Wonder if he has a big schlong!!"

"Jenn! Get your mind out of the gutter." I replied laughing "Liam! Meet Jenn, she's my room-mate"

Liam shook hands with Jenn and I noticed his eyes darting to her exposed cleavage and then up and down to check her out. I felt jealous. I knew I didn't come close to matching Jenn in the looks or the sex department.

"Nice meeting you Liam. Have fun now, you two. See you later!" Jenn yelled out as she moved away a bit.

Liam continued to look at Jenn's butt as she moved away but quickly refocused on me. I think he realised I has seen him watching her and he smiled sheepishly at me. He pulled me to him as the song changed to REO Speedwagon's 'Cant fight this feeling'. I nestled my head onto his broad shoulders. He was 6 feet 2 inches tall, and even in my heels, I only came up to his shoulders. I could smell his cologne mixed with his sweat and the smoke smell that seemed to be everywhere. I felt his hands circling my hips and pulling my closer to him. My breasts were pressing against his chest and I could feel his hands now under my ass, pulling them forward ever so lightly. He was kissing my hair softly and now squeezing my ass as he did so. I didn't stop him. It was nice having the attentions of an older man. A real man, a man who knew how to treat a lady.

I swirled my hips provocatively against him. I knew I was being a tease; a slut, but I didn't care. I could feel his cock growing and pressing against me the more I rubbed up against him. It gave me a feeling of power to know how easy it was to arouse men. I could feel him lightly kissing my ears and I looked up at him as his lips came crashing down over mine. I kissed him back passionately, sucking on his lower lip. I felt his tongue sneak its way past my lips and lick the inside top of my mouth. I didn't really like 'french kissing, but I twirled my tongue with him anyway. He seemed to like it as he sucked on my tongue as his hands rubbed up and down my ass.

Liam grabbed my hand and led me back to the table. We sat at the table and continued kissing. His hands were groping my butt and teasing my thighs but he was being very gentlemanly, not trying to grope my breasts or even move his hand up my skirt. I liked that respect and I kissed him back eagerly. If I haven't said this before, I love kissing. I find it very erotic and its something I like to do. I'm also really good at it.

"Wanna come over to my place for a drink?" Liam asked suddenly.

"Umm, I don't know. I came with Jenn." I said hesitantly.

"Well, go find her and tell her. I can take drop you back later."

I looked for Jenn and told her my plans. She told me to be careful and then went back to having a good time herself. I left with Liam, butterflies in my tummy at my daring. I hardly knew this guy and I was going home with him. What was he expecting? Liam guided me to his car, a nice BMW with leather seats. In no time, we were back at his apartment block. He led me up the elevator and into his apartment. It was spacious and luxurious.

"Have a seat." He said as he went to fix some drinks.

I sat down in the plush leather sofa. There was a huge television screen, with speakers on either side. I walked up to the TV set and looked in awe.

"That's my home theatre system. Hooked up to my hi-fi set so you practically get cinema quality in here." Liam explained as he passed me a red wine. He took my hand again and led me back to the sofa.

"Your very pretty." He said to me as we clinked glasses.

"Thanks, but I'm really not."

"I've never understood why women always think so lowly of themselves." He said back at me, all the while keeping his eyes fixed on mine. "I love your dark skin, so smooth and the colour of chocolate. There isn't a single spot or blemish on it"

"And your hair, such a deep jet black. Perfectly sets of your face." He continued as he gently stroked my hair and my face.

I was getting lost in his sweet talk. It was nice being looked upon as beautiful. It was nice to have someone find me so attractive, even more an older man who had obviously been around and had his share of women. He took me in his arms and kissed me, pushing me back a little on to the arm of the sofa. His mouth moved lower and kissed my neck and my ears. His tongue snaked out and licked my earlobe and then down to my neck. I moaned and pulled him closer to me. His kisses were like hot rain on my neck and my pussy was creaming.

"I want you." He said hoarsely.

I didn't know what to say. I didn't know if he meant it lovingly or if he wanted to take me, to shove his cock into me. My body was aflame with desire, my nipples were stiff peaks and my pussy was flowing. I could feel my own wetness.

He pulled me up and led me to his room, gently pushing me on to his bed. I was thankful that Jenn had made me wear her sexy knickers. I would have been so embarrassed if he had seen my large cotton ones. Liam continued to kiss me, his hands working on my back as he did so. He unbuttoned my blouse and pulled it off me, exposing my black lace bra. He kissed my neck again, working his way downward till his mouth was kissing the top of the breasts. His hands snaked behind me and undid the zip of my skirt. He pulled it down and I lifted my ass off of the bed to let him take it off. I was in my panties and bra now. The most naked I had been with any man. I don't know why I was letting him do this, I was just turned on and I guess it was the thought of him being older and experienced.

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