tagLoving WivesThe Swap Club

The Swap Club


Chapter 1

"Another drink, Jimmy?"

"Yeah, okay, Jer'," I said. I walked with Jerry over to the bar, where he refilled my glass. We took our glasses out to his back deck and settled down to watch the sun set.

Debby and I had gotten to Jerry and Carol's a few minutes late, but not too bad. I had completely forgotten the invitation, and worked late that day. I was surprised to find Debby talking to Jenny, the teenager from across the street, in our front yard when I got home.

Debby turned to me, and asked, "Did you forget we're having dinner tonight with Jerry and Carol?"

My mouth dropped open, and then I quickly shut it. "Oh shit!" I threw my briefcase back in the car and trotted inside. "I'll be right down."

Debby laughed and led Jenny inside, as I heard Brian say "Mommy, Daddy said a bad word!".

"We'll just have to spank him," she told our eight-year old.

Brian took off after me up the stairs, yelling how he was going to spank me. I grabbed him up and returned him to his mother, who deposited him, in turn, with Jenny. Jenny was obviously going to be the babysitter. After a quick shower, I changed into some khakis and a pullover. Debby was ready to go, in slacks and a blouse.

At the front door, Debby kissed the boys good-bye and we left. Looking at my watch, I told her we had time to walk. The weather was perfect, and we walked the two blocks holding hands. When we got to the front door, I rang the bell several times to no response, but then we heard a yell and walked to the side fence.

"Come on around, Jerry's going to barbecue!" called out Carol from the deck.

Debby and I entered the back yard and climbed the stairs to the deck. Jerry came out the patio door with a plate of steaks, which he set on the picnic table. He and I shook hands, as Carol and Debby hugged.

Jerry and I have known each other for more than ten years, going back to when we roomed in college. He was best man at Debby's and my wedding, and I was an usher at his and Carol's. When she first met Carol, Debby couldn't figure out what she saw in him. "They're so different! I mean, it's like Mutt and Jeff!"

I suppose she was right. I mean, Jerry is maybe five-two, if he's stretching, has lost most of his hair, and only a religiously kept schedule of poorly played racquetball keeps his weight in check. An accountant. They have no kids. Carol is five-ten in her stocking feet, dark haired, dark eyed, a drop dead knockout. She used to be a model. I saw some of her work in a lingerie catalogue. Long legs, huge tits. In heels she towered over him. At his bachelor party, somebody gave him a scuba snorkel for when they danced. God knows she could smother him with those tits.

Actually, I had seen more of those tits than Jerry knew. Once, a few years ago, Debby and I had been over for dinner, and the main bathroom was being rebuilt. If you wanted to piss, you used the bath in the master bedroom. And I needed to piss.

Along several walls of the bedroom were photographs of Carol from her modeling days. All were tastefully and exquisitely done blowups of several of her more risqué shots - teddies, gowns, garter sets, and the like. After finishing my business, I had stood there and looked them over. And I noticed an open photo album on a nightstand. Sneaking over, feeling guilty, I had looked at the Polaroids inside. Obviously done by Jerry himself, these pictures showed Carol, still in lingerie, but considerably more exposed. Her gorgeous tits pointed at the lens, and in several shots her pussy was exposed. It was shaved smooth, and had a large dildo inserted.

The sight definitely got me worked up, and I really gave Debby a good fucking that night. Later that summer, we took the kids to Disney World, and rented a video camera. When we came home, before I returned the camera, I rigged a tripod up and we made a dirty movie. It was pretty standard, I suppose, and of course, no changing angles. Basically, I was a handyman working on an electrical outlet. Debby wore nothing but a very sheer blouse, a tiny wrap skirt, long stockings, and high heels. While I was turned away from her, working at the baseboard, she unbuttoned her blouse and lifted her skirt and played with herself. As I finished she tugged her skirt down and put her tits back in her blouse and left it unbuttoned. Then I asked if anything else needed fixing. She responded by removing my toolbelt and unzipping me. You get the idea. I worked on her. She still gets turned on when we watch it occasionally.

I laughed and said, "Well, it's one of two things. Either it's because he's a genuinely nice guy or it's because he's hung like a horse."

Debby stared. "No. You don't mean...Jerry!..."

"Honey I roomed with the guy three years. Secretariat should be so lucky."

Debby and Carol got to be real close. Later, she told Debby she quit modeling because it was a "...rat-race meat market...". God knows Jerry was about as far from that as the moon.

The steaks and veggies were great. Carol tapped Debby, and the two cleared the table and headed for the kitchen for cleaning and girl talk. Jerry refreshed his and my glass, and we lazed back on the lawn furniture. After a moment, he turned towards me.

"Jimmy, one of the reasons we asked you and Debby over tonight was to make an invitation to join a small club Carol and I are part of."

"One of the reasons?"

"Hey, having dinner with friends is another reason. Anyway, as I was saying, the club members thought that maybe you and Debby might want to join, so they asked me and Carol to talk to you two."

"Should we go get Carol and Debby?" I looked around, the women were still inside out of sight. "What club?"

"Carol's talking to Debby about it inside," said Jerry, somewhat opaquely. "The club really doesn't have a name, Jimmy."

He continued. "Just hold your questions for a moment, Jim. It's a small group, made up of people here in the development. You and Debby meet all the qualifications, you're both young, healthy, attractive, and in a stable relationship..."

"So how'd you qualify?" I asked. What the fuck was he talking about? What the hell kind of club was this?

Jerry made a face at me and continued. "Carol and I assured the group that you and Debby were quite discrete. Discretion is an important aspect to membership in the club."

Discrete? "What is this club, Jerry? The Weathermen? The Nazis?"

"Of course not. It's a, er, social club. We get together roughly once a month for a small meeting. There's normally twelve members, six couples, but recently a couple moved away. So now there's an opening."

"Okay, so why the secrecy?"

"You have to promise you won't divulge anything about the group to anybody. Or else I stop now and we talk about the weather."

"Yeah, okay. Sure. Cross my heart and hope you die. Now what gives?!"

"Well, it's a swing club."

"Huh?" If I had heard Jerry correctly, I was going into major shock. But I couldn't have heard him correctly.

"A swing club. You know, a little swap party, that sort of thing. You know what I'm talking about."

"Yeah, I do." A crash from the kitchen indicated that Carol had also gotten to the heart of the matter. But no screams of indignation followed, no bellows of "We're leaving!". Maybe Debby could take this kind of news better than me. "Jerry, I think you would have surprised me less if you were a Nazi."

"It's surprisingly common, Jimmy."

"Not to me it isn't. And besides, you're my best friend! How the hell do you keep something like that to yourself. I had no idea. All this time you've been leading a secret life!"

"Oh, bullshit. We're the same people you've known for years. It's just that every few weeks we do something a little out of the ordinary. I mean, we go to a cocktail party. This one just gets a little more personal."

"I guess!"

I was quiet for several moments. At the first mention of the club, I had drained my drink. Now I held the glass out for more.

"So who's in this club"

"Can't tell you until you join."

"How's it work?"

"Well, every four weeks we meet at somebody's house for a cocktail party. It rotates month to month. That person provides booze and chips and dip. And like I say, it just gets a little more personal."

"Why us?"

"Why not? I told you the selection criteria. You two are young, healthy, good looking, stable, discrete - you fit! We talked it over at the last get together."

"Wow." Who among my friends in this neighborhood were in this group? Obviously, Jerry and Carol weren't the only ones in the group we knew. Or would know if we joined. Joined? What, did they sit around naked passing a ballot box and black balls like a demented frat house?

"I don't know Jerry. I mean, I never thought...I'd have to talk to Debby...swapping? I just don't know."

Debby came out of the kitchen with Carol about ten minutes later. She had a strange look on her face, and we excused ourselves and went home.

Chapter 2

We walked back home kind of quietly, Debby holding my hand. The two blocks took only minutes. It was only half past nine when we turned up the walk, but Jenny had already put the kids to bed. Debby fished out a couple of fives for Jenny, and I watched from the porch as the girl went across the street to her own house.

Pretty little thing. I often saw her walking around the neighborhood. Slim, with long legs. A bit skinny, but nice, pert young breasts. She mostly wore cutoff shorts and tight, white tee shirts. I'd seen her a few Friday nights heading out on dates, usually in the same sort of outfits, but without the bra she wore during the day. Nice nipples. I could just see her in the back of some old Chevy, tee shirt up over her tits, shorts around her ankles. She'd be moaning and urging on some pimply faced teenager, his pants around his ankles. They'd be thrashing around, sweaty, complaining about the cramped back seat, coming, then doing it again anyway.

I shook my the thought from my head. Inhaling deeply, I went inside. Debby was already upstairs. I could hear her in the shower. I started to undress.

The shower went off and I could hear Debby drying herself. I was pulling my pants off when she came out of the bathroom. She was naked, her body glistening from the remaining moisture. She was still drying her hair as she walked to her closet. She pulled out a long, shapeless flannel nightgown and began to pull it over her head.

Damn, but she still looked as good as the day we met. Average height, maybe five-five. Great ass and legs. Narrow waist, almost wasp-waisted, even after two kids. No stretch marks. I guess that baby oil I rubbed on her belly really did work. Certainly it had made her horny enough.

She turned towards me as she lowered the nightgown past her hips. Her pussy hair was trimmed real short and neat. Her large, full breasts showed briefly as she began to button the front. They sagged a little, but thirty-eight Ds will do that. They swayed and bounced seductively as she continued buttoning.

She looked up when she realized I was staring. Then her gaze dropped, down to my groin. I looked down also, to see my erection pointed straight up and out. She smiled and said, "I don't think he's quite ready to sleep yet." I smiled, and twitched my cock at her.

Debby began unbuttoning the nightgown. Halfway through, she reached into my closet and threw me my silk bathrobe, and a pair of silk pajama bottoms. "Why don't you go down and pour us a couple of brandies? I'll be down in a few minutes."

I was grinning as I slipped on the robe and went down the hallway. Liquor usually got Debby fairly horny, brandy got her very horny. I went downstairs to the den and turned on a lamp in the corner. I popped a bulb out and angled the shade so the light wouldn't be too bright. I opened my robe and pulled on the pajama bottoms, then tightened the robe again. I turned on the stereo, and put some light jazz on the CD, turned down low. Finally I poured two snifters of brandy and sat down in my lounger.

Debby entered after about fifteen minutes. The wait was worth it. She had blow-dried her hair, and it hung in golden curls to her shoulders. She was wearing a sheer, almost transparent, black, ankle length satin robe, open at the front, that wafted away from her, showing what she wore underneath. This consisted of a 'Merry Widow' corset, thin straps supporting underwired open cups, exposing very large, very erect, very protruding nipples. The corset was also in black, a sheer lace I could see her navel through. It came down partway on her hips, from which garter straps went down to very long, almost up to the crotch, black fishnet stockings. She wore no panties. She completed the effect with some very high, at least four inch, heeled shoes that strapped around her ankles.


Debby smiled subtly and walked over to the bar where I had left her snifter. She gazed at me over the glass, sipping slowly but fully. She had even been able to put on a touch of lipstick and eyeshadow, and I could detect her perfume from my seat. How she could do this in fifteen minutes, and other times complain an hour wasn't enough to get ready for dinner was beyond me. Again, her eyes lowered to my crotch.

My erection was back in full force, and had pushed it's way out the front of the pajamas and the robe. I took another sip of my brandy, as she set her empty snifter down and walked over to me.

"That's so big, it looks painful. Perhaps I can reduce the swelling," she said. Then she knelt between my legs and put both hands and her head in my lap. She gently began to stroke the length of the shaft, and began to lick the underside. I lay back to watch artistry in action, as waves of pleasure radiated the length of my cock. For several minutes she continued to lick, first under the head, then the bottom and sides of the shaft, and then down to my aching balls. Then she would work her way back up to the head. Just when I thought it couldn't get better, Debby raised up a bit, and then placed the head in her mouth. She lowered her head onto my throbbing dick, slowly engulfing the entire thing. As her hands softly stroked the shaft and fondled my nuts, she began slowly deep throating me. Her head rose and fell the length of my cock, as her tongue swirled on the undersides, and her cheeks puckered from the suction she was giving. With a quiet groan, I exploded down her throat. Debby never stopped sucking my come and pumping my shaft and balls for more.

When I was finally spent, Debby let my cock out from her lips, and looked up at me. Eyes shining, she reached over and took my forgotten brandy. She dribbled the come into the glass and finished the liquor in a long seductive swallow, and then began massaging my cock with both hands. Almost immediately, it came back to life.

Standing, she straddled my legs and began to lower herself onto me. "Now, I want you to give me a long slow fuck," she whispered hotly. I stopped her for a moment as I reclined the lounger, then I helped her up onto me. She straddled me in a kneeling position, fishnet clad knees on either side of my hips. Sitting straight up, she impaled herself on me, as my hands guided her hips into position.

Gyrating her pussy slowly, she gave me an excellent show. She opened my robe and ran her long painted nails through my chest hair, scratching at my nipples. She opened her robe more, allowing it to drop off her shoulders onto her arms. Our fingers alternated positions. At one moment she would be caressing and pinching her nipples and I would have my fingers rubbing her wet, extended clit. Then I would play with her tits, as she rubbed her clit and, when exposed, my cock. Her pelvis moved all around, sometimes back and forth, sometimes side to side, sometimes in a circular motion. She was flexing her knees, causing her to bounce on the engulfed erection, sometimes short and fast strokes, then following with long, slow strokes, so long my cockhead teased her lips. After a seeming eternity of bliss, her breathing became coarser and more ragged, and the pelvic movement subsided, as she began to concentrate on long, rapid penetrations. She began plunging up and down, whimpering and moaning, until my straining cock could stand no more, and I spewed upwards into her womb. She collapsed onto my heaving chest.

We lay that way for several minutes, as my shrinking manhood slowly deflated and finally slipped out of her still twitching pussy. I could feel the cool night breeze on my cock, as our mixed juices ran down my cock onto my balls. Then Debby climbed out of the chair and went to the bar. She refilled our snifters, and drank heavily from mine, handing me hers. She shrugged her shoulders, and the robe slipped to the floor.

I stood and walked over to her. I left my robe in the chair, and my pajama bottoms slid down to my ankles at the bar. I kicked them off and stood there naked. Debby looked at my body, staring as my dick began a slow rise once more. "Fuck me again, Jimmy!" she implored. "Fuck me hard! In my ass, Jimmy! Please, Jimmy, fuck me hard in my ass!"

I smiled down at her and bent down to her tits. I began licking and nibbling her nipples, first one then the other, as I placed one hand on her cunt and the other on her ass. I gripped her cheeks firmly, as my fingers rubbed and pinched her blood filled clit. She shuddered, and began to beg. "Oh, God! Please, Jimmy, fuck me in the ass! Now, Jimmy! I want it in my ass! Now, I want it now!" I continued the torment until her body shook with her orgasm. Fresh juices coated the hand at her crotch. Her pleadings continued, as she stood before me on now rubbery legs.

I turned her around and walked her to the Ottoman in front of the lounger. Debby eagerly dropped down before it and lay over it, kneeling and spreading her legs. She watched over her shoulder as I positioned myself between her wide spread thighs. I teased her with my cock at her gaping cunt, and then plunged into her cunt.

"No, Jimmy, I want you in my ass!" she cried, and she placed both hands on her asscheeks and pulled them apart. But I was only toying with her, as I lubricated my cock in her sopping twat. On the outstroke, I pulled out, and positioning my cockhead at the tiny opening, slowly poked my dick into her asshole. She cried out in pleasure as I stood still, allowing her sphincter to widen and accommodate me. Then I began a slow and steady movement inwards, bracing her hips with my hands. Her pelvis was grinding enough to stretch her asshole around me, and at the end of one smooth plunge I was in to the hilt. I could feel my balls slapping her thighs and pussy.

Debby has the tightest and wettest pussy I have ever fucked. Appropriately, her asshole is very tight and wet, also. After another brief moment of quiet, I withdrew and began to fuck her with long, hard strokes. When I hit bottom I would slam her crotch into the Ottoman. Debby reached down and put both hands on her pussy. Through the thin membranes I could feel a finger reaching up into her cunt, and I knew the other would be working her clit vigorously. I reached around her and grabbed her big tits, and began pulling and pinching her huge nipples. This fuck didn't last as long as the first. Debby was very aroused and vocal, telling me how big it felt and how she was coming repeatedly. Finally, I couldn't stand the pleasure, and letting go her tits, I grabbed her hips and slammed in one last time. I exploded in her ass, my balls pumping. I thought she'd start spitting the jism out her mouth, I was coming so hard. I collapsed on her back.

The music had been over for some time now. I withdrew and we stood. Picking up our clothes, we finished our drinks, turned off the stereo and the lights, and walked hand-in-hand to our bedroom.

Chapter 3

A few days later it was Saturday, and I slept late. When I got out of the sack I knew I was the last one up. I showered and shaved, dressed in some old slacks and a flannel shirt, and walked down to the kitchen.

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