The Swap Club


"They finished their drinks and Romeo showed her a room key. They got up and left. And get this. Your Mom wasn't wearing panty hose. She had on stockings, and no bra."


"I told you, the mirror. And when she went past on the way out, she didn't rebutton the skirt. I could see the garters and stocking tops. And the blouse was real thin. She was just bouncing away."


Debby was quiet as we went out to the car. It was drizzling lightly, and we drove over. We drove in silence. I hoped I hadn't fucked up her view of her parents. I should have kept quiet. We pulled up outside Jerry and Carol's house.

"Look. I'm sorry I said anything."

Debby shook her head and looked at me, smiling. "It's okay. I just never thought of Mom and Dad that way. I hope she had fun." She leaned across the seat and kissed me lightly. "Ready?"

"I guess. Just remember. If you feel uncomfortable, or just want to go, say the word and we're gone."

"It's okay. Let's see what it's like." I walked her up the walkway with my hand on her ass, and felt thin lace panties under the dress. I looked at her quizzically.

Laughing, she said, "Last minute nerves." I laughed with her.

Jerry greeted us at the door. He was dressed like me, but with a sport coat on. Carol waved and came over. She was in a light silk chemise that came down to mid thigh, and heels. She kissed us both. Jerry steered me to the bar.

I literally stared at the scene. It was like nothing I had expected. "This is not what I thought it was going to be," I told Jerry.

He laughed. "What did you expect?"

"I don't know. Not this."

"What? Maybe a full blown orgy on the carpet?"

"Yeah. Or maybe just a scene from a Fellini movie. This looks just like a cocktail party."

Jerry laughed again. "It is! I told you. It's just like a cocktail party. Only it gets more personal."

"Well it's not there yet."

"The night is young."

I looked around. Most of the people I knew or was friends with. Dan and Cindy Loomis, the Sumners, Bob and Bobbi, Jeff Golden and Denise Haller, and a pair I didn't know, Ted and Alice West. One thing, though, all of the women wore skirts or dresses, and none wore a bra, that I could detect. I got Debby a drink, and we separated. Like every party, the men talked in one group, and the women in another.

At least initially. After about fifteen minutes Dan Loomis, a tall fellow with that blonde "surfer" look, split off from the guys and went over to the women. He whispered in the ear of Bobbi Sumner, a short, petite girl in a blouse and skirt, and then followed her down the hall. Then, I felt a tug at my arm.

"Could you give me hand in the library?" asked Carol.

"Sure," I said, and followed her down the steps.

Stupid me. I figured she needed some help. When we got there, she closed the door.

"What's the problem?"

Carol walked up to me, so close her chest touched mine. "I'm horny, and I need a good fuck," she said.

"Oh." So this is how it begins. What about Debby? Would I be able to come if she called? What if I fucked, and she didn't? A million thoughts ran through my mind before Carol called me back.

"I've seen you looking at me. Staring at me at the pool. Looking down my dress at the Christmas party," she whispered throatily to me. "Don't you want to see what you've been missing?"


"Here. Give me your hands." Taking my hands, Carol lifted them to her breasts. The chemise showed a nice amount of cleavage, and while opaque, molded itself to her so that nothing was left to my imagination. She placed my sweaty palms on her tits, part on the fabric, part on her tits. She closed her eyes and moaned slightly. Her tits felt so warm and alive. "God, that's good. Wouldn't you like to see them?" Leaving my hands where they were, Carol moved her hands to the straps and slowly pulled them down off her shoulders. The fabric covering her breasts slipped beneath my fingers, until my hands were touching her naked tits.

They were huge. Big nipples, hard and firm. The chemise slipped down her body to the floor. I looked down. She was wearing nothing but thigh top stockings under the slip. Suddenly my mouth was excruciatingly dry.


"Here, have a seat." Carol pushed me down onto a couch, and sat beside me. "Why don't we make you more comfortable." She moved her hands to my pants and undid my belt. Unzipping my pants, she asked, "I think this is more comfortable. Don't you?"


I felt like putty in her hands. No thoughts entered my mind except this gorgeous woman pulling my pants to my knees. My cock was certainly comfortable, though. It seemed to have a life of it's own, and was as rigid as I could ever remember it. It pointed at the ceiling.

Wordlessly, Carol straddled my erection and slowly lowered herself onto me. I felt as if I would explode at the warm, wet contact, but she slid her hands down and squeezed the base of my root and stopped my imminent climax. Then she began to rock back and forth, lifting off and sinking back slowly. She unbuttoned my shirt, and rubbed her massive mammaries against my chest. Although, Debby and I had often fucked this way at home, somehow this was different, wonderfully, delightfully different. My pelvis reacted without conscious thought, thrusting upward to meet her increasingly rapid descents. Minutes later, we came in a heated rush.

After a few moments resting against me, Carol hopped off my lap and stood. "Let's get back to the party." I zipped my pants again, tucking in my shirt, but leaving it unbuttoned. Taking my hand, she led me back upstairs. She left her dress in the library. What would Debby say?

Chapter 5

I was surprised to find the living room somewhat empty when we got upstairs. It seems that a number of people had paired off and were cavorting privately. I didn't know what to expect, and decided to watch and learn.

My concerns about Debby were ungrounded. She was sitting in Jerry's lap in an armchair, watching Cindy, Jeff, and Alice. Jeff was seated on the center of the couch, while Cindy sat at his feet and Alice knelt beside him. Alice was a slim blonde, and had removed her shirt to reveal, small, perky breasts. Jeff was leaning over sucking those breasts, while he had one hand under her denim miniskirt. Alice's moans told where that hand was and what it was doing. Cindy, an average size redhead with a cute figure, had unwrapped her wrap skirt. Now, dressed only in her tube top, stockings and garters, and high heels, she was deep throating Jeff. His pants were around his ankles, and he had taken off his shirt.

Jerry was watching the trio also, but he had matters well in hand. Debby's shoulder straps had been untied and her tube top had been pushed down to her waist. In addition, her skirt had been raised above her hips. Jerry's pants were unzipped, and his prodigious member was erect and stuffed up Debby's twitching pussy. He had shoved her panties aside far enough to fuck her. One of her legs was over the arm of the chair, and the other rested on the floor. She leaned back against her partner and both were watching the group on the couch.

Cindy's ministrations had the expected effect on Jeff. Grunting, he began thrusting his hand hard under Alice's skirt as he exploded onto Cindy's tonsils. Alice gave a small shudder and cry, and clasped his head to her breasts.

The sight definitely turned on Debby. She reached down to her crotch with both hands and began rubbing Jerry's buried cock and exposed nuts. Her cunt was spasming as he gave a final thrust and came upwards into my wife.

We fucked in that position every once in a while, usually while watching a porno flick together. Watching her do it with another man, while they watched a live sex show, really turned me on. My cock immediately came to attention again, harder than before.

"Where's everybody else?" I quietly asked Carol. "By my calculations, there's one more man than woman, at the moment."

Looking thoughtful, Carol responded, "Hmmm...Denise has probably got two guys on board. She likes sandwiches. Get my drift?"

I certainly did. This made me even hornier, and I looked hungrily in my wife's direction. I wanted to fuck her in another man's come!

Carol saw my look and put a hand on my arm, stopping me. "We've got a small rule, of sorts. No fucking your own partner. It makes it that much more fun when you finally get them home." I smiled at her, and laughed.

Fortunately, Alice came over and joined us. She kissed my cheek and took my hand. Before we went down the hall, Carol stopped me and kissed me, also. "You're going to like this, Alice."

Alice and I walked out of the living room, and she led me to the kitchen. Placing her hands on the table, she checked it for strength. Satisfied, she turned around and hopped up on it. "Having fun, so far?" she asked.

"I must admit, I am."

"Good. Ted and I didn't know you and Debby, but everyone else thought you two would fit right in. We really hope you enjoy things."

"Oh, I think we can safely say that this is enjoyable."

Alice grinned broadly. "Yeah, I suppose we can say that." She leaned forward and tucked a finger in my belt. Tugging me forward, she unzipped my pants. "My, my. Now that's very interesting. Let's see just how enjoyable this can be." Alice scooted her ass forward on the table top. Popping the snaps holding her skirt together, she was instantly naked. She reached forward and wrapped both hands on my cock.

I didn't need any hints. Moving even closer, I took her in my arms and kissed her hard on the lips. Her tongue met mine, as we explored each other's mouths. Her hands stayed between us, on my dick and on her pussy. Reaching down, I took the shaft in my hand and began rubbing the head the length of her slit and over her clit. The effect was electrifying. Moaning and whimpering, Alice wrapped her arms around me. "Oh, God, fuck me! Please! Just fuck me!"

I continued to tease her with the head of my cock, and she continued to plead with me to put it all the way in. Finally, I had worked her to the point where she put both hands back to her crotch. Grabbing the now moistened cock, she wrapped her legs around my waist, and simultaneously pulled and pushed me inside her. With a tiny shudder, she came upon penetration. I could feel her hot juices as her cunt pulsed.

I placed one hand on her smooth back, and placed the other on her small breasts. While nowhere near as large as Debby's or Carol's, Alice's B cups had some attractive features. Very smooth, oversized nipples, very pointy and erect, no sag. The perfect breasts for those who believed that more than a mouthful is wasted. As I began to vigorously rub and massage the nipples, I began thrusting hard into her cunt. Alice gasped and responded with a passion. Her hands began scratching and rubbing my cock as it bucked and plunged. Her legs tightened on my waist, and I felt wonderfully trapped. She began panting and gasping out, "Harder! Faster!" The table squeaked in time with my thrusts.

Finally, as her cunt spasmed a second time for me, I could stand it no longer. Legs weakening, I gave several weak thrusts and pumped a full load up her snatch. She sealed the orgasm with a deep kiss.


It was almost with a sigh of relief that I sank into Jerry's living room couch. I couldn't remember the last time I had come so often in such a short time. After Alice, Bobbi Sumners had dragged me back to the spare bedroom. After a delightful 69, in which we both came, I had rolled on top of her for a plain but excellent fuck. She's a small girl, but very well built for all that, and is really good in the sack.

By the time we crawled off the bed and back out the open door, Cindy Loomis and Dan Loomis invited us into the den. They were looking for some action where they could both watch the other get fucked. Cindy had removed her tube top by now, and Dan was buff naked. Neither had tan lines. Bobbi immediately agreed, and the two women stood next to each other in front of a mirrored buffet. Spreading their legs, they bent at the waist, and leaned forward. I unzipped yet again, and standing next to Dan, plunged into my partner from the rear. The sight of the two of us, vigorously ramming it doggy style to the two women and watching their tits sway in the mirror in identical fashion, was exhilarating. Both women are similar in size, being short, with nice legs, cute asses, and are fairly well stacked for their sizes. Dan and Cindy talked to each other the entire time, telling how big or tight it felt, how hot and horny they were, how much they enjoyed seeing the other one get screwed. Weird in a way. Despite the strangeness, however, I enjoyed the fuck immensely, and came copiously when Cindy clamped her pussy tight on me.

But I think it was beginning to catch up to me. Both Carol and Alice had given me blow jobs later, and I was feeling totally fucked out. I collapsed on the couch, followed moments later by an equally bedraggled Jeff. We both had our pants on, although our shirts were off. Funny thing. While the women rapidly stripped down, and tended to stay that way, most of the men pulled their pants back on afterwards. When I mentioned it to Debby the next day, she said it was a good thing, otherwise we'd stick to the furniture. But I wonder. Is that the real reason?

"Thank God we only do this once a month," he said to me. "I don't think I could handle more than that."

"No shit! I'll need to buy vitamins and Wheaties."

Jeff laughed for a moment. "How do you like the party?" he asked.

"Wow! I mean, I don't quite know what to say," I said. Debby and Denise came into the room from downstairs. They came over and flopped down on the rug at our feet. Debby's dress had joined her panties in a pile in the corner. Denise still wore a shirt, Jeff's, open to the waist. Otherwise, the only thing they were wearing were high heels and smiles. "I'm not even sure what to do!" The threesome laughed.

"No, really!" I protested. "I have never before in my life done anything even remotely like this." I turned to Debby. "You know me. You knew me before we got married. I've had lots of women, I mean, I was even seeing girls during our engagement. I've told you all that. But nothing like this!"

Jeff laughed some more. "It's just a cocktail party. It just gets more, well, personal." He smiled.

"So Jerry told me."

"No, really. I mean, take your standard cocktail party. A bunch of people standing around getting drunk and eating bad, cold canapés. But what's really going on?" Jeff arched his eyebrows. "What's really going on is that all the guys are watching the women. Looking down a dress top, trying to peek up a skirt. And they're doing the same. Looking at your crotch, seeing if your pants are tight."

"And the interesting ones? The ones you and your wife talk about the entire next week? Those are the ones where some husband gets tanked and makes a pass at another guy's wife. Or wifey gets a little too tight, and hubby has too drag her off the table before the skirt comes off. We just sort of take it the next logical step. The pass gets accepted and the skirt comes off."

We all laughed at that. "So what's the etiquette at an orgy?" More laughter.

"Etiquette is always the same, in any social situation. And if this ain't social nothing is. Speaking professionally, I can give a few basic rules." Debby and Denise giggled at this. Jeff wrote an advice column under the byline "Ask Aunt Sara" for the local paper.

"Politeness is always in style. One, always ask permission. Mind you, this doesn't apply to the girls. They seem to be able to get away with just grabbing a guy's balls and saying 'Fuck me'. But we gotta ask. Mind you, there's exceptions to every rule."

"Last month we hosted, and it just happened to be Denise's thirtieth birthday. So before the party, I put cushions on the coffee table. I blindfolded her and tied her naked on the table. I just left her parked in the middle of the living room, and any man who wanted just plowed in, any time he felt like it."

"You didn't?" said Debby.

Blushing, Denise nodded and said, "Yep. I couldn't even tell who it was. They didn't talk. These guys didn't just fuck me. I had to blow them, too. A couple knelt over my chest and titfucked me and came on my face. Once, they let me up to go pee. And kept my hands tied. I had to blow somebody while peeing. Then they tied me back to the coffee table, this time face down."

"No," said Debby.

"Then I took it in the ass." For all of Denise's blushing, her breathing became more rapid, and her nipples really perked up. I glimpsed Debby's hand move slowly to her crotch. Maybe we'd have to do that sometime.

"Anyway. Two, please and thank you go a long way. It's not just 'wham, bam, thank you ma'am'." Warming to the subject, Jeff continued. "Three. Like at any good party, mingle. Try to screw all the women, not just one or two. They do appreciate the attention." Denise and Debby really giggled at his comment. "Be sure to screw the host or hostess, so they know you enjoyed the party. If you can't bring wine, crotchless panties are an acceptable substitute. Fourth, this is not a football game. Do not pat the other men on the ass. High-fives after successfully scoring are okay, if a bit gauche. And don't smoke a cigarette afterwards, unless the host and hostess allow it."

I laughed deeply. Any lingering nervousness I had felt vanished. "So none of the guys go both ways, then."

"Not unless you're the first."

"What about the women?" asked Debby.

"Usually not, but it's not unheard of. Denise and Alice occasionally swing that way." Denise blushed and nodded. "Of course, I've always felt that the only thing better than lesbian sex is watching." We both laughed and high-fived.

With the talk and the rest break, I felt a second wind returning. Or perhaps, a third wind. I looked down to where Denise lounged at our feet. Boy, she had big hooters. Almost as big as Debby's. "So it would be proper if I politely asked Denise to please suck me off?"

Jeff grinned, and said, "Assuredly."

I didn't even have to ask Denise, who rose to her knees before me. Jeff looked questioningly at Debby, who also smiled and rose to her knees. The two women unzipped our pants and pulled them down. Denise looked over at Debby, and said, "Race you."

Debby looked at me and smirked. I'd had a lot of women before we got married, going back to junior high school, and nobody has ever matched Debby at blow jobs. She had told me once that she really got turned on sucking cock, coming as her man did. She loved the feeling of power she got when a man twice her size was reduced to a whimpering idiot by her lips. Sometimes, when she had her period, when we were alone, she would go the entire time topless, blowing me whenever I looked funny. God knows she had turned me into a whimpering idiot often enough.

Both women bent to their labors. And it wasn't even a contest. For one thing, Jeff wasn't as well equipped as I was. Nothing wrong, mind you, he was merely average. Debby had long experience with an extra few inches. And Denise simply wasn't up to Debby's level of expertise. Her teeth tended to nip a little too much, her tongue action was minimal, and she seemed limited to a plain up-and-down Hoover action. Jeff popped after only minutes.

Debby licked her lips and looked over at Denise. "Want to know what really gets Jimmy going?" Denise, too polite to talk with her mouth full, simply grunted out a mumbled 'uh, huh'. "Put a finger in your pussy, and get it good and wet."

Denise moved a hand into and up her cunt. I knew what was coming and felt myself move closer to orgasm.

"Now, take your finger, and slowly stick it up his ass...That's it...Carefully...Watch the nails...Now, really suck, hard."

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